Level by BaGi.

Unauthorized Walkthrough: D&G Productions.


According to newspaper articles, the well known archaeologist Lara Croft is again in search of a seldom artifact. "The White Light of Ra", the gem with supposed huge powers, which was stolen from the Cairo Museum. Insiders maintain that the jewel is in the hands of a known terrorist organization which hides out in a Maltese Hotel. The management of the Museum has put Miss Croft in charge of recovering the artifact and returning it to the Museum.

We wonít mention all the Enemies. Only the relevant ones.

Level 1- Arrival.

Lara starts in a dark tunnel closed off by a gate, follow till you meet a Thug that will drop the Garden Key after you dealt with him, go on to a gate that can be opened with the Key and enter the Garden. Go to a fountain on the other side, after the flyby is over and get a 1st piece of Pipe from the bottom. A screenshot shows a room with pipes. Go to the opening E, halfway back in the Garden and shoot the cover from the passage, go on till you come to another square and to the left, in the NW corner is a Lionís head you can shoot to open a gate SE. Go to the NE corner and find the pushblock in the E wall, pull/push it to the red Tile and go into the passage the block came out. Follow left to come to another 2nd piece of Pipe, then go on to shoot a panel and grab the Crowbar there. Go back out to the square and go through that open gate to the Pools.

The Fountain.

On the corners of the fountain are vases, shoot the smaller ones to get block up next to the bigger ones and push those onto these blocks (only one move per vase needed). Another block goes up right of the W entrance, get up on that block and use the Jump switch to open a gate E, do a nice swan dive into the pool and swim into a hole in the W side to recover the 3rd piece of Pipe. Swim out and to the opposite side of the pool to climb up near that gate.

The Swimming Pool.

Go to the S side and climb the tower, get a small medipack and make a nice show dive into the pool, swim into the opening SE and follow straight, throw the underwater lever in the end. Turn around and swim into that tunnel left, follow up to a store room, fit a piece of Pipe to the right and go get the Flares in the next room. Pull the crate behind the Flares out and go around it to enter the hidden passage. Fit a next piece of Pipe and the last piece can be fitted in the last room, turn back a bit and find the opened gate left, go in to get Secret #1, the Shotgun, lying next to a barrel. Go back out, left and right, push the crates so you can get back to the pool through the water E.

Climb out of the pool in the N and go through the gate and follow the path (picking up some Ammo left) to a Crowbar gate, go into the closed off lagoon, dive in and swim around a bit to play with that lovely Dolphin, a small medipack is to be found in the NE. On the N pier with the 2 boats is some Ammo and then climb out in the W. go over into the other pool and swim into the hole behind the red coral, find a strange Key and swim back. Go back to the swimming pool and place the Key you just found on the Statue in the NE corner. Go through the open gate to the Bar.

The Bar.

Climb on the teller to get the Flares and find a trapdoor in the corner behind it. climb down into the wine cellar and go around the corner. past the swinging crates to get Secret #2, the Revolver from behind the airco units. From the lower one you can climb into a passage up in E wall, to get Ammo and throw a lever that will open a gate in the NE corner of the cellar. Go into that place to throw the next lever (opens gate at swimming pool) and get the Ammo on your way out. Return to the swimming pool.

The opened gate is in the SE and leads to a small maze go left everywhere and first find Ammo, the next dead end you get into has a pushblock (ring on it), push it twice and get Secret #3, the Laser sight. Now go into the new passage E and follow left again, 1st dead end Ammo and left out of that place is the next pushblock, push it to the end and get the Backdoor key. Go out and left again to come to a Medipack, back and going left, youíll end up at a closed door, opposite the door is another pushblock to the left of the (end of the) stairs, push it in and pull it aside to use the Key on the lock to open the backdoor.

Go up the steps E and in the next courtyard you can climb the structure next to the palm tree to get the small medipack, then go into the laundry N and get the Ammo from under the vase, then into the NE store room for Flares and climb over the crates in the back to shoot a glass panel, follow the crawlspace to a lever that will open some overhead doors on the courtyard. Follow back through the store room and go into those doors E and onto the Search.

Level 2- Search.

The Garage.

Follow the stairs down to a grating on a crawlspace just around the corner, go in for a small medipack. Then shoot those barriers in the other passages and enter the first one, shoot the grating, crawl in and push the crate, get the Garage Key from that passage. Back to the passage and go right at the other barrier and open the gate to the Garage with the Key. In the next room is a small medipack under a barrier SW and a Jump switch behind the pipes in the NW corner. The gate in the E is now open. Look for a ladder on the SE wall of the garage and go up to throw a lever on top, get into the passage that opened up E and follow to a room with a Gearwheel on the work bench, 2 niches hold a Shotgun and Flares.

