Tomb of Creatures.

Level by Lukasz Croft.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

An unfinished level with no Compass…, a level not really in need of a walk, but I started it so…

Lara drops into a grim room after a long fall, better check your health. Go onto the ledge with the 2 vases and shoot them to get some Ammo, look for the switch on the opposite wall and throw it (opens the gate above), turn right and run for the water as a Wraith comes for you, in the deep part of the water is one that didn’t make it, brr… Go out and look on the wall next to the pool for the 2 buttons, push them both for the gates in the opposite side of the room.

Now climb the red block again and look for that open gate over the switch, run jump/grab in and go to a room with a lot of vases, shoot the Wolf coming to greet you and shoot the vases to collect the Goodies. Head left from where you entered, a dark blue room with two empty vases and a Bat. On the other side is a gate with 2 Creatures closed in, on the pillar in the center of the room is a switch that will open the gate, the Creatures won’t come out so have yourself a turkey shoot and go collect Ammo and Shotgun. Pulling the switch twice will re-open the gate, Secret #1 sounds as you leave the cage??.

Head back to the red room where you started the level and go for the open gates in the other side. Going in you’ll hear a cricket, go to the source of the sound, the plant and get the small medipack from under it. Go on and hop on the ledge, then hop back down and start shooting the Creature that comes for you from below (pistols will do), go in again and on the left side of the entrance is a ladder up to a Spike bag, not active yet, go into the passage and find a chest to the right, inside you’ll find Ammo, turn around and grab the Crowbar from the pedestal, then get ready to shoot 2 Wasps coming in. There’s a crawlspace at the Dart trap, but I couldn’t get in.

Go out to the Spike bag and hop backwards grabbing the ladder, go down and backflip to a ledge, turn right and shoot the Croc coming for you from the small Jungle, go in and under every plant is some Ammo and in the center is the Key. Go back out and shoot the Wolf in the dark room, go to the big passage opposite of where you entered this room, there are 2 Crowbar levers, only use the left one as the other is obviously deadly, then backflip twice and start shooting the Creatures from a part of the lower floor that’s a bit higher. If they run away, just hop on the ledge and they will get into shooting range again. Go to that crowbar lever again and straight into the next room, there’s a block you will bump into, climb up and jump to the opening in the left wall, the pool is deadly.

Jump to the ledge in the pool and then a long run jump to a block on the opposite wall, from there to the ledge with the lever and throw it to open a gate, wait a bit here to shoot the Wasp that’s coming into the room and then jump back to the pointy block and stand on the highest point, take one sidestep to the left and aim for the clock on opposite wall, you have to do a curved run jump around the lower ceiling part to land back on the ledge in the pool. Jump out to the other room and from the pillar there you’ll see a sloped block on the opposite wall, behind it is Secret #2, Ammo.

Then go on to the end of the room and shoot the 2 Creatures, you can always run back to one of the blocks to shoot them from safety. From facing the closed gate in the end, go left and find the opened gate up in the wall. To the left of where you climb up is some Ammo. In the upper room is a vase on a block, go behind the block and reach inside it to use the switch that will open the gate in the end of the room. Go out of here and shoot another Creature. Before going into the open gate, look in the alcove to the left for a Medipack.

In the water behind the open gate is a Croc, if you’re lucky he will be in shooting range, otherwise you’ll have to get on the other side quick to shoot it. Open the gate with the Key you have and enter the room with 2 Wolves, shoot them and look for the vase next to a crawlspace. left of where you entered. In the vase is Ammo you have to crawl to, in the crawlspace I could not find anything more than 2 Scorps (and one Scorp in the vase) and a pack of Flares, 2 stray Beetles and that was it. Go out and to the end of the room where the 2 levers will open the gate to the room with the pushblocks. One to the left goes on the marked tile in the blue room and the one to the right, well you’ve guessed it… The gate opens, so enter the next room carefully as there’s a moving pillar. Jump past the pillar into the pool room. Go look for a Croc and shoot that first, then look to the right from where you entered and dive in, throw the 1st under water lever and swim around the ledges to the other side of the room, where you can swim under the floor, in the end is an under water ceiling lever, throw that to open an under water gate.

Swim out and left, near that open gate is the 2nd under water lever for the gate in the other end of the room, swim into the under water gate, stay low and look up, lure the Croc out to shoot it from the bridge and go back in, you have to position yourself at the ceiling before you can get through that narrow gap. Go get Secret #3, some Medipacks inside and go swim back out to the bridge. Out to the gate you opened and into the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth.

Notice the fire bucket in the beginning, go follow the left wall till you go into a dead end with Ammo, go on following the left wall and come to a dead end where you’ll find more Ammo and the Torch, a Wasp and a Mummy (with a baseball bat) will be close now so wait a bit here and take them out. Go out and left again, to a pushblock in the wall, leave the Torch where you can find it again and pull the block out, turn left and go left everywhere so you’ll end up at the other side of the block (or side jump over the corner of the block), pull it again and go around, right everywhere. In the passage where the block was is Secret #4, the Uzis on the pedestal and Ammo to the left and right, the vases are empty.

A Wasp comes to say hello. Go out and get your Torch, head to the start of the labyrinth and light the Torch on the bucket, now go along the right hand side and go right every where (except for the dead ends) to come to a crowbar gate, open it and shoot a Bat and a Scorp, around the right of the gate is some Ammo and there’s a closed gate in the other end of the room that will not open, so the level ends here.

The author states there should be 6 Secrets, I found 4, who knows where the other 2 are?