The Greatest Riddle.

Level by Mazun.

Walkthrough D&G productions.

Thanks to _manarch2, the mystery of the 4 Secret gates is now solved (as of April 28-2014).

I think you have to shoot the enemies (animals) because when I left a croc and a Monster alive the level crashed when a third animal was triggered.

There are some blue parts in the text and they point out where the triggers are to open 4 Secret gates in the end of the level, they are optional and you donít have to open them to finish the level.

Lara is on an island in the middle of an ocean. Go to the NE corner and shoot a crate to get the Uzis, then go to the S, past the entrance on the hill and behind the palm tree is a trench with another crate that holds the Grenade gun. Now go up to the entrance on the hill, shoot that fence and go in carefully, turn around and climb down the ladder in the shaft, hang as low as you can go and drop, immediately run forward and draw the pistols to shoot that fence ahead, jump over the gap the Boulder will drop in and collect the Goodies in the room youíre in.

Go down into the gap the Boulder went in and follow to a ladder, go down and drop in the hole at the boulder, go W to a burner pit, the Monkey swing is a trap, just stand right of the blocks and run jump far to the 2nd part of the sloped side on the right, the part of the floor youíll slide to is safe, look out for burner tiles and go over the safe path to climb up the W side. Look in the N wall for a passage that will bring you to the Main Room.

The Main Room.

Go to the N side of the room and find the passage under the walkways. To the right of you is a ladder, closed off by a trapdoor. Just inside the passage and to the right is a lever that will open a door on the S side of Main room (straight N is not possible because of the Spike pit there). Go back and into that S passage in the Main Room. Save on top of the sloped floor.

Platform Jumps.

The idea here is that when you slide down a platform comes up at the end of the slide. First read the Optional: below. Look down and see the sloped floor has 3 squares, jump just before the end of the 2nd square and you have to land on the edge of slope and platform, so you can do a run jump curved right a bit to the next platform that comes up in front of you, side flip right, then stand jump forward and a running jump to the safe ledge beyond. Donít forget to save again and go to the SE end of the ledge, another timed platform goes up at the central pillar with the ladder, run back to where you landed on this ledge and jump to that platform, quickly grab the ladder (Could be Lara only grabs at the 2nd attempt) and go up. Follow the passage up the blocks to the automatic door and end up on the walkways in the Main Room.

Optional for the Secret: from sliding along the right hand side of the slope and jumping onto the 1st platform you have to run jump diagonally to the left to a platform on a pillar(nasty jump), then hop with a roll onto the next around the corner, run against the pillar and grab the ladder quick, go up and back flip to the ledge, go to the N and jump over to the pillar with the timed grey Tile. This will raise another platform in the SE corner of the room, jump to the S and run to the end of the ledge jump down to that platform and quickly get in to use the button, one of four gates to a Secret will open somewhere. Immediately roll and run jump from the platform to grab the ledge straight ahead on S wall. When getting to the ledge the platform on the central pillar goes up. See above for the rest. (thereís actually a game stopper here, if youíre not fast enough and the timed platform went down, there will be no way to get out of this alcove)

Top of Main room, the Ornate Handle.

Go to the central hole, (notice the trapdoor opened at the ladder to the right of the N opening, a shortcut up from ground floor to this walkway) run over the corner of the central hole to the left (W), go right in the hall to a room with a small pool and ledges on a pillar, go up the ledges to the top to get the 2 Uzi Ammo pickups, drop down or run jump into the pool and head into the W passage, grab the Ornate Handle and get out quick, shoot the Croc and run for the Main Room. Go straight E at the central hole and into the E passage, through the hall and onto a ledge in the Temple chamber, go left and run jump over to the ledge on N wall, go left to the ladder and up to back flip/roll onto the upper ledge, go to an opening in the N wall. The entrance door will close upon entering, go to the gates and drop out backwards. In the next room to the NE corner and down the passage to a room with 2 levers and raising blocks.

Table Puzzle for the Hathor Effigy.

For now only use the E lever and climb the block that went up, jump to the upper floor and look for the small table. Pull/push it onto that pillar thatís up in the hole you came up from (it has to end up on a grey Tile one floor down of where it is now).

Go down to the ground floor and now use the E and the W lever, pull the table to the NE corner to where the block is up, use both the levers again and go on pushing the table around the room to the Tile in the SE. That entrance gate closes in the other room. Go out the NW passage and to the ladder S of the pool, you can climb over the gates to the ladder that goes up to the top, climb right onto the ladder on the block and pull up to get the Hathor Effigy, another gate opens in the room below, climb back from the block and drop onto that sloped block below.

