Star Raider.

Levels by Tim J

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Level 1- The Discovery (A young Lara level, no guns.)

"Cambodia 1984"

Slide into a dark room, Indy got Spiked here as thereís a nasty trap in the back of the room, look for the lever left to deactivate that trap and climb up in the SE corner, Spikes pop up and a Burner blocks the path, stepping on the Spike texture tile will stop the burner, so go left at the next crossing and use the Monkey swing to go over to the other side of the room where you can get a small medipack. Go back and in front of that burner floor you can grab the Monkey swing ceiling to go over it and drop in front of a pool with a Croc. In the pool is a closed door and a pillar with ledges in the center, go to the S wall and opposite that pillar is a crack in the wall you can grab up to, go left and into the alcove. Then climb up left and go get a small medipack, hop back immediately.

Donít get too close to the Lion statue or youíll burn, stand jump over to the ledges on the pillar in the pool to use the lever to open that door in the pool. Hold the "side jump right keys" while Lara uses the lever to get off the ledge fast as Spikes will pop up, dive into the pool and quickly swim into the E door. The door closes and leaves the Croc behind, in the next room is a small tunnel in the N, near the surface, climb up at the wall and go to a Boulder-trap some Boulders will drop and Spikes will pop, but there are more to come, so stand one step from the left side of the slope and slide, jump with a sharp left curve from the slope to land in the green passage (the red one has a Spike-trap)

1st Golden skull.

Follow the path over the higher ledges of the room with all the gates and finally go along a ledge next to the water, in the end at the gate left, is a lever that will open the all the gates to the central pool you just passed, Bats will come and pester you, so dive into the pool behind that gate near that Skellie. Notice a blue and yellow cube in the corners and into the tunnel in the center of N wall, swim up into the 2nd hole in the ceiling and get the 1st Golden skull, a door opens. Thatís the entrance to the lever in the blue cube in the pool. Swim back, get some air and dive down into the difficult to swim tunnel in the NW corner. In the end you can throw the lever in the blue cube.

2nd Golden Skull.

Swim back and notice the flame in the yellow NW cube extinguished. Swim into the N tunnel where you got the Skull and into the 1st opening up, just at the entrance. Swim in to get that small medipack from the yellow cube (thereís a Secret chime as a block lowered giving access to a Secret)and then swim back and right into the room again, climb one of the cubes and run jump up to the sloped entrance W, notice one of the colored blocks is now gone and the wall is a walk through wall. Go in to get Secret #1, the 2nd Golden Skull, hold the backflip keys while Lara picks it up, or else she will burn. Get back in the central pool and swim into the N tunnel, into the last hole up in the back of the tunnel. A door opened here and leads to a bridge through a large room, run jump/grab the wall between the 2 waterfalls E and go up, now this was a bit tricky. You have to get into the left opening and because Lara didnít climb left and up, or left around the corner, I want to above the opening and hang left on the ladder (not all the way left), drop/grab and when Lara hangs feet down, go left so she will stay like that, now try to drop grab from the most left side of the ladder and this way I got in.

Go get Secret #2, a small medipack, climb out and go right to the ladder, down six steps and backflip to the bridge, go to the next room. In the last room is a stone structure in the SE corner and some closed doors and a gate in the walls, jump on it and drop/grab to the crack below, go right around the corner and in the end another drop/grab. Climb in to get the 3rd Golden Skull and a ladder appears W of the crawlspace. Donít jump to the ladder but drop backwards and shimmy left, around the corner and at the next corner you can drop down into a hole in the grated floor below, swim to the SW corner and get Secret #3, a small medipack. Swim back to the hole and go behind the pillar to find the hole in the S wall, climb the wall back up to a gate and jump/grab to the top of the pillar again. Notice the door in the W opened. Go in and stand in front of the Spike-slide.

The Spike-slide.

Well this is a slide into hell. There are lamps on the walls and Spikes in the floor that seriously block an easy passage down, so Save and have a go at it, stand a bit to the right and at the end of the first slope jump left and slide backwards, the timing of the next backflip is crucial, just before the side passage. Then you will slide forward onto the slope around the corner, immediately jump to get over a next Spike-trap and land on the next slope around the right hand corner, just slide now and run forward as you land into a very dark crypt, try to stay clear of that water filled hole as a supplementary Boulder will crash into that hole.

