Skeletons Palace.

Level by Blacksheep (Atsushi Yamakawa)

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Lagoon.

Lara comes out of a building and reaches the shore of a Lagoon, a Croc comes out of the water, shoot it and go over the beach to the opening in the rocks NE, Another Croc comes out, go in after dealing with that one and shoot another Croc in the pool in the cave. Swim into the SW opening in the corner of the pool and go along the bottom, Boulders will drop so keep on going and go sharp left around the corner, not into the pit or youíll be crushed, but into the E tunnel And keep going till you reach the end. To the left and in a pit are the Gate Keys. Swim back again (thereís an air pocket up if you need it) and climb the rock in the pool, stand jump/grab up to a rock ledge W and run jump/grab NE to the sloped ridge on the E wall, grab the edge and shimmy left to the end, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the ladder to go up to the top.

Save there and run over the path, jump over the pits while Boulders drop behind you and 2 Warthogs appear. Stop at the little alcove to the right with the small medipack and turn to shoot those warthogs, the Medipack is booby trapped, pick it up facing the SE and immediately jump away to avoid being crushed, go on to a pit where a Flyby will show the next area. Jump over the block in the pit to collect the Ammo and go to the right hand gate in the building, open it with the Key and go in to step on the Timed trigger Tile in the end of the passage.

Timed run.

It will open a trapdoor on top of the building, stand facing out and save, run to the pit and roll so you face the gate again, side jump left twice and land on the yellow brick wall, immediately jump forward (also to avoid the Boulder) and up the sloped floor, turn right and get onto the roof of the building, run into the trapdoor.

Go down from the block and sprint through those Spikes, they wonít kill Lara, and go up the sloped passage to climb a ladder to the Tower, where the Horsemanís Gem awaits you. Get the Medipack from the W window sill, Go out through the N window and go down to the path, follow to that pit again and the other gate in the building is open now. Go follow the tunnel to a platform over the lagoon and place the Gem there, a flyby will show a new opening in a wall below. Drop from the platform into the water and go up the shore, over the W wall where the level started. Go in and follow the stairs down to an area where you can see Star receptacles on the central structure and gates in the walls.

Jump over to the central garden and go to an open gate in the E side, jump over the moat and go to a room with a gate covering an alcove with Targets. Walk to the end of the ledge and the gate opens, stand on the left side of the ledge, save and draw the pistols, jump up and shoot ONLY the blue Target, the trapdoor below opens, so go down the ladder and get the Ammo in the corners next to the entrance ledge, go to the trapdoor and get the Token, climb out and put it in the receptacle E, a flyby will show where the Crowbar was hidden. Climb back up, jump to the grass and go S to where that water hole is to get the Crowbar from it, get back up the grass, notice all the other gates have opened up too.

Thereís no particular order in which you have to do the followingÖ

E wall- right hand gate. (Burner jumps)

Stand on the trigger tile that will kill the flames on the blocks up the slope and stand jump onto the left side of the 1st block, so you can curve right and do two running jumps to the next blocks, try to land on the right hand side of the 3rd block so you can run left and jump to the 4th, land on the left side (you have some time to line up here) Run jump up to the block with the 1st Golden Star. Walk to the edge and look for the safe path to slide down and jump over the water with a sharp left turn to the exit in the end as a Boulder will come down to that ledge. Go out and to the W wall. (the burner blocks will not always burn there is a difference every time you try again.)

W wall- left hand gate. (Guiding lights)

Go to the end of the passage and safety drop down into a very dark room, turn and for the fun of it, donít light a flare, just follow those little flames to a crawlspace in the W wall, donít step next to the path or you will light the room yourself.

Go through the crawlspace to where you can climb up left for the 2nd Golden Star, turn and jump over the lower passage to go up the sloped one to a crawlspace, safety drop back into the entrance passage and go jump out to the grass, left and into the next gate.

W wall- centre gate. (Take your pick)

Go up and in the end and just walk on over the invisible floor, go right and climb the block on the right hand wall, jump to the right hand (NW) 3rd Golden Star as thatís the only safe one here. Go back down to the grass room. Jump out and go left to the next gate.

W wall- right hand gate. (Spike-traps, Boulder, Burners)

Go around the corner and time your run through the first two traps, then run jump/roll through the next set, so you face back and do a run jump back over the Spike-trap, a Boulder drops in the pit, the route is safe now, so go up the sloped passage to high room with a ladder pillar, the flyby will show the Burners around the pillar. Go around the pillar to get the Shotgun from the floor and climb the ladder on that side, timing the passing of the Burners, go almost to the top and backflip into that alcove with the 4th Golden Star. Get safely back down an go back over those Spike-traps, jump to the grass and climb into the central structure.

Place the 4 Golden Stars and drop into that trapdoor that opened. Swim into a tunnel in the S and go sharp left inside, swim down into the NE hole (all the others have Boulder-traps) and in the lower room is the Gate Key to the left, swim up the same hole again and all the way to the top, find the shaft up over the Tile in the centre of the room and go up to a gate that can be opened with your Key.

Pick up another Shotgun on the floor just after the Gate.

The Pillar Room.

In the S near the ladder is Ammo for the Shotgun and also some near the N pillar when you return to the centre of the room to climb those ledges. Go up from one to the other and keep the Shotgun ready when you stand jump grabbed up to one of the 4 pillars around the centre ledges. A Skellie will come for you when you jumped up. Shoot him off the pillar and run jump/grab to the alcove with one of the 4 Horsemanís Gems. Run jump/grab back and run off the end of the pillar to land back on the centre ledges. Go on like this till youíve got them all. Go down the ledges and place the Gems at the pillars.

Go to the S ladder and climb up, the room back there filled with water so you can swim into the opposite passage to get the Trident there, swim back and climb down into the Pillar room, go N and back into the water there, swim to that under water gate in the N and it will open for you, stay close to the right hand wall when you go around the corner as a Boulder drops from the ceiling, then cross over to the left, dodge the Croc and go on like this avoiding the Boulder holes and Crocs till you reach a shaft up to the left, go up through a trapdoor that opened up to the Lagoon, swim out to the sea and the level ends.