Castle Of Dark Illusions 1-2.

Level by SeiferZero.

Walkthrough Dutchy. *with the much appreciated help of Marilyn*

Dark and grim levels (but there are Flares and you can also use the pistols to light the path)

Lara mysteriously transformed into a Vampire, trying to get her appearance back to normal she goes out on a quest to find the artifact that can help her to get back to normal.

1-The Prison. (CODI 1)

Go N to the Prison entrance, those big closed gates and look for the opening in the right hand wall (fire the pistols to get some light in there, saves flares), go up the steps to a lever that will open a gate in the dark lower passage. So go back down and straight into that now open gate, follow to a Chain, a Dog will attack from the right, in that passage is a small door, but thereís nothing else to find than a Bat, so leave it. Go on to the W end of the Chain passage and follow into a room with Sun rays coming in from the skylight, the door you passed is also an empty room, in the SW corner of the Sun room is a small door and inside that room youíll find some Medipacks and Flares, go out and to the NW door. Get past the Chain to grab the Laser sight from the crate.

Out again and to the E, there is some Ammo on the floor. Follow to the crates in the E end and look for the one to the right, you can pull out and aside. Go in and to a water hole, dive in and follow to a wider room where you can better climb out in the NW corner, face N and spot the lever, thereís also a Skellie and a burner floor here, so from where you stand you can see a slight difference in the color of the floor Tiles on the steps, take the darker ones, go up the first step and then jump to the 2nd a bit right. now you can go straight N and to that lever, it will open the gate to the Prison.

Look in the NW corner for a passage, go in and stop just around the corner, grab the E wall and climb up and to the right, over the Spikes that will pop up, to the Revolver and Ammo in the end. Go back and over the safe path down the steps to the pool and swim back to the crates, go out and follow back through the Chain passage, up the steps to the Prison entrance. The gate will be open now, so go in and look for the 2 Medipacks in the NW and NE.

Then go down the steps in the E to enter a high room and grab the small medipack on the lower ledge, stand a step back from the E side and stand jump down onto a sloped pillar, jump again with a slight right curve to land on the next slope, grab the edge upon sliding off and go shimmy to the left before you pull up, backflip/roll/grab a sloped pillar, pull up and slide jump/grab the ladder on the wall, go down and drop/grab the crack in the wall, go shimmy to the right and just around the corner you can drop onto a sloped ledge, grab the edge and from this left side a backflip onto a pillar. Go down the slope on the E side and head for the drop off in the N, follow the low passage there and find the lever in the left hand alcove, throw it to get access to the ground floor of the high room.

Go on to the W through the low passage and climb up to the ground floor. Shoot the crates to the right to get another Revolver and Ammo. Look for a grating in the NW corner and shoot it out to go in, follow to a room with a chair, behind the chair, in the rubble are the Uzis and more Ammo. To the E is a lever that will open a gate in the place we go to now. Go back to the ground floor of the high room, climb backwards into the lower passage and head back to the E, climb the left pillar at the drop off and go over the top, down the sloped floor and enter the S passage after you picked up the two small medipacks. In the next room a Dog will attack, notice the closed door in the W and then head into the Chain passage S.

Just past the Chains to the right is the gate you opened, behind it is a passage to a door, a Thug will run for the door and wonít step aside, so shoot him and go in. Go to the W end and shoot the crate for the Ammo inside, open the small door and shoot the crate inside for the Shotgun and Ammo. Go out and to the Lion statues, to the S is another small door, go in for Medipack and Ammo. Go out of the room and into the crevice in the S, in the area with the crates is one crate in the E you can pull out twice. Go around and to the SE corner where youíll find a Jump switch in the ceiling. It will open the door you saw before. Back in the room with the crates is a crate you can shoot to get the Ammo from it.

Head back to the room with the Lion statues and go out E, to the Chain passage and left (nothing to the right), past the Chains and left to the now open door W, look left and see a hole in the floor. Go down and follow to the Dungeons. Shoot the Dog and go on to a wide open area, a Guard is trying to escape, shoot him and look for a crawlspace in the NE. Go in and come to the 1st cell, shoot the Guard and open the trapdoor, follow the crawlspace system through various cells to the last one where a Body is still burning, throw the switch and return through the cells to the open area.