3rd Golden Skull.

Throw the lever as the danger is gone, turn and see the S gate opening up. Go up a long and tedious climb to end up where you started. Only difference is that the passage E that was inaccessible at first has a glass floor now, go in to throw a lever that will open the N door in the large room. Go in and run jump over the pit in the next room to the door that opens for you. Go into a courtyard with a central structure and dive in the water, swim left and pick up the 3rd Golden Skull, then climb out E and find that big round door that opened. A couple of Wild Boars came out of that door, dodge them and go in, the next doors open and you can go to a closed gate where a flyby will show an ancient Star gate?

Go into the crawlspace to the left and throw the lever. An explosion is heard, roll and get back into the crawlspace fast, go to the open gate left and hop to the flat part to the right of the broken

Walkway, then jump to the one across and go through the Star gate to jump/grab into the opening E, follow up to a pit and climb the block in the E, run jump and grab the dark wall over the opening W and climb up where the broken fence is. Go left and grab the dark S wall, go up and left till you can drop onto the 2nd grey block, slide off and use the lever next to it to open the E gate. Go out to time the run through the Spike-trap and come to a yellow valley. Run in and the level ends.


Level 2- The Quest of Star Gate.

"The year 2000, somewhere in EgyptÖ."

Go left and pick up some Ammo, a Ninja will come out of the open door, shoot him and grab the Ammo he will drop. Go into the passage and hop over the purple floor parts, just to the right up the Boulder slope is an alcove you can take refuge and get some Flares, go on up the slope and get the Hand of Orion, to the E is a receptacle, but itís not for this Hand, go W and down to some big doors that opened already, shoot the 2 Ninjas and get Ammo and a small medipack they dropped. N of the ledges is some more Ammo, head to the NE corner, but donít step on those Spike tiles next to the Ammo, run straight past the Shotgun and Ammo in the back and wait against the wall as a Boulder will drop behind you, turn and grab the Shotgun and Ammo pickups. In the N of the room is a door that needs the Eye of Horus.

The Revolver.

Go to the SE doors and through the passage, over some Fire traps and come to a yard where youíll see Spike traps. Have a good look at the Tiles and notice some of them are placed the other way around, those are Fire tiles and can be jumped over, so look for them and make your way over to all the Ammo and Secret #4, the Revolver. Carefully make your way back over the fire tiles and through the passage with the fire traps to the room with the Eye door. Go to the NW corner and 2 Mummies appear

1st Eye Piece.

In the corner there are some open doors, go in to a pool, in the pool is a wide tunnel in the N wall, swim in and itís a long swim (but can be done in one go even with getting the Secret). So donít linger and after you went through the smaller tunnel, two up/down bumps and down a shaft, look in the S wall, for Secret #5, a Medipack. Roll and swim right, go up to a long corridor. Wade to the higher part and I advise you not to step on the darker floor parts and there are more tiles that can set Lara on fire, look up at the ceiling. When you come to the large room, you have to slide down the left side of the sloped entrance, so you can immediately jump left away from the end of the slope, as 2 Spike-balls come down after you. Go to the NE corner and throw the lever that will open a bypass around the spike-trap in the room, so hop over the burner floor part and go W, up the ladder, dodge the Mummy and slide back to get the 1st Eye Piece in the SE.

Dive into the water and swim to a yard with some big doors and a bunch of Scorps. Kill them or just jump past them to the ladder W, go up and more Scorps arrive, run onto the slope on the right hand side and wait while the Spike-ball comes by, then go up the left side and up the end, safety drop back into the upper hall with the Hand receptacle, 2 Mummies here, go down to the room with the Eye door and into the NW pool room again.

2nd Eye Piece.

Go to the passage W and down into the water, go straight along the bottom and find some flares there, then to the NW corner and down the hole, up the shaft and use your Hand of Orion there to open big doors in the submerged room. So swim back and cross over to the SE to go in those doors, follow to where you can climb up near some big doors that will close behind you, look over the Boulder-pit and see the Artifact, look to the right and spot the flares, do a run jump to those Flares to land in the light colored slope corner and immediately jump again with a sharp right curve and youíll land in the passage with those flares, go get them and the 2nd Eye Piece, then return to the SW side, shoot the vase there and get the Ammo, climb down the ladder into the now drained pit and drop into the hole below, climb out and get up on the SW blocks for a small medipack, then go back through the E passage. Shoot that Ninja to get his Ammo and return to the big room. Go up the ramp and back around the pool to the Eye door and combine both pieces to open the door with the Eye of Horus, go in, dive in the worm hole and the level ends.


