The Very End of Seth.

Level by Gerbil.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

 This level was meant to be so dark, as stated in the Read-me.


After Lara managed to leave the vaults hidden beneath the Nile river, she quickly took a jeep parked nearby (the desert’s sons left it there after they had stolen Lara’s stuff and the precious Amulet of Horus) and departed for Cairo where the Amulet had been taken. But the time is running short and in the moment of Lara’s arrival in Cairo, the whole city is destroyed by Seth’s power – all the inhabitants are dead, no one survived, only several soldiers were brought to life in order to protect the Amulet which is still in the city (the Amulet is the only way to prevent Seth from entering our world).

So, your mission is clear – you got to find the Amulet as soon as possible and destroy it – you’re the only hope of mankind and if you fail, Seth will walk the Earth as was foretold and everyone will die without any exception.

The Nitro canister.

You start after entering the gates to the city of Cairo. Go to the W and in the end of the street near those flames you can get the Nitro canister. Return to the E and look in the right hand wall, (where the street is a bit wider) for the small blue door, open it and get a flyby of a Guard standing in front of a door) follow the stairs up to where he was and he seems to have run off. Go into that right hand door and shoot the Bat, go into the next part of the room where you’ll find some Ammo in the right hand corner. Go on into the next passage (N) and follow to an opening overlooking the street, run jump/grab to the other side and go to the left.

The Laser sight.

Shoot the fence and run around the corner to the right, follow to a small courtyard and run jump with a curve to the right so you can grab the edge of the roof upon sliding off, shimmy to the left (below you is a trapdoor that will open up later) and all the way to a crawlspace where you can climb up. Go crawl through to a room where you’ll find the Laser sight in the right hand corner. Go out the W passage and drop to the street in the end, to the SW leads to a big gate in a lower passage and also back to the start.

Go E and a fly by will show a couple of Sentry-guns up in a building on the square, run in and left, find the W street and follow to a pit. Run jump to the other side and go to the end of that street, go right and slow to a hole in the ground, turn and drop/hang inside, drop/grab after a slide and go shimmy left to a dark crawlspace, enter for Secret #1, Ammo, climb out and shimmy all the way to the right and when you are over the water you can safely drop into it.

The Crossbow.

Swim into the small NE hole to get Secret #2, a Medipack there and return, climb out in the SW corner and go into the passage, careful there’s a pit on top of the stairs, jump around the corner, hop past the steam blowers and go to a room with a ledge up and a ladder in the NW corner, run jump/grab the ladder and go up to backflip to the ledge, turn to the S and see an opening over the one you came into this room from. Run jump into that room to get the Crossbow and jump back to the ledge, go to the E end (an earthquake occurs, don’t know what it did) and jump/grab the Jump switch, this will raise a block in the pool you were before.

Climb out of the water in the SE corner and shoot the Bat, go back through the passage to the stairs and run back over the corner of that pit. Back at the pool you can run jump over to the block on the E side and climb up the ledge to go S and to the next pool. Jump in and swim through the tunnel in E wall with corners and cracks to end up in the next pool, climb out to the W and go into the passage. Drop onto the ledge in the next room and drop/grab from the side to climb the ladder to the left, go as low as you can get with your feet still on the ladder and backflip/roll, grab upon sliding off and safety drop to the floor. Look for the passage in the N wall and go to the next room to throw the lever there. This will open a door on the other side of the pool back there.

A Wraith is released, so hurry back to the S room and go stand on the far end of the sandy mount on the left, from here you can grab up to a climb wall and go up to pull up to the sloped top, backflip off and jump/grab back from the sloped block, grab the ladder and go to the right to pull up on the entrance ledge, climb up to the left and run for water. Swim into the S tunnel and go up in the hole, climb up and backflip/roll, go up the block and onto the balcony on the other side. Walk up to the E side, do a stand jump/grab to land under the lower ceiling on a flat part of the floor, go into that open door in the E wall. Up the ladder at the steam blower and a flyby shows (as far as you can see it in this complete darkness) a long passage.

The Crowbar.

Run through the passage and go into the room at the end, shoot the 2 Guards there and go into the NW passage, follow to a pit with a Monkey swing on the ceiling, jump/grab up and go along the left wall to the other side and you’ll drop just on the edge. In the next room you can climb a loooong ladder and backflip to a passage overlooking the street, spot the ledge under the whitish wall and stand jump/grab to it, shimmy to the right and you’ll go around a corner, shimmy along the crack to a hole in the wall over that sloped block below. Go in and to the left is a block you can climb so you can get up onto the N wall, run jump over the street below and find the Crowbar to the left. Run jump back over the street and drop down onto that sloped block below so you’ll slide onto the street.

