Villa RoseRed.

Level by SeiferZero inspired by the Stephen King Novel

Walkthrough Dutchy *with the much appreciated help of Marilyn*


Lara, exploring an abandoned house, finds herself captive inside its walls. They seem to change all the time: the rooms change, strange presences are made to perceive and a aura decay? comes from the foundations of that villa. Guide Lara towards the exit and bring her home safe and sound! (Rough translation of the Italian story.)

Lara is in the gardens of the Villa, Go to the NW corner to find the Revolver and then to the SW for the Laser sight. On the ledge in the middle of the garden is a Medipack. Go to the gates to the Villa and spot the 2 swinging balls left and right, you can shoot them with pistols if you climb up and duck while shooting (saves Ammo) One of the balls will open the entrance gate and I donít know what the other did.

The Hall.

Go in and right to the SW corner of the hall where youíll find Goodies on a ledge, a door opens.

The Library.

Itís E of the ledge, look on the left side for a book-switch (wait there till you hear the door opening up) and some Ammo in the alcove and then enter the door you opened, get the Ammo and use the next book-switch, the door E opens if you wait a bit. Go in there and get more Ammo, another book-switch will open the gate N, go use the lever in the next room and fires will start on the carpet, look for the passage in the SW and get the Goodies, DONíT use the lever there. Go out of this room and back out to the hall, right and past the table is an opened gate to the right.

The Cellars.

Thereís a door to the left with some Ammo, one pickup is protected by fire, so go out and to the NE corner door, open it, go to the left at the next crossing and open the door to a room with the Shotgun and Ammo, go out and straight to the next door, get the Medipacks and shoot the E book case, get the Ammo before you climb to the upper passage. Follow the passage up to a wide room with a bunch of pickups at the entrance, before you pick them up. roll and shoot the Skellie back into the lower passage you came from, another one shows up, do the same to him and go get all those Goodies (the backpack is getting heavy).

The Abyss.

Be careful when you go on, because Spike balls will come from the sloped walls, Go to the W wall and follow the wall (Dart-trap in the center of the path) to the other side, you have to cross over to the E, but there are Spike balls everywhere. So look closely at the ceiling and also on the floor for the burner pits and go along the abyss to the SE corner, the camera is a bit unwilling, but finally you will see blocks to climb to a Monkey swing. Follow all the way around and over the abyss, youíll be shot at by a Demigod. Drop on the fist ledge possible and go down the steps to a burn floor!

Shoot the Demigod from here with the Revolver and sight and from the end of the steps a long run jump with a grab at the very last moment to the dark ledge N, donít pull up, shimmy left and go past the Spike ball and then pull up. Go down to the lower floor and left, stop there and look up W over that brick wall for the swinging ball, shoot it and go back up the dark ledge at the Spike ball, go onto the high block W and run jump from that block to the sandy ledge next to the steps.

Go back over the Monkey swing to the other side of the Abyss and drop before you reach those blocks, go back over Spike ball alley and through the passage you shot the Skellies in, into the Hall and left to the Library with the connection to the room with the lever. Go carefully through the room with the burner tiles and see the gate in the SE opened when you shot that ball at the Abyss. Stand next to the burner tile and hop over the corner into the next room, get a truck full of Flares and head along the S wall of the bedroom to collect all Goodies in the window sills. Then go to the N wall, near where you came in and do the same, the window where you get the first Uzi Ammo can be shot, but get the Ammo in the next window too before you go out the window.

Follow the passage to the corner where youíll find Ammo and then use the Monkey swing to go over the lava pit to the S, go out on the terrace and to the W, a Demigod and a great Skellie-bird (take the time to look at it close up, just stand in a corner of walls and heíll come close but canít touch you) Pick up the Goodies and go over the S wall to a ledge with a Jump switch, a lengthy flyby will show you have to go back to the Abyss again. Coming back into the hall youíll notice the gates in the S opened, but we need a key there so first head back to the Abyss (same route as before) and when you get there youíll find the room completely changed.

The Abyss-2.

Climb over the dark ledges to the top and go down the other side, shoot the Skellie-bird and go to the now flooded Abyss, dive straight down in the SW corner and find the Key there (with a flare). Swim up to the SE corner to climb back out and head back to the Hall, S side, where those gates opened up.

Go into the blue room first and left to throw the ;ever that will open the 2nd gate in the yellow passage, so go out and into the yellow passage to a gate that needs the Key you got. Go in and use the lever to open the next gate in the Library. So into the Library and to the room with the lever and gates, the NE one opened.

Go into the passage and first right, follow the left wall and youíll come to a ceiling hatch, open it to climb to the upper room and find the Jump switch in the back. Climb back down and go back to the passage and head E. Climb up where the gate opened and go to the roofs, grab the E roof and shimmy all the way to the left, in the end a backflip to land in the dark. Hop back and drop into the lower W passage, follow to a Jump switch between the rooftops. Head back and climb back up to where you shimmied, go shimmy back to where you think a safety drop to the slope below is possible and head down that slope to the gate youíve opened.