Level 3- Another Planet.

Be prepared to jump/grab to a floating platform over the pit and from there a jump to the sloped S side, grab the edge and climb down to a passage with Secret #6, Medipacks. Go back out and dive down, collect all the Ammo and 2 Shotguns on the bottom and swim into the N tunnel climb out, draw the Shotgun and jump/roll over the Skellie to shoot it into the water, go to the W wall and first deal with another Skellie before getting a small medipack from the small box. Climb the ladder and from the ledge you can use a Monkey swing to go into the E passage. Light a flare to spot the fire trap and go into the next room, run into a corner and face up to the Harpy, she canít hurt you now and you can shoot her with pistols to save Ammo, then dive into the water and collect the Ammo on the bottom near the S fountain.

In the N side of the room is an opening, but all the ledges are just too far away, dive through the grating in the deepest part of the pool and swim up at the other end, stand on the E side of the hole, facing W and stand jump/grab up to a sloped ledge, pull up and backflip. Then jump/grab a ledge with a reach-in switch and use it, drop from the ledge and swim back to the pool. Look E and see a door opened up there, go in and to the NE corner. Climb the vegetation and backflip into the upper room. go to the w and shoot those small boxes to get the 2 Stargate Pillars, place them in the receptacles at the bottom of the stairs and the covers in front of 2 Jump switches go up, a Harpy will come into the room too, so shoot that and go use the Jump switches to retract spikes on the ledges in the N room at the Pool room.

Another Harpy shows up. Get down to the Pool room again after you dealt with her and go to the N side, run jump straight to that dark ledge where the Spikes were before run jump/grab W and get the Ammo there, go to the N ledge to pick up the ammo there and return to the S, run jump/grab back to that former Spike-ledge and stand jump/grab to the E, to that dark ledge, but donít pull up, shimmy left and pull up in the 2nd corner next to that pillar. Light a flare and get Secret #7, Crossbow and Ammo. Then jump to the ledge next to that pillar NE and go up to the top of the pillar. Face N and grab the ceiling that seems to be a Monkey swing. Go straight to that wall N and drop onto the ledge in front of it, in the W is more Ammo and jump back.

Drop/hang from the left side and shimmy left along a crack in the wall (or run jump to that ledge), drop on the ledge in the end and a nasty earthquake occurs, run jump to the W and then to the blocks there to stand safe while you shoot that Harpy, get the Ammo there and climb to the top block, use the Monkey swing to go to the W opening, drop and run jump/grab over a deep pit, go slow and time the Scissor-trap, then left in the next room and donít get into that water, but stand in a corner to shoot the Harpy.

Get the Uzis from the floor and head out to the N room go up the stairs. A flyby starts. Shoot a Harpy, then shoot 2 Skellies down into the next room. Thereís a Demigod below, but if he doesnít come close you canít shoot him. So just stay out of reach as much as possible going along the walls while you jump the ledges to get to the opening in the E wall. Grab the Monkey swing walkway above and go to the other side,

thereís a hole in the walkway there so you can grab up and go to a hole in the ceiling to the W, careful, climb up facing W and carefully go around the brown tiles to an opening in N wall. Itís filled with water. But first look S and spot that Golden waterfall. Jump to it and hit "Ctrl" so Lara will grab Secret #8, Ammo. Jump back and dive into the N passage, youíll swim and then climb out in the NE corner, go into a room where a flyby shows the Demigod guarding a hole in the floor, I just went over the hedges and standing on the one next to the water hole the Demigod was shooting in the hedge and I could easily take him out, go to that dark wall you saw in the flyby, S of the water and walk through the wall to get a Gem in a reach-in wall. Go back to the water.

The Crowbar.

