Legacy of the Gods Bonus level pack 2.

Levels by Luisa Martins (Jedimaster).

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

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Bonus 6.

Of course there are more ways to do all of this, but I think I put down the easiest routes everywhere.


The Lava caves, nasty jumps.


Step into the Teleporter and you end up in a big lava cave, stand jump around the left corner to the ledge there, see a break ledge across the room and do a run jump to it, landing on the right side, so you can run through with a left curve and jump/roll in mid air to land on a sloped block in the corner, slide a bit and jump to land on another slope. Slide onto a break floor, run jump up to the ledge left and in front. Turn left and run jump up to the NW ledge, climb up and jump over to the NE, turn W and stand jump (under the highest part of the ceiling) down to the slope near the lava, slide and jump up the ledge in the corner, run jump/grab to the ridge E and shimmy left to the opening.


Run jump/grab the next pillar and save there, pull up and over, slide and jump/grab the break ledge, pull up and run onto the next slide, jump and curve right a bit, land on a break tile, run quickly around the right corner and STOP, this one is SAFE. Jump up the higher ledge around the right corner, then run jump into the safe opening ahead. Climb up and turn, jump/grab the ledge under the monkey swing and grab up to swing all the way to the other end of it, youíll fall off to a sloped block below. Run forward on the break tile and jump/grab up to the pillar, pull up and slide/jump and grab the next break tile, run up to the pillar and grab up, spot the 2 ledges behind the pillar and the ladders to the left, hang on the right hand side and pull up over, slide down and run to the last ledge turning left and jump/grab the ladder on the wall, go all the way down and turn around, look for a flatter part N and a bit W.


Run jump over there and go right (E) jump to the bigger rock and walk to the very end of it, against the left wall and stand jump/grab a sloped rock W, pull up and over and slide/jump/grab to the flat ledge in the corner, shoot the Bat and go in, back flip to the sloped block to jump/grab the ladder and go up to the gap, in and back flip/jump/grab again to go to the top, get into the N alcove to throw a Skellie lever and go out S in that narrow passage, follow the ledges doing run jumps (watch out for the low ceiling)  and notice the gate up in the W cave is open.


Detour for a Secret.


Jump and grab that ladder, go climb right around and down the long ladder again, jump over to the N and this time go do a diagonal run jump over this small ledge to the NW corner pillar (bouncing off the wall). Then run jump/grab to the now open door S, run jump to the lower floor over the pit and get Secret #1(67), Ammo and a Medipack. Run jump/grab back and run jump/grab over to the corner pillar, stand jump to the triangular ledge and up to the higher one E of it. Follow the same route back up to the Skellie lever and out the S passage, over the 2 ledges to where the ladder is.


The Green Caves.


This time jump over to the N side and go up to the monkey swing to go over to the W gate. Go down on the nice green lawn and a flyby will show you thereís a lot to do here. Shoot the Lion and his friend and notice a gate in a hole to the N here in the beginning of the green caves. Go on to the crossing you saw in the flyby and shoot the next Lion.

Go to the S and follow to a closed door near a wall torch, back flip to the left sloped ledge and jump/grab the upper ledge, climb up and shoot a Bat, go up to a green path that leads to the level above the crossing. Look for the Skellie lever W and throw it to open that gate you saw before.


Ocular Piece 1.


Drop down from the edge (at the nearest tree below) and go back to the E, left at the tree and into the N side cave, from the entrance of this small pit is a monkey swing leading to the other side, go get Ocular Piece 1 there and return using the monkey swing, go W to the crossing of caves.


Beyond the Big Pit, Waterworks.


Go on to the W caves, thereís a blue door with a receptacle stand in front in the building to the left. Go on to the W and shoot the Lion at some big stairs heading down to a blue door that needs a key first. Go right and follow the cave NE to a pit, slide down to the ledge in the left hand corner and run jump over to the other left side, from there up the slope and follow the path to a pool of the waterworks and the house to the E. Look up over that water wheel to see the roof youíll be going to in a minute. W of the pool is a place where you can jump up the rocks and then turn around to jump up to a higher ledge. SoÖ time for a little timed running. Go into the cave leading SW and shoot the bat at the pit, run jump over and find the lever around the corner.