The Jeep Keys.

Get back down to the Garage and find the axle to place that Gearwheel on the pillar right of the E fence, a wall opens up in the opposite NW corner, go into that passage to have it out with the Mechanics and they will drop a Car Jack and a Handle for it, go into the canteen and get some Ammo from one of the windows and another Gearwheel from the other.

Go out and to the N wall, use the Jack on the cabinet left of the workbench. A gate opens up E, go in to that gate and just around the corner is a ladder on the E wall, go up to 3 steps from the top and do a backflip/roll/grab to an opening behind, shoot the barrier. Go left first and shoot the 3 piles of tires to open the gate there, go in to get the Jeep Keys.

Timed Run.

Now go into the other passage and save in front of the switch, itís timed and will open a gate in the other end of the lower passage. So pull, roll (even as the flyby is ongoing) and sprint to the crossing. Go left and do a roll just before the drop off, hop/grab back to safety drop down. Turn left and start to sprint S to the end of the passage, around a turn and into the fenced off space where the Jeep is parked.

Just left around the corner is a Jump switch that will open a part of the fence, go to that opening (No you canít use this nice Jeep) and place that gearwheel on the pillar left of it. The E gate opens and to that old red jeep in the N side. Climb in and take it up that ramp E, left and park on top of that Guard, go E and shoot the tires on the crate, climb up to the higher one and look W, shoot the gratings from the alcove there and jump/grab to the monkey swing ceiling, go straight into that alcove to get Secret #4, Ammo.

Get back into the Jeep and drive it through those barriers on top of the next ramp, stop there and go to a red pipe E, from the block under the pipe, you can grab a Jump switch, the wall lowers, go in after shooting the crates and get Secret #5, Ammo. Now go to an office NE and use the Jump switch in the SE corner, the big gate opens, go into that courtyard and shoot a box W for a small medipack and some boxes SE to get to the grated crawlspace. Follow the crawlspace till you are Inside the Hotel.

Level 3- Inside.

The Lobby.

Go to the SE corner and through the curtains to the bar, behind the teller S is a bookswitch, it will open a door in the Lobby, so return there and through that door N to the Dining room. Go to the e side and open the trapdoor along the wall there, go down for Ammo to the left and go to a flooded basement to the right, get Secret #6, Ammo from the water and get back to the Dining room, shoot the windows in the W and go S in the Garden to get the Floor Key from the box in the Gazebo, in the N is a small pool, go back to the Lobby and open the other N door, go up the stairs to the 1st floor.

1st Floor.

Go left and open the Crowbar door N, get the Ammo from the box and go out, to the other side of the landing and open the S (right) door, get a small medipack from the shower and then open the opposite crowbar door on the landing, use the bookswitch behind the flowerpot E, an underwater gate opens and thatís in the pool in the garden outside the Dining room. So down the stairs to the Lobby, into the other door N and left out of the window, then right to the pool and get the Key from the tunnel, swim back to the pool and get the Room Key (White Gem) in the middle of the pool between the rocks. Go back to the 1st floor and open the door opposite the stairs, go in and move the safe from itís place to get the Suite Key.

The White Light of Ra.

Go down to the Lobby and open the door E, follow the stairs up to a hall, look left in the SW corner and use the Jump switch there, go to the SE corner and open the hatch in the ceiling. Climb up and go to the SE corner of the attic. Pull/push a safe out of the way (twice S) so you can pull out the crate in the E wall and go over the crate N to push it S and enter the dark passage to find a box, shoot it to get the White Light of Ra (a block lowers) and go out of the passage, right/right and throw a lever there to open big gates.

Go down to the hall in the NW corner and through the open door N, find the safe and pull/push it to itís place in the NE corner, a door opens W where you got that safe, go in to claim Secret #7,a Medipack and Ammo in the box. Go back to the room with the safe and go to the bathroom SE, for a small medipack on the shower wall. Back to the room and look left of the bed on S wall for a Jump switch, just behind the bags there (hard to spot). This will open a door in the Lobby. Go out of the room and down to the lobby to find that open door in the S wall. Follow the steps down to a garden. Go on to the parking lot and again take the shabbiest Jeep and drive it out of the Hotel.

Level 4- Kairo.

Look in that chest as the White Light of Ra is inside it. Have a look around in the Museum and go into the W wing, near the Sarcophaguses and in the left corner is a vase with the Backdoor Key. Go out and to the N side of the museum, pull the display with the Pharaohs mask out of the wall and go in, follow the dark basement to a room with a desk, look on the backside of the E pillar and use the Key there, go to the NE corner, enter behind the spider webs and place the White Light of Ra where it belongsÖ