Dive in and go up in the end, go left (E), down the blocks and to the right, follow to a Crossbow with a Laser sight, look in the dark over that deadly pool to spot some nice Arrows and load them in the Crossbow, (notice the door there). Head N again and now go over the blocks into the N room with the sarcophagus and inside that sarcophagus youíll find the Crowbar. The other room with the sarcophagus S, only has a Skellie so leave that alone and head back to that deadly pool SE where you got the Arrows and open the door with the Crowbar.

The Lara Clone.

You will be hindered by a nasty earthquake that will last to the end of this part.

Make sure you have full health, keep the Revolver "ready to draw" and head into the next room, a flyby shows a Lara clone and 2 Harpies that start attacking her. And if they hurt the Clone, Lara will be hurt too, so run jump/grab to the S platform, leave that Ammo if you donít need it right now and run S go to the right side and run jump onto the next platform. And then a run jump straight to the red part of the next. Go left and from the end a stand jump down to the lower platform, run jump to the next and go N again and then come to the last side ways platform, before the one with the Clone. Shoot those Harpies now when they fly away from the clone and jump onto that platform with the Clone, to find Secret #9, a Medipack in the dark NE corner and now you can go back for the Ammo on the platforms youíve jumped.

Then head for that side ways platform next to the one with the Clone and run jump/grab to the brick ledge in the SE passage, follow to the end of that one and grab up to the Monkey swing under the walkway above, go S and to a hole in the right side of the walkway, just drop onto an invisible ledge and grab up in the hole, go N and get Secret#10, Ammo. Go drop back down from the hole and run jump to the S and follow the ramp up to a fence you can slide through, hop S over the Spike-trap and use the Jump switch there (the other one over the spikes will cause instant death). A door opens W behind you, but that one has a deadly Spike-trap, the one E has a fire-tile you can go over by using the Monkey swing ceiling.

Around the corner of the next passage a few Harpies and Skellies will attack, take them out and go slow at that door in the right hand wall, thereís a hidden pit there, stand in the center of the left (S) side Tile, turn around and drop/hang from the edge, thereís a Jump switch just below, drop/grab and land in the pit. Climb the block that went up next to you and back up to the side you came from. Go through the now open bypass doors and get the small medipack on the other side of the pit. Go on to a door to the left and in the room at the end is a Demigod, shoot him and notice you are in the room next to that pit you started the level in. Thereís a way to get back to that level beginning, go to fence and that Tile in the floor, hop back through the fence and run jump to that tile in the center of the pit, run jump to the S, and down the vegetation again into that passage where you picked up a Secret before, doors opened in the back and now you can go up the ladder to get the Goodies there, no Secret. Go out the passage and get back through that door you saw before, go back to the room where the Demigod was. Use the Jump switch on the N wall to open the wormhole and dive in.


Level 4- Star Raider.

The Head of the Master.

Pick up the Goodies on the floor and go behind that star gate to get the Grenade-gun. Go out N and shoot a Demigod after the flyby, get the Shotgun E and the Head of the Master (that was dropped by the Demigod) near the Chain in the N alcove. Pull the Chain and a ramp appears in the W. (You could jump/grab to that wall too from a sandy hill at the S wall) A whole bunch of Harpies attacks, deal with them and go to an area with a Beetle Pyramid. 3 Skellies wake up, get them to stand together and blast them with an Arrow.

The Beetle Pyramid.

Go to the dunes in the W, opposite the black Pyramid and jump behind that ridge, follow the crawlspace in the hole to another area with a Pyramid youíve seen in the Load screen. Go around the Pyramid and find the entrance, follow down to a hole from which you can drop down into the heart of the Pyramid. A flyby will show 4 passages and each one will lead you to a Beetle, 3 Skellies wake up and thereís a Chain, get those Skellies together and shoot them, pull the chain to raise an invisible pillar on top of the block you just landed on, the N side is climbable, so thatís for when you want to get back out of here. You can choose which passage you want to explore first, but I did as follows:

The 4 Elementís Beetles.