To the left are some Goodies, then follow the passage to the closed Graveyard gate. Go into the room to the right to open that gate with the lever.

The Graveyard.

Skellies and Skellie birds will attack here, so go over to that red pool in the E and shoot the Skellies in, or just dodge them and head into the lower part of the Graveyard in the SW corner. Find the Jump switch behind the Tomb and it will open the Tomb up. Go back up the slope where you came down and up the steps to the Tomb, another Skellie comes for you, shoot it down the steps, as it wonít go down the hole and shoot another Skellie bird too, get the Flares (a sixpack) and go run S into the hole, slide down to a lower dark passage and follow to where the light is blue, sprint past the blue part as thereís a Spike ball trap there. Go on to a crossing in the Crypts. Better save here and donít overwrite, in case you get lost you can start here again.

The Crypts.

To the left is nothing so G right and into the wider crossing. Go left then right and into a room with Goodies, if youíre out of Revolver Ammo, better get that first and run forward a bit, drawing the Revolver and sight, roll and shoot the Skellie in the head, he wonít be bothering you anymore. Go pick up the rest of the Goodies including a Ruby Cube.

To the S of this room is a pit, meant to shoot the Skellies in, because you might pick up one or two while going through this maze. Go to the N room and into the only exit N, keep going left everywhere you can and end up in a bluish passage, go right into the 1st passage and come to a Crypt where the Bodies are stored, go straight past the one lying there and through the passage between the two hanging Bodies and then left, youíll come to steps leading up.

Follow the sloped passage to where you have to climb up and after the second pull up, slide and jump/grab to the opposite roof. Well youíve been there, so shimmy left and drop where you think itís safe go up the slope and back through the long passage to the room with the burning floor and the gates.

The NW gate here never opened in my game. So if you know how to get that open, please let me know.

The SW one opened now, go in and notice the closed gate to the right just after the dark crossing, it opens up a bit later and holds the Grenade-gun. Follow the long passages to a crossing, go left and find some Goodies to the W. Shoot the Swinging ball in the inaccessible part of the room (pistols will do) and get back to the long passage go E and follow all the way back to that gate II mentioned, it will be open now and you can get the Grenade-gun and Goodies inside. Return into the long passage past the room where you shot the ball and finally come to the 2nd gate youíve opened, go on to a room where the next gate will open for you and go follow that passage.

The Main corridor with the Gates (of which a couple never opened for me) What ever you do, donít go all the way to the E end. A wall will close behind you and youíre trapped.

Pick up the Medipacks straight ahead and then go E along the left wall (Boulder in the center). A Skellie wakes up, ignore him for now and get out the Grenade-gun and as soon as you hear the Demigod, roll and shoot those Guys, then run E again and dive into the pool to grab all the Medipacks from the bottom.

Go E again and past more closed gates, come to a lever that will open one of them and that one will be the last one in the W of course. Head all the way back and go in, left into the next room and up to the passage after you spotted the gate in the right hand wall, save here and go on, a Skellie will wake up, roll and shoot it, notice that the entrance disappeared. Just follow the passage to a room with a burn floor, grab the wooden block to the left and pull up, slide and jump and keep jumping till you are on a flat block, stand jump to the ones in front of the passage and go in, straight at the 1st crossing and left at the next (to the right is a closed gate for now, you will access that from the other side later).

Better save after going into the lower room and look at the ceiling closely go past the Spike ball traps and run jump past the last one on the right hand side, a nice sound accompanies you. Go on to where you climb up and then look for the Jump switch at the drop off, go down and use the Jump switch to open the gate you saw to the right where you shot the last Skellie. But you have to go through the main passage. So step out and go right.

A Burping Skelliegod could be roaming around (Iíll leave this in, but the second time I played it the Skelliegod didnít show :-) )

Sprint, changing direction every now and then, go past the pool and into the 1st open gate to the right, immediately to the left is a Jump switch that will open the gate to where the Skellie was, ignore that and turn back into the Main passage. Run left and into the gate that opened near the pool and to the right, quickly throw the lever inside and run out, to the W where a next gate opened, inside is a lever to throw and a gate opens all the way to the E near that 1st lever in the Main passage, go in and carefully around two corners, until a gate opens and a Spike ball will fall, turn around go back and out, to the right (W) and into the next gate to the left.

Go up the first steps and to the right, turn left and jump/grab to the crack, shimmy right till you can pull up and go on to an outside area, from the end of the steps a run jump to the balcony W and go to a block with a receptacle for the Ruby Cube, the gate will open. Go into a room where the lights will go on, the next gate opens when you go over the dark central tile. Slide down to a garden and go over to those big gates, they will open on approach and when you go out. The level ends.