Tomb Raider True Story.

Levels by Maciej Malec & Michal Mularz

Walkthrough D&G Productions

Level 1- DEEP (Young Lara level without weapons)

Nice Title movie and screen, a great Flyby will show you the depths of the Ocean where a Secret Base is hidden and Lara finds herself caged in a glass Laboratory Tube.

Climb up to the top and look N, crawl into the dark space under those pipes and go right, get Secret #1, a Medipack, go back out and drop from the top of the cage, go to the small medipack in the NW corner. Head to the e side and the door will open for you, follow the corridor down to a red Ctrl room, (have a look out of the windows of the corridor) from the red room go N and through the next passage. (You can run through the glass here and have a swim around, if you want to get back in, go over the passage and onto a ledge, then hop back and you’re in again, from the other side just climb up into the passage, little buggy but fun) Well on to business at hand, follow the passage up the slopes to a cave with pools.

The Laboratory Key.

The hard way: (chased by Crocs)

A run jump/grab to the sloped block W, hang to the right and pull up, slide and jump right to the rocks there, head S over the Spike-pits and then a run jump/grab W, dive into the pool here and look for the small tunnel in the s wall, follow through a crawlspace to some offices, in the last one is a terminal to the left and on top you’ll find the Laboratory Key.

The easy way: (no Crocs)

Jump into the lava room N and follow the rocks to the NW where you can jump to the floor with the search lights, then go S and use the Monkey swing or just run jump to the other side, go straight to the S pool from here and into the small tunnel to get the Laboratory Key as described above. Take the Key and make your way over to the N where the doors to the Laboratory are, go in and up the steps to a landing with 2 corridors. One in the NE and the other NW.

NW corridor. In the end of the corridor is a friendly soldier, when you see the black Guard come out of an office, roll and run back. Let your friends take care of the Guards and re-enter. The 3rd office to the right will open for you, throw the lever and head back to the landing, down the stairs to the ground floor and into the opened office in the W, get the Key from the floor and head back up the stairs into the NW corridor. Open the bathrooms with the key and go to the back (NW) where you can climb up into a duct, there’s a keyhole to the right and a closed off duct to the left, so go right (N) now and come to a pit you have to run jump/grab over, go on to where you’ll climb off to the stove in the kitchen.

Jmp over that hot plate and go to the SW, do a long run jump with a right curve to the SW and land on the floor between the sloped sides of the room, get into the crawlspace and go to the next room. Behind the window you can see a Guard and a Key, go through the door avoid the Guard and pick up the Key. Run back to the previous room and into a crawlspace up in the NE corner, the door opens and you’re back in the Kitchen. Get back on the stove, only go over the places where pots and pans are and up to that duct, go back to the Keyhole and use the Key.

The S duct opens now, go in and to a pit, save and run jump/grab to the 1st sloped block in the pit, go up and another run jump to the next block, slide and jump to get onto the ledge, follow the next duct to drop into a room with a burning floor, jump over the burner tiles and get up into the duct. Follow to an office where you’ll find the Electronical Disk and a small medipack, go out the door to the landing in the laboratory, go down the stairs and out to the pool area, go left and from the corner next to the (E) search light a run jump to the ledge in the corner of the lava cave, jump over the corners to the block in the center and run jump to the exit of this place, go all the way back through the Ctrl rooms to the start room, open the NE door with the Disc at the terminal.

Go in and see Von Croy giving orders to his Guards, just run through the next door while in the flyby and go right, hop in the pool, Crocs here so keep swimming, after the smaller hole to the right (E), into the next small tunnel you see in front and sharp right (S) again and follow to big under water room, go up and climb out fast

Level 2 Area.

You are in what is called Level 2 now. And you need another disk. Go into opening S and see a big round door. The door on the right will open when you approach and in the next room use a lever. This opens that big round door, so go back and enter. Now there are two things you can do as there are two guards and even an Ahmet, use the monkey climb to get to the block on the other side or run for your live and jump on the block. After the crawlspace you get into an office and get the next Electronical Disk.