N Passage: WIND

Go in and shoot a Harpy, look down the W side of the crossing in the ledge and run jump/grab to that ledge with the rope under it, then stand jump N and turn around fast, walk to the edge and stand jump back, run jump with a left curve to get back to the entrance ledge and shoot the Harpy thatís chasing you. Now look down the NE corner of the crossing and drop to the now safe block below (were Spikes on it before), run off to the N and run jump to the next, stand jump to the brownish one and run jump to the NE ledge with the 1st Elementís Beetle on the wall. When you pry it off the wall, 2 more Harpies will come, one close by and the other up S, deal with both before you go back to the brownish ledge. Run jump/grab S twice and from that block to the rope, use it to swing SE and land on that block under the ledges. Grab back up to the ledge above and go to the central room.

E Passage: EARTH

Go in and run jump over the Fire water, go into a garden room and shoot 2 Skellies. In the N and S are 2 holes in the floor, go into one and use the reach-in switch, Beetles pour out, so quickly roll and crawl back, jump out of the hole and go to the W, jump back out of the room and those Beetles are gone. Go back in to do the reach-in switch on the other side of the room and the same thing happens all over. After the Beetles are gone you can go into the hole in the E. go down to an alcove that was closed off by 2 doors before and get the 2nd Elementís Beetle. Back to the central room fast as more Beetles will come after you.

S Passage: WATER

Go in and dive into the pool, swim down to the SE corner and see a narrow tunnel behind the Spike-trap, time the swim into that tunnel and follow to a wider cave, down in the grey wall is another tunnel, go up the slope in the end and come to a room with 4 Chains to raise the block under the Beetle, I number then 1 to 4 from left to right. First #2, then #4, next#3, last #1, the block goes up and the 3rd Elementís Beetle is yours. Swim back against the current. You can get some Ammo in the right hand corner, just before you swim left to the Spikes and time the swim through the Spikes again, then go straight up and back to climb out at the exit.

W Passage: FIRE

Go in and time the run jump onto the block NE, then run jump/grab to the one S and jump/grab into the passage with the steam and a Chain in the back, the flame at the Beetle will extinguish, jump back to the block and run jump to the W, pry the 4th Elementís Beetle from the wall. Run jump back to the S block and then run jump back to the exit from the highest part and a curve left. Run jump around the S pillar there to get Secret#11, a small medipack from the ledge S. Run jump back and go to the central room, if you didnít pull the chain there, do it now and climb the N face of the invisible pillar to grab back up W and leave the Pyramid.

The Body of the Master.

Go around to the E side and hop into that crawlspace back to the black Pyramid in the big yard. Place the Beetles and the Pyramid opens. go in and take the Body of the Master.

Go to the NE and enter the building there, go in front of the left hand door and the doors will open, run jump/grab over the ledges to the door E and then left, follow to a ledge in front of an opening N, follow the passage to a room where Spikes pop out of Pillars and a flyby will show you the way to the top of the room.

Go to the NW corner of the room and grab up the back of the pillar there, slidejump/grab and go over the top, slidejump/jump and grab the next around the corner. Go on like this till you land on a flat pillar where a Harpy will attack, shoot her fast before youíre pushed off the pillar. Jump/grab the pillar S and climb left around, over the top, slidejump/grab the next, the rest you can figure out yourself. The last series from the flat corner are easy jumps, maybe shoot that Skellie first before you jump to that Jump switch, which will open that door in the other room. Run into the shaft in front and grab the ladder, go down and drop/slide back into the spike room, head S and over the ledges to the E door.

Quickly jump over the Skellie and blast him down into the blue room with the Shotgun (or use some heavier weapon), go on to a pool that seems to be frozen thereís Ammo in it, go S and a short flyby will show the receptacle for the Elementís Master. Go over the pool and into the room in the S. go to a Chain in the SE to open a door in the hidden passage in the NE corner, drop through the floor and go to the (dry) pool to get Secret#12, Ammo, head back to the upper room and place the Elementís Master on the receptacle W.

The doors on the black Pyramid yard open, so go back through the room with the pool. Over the ledges in the next room and out left past the Pyramid to enter the next passage that will lead you to some Spike-traps, jump through and take either side in the end of the pool with the Dart-traps. Dive into the next channel and follow to a big room with air in the centre, you can swim up in the back and get some Ammo upstairs, then open the under water door NE and swim through the nasty bend tunnel to go up in the Blue room. Jump over the ledges and somewhere on the N trail youíll see a smoke plume in the air, run jump to that plume and stand jump to the ledge at the door in the corner, open it with the Gem you have and get Secret#13, more Uzis. Shoot the Skellie that shows up behind you down into the room and jump back to the Smoke plume ledge. Follow the rest of the ledges and when you come to the opening in the other corner, turn with the Shotgun in hand as a Skellie appears behind you, go slide down and jump the Spike-trap. Land into a room and notice all the reach-in switches and some closed door in the structure.