The Main square.

Go back to the pit in the E and jump over to go back to the Main square with the Guns, run left a bit and into the building where the Guns are, go over 2 sets of stairs and in the E is some Ammo, go back inside and up the E side stairs, open the Crowbar door and run through the line of fire of a Sentry gun to enter the high room where a flyby will show a vase way up in the room, that vase has to be shot.

The High Room.

Go left to find a small medipack in the SW corner and then go to the N, around the structure with the gates and find the dead Guard, next to him is the Weapon Code Key on the floor(those Guns won’t hurt you anymore). Go to the SE corner and find the pillar S of the pool, climb and turn right (W), stand jump/grab the ledge there and climb up. Run jump/grab to the first rope you see and them aim a bit right of the second rope, don’t swing too long and jump/grab to it. Look for those sloped ledges on the wall in front of you and swing to the one straight ahead, slide/jump twice and then grab the edge of a dark ledge pull up to find Secret #3, a Medipack and the Uzis there.

Safety drop back to the ground floor. Go back up to the ropes and now turn left on the second rope. Spot the ladder under the Sentry guns, swing a couple of times and jump/grab the ladder, go around the right corner and to the 3rd ladder, up to the top and then 6 steps down, backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind, go right and to where you can climb up to the upper floor. From the block you can grab a Monkey swing leading E, in the end you can drop/grab a crack in the wall and shimmy right to the block of the rope, get up and go through the wall, drop/hang from the other side and shimmy left to the block of the first rope, climb to the top of the wall from here and see your "friends" staring at you in the W.

Shoot a Bat lurking in the W and then look up for that vase, shoot it to raise a block, up in the top of the High room. Go to the N wall, go left and find a small medipack there, go back to the NE corner and jump over to the ledge with the tower E, go in and climb up the blocks, at the top of this stairs a jump over the pit and go on to the very top of the High room, here you’ll find the block that went up, so you cab run jump/grab over to the opposite side. Go down on the other side of that wall and right into the passage to a hole in the end.

Death Pit.

Well you need a flare or two here, save and run in so you just go over the edge, land on a sloped floor and immediately jump/grab to get on the Monkey swing. Go to almost at the end (one square before the end and turn around, drop and slide/grab the edge of the slope, now just let go and draw the Uzis, when falling/sliding down into a pitch black room you have to shoot a bunch of Guards (couldn’t count them, 3 I think).

Then go look for the door in the SE corner and come to a room with an upper passage and a crawlspace, go into the crawlspace and past the steam blowers is a lever that will open the trapdoor on the small courtyard (remember?) Turn right from the lever and look for the narrow crack in the W wall, climb through and go left, crawl out and drop near a break able wall. Go on to the S and find the Medipack near the flames to the left you can get out of this place in the S, sliding down into Main square.

The Bike.

Head S and back into the part of town where you’ve been in the first place. You’ll pass the opening up in the wall you dropped out of before and also the sloped passage down to the left where the big gates are, go up the slopes at the broken Sentry gun and look in the left wall at the Gun for a passage, follow it and go left (there’s some Ammo if you go straight first) into the small courtyard, hop into the centre (grated floor) part and go down into the open trapdoor. Look for the Jump switch in the SW corner, to open the big gates and go for the Bike in the opposite corner, lights go out and 3 Guards come in, run them over with the Bike and head out the gates, go right and to Main square, take a moment to fit the Nitro on the Bike and head into the E street at Main square.

Speed up ("sprint" key) as you go around the corner to the left and keep in the centre of the sloped edge of the pit, to jump over. Run over 2 Guards in the next street and break through a wall in the end, one more Guard there and save here, the next part is tricky as you have to go over a narrow ledge and run over a Guard, a little right/left turn and line up fro the next jump by putting the Bike straight on the ledge and then back up as far as possible. Fire it up and jump the pit. Go around the corner to a fork in the road, to the left is a pit that can’t be jumped over, but there is a Guard that needs your attention. Then go to the E end of the street and drive the Bike into the dark grey break able floor in the corner.

On a conveyor belt is a crate containing the Amulet of Horus.

There are 6 Jumpswitches here and I only used the centre one of the NE 3. The crate was transported into the chopper (cut scene of one millisecond) so you’re done here, go to the open break floor and climb up on the S side, go to that deep pit in the other end of the street and shoot the fuel barrel at the chopper, the chopper will be destroyed and so will the Amulet of Horus, you can see the remains of the crate in the final screen of the flyby.

End of the level.