Go over to the SW corner where youíll find Medipacks in front of the cell, then go for the gate youíve opened in the E wall. Go climb the way to high ladder in there and backflip into the upper passage. Swim down the shaft and go left at the crossing to follow the tunnel (say hello to the Hammerhead sharks) to a huge under water room, in the SE is a hole up. In this wide room is a pool and there are a bunch of Skellies around, some are still alive and the others point out where the deadly areas are, look N and spot the crates, go N along the left wall (donít go through the rubble). A Boulder drops, shoot the 1st crate and pick up all the Goodies. Take out the Shotgun now and head for the pool, carefully going around the Skellies, from the corner of the pool to the N and into the room there, thereís a closed gate to the right and 3 Skellies wake up behind you, so go to a safe side of the pool and shoot then in.

Go look for the switch on the SE corner of the pool. Throw it to open an under water gate in that big Shark-pit, go to the hole you came out from and use Revolver with Laser sight to shoot the Sharks, dive in and swim straight down to the NW corner, near the bottom and go in for the Crowbar, Grenade-gun and Ammo. Get back quick, before the air runs out and go to the room in the NE, with the chains, go in on the right hand side and go sharp around the right hand corner, go use the Crowbar lever to open the gate in the N room. All crates are empty, so head out and go to that open gate in the N room, get the small medipack.

Go slow into the next corridor, a bit in stop and look down a bit, see those darker floor parts, they are Spike-traps. One left, one right and then one in the centre, the rest is on the right hand side of the corridor, so go center first, then to the left and follow the left wall to the pit. Stand under the grated Tile on the ceiling and grab up to use the Monkey swing to go over that pit. Jump up into the higher passage and go to the dark part of the corridor, a Thug comes around the corner, take him out and go get the small Medipacks, then find the crawlspace in the dark wall and go into a huge room with a Lara clone and 2 Mummies.

The Clone room.

Turn around as soon as youíre in and look on the dark wall over the crawlspace for a Jump switch that will open a door in the opposite wall. Go get those Mummies teamed up together and blast them with a grenade.

The Library, Blockpuzzle.

Go into the Library in the W, follow to the S, go right and then left into a S end and push the block to the left all the way in, use the lever and go back in the direction of the Clone room N, light a flare when going through the long room and look for the pushable book case to the left halfway down the room, push it in all the way and go right, just around the left corner is another pushable book case to the right, push that one in too and go left, drop to the lower passage and shoot a Robot Guard, go into the W passage and the 3rd book case to the left can be pushed in. Another Robot Guard shows up. Follow the new passage to the W and into the exit of the Library. A lever there will finally give a flyby of what happens and itís a door in the Prison Hall that opens. Head S and the door will open for you, go left into the Hall and the level ends.

2-The Castle. (CODI 2)

Passage of Many Doors.

Go to the end of the passage and a door will open for you, go in to the piano room, go left to pick up the small Medipacks and go onto the podium on the side the Medipacks were, walk into the dark and go left (behind the piano in this dark passage is a Spike-trap). Go on to the hole in the floor and duck into the crawlspace, follow to a room with some Goodies and a lever to open the first door in the Passage of Many Doors, so head back to the Piano room and to the passage, the open door is to the left, just past the central room with the window.

Pits and Spikes.

Go in and to the W side of the room, over the pits, thereís a crack in the wall, crawl in backwards and drop from the edge, slide and grab, be sure to hang on the right side and backflip to a ledge under a ladder, go up and jump over a pit to get the Medipack, notice the brown Tiles youíre on, hop to the next one and Boulders will drop left and right. You have to run through the Spikes and jump over the pit behind them, get the Medipack and head E, (to the left, just before you go into the water a wall will lower later. So remember how you got here) dive into the water, get the Medipacks and another Laser sight and follow to a dark passage, climb the block and look up before you go down into the next room, use the Jump switch (opens the next door in the Passage of Many Doors).

Slide down, get the Medipack and shoot some Bats. Go to a small blue door, go in and look around for the Goodies (also behind the pillar in the opposite side) in this room, then step out the open door to the Passage of Many Doors. Go left (W) and to the open door to the right, just before the Piano room, use the button to lower that wall at the swim. So go back to the E through the Passage of Many Doors and enter the left door past the window room, follow over the dark pits and climb the ladder after the jump, run through the spikes and go left into that new passage at the water. Follow to a switch on the wall in the last room, this will open the door opposite the button in the Passage of Many Doors.