Reach-in Switches.

Use the colored tiled switches and the door opens, the other switches all seem to be Spike-trapped, when you go into the open door the floor gives way and youíll drop onto a long slope.


Level 5/6- Snow and Lava under the Sand.

Just go with the flow and youíll end up in a cave, swim N picking up Flares and Ammo and a small medipack in the NE corner. Notice the closed door in the alcove N and swim back for air. Then look for a small tunnel in the E wall, left of the pillar in the SE corner, go in and follow up to a room with 2 Skellies, dodge them or shoot them in the deepest part of the water and go up the steps to push the button, donít jump on that pillar or youíll die. Swim back and to the right the door N opened, go in and up to where you get a flyby of the new area.

The Ice Temple.

2 Spirits will appear and I couldnít get rid of them near the Bird statues at the Temple N, so I just shot them with the pistols a couple of times and then ran away and they didnít bother me any more. The doors of the Temple need to be opened.

Go up into the SE corner and find a pole there, grab the pole and first turn around to face W, that is straight for the ledge where you came from, go down into the room below and youíll end up over a sloped pillar. Facing that window in the wall, backflip/roll and curve left, then jump with a left curve from the slope youíll land on and land on the corner of a block left of the slope. Jump/grab to the next pole and go down, look for a button W on the central pillar. Pushing it youíll get a screenshot of one of the Bird statues at the Temple entrance, go pick up some Ammo N and then go into the NE ice cave, stand N, close to the entrance and face N, backflip onto the ledge S and just keep jumping till you are on a flat ledge in front of a ladder, go up and through the passage to where you can slide down a red sloped passage back to the temple area.

Go to the W and behind a pointy ice pillar, you can jump up the right hand snow slopes. Go on till you can run jump around the left to a pillar NW and get some Ammo from it, get down in that corner and head to the W pointy pillar again, go into the cave to a lava pool and from the rock in the lava a run jump/grab to the ladder on the pillar and go around the corners to the opposite side, go up and backflip/roll/grab to the ladder W. Go up and almost from the top you can backflip into a passage, follow the passage to the door that opened when you pushed the button in the pole cave. Follow to a lava room where the level changes. In the N is a lever (flyby of the next rooms) and a Spirit will chase you, so duck behind the Bird statue and wait till itís gone, enter one of the opened doors N and go to the next room.

Climb the block in front and run jump/grab to the rope, swing to the ledge right of the lava flowing from the face (thereís a Medipack on a pillar SW) and hop on the NE pillar. Drop onto the ledge behind it and follow the passage to an Ice cave, in the S is a receptacle for a Pillar and a pool beyond that.

Go to a cave in the E and follow straight to a grey part of the floor, in front of you is a piece of Ice wall you can grab up to, turn SW and hop to the snow ledge there, walk up to the blue Ice pillar N and backflip/jump/grab the top of the pillar, use the Monkey swing ceiling to go E, Go to a lever in the back of the lava room and throw it. A screenshot of that Medipack on the pillar in the lava room with the rope, as the ledge behind that pillar is safe now.

StarGate Knot

Two Spirits show up, shoot them with pistols and go get the Ammo on the pedestal, then return to the Ice cave. Go back W and through that passage to the lava room with the rope, climb the block and go over to that pillar with the Medipack in the W, drop to the ledge behind it and follow to a room with a blue contraption. To the N is a closed door, go into the S passage and follow up the stairs and through the passage W to a long tunnel with the StarGate Knot right in front, return to the room with the Blue contraption and jump over to the S, open the door with the Knot and enter. Go up the steps to the right and come passed a Star receptacle, go into the W passage and just around the 2nd corner, opposite the grey wall, is a blue tile in the ceiling, jump and grab up into the hidden crawlspace E and crawl to a room with the Golden Star, carefully hop over those electrified metal floor parts and get the Golden Star from the wall.