The door opens and you are back in the room with the lever. Go to the round door, leave through the N opening to that pool and place the disk. Climb the ladder, as the trapdoor is open now and almost at the top do a back flip. Get the medipack near another ladder and climb that one too. Another back flip to land into an underwater office space. Follow through to the N and enter in the opening between the basins. Follow this corridor and enter a room. In the next room is a lever. Go back out to the basins and into the corridor, down the ladder. The door N has opened. Go left, down some stairs and the door in that small building will open, Use the lever there and watch the fly by.

Enter the Virtual Chamber and keep on the path around the corners. Coming to a block, see the crack, grab it and shimmy left and let go when you can stand on a tree trunk. There is a monkey climb there, so get to the other side. On the E wall is another crack so use it to shimmy over those rocks. At the end crawl in and get down on the other side. Slide over the pit and jump/grab to the crawlspace to crawl in. There is a wide slide with spiked pits of course. Take either left or right as close as possible to the green floor covering in the middle. Once passed that jump to the middle and you are home free. To the left of the tree is a monkey climb, so use it. On the other side you have to go S towards those flame emitters. There is a crack in the wall there, so use it to shimmy right and time your way through the emitters and around the corner to safely let go on top of a rock. From there a running jump over the lava and into that crawlspace. The bars open when you enter and you see a fly by from uncle Werner, standing next to an alien chair. Keep going and the level ends here.

Choose the next level from the menu.

Level 2- Escape from Solider Area.

Lara has grown older and looking straight you see a crawlspace behind the shelves. So pull the shelves and shoot that grate. Crawl in and when you can stand up face S and crawl in and shoot the grate there. S is a push block, pull it once and also once to the side and on top of the block there get the Iron Key. Go back into the crawlspace, down the other side and now proceed to the W, use the Iron Key there on the lock.

The Hangar.

When you enter two dogs will greet you and you are looking down to what looks like an alien plane. On the other side (N) is an opening, shoot the boxes and push the shelves aside. Use the button and the door in the N opens. Enter for Secret #1, a small medipack. Get out and now shoot the grate in front of the crawlspace. In the next room time the emitters and get the Uzi ammo and a small medipack and in the SW is a lever, use it (cut scene). A door opens in a room we go to now. Go back out to the room with the alien plane, as in the W wall is another grate you can shoot. Climb in, and start crawling and down a ladder, keep on going (N), another ladder down and another crawlspace (the builder sure loves crawling).


You end up in a hallway with a dog and a guard. You can push the S doors open. Enter, shoot the guard there and open the door W. Turn around and push that button and the gate N opens. Push that button as well and shoot the dog. Go back out, you have disabled the electricity so it is a bit dark now. Go back to the hallway and W and back through the crawlspaces and ladders to the room with the plane (that seems to be gone now). Enter SW and back also through the crawlspace (there might be a guard waiting in this room). Go to where you can stand up and climb up right, go through that crawlspace and because the electricity is off, you can now retrieve the Small Keys.

Go back W and once in the hangar get back to the crawlspace in the W wall. Back to the Hallway and go N, near the crates to the left into a small corridor and use the Small Keys there.

Alien Room

Shoot the boxes and the grate behind one of them and crawl in. Watch the fly by and enter.

Room with pool

Use the lever W, the door opens and a dog and a guard come out. Left and right are buttons; one will fill the room in the middle with water and the other opens the trapdoor. Jump in and get uzi ammo, swim in opening E and climb out.

Open the door E and under the boxes is the Iron Key. Now open the door E and shoot the dog.

Outside area.

There is another dog somewhere out there. Open the door E and shoot another dog and a guard. Pull the dead guard from its place en get Uzi ammo and a small medipack under the boxes. Climb the wooden boxes in the other corner and open the door there. In the windowsill is a small medipack and after getting that, slide down the pole. In the S wall is a lock, use the Small keys there to turn the power back on. Climb the pole, go to the other room and get to the ground floor again. Enter opening E and watch the cut scene. Dive in the water and swim E, up and climb out. Shoot the scorpion in the next room. There is an opening E and watch the fly by.

Lava cave

Better stand on the flat surface left of the opening and take a running jump to the rope. Swing twice and jump off at the opposite side. Go in the opening and use the button right. Go back to the other side and push the button N. And again to the rope as the door E in the other room is open. Open the door in the next room and shoot the two guards. There are two ways to finish this level, so save here so you can get back and try the other way as well.