Optional for Secret: Head to the S wall and climb the ladder again, get into the open gate and onto that trigger tile to open one another of those four Secret gates, get down.

Go to the W wall and up the ladder to the open gate. In the end of the passage is a slope. Pull out the Uzis and slide to the trapdoor that will open shortly, look for the Monster and shoot it. Go out the W passage and the door will open for you, youíre back in Main room.

1st Horsemanís gem and Crowbar.

Turn right and to the right behind the pillar is the ladder you can use to get back to the walkways, go up far enough (just above the trapdoor) to back flip onto the walkway at the N passage, go in and through the hall to a room filled with sand. Hop into the opposite passage and come into a room with grated floors, go to the stand on the N side and use the combined Handle and Effigy= Portal Guardian. Trapdoors under the sand open up in the previous room and the sand flows into the lower room with the Spikes.

Go back and climb down into the empty room (notice the crowbar door NE), climb down the central hole and go N, shoot the Croc in the next room and go shoot some vases in the back for the Flares and Ammo they hold. Look for the Crowbar on the floor where the Croc died. Go back out to the room with the sand and climb back up the central hole, go N and open the crowbar door. Go in and shoot the Horseman that will come for you, pick up the 1st Horsemanís Gem and go back to the sand room, go down the hole in the floor and head S, back to Main Room.

2nd Horsemanís Gem.

Go into the W passage and follow to a dark room with ledges and a fire on a lamp stand. Follow straight to the S passage and come to a pool. To the left and right are 2 vases holding Uzi Ammo. Then shoot the Croc in the pool and head for the stairs in the S, to the right in the end is a lever that will open a gate E of the pool, go there and shoot the Horseman, pick up the 2nd Horsemanís Gem, and go open the W Crowbar door. Inside are Flares and 3x Uzi Ammo. Go back to the dark room (N) where the fire on the lamp stand has vanished.

Optional for Secret: Head W of the lamp and get through an invisible crawlspace, use the button to open another of the four Secret gates, then get back in the dark room.

Head back N to the Main Room through the N passage.

Optional for Secret: Back in the Main Room, go up the ladder in the NE to back flip to the walkways again. Go left at the central hole to go the same route as for the Hathor Effigy, go up the ladder onto that ledge at the opening in N wall and run jump to the beam on the pillars down in the room, run jump/grab to the next and then to a thin ledge (SE) on the S side go E and from the higher part of the ledge a stand jump/grab up to the upper E ledge. Go E again and then left to the temple, a long run jump will get you behind the temple at the E wall, thereís a button that will raise a block in the beginning of the level, for later.

Go back to the main room through the N passage and go into the E passage.

Go to the front of the temple and get a small medipack from the fountain, go up to the door on the temple and open it with the 2 Gems. Go in and drop down the ledges to a lower passage that goes up to a room with a Lava pool. To the left are the 4 Secret gates, one after the other.

Stand in front of the lava pool and on the left side of the first sloped block, you have to jump over the first to the second, because when you jump onto that one a Spike-trap will be active in the exit. Run jump to the left side of the 2nd block, curve left a bit and jump from that one with a right curve to grab the block at the exit, pull up over and go down into the passage.

Follow to a ladder that will take you up to the room behind the gate at the Boulder, you remember? Go up the next ladder to passages that go up to a huge ladder to the other side of the island, a short flyby shows the 4 Secret gates you saw.

On the beach youíll see the end text and thatís the end of the level trigger, when you step onto that end level text, the level will obviously endÖ

Optional: To get the last of the Secret gates open, we have to get back to the other side (start) of the Island.

Go right from facing the end text and climb the hill there, hopping from ledge to ledge and on top of the roof an Monster will attack, shoot it and go down on the side of the entrance (you can also jump ledges around the outside of the mountain, close to sea level, to the front entrance). Go down the ladder, turn around and grab some Grenades (missed those before I guess). Follow the route down to that pit with the burning floor and jump in again. Go to the other side and notice a block went up here, climb the block, grab the monkey swing and go over to the center of the room, youíll see another one of those gates opening up. Lara drops to a safe tile in the floor.

Climb up W, go right and follow through to the Main Room, up the ladder to the walkways and to the N, left over the ledge to the Temple and drop into the water there. Enter the Temple and follow through as before to get to the lava room where the gates opened up SE. Go through a crawlspace and get Secret #1, drop into a large Secret Room. Swim to the E side to get the Statue of the Sun Goddess (Load) and a gate opens N. Save before you swim out there and be taken through a tough passage to the sea at the back of the island. Find a spot to get ashore and when you step onto that end level text, the level will obviously endÖ


G&D 13-03-2005 (Revised April 28 -2014).