StarGate Pillar.

Head back and down to the passage that leads to the receptacle for that Star. 2 Mummies appeared, dodge them and place the Star to open a trapdoor. Look between those steps in the W side of this hall to find it. Climb down the ladder and go E. then left and come to a tunnel. Careful here, those dark metal rings are deadly (I picked up 3 Spirits, they were flying high up in this tunnel.) Do runjumps through the rings and get the StarGate Pillar in the end, one more run jump and you can pick up a small medipack in the end of the tunnel. Go back and up to the hall with the Mummies, out to the Blue contraption and to the lava room with the rope E. Jump to the face and go down into the NE passage to the Ice cave again. Place the Pillar on the block S and dive into the pool where an under water door opened now.

Swim through and come up in a room with 2 ladders, both leading up to a passage that will bring you to the top of the Temple. Go down one ledge and look on the front of the roof for a small medipack near that Bird statue. Go to the W side and down the ladder, drop and go up into the SW corner to find a passage opened there.

The Icy Caves.

Follow the low cave to a crossing, the tunnel to the left has a closed door, so head W for now and follow all the way to another fork in the road, left are two tunnels and to the right a grey tunnel, take the small opening SW just before you reach the darker floor  and follow to a button (a screenshot of the door in the 1st left cave). Go back to the crossing of tunnels and go through the SE opening, the head S and come to the area with the closed door and a Bird statue, look for a tunnel to the right (W) and go down, at the first grey floor part is a bright blue Ice wall to the left, crawl through that wall and follow the tunnel to get the Uzis in the end, youíll see Spikes go down in a lava room.

Lava Room with the Snow floor.

Go back to the crawl through Ice wall and back in the tunnel, follow down to the left, come into the wider cave you saw through the spider web at the Uzi pick up. Follow up the N tunnel and keep going N, up a slope after the gray cave and up to a lava room with a fall through snow floor, in the mirror to the N you can see a ledge to jump to, stand on the NE tip of the entrance and stand jump straight NE. Walk to the SE corner of that ledge and run jump SE, then stand jump to a ledge at the E wall, in a ENE direction, turn S and run jump to the corner of the room, go through the walk through wall and get Secret#14, several Ammo pickups. Go back out and run jump N and one more run jump N to the opening in E wall.

Go around the mirror and hereís a lava room with ledges on the same places as in the previous room, jump over the ledges to the button, save and push it to open an under water door, one or 2 Spirits appear and these wouldnít leave me alone, so you have to get back over the ledges fast, one of them has Spikes now, you have to time the run jump to it so youíll land when the spikes just went down, then quickly jump to the next and save, check the health regularly while you time the jump to the Spiked exit ledge and make your way back through the 1st room and to the exit S, a cut scene will show the door opening up. Go straight at the next crossing and where you can stand again in a somewhat wider cave, go up left and follow that tunnel to the cave with the open door and a Bird statue to get rid of the Spirits. Behind the open door was a lever and throwing it will re-open the entrance to this cave system and two doors in the Temple area are open, allowing lava to melt down an Ice wall.

Go back through the tunnel N from the lever and right at the crossing, back up to the Temple area. In the E is the passage where the Ice wall melted down, jump over the lava and get up the ladder. Go into the next room past all the debris and follow the left or right hand wall, close around the pillar and to the button next to the door. Enter the door and come to a room with 2 levers, only use the S one and get into Spike Alley, go slow and time each Spike-trap to get to a split in the passage, here you have to time the sprint through the double trap and in the end come to a slide down to the temple area. The Temple doors have opened.

The Scroll of the Slaves.

But first go to the S side of the Temple yard and down into the water again. Swim back into the cave where it all started and up in the airpocket S. Face SW and dive in after you saved, swim into a tiny triangular hole in the SW corner of the cave and follow this winding and narrow tunnel to that under water door you opened with the buttons before, climb up in a room with 2 Skellies and after dealing with them, go into the N passage, follow the winding stairs up to a lever behind a pillar and head back down again. At the water hole a door opened in the S passage. Go in there and get the Scroll of the Slaves.