First way

Use the Iron Key on the door S. Once in, push the door E and push also that wooden box to the side and use the lever. This opens a trapdoor outside in the glass covert pool. Dive in and swim through the opening E. Swim through and find an underwater lever. That opens the gate on the other side. You can get some air if you want but you also can swim through the opening. At the end swim up and when you want to see the chopper somewhat closer, you will hit the finishing trigger.

Second way

Pull the door N open and shoot the box and crawl in and use the lever there. This opens a door opposite this crawlspace.

Push the first block (the most left one) once. The next one (facing S) pull it once, run around it and push it against the wall. Roll and now pull the last one and run around it. There is one more and that one is standing at the E wall, push or pull it and reveal an opening. Watch the fly by. Get to the pole with a running jump and turn around. You have to figure out at what height you need to be for a back flip plus roll. (I had Lara slide down so her feet touched the yellow color and then let her climb twice). From the corner, jump to the rope and swing twice to the other side (SE). Face S and stand as left as possible and do a running jump without grab to the other side. Get to the floor and jump into the water and use the underwater lever, swim through and up and when you reach the chopper, the level ends.


Level 3- Arctic Zone.

Well that chopper is out of service… Go into the tunnel (W) you saw in the flyby and look for the button next to the door to open it, shoot the Guard coming out. Notice the lock in the N and climb the crate right of the entrance, shoot the gratings in the W wall and go over to climb in there, In the next room is a door to the n that will open on approach, go out to a sinister area, shoot the Guard in the distance before he even noticed you and go left into the S area, open the door W with the button and go in to open a trapdoor next to the pillar, go down and in this archive room is an Iron Key in the NW.

Go back NE and climb back up to the upper room, go out and to the door you came from on the crate left and jump/grab to the crawlspace to get back into the room where the lock was, use the Key and the door will open. Go in and shoot the Guard coming out of the cafeteria, he will drop the Blue Fuse. Go out and yes, again through that crawlspace and out to the sinister area, go to the N door and place the fuse to open the door.

Go in to the hall and open the N door with the switch right of the door, go in and get another Blue Fuse and some Flares dodging the burners, go out and to the W door. Open it with the fuse and go in to get the Ignition Key from the window sill. Go back to the hall and to the E side door, go in and use the Ignition Key at the N door, inside is a small medipack on the floor. Now you can open the next door and look for the hatch in the ceiling, grab up and crawl through the duct. Drop out on the other side and deal with the Guard, get his Key and open the W door with it.

Inside are Burners, time the burner and jump into the alcove opposite the Burner, throw the lever and get out, go jump into the next alcove and throw the 2nd lever for the door in the end of the passage. Go into the big room with the yellow contraption. Go into that contraption and shoot those boxes to the right, get the Key and go to the trapdoor in the grated floor, open it from facing S and dive into the tank, swim down and W to find a Blue Fuse, swim up and climb out, place the fuse W and dive back into that tank, the E wall fell in and reveals the small key, go get it and swim back up to use it in the N side lock, the exit door opens again.

Go out of the yellow structure and left into the N passage after you shot the Guard. Look to the r and see the fixed the Chopper already, go into the next big hall and hop onto that grated block in front, the door in the E opens. Go get Secret #2, a Medipack in that Ctrl room and head back to the block, open the trapdoor. Dive in and swim into the N tunnel, immediately up and throw the under water lever there, then follow that N tunnel to a dark cave, open the door with one of your keys and go out to the yard, open the opposite small door to a Shark tank, climb the ladder to a red room where you’ll find the next Ignition Key. Notice a Key and some Goodies behind the gratings (I didn’t find a way in, so maybe you can…).

Go back down the ladder and out to the yard, the door in the E wall opened, go in and open the trapdoor in front of the crate, go down the ladder into the sewers, go to the S side to use the Ignition Key and go into the room to throw the lever that will lower a block in the N side of the sewers. Head out into a snow cave and go E, a flyby will take over and shows a small door in the E and a Monkey swing on the ceiling of the cave. Head onto the grey rocks near that Easter Island statue and go left to the top, grab the Monkey swing and go over to that opening E, up the steps while the gates drop shut behind you, in the end near the ice wall is a switch to the right.