Go back and swim to the ladder at the Jump switch again, follow back to the Passage of Many Doors. Go left (W) and to that door left near the Piano room. Shoot the Bat and when you go in a Spirit will be released, you could try to shoot at it with the pistols and if youíre lucky it will go do circles in the floor and wonít bother you. Look for the ceiling hatch behind the pillar close to the entrance and open it, follow the upper passage to a room with another Crowbar and some Goodies, push the button between the windows and a door opens in the Passage of Many Doors.

Head back through the upper passage, go right into the Passage of Many Doors and look for the 1st open door to the right, get a small medipack in the passage and shoot some Bats, come to a room with red floor parts, they are deadly, look for the opening to the next room W. Careful, under the lower ceiling parts are Spike-traps, so go sharp right and then cross over to the opposite side, wait a bit in the entrance of the next room, because a Boulder comes down then go past it quick and run for the Medipacks while another boulder comes down. Use the Crowbar lever to open the door in the Passage of Many Doors, opposite the one you just went in. Head back through these rooms and donít forget the Spike-traps.

Go into the newly opened door in the Passage of Many Doors and run to the left into the dark corner to get the Medipacks, go around the pillars to the other side of the Dragon and get 2 more Medipacks in the corner there, then run to the opening in the N wall and go sharp left into this Bedroom, to get the Revolver and Ammo, Locust will attack every now and then. Run to the SE corner and get the Medipack from the alcove, now go to the 2nd window N from there and shoot it out.

Go out onto the terrace, go over the wall in front and look for the ladder down to a ledge, use the Jump switch on that ledge and go up to the terrace again. A gate opened in the N and a Demigod will come out, shoot it and go into that gate. Get the Medipacks in the next yard and head past the Dart-traps to the NW corner. Light a flare to spot the cover on the crawlspace, shoot it and go in to come to a balcony, to the right is a switch that will open a door S on the terrace at the Bedroom.

So go back in the crawlspace and shoot the Demigod in that big yard from the crawlspace, follow back past the Dart-traps and to the S side of the terrace, follow the passage to a hole in the floor. Dive into the water and swim to the opposite side of the big pool, first shoot the Shark and then collect all the Ammo, Medipacks and Crossbow from the bottom, in the SE side of the pool is an under water ceiling lever that will open a gate on the other side of the pool. Swim N and climb out again to enter the gate, follow to a ladder to the l and go up to a room with fountains, go to the other fountain and dive into the hole there.

Swim to a yard with a trench filled with water, dive down and climb out, go to the SE corner and find the pushblock, push it in all the way and inside take the right hand side to find the next block in the end of that passage, push it all the way in and find the switch in that next room. (This switch will open the gate in the yard where the last Demigod was) Go back to the yard with the water and in the NE corner is a ladder to get back up, climb over the top or shimmy around to get back into the passage you came from, follow back through the big pool (a fresh Shark arrived) to the passage that leads back to the terrace at the Bedroom.

Go N and into the yard, to the W over the Dart-traps and into the gate you opened, follow to a room with Mummies, blast them and shoot a window in the E side to get another Shotgun and Ammo, go out to the W wall and thereís a part of the wall thatís sticking out. The second block from the right side can be pulled out and aside, go in and to the r for the switch (opens an under water gate), go back out and head for the water in the NW corner. Thereís a Shark, you can lure it to the hole and shoot it or just ignore it, there are Medipacks in the W side of the large pool and the open gate is in the N, swim in and left in the other end of the room is a hole up, maybe the Spirit will start bothering you again, just shoot at it a couple of times and it will scare off (at least with me it did).

Pick up the Ammo in the corner and go on to a large basement, a Demigod will come to greet you. So take him out and head NW, along the wall there is a pillar with a block at the base, open the ceiling hatch and climb up, go around the corner and about halfway down this long passage is a pushblock to the left, push it in till you reach the switch that will open the gate in the end of the long passage, so go on through that passage and right to come to the room where the Amulet of Horus is.

Throw the Crowbar lever and head into the S passage after the flyby stopped, to the right, just before the green corner is the switch you might have seen in the flyby, throw it to open a gate further on and quickly run around the next corner as a Boulder will drop there. Following the passage youíll go past the back of the Dragon, so Locust might attack again. Run past the Dragon to the gate you opened and leave this placeÖ

End of the level.