Crawl back into the water and swim back to the cave, head N and up to the Temple yard again. Enter the Temple and go E, get the Grenade-gun and Ammo from the pedestal and place that Scroll of yours to open the door E. Well a bunch of Spirits are flying about here, but they donít harm Lara very much, at least not in my game, go up the ladder in the back and in the upper room is a Push-pillar that has to be moved to that Tile in the opposite corner, but youíll have to work for that, notice the receptacle for the StarGate Pillar and go down the ladder in the E, come to another room with a Push-pillar. Shoot the vase and get the StarGate Pillar (the doors W open).

Move the Push-pillar to the W once and go onto a ledge at the pool N, get the Flares and dive in, swim into the E tunnel and go up to a cave with a lever, 2 Skellies awake, blast them and use the lever to raise a block in the pool. So swim back and climb on a ledge behind the pillar N, run jump/grab to the new block W and then a jump/grab to the crack N. Shimmy right and pull up to use the button in the alcove, to re-open the door at the Push-pillar. So get out of the pool, go to that ladder to climb back up to the room with the receptacle for the StarGate Pillar. Place it and go down E again, the lower room has changed and now you can move that Push-pillar to the tile.

Go back up the ladder and a wall disappeared in that upper room so you can move that Push-pillar to the Tile too and a block goes up in the SW corner, climb it and climb up in the s passage, throw the lever there to break down a wall in the 1st room youíve visited. Go down to the room with the pillar and down the W ladder, look N and see where the wall is gone. Climb up and notice the openings between the pillars, when you go up Boulders will come down and you have to roll and run back into the last opening, the others have Spike-traps. Then go up to the N and donít step on the Teleporter Tile yet, stand jump onto the block with the electric discharges behind it and go down into the place behind it, shoot vases to get Secret#15, Ammo. Climb back up the block and run into the bright light, to get back to a previous level.

Level 4- Star Raider. (part 2)

Get the Ammo in the passage with the deadly water W and then go to the door S and it will open for you. Run around the room for a while to collect all ten, yes 10 Skellies and then run back N, turn in the passage and blast them with the Grenade-gun, when they all demised you can have a look where they disappeared and find 2 StarGate Pillars (maybe use a flare, as I ran over them a couple of times before I saw them) Place the Pillars near the s door and go in after you shot a Harpy, get the Medipack in the next passage as youíre going to need that.

The 4 Jumpswitches of the Demigod.

A flyby will show the next room, in the centre is a Demigod (no you canít shoot him) and a Harpy will join the fun. Shoot that first and see that around his quarters are 4 Jumpswitches on the pillars. The water along the outside walls is deadly and over that deadly water are sloped ledges, you have to go to each corner pillar one by one and backflip onto the highest part of the slope under the switch, then jump/grab that sloped ledge, shimmy to the centre of it and pull up, backflip/roll/grab the switch and go stand where the DG canít shoot you to save and go for the next switch (another 4 or 5 Harpies will come for you) After all 4 switches the cage will lower and you are now able to take out the DG, he will leave behind the Body of the Master.

Go to the E side of the SE pillar and see itís climbable, stand in front of the high part of the sloped base, backflip/jump/grab the sloped ledge. Go left to one grab from the left corner and backflip/roll/grab the pillar, go up to the top of the structure to get the Head of the Master there. Go down to place the Elementís Master (combined parts) on the stand near the NE pillar, the N door opens and a flyby shows the outside area. Go into the passage and time the Spike-traps to jump through them, the last one a sprint and go to the N StarGate, jump in and go back to a previous level.

Level 2- Quest of StarGate. (part 2)

You are back in the storage room with the Eye Door, where youíve been earlier, it looks different thoughÖ

I just stood ground when all the Ninjas and Scorps came to attack me, and then went to look for the 2 pieces of the StarGateĎs Cartouche some of them dropped, on the crates in this storage room you can find Shotgun, Uzis and Ammo and somewhere on the ground are some Flares. Go to the SW corner and into the passage there, climb the block to the E and shoot 2 more Ninjas, get the Hand of Sirius and a small medipack they will drop and go to that statue E, pull it out and go behind, climb the crates and place the Hand in the receptacle behind the crates, get some Ammo behind the other crate and climb back, those doors are the ones you entered from when you came here the first time around. Go back to the storage room and go out the W doors and open the 3rd set with the StarGateĎs Cartouche.

Go out the door and end the level.