The switch is Timed and re-opens those gates. Sprint down and out of the upper passage into the cave (you can slow down now), left and into that small door S (Notice the receptacle for the Blue Fuse). Go left and open a trapdoor near the crates, drop in and go into the E passage with the burner, stand on the right hand side facing the wall (S) and side step once onto the corner of the burner tile, grab up into the crawlspace and go down the other side, you’ll get the Secret #3 sound, but that’s all, somebody must have been here before you… So drop back out in the corner where you climbed up and side step carefully off the burner, go back up the ladder and through the corridor to the other (W) side.

Go up the steps and to the N, to get a small medipack in a window sill near those desks, turn back and go past the steps to a hole in the floor, hop in the window sill to the left and from there a jump/grab up to the top of the crates, shimmy left and drop on the other side, go on to a hole in the ceiling with crates below, get onto the highest crate and from that one you can run jump/grab with a right curve to the W side of the hole, go S and around the corner to the last window in the N wall, this one you can shoot out. Jmp to that ledge with the Blue Fuse and jump back into the window, head N and safety drop down the hole there, go W then left to the steps and down to that small door to the snow cave, remember that receptacle there?

Place the Fuse and the Radar is operational again, a door opens on the other side (S) of the central structure. So go around the w side and past those steps to the left, into that dark area and hop into a shaft.

The Basins.

Swim S and see there’s an under water opening there, there’s a passage above too, but there you have to climb and both passages lead to the 2nd Basin, so better stay in the water and just swim up. Then climb out in the W and notice there are 3 closed doors in this Basin. One under water and 2 in the S. Go into the W side store room and go up the stairs in the passage, follow to a room where the power can be restored with the switch, go back down to Basin 2 and the door on the S side opened. Inside and to the left is a receptacle for another fuse, go up the ladder in the back and backflip off, open the door with the button and go out to find the next Blue Fuse, return downstairs and place the Fuse, go out to the Basin and see it’s empty now. Go to the E side and jump to the ledge over the now open door below, drop to the steps in front of it and enter.

The Burner Room. (the flare bug kicks in, no flares or Binoc’s here)

Go to N or S wall (the same) and climb the ladder, don’t go up too far and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind you, go around 2 corners and to the lowest point of the ladder, backflip onto those central pillars and go up to a button that will open the last door in the 2nd Basin.

Safety drop down, not onto a burner and go out to the drained Basin, to the N and dive into that hole you came up from before, swim back to Basin 1 and get out on that s side, now that passage with the ladder comes in handy, climb up to get to the ledge around the 2nd Basin again and go over to the S side along the E ledges, enter the SE door, follow the route through the room and after you opened a small door you’ll find a small medipack to the right (a closed door here, I never opened), go into the E room and up a ladder, push a button in the upper room and step outside to a Nordic Harbor where the RMonkey swing Titanic is moored, go right along the building and open the next door with the button, go in and push the button to the left to start up the machines, the Crane outside will move a crate and you can grab up to that crate from the water’s edge. Shimmy to the side of the crane and pull up in a corner, run jump over the fence to the N part of the loading docks.

Open the door to the building and get the Blue Fuse from the E window. Go out and climb the crates to jump back over the fence to the S. Climb the crates at the ship and run jump/grab to the porthole, place the Fuse and step in to sail away….

Level 4- Journey.

In the Woods.

Lara ended up in a jungle, there’s a gate to the W that needs a key first, so go up the slope E and climb the green rock pillar, so you can jump into that higher part of the S forest. You don’t have to shoot the Monkey, just walk up to him and see how he rolls through Lara’s legs, he just wants to play. Climb onto a ledge in the E and throw the switch there, a gate opens in the S, go down from the ledge and head SW, careful at that gate as there’s a Boulder-trap in front of it. Go in and get a very short flyby of the deep pit in front of you, pick up the small medipack and go on to the other side of the pit, go left (E) and find the Monkey swing at the tree. Go over to the N side, but don’t forget to go left at the end, drop at the tree and get Ammo and the Desert Eagle there.

The Monastery Key.

Head back and go to a small pool in the S of this forest, dive in and swim S, straight at the crossing as the right hand tunnel is a dead end, follow to a shaft up and come to a small room, go to the NW corner and grab up to the crack in the W wall, shimmy left and pull up in the opening, walk up to the lava-pit and run jump/grab straight over, left and right are two traps, walk to the next lava room and to the r you can see a block with a Key. Run jump/grab to the rope and swing over to that block, grab the Monastery Key and get back on the rope. (You can also do a long run jump from corner to corner and land on the W block) Swing only once to jump and land on the W side block, run jump/grab to the SW corner and climb up in the opening in W wall.

The Monastery.

Use the Key to the right and enter, on the corner of the elevated Tiled floor is another Desert Eagle, notice the closed door in the NE corner and head W. a flyby will show the Monastery and a grated window, go to a hole in the centre of the garden after you shot the Guard that sneaked up from behind, in the dark cave below is the switch to open the NE door, so go back into the Monastery and into that door. On top of the stairs another Guard will welcome you. Climb the pillar on E wall and get a small medipack, go onto the dark rocks and slide off to the W, walk out onto the ledge in the centre of the room to do a run jump/grab to the S walkway, go left to climb another pillar on E wall and get the next Desert Eagle.

Climb down and go into that small door there, shoot the Guard and use the switch to open that grated window you saw in the flyby before, so jump back over the ledges to the N and go halfway down the first flight of stairs, or drop from the walkway and go NE and up one and a half flight of stairs. Look up in the W wall and climb into the window sill, follow the walkway and use the two ropes to get to the S side of the Monastery, hop on the block and run jump/grab into that opening S, open a small door and shoot some Guards, go into that store room in the back, move green containers out of the way to get the one in the W wall out.

The Garden Key.

Go in and come to that area you could see through the fences at the Monastery, get down to the ground and head NW, go up the lowest part of the rocks and grab up to the W floor, throw the switch and a door opens in the NE. Notice the gate here at the switch and go down to the ground floor, head NE and shoot that Guard behind the door, push the button and head back up to that gate on the NW upper floor. A couple of run jump/grabs to the E will get you to a pillar in the NE corner where the Garden Key is. Drop down and go for that trapdoor in the grass you probably have noticed already.

The Guard House Key.

Climb down and go left to the S wall, get over to the blue ladders, go up and all the way to the right, from there a run jump/grab to the rope and swing to the other side, go carefully as there will be Boulders dropping down here and there, in the end of the room is a Guard shooting you from the right, take him out and open the gate with the Key you have. Go in and at some point get a screenshot of a Fuse somewhere. Go to the E and see a deep ravine, go into the river and drop from the waterfall to a ledge in the river, run jump to the s side and get the Guard House Key *Fuse* there. Jmp back to the ledge under the waterfall and climb the ladder, go back to the room with the Boulders and shoot the Guard. Follow back through the lava cave (you can also go over the rocks and ledges along the N wall, instead of using the rope and climbwall) and climb back out of the trapdoor. In the SW corner of this place is a receptacle for the Fuse, the door next to it opens.

Jeep Keys and Journey Key.

Shoot the Guard inside and get the Jeep keys from the left desk, on the floor is another Journey Key, that one is to be used where the level started, remember?

Go back out and climb the blue ladder to the right, over the blocks to the store room, straight to the passage to the Monastery, jump over to the walkway and safety drop down, go E and right/right, through the hall to the W and through the lava rooms to that small forest room with the water hole, swim back to the forest, go over the bridge to the N and then to the N where the level started, open the gate there and go to that real British Landrover. When you get in the jeep will back up on the ledge.

The Journey Home.

Start her up and head uphill, pick up some speed to jump over a gap to that narrow red ledge and slalom through the trees, go right and here you have to speed up again to do a short jump over the swamp, hit the brakes and some back and forward moves are required to line up for the next ledge, go left and again a short jump over the swamp (in the corner of the swamp there, is a sort of temple, but there’s a Boulder trap and a Tiger that doesn’t take bullets). So just go on and finally come to a step ramp up to a Temple, the Jeep stays here, get out and enter the Temple exit.

The level ends…