Timed run for the trapdoor.


(Better have a test run to find the best route for you). Pull the lever, roll while in the cut scene and run out left, jump back over the pit and go right a bit, then left and you have to jump up those sloped rocks left, you saw before (in the corner where you reach the open area), then turn around and jump up the higher rock ledges, run left and out onto that N ledge sticking out over the pool, run jump/grab over to the roof of the waterworks and run to the trapdoor in the cave a bit to the right.


The Waterworks.


Run into the trapdoor and find a cog-wheel, shoot the barrel next to it as thatís in the way and another barrel in the NW corner in front of the door you have to get into. Hear the sound of the Spikes? Theyíre just behind the door, so when you run in you have to jump over them.


Stand at the wheel where the barrel was before and turn it about 6 times, turn right a bit and jump over the wheel, run to the door and jump the Spikes, shoot the Bat and go to the E side, grab up to the ledge next to the Spikes there and shimmy left to the monkey swing, grab it and go over to the button.


This will open a trapdoor in the pool outside, drop from the ledge on the side and go out the SE door, straight out and right, dive in and go straight at crossings to get Ammo in the end. Turn back a bit and go up where you can and climb the ledge W. Use the monkey swing to go over to a Skellie lever. Turn and dive back in, roll and swim in S, go left at the crossing and follow to where the camera changes, a trapdoor opened in the end of that part, get out and come to a room with pillars.


Ocular Piece 2.


Jump up the SW corner and turn left, stand jump to the sloped pillar and jump again to land on the central pillar. Then jump up to the N block and turn around to grab up to the upper floor. Thereís a break tile up in the center of the room, grab up to the W wall, from standing right of that sloped block and shimmy left a bit. Save and pull up, and back flip twice to land on a pillar with Ocular Piece 2, run off the N side to land next to the hole and drop to the block below, jump into the NW corner and slide to the water, swim back to the waterworks (left at the crossing). Climb out on the E side and head for the small house E.


The House.


Get into the Garden and to the N side of it, find a small tunnel into the rocks and crawl to a Skellie lever, this will open the house. Go back and enter, go left and to a small door in the N wall, open it and shoot the box on the cabinet for a small medipack and then throw the Crowbar lever on the W ledge to open a gate E in previous room. Go out and behind the gate E are Spikes, this room is for later when you have use the Book.


The Death Key.


Go to the S side of the house and left to a fire place with the kettle on, stand on the block left of it and face SW a bit, so you can stand jump/grab the S wall inside the chimney, go up and off to the right, shoot a Bat on the attic. Shoot the barrel NW and go past that 1st door you see and open the next door N to get the Death Key there. Go back to that 1st door and go out on a ledge over the house. Run jump to the rock ledge NE, follow up to a cave with Secret #2(68), Goodies.

Go out and drop from the ledge into the garden and go back into the house, go to the S side and open a small door there, turn around at the display with the ancient book and look up NW for a Brass ball to shoot, a door opens behind the display, so it can be pushed inside the next room. Push it once to each of the 3 grey Tiles on the walls and the Spikes in the NW room will retract (I think only left and right is enough too).


The 1st Blood Star.


Go out of the house and from stepping out of the garden gate left into the cave there and follow to a pit with a burner behind it. Stand jump to the far left side of the next ledge at the burner and wait for it to go down, so you can run to it and off the ledge to land in the flat corner of the lower cave. Run jump to the SE corner and head N to get the Blood Star there, go back over the same ledges and grab up at the burner in the higher cave, shimmy right and pull up as the burner is down. Go stand far away and jump over the pit when the burner is off the next time.


Use the Ocular, the Dungeon Key.


Go back to the garden at the house and left, hop over the wall and go S, back into that cave you came from in the beginning. Jump back over the large pit S and go back through the caves, keep going to the left to come out in the cave overlooking that blue door with the stand.

Combine the 2 Ocular Pieces and place the Smaragd Ocular on the stand (face N), the door opens and inside youíll find the Dungeon Key. Go out and left to those stairs leading down S to the blue door, a Lion wakes up, shoot it and open the door.


Thorís Residence.


Run in and meet Thor, dodge him and go straight to the gate in the end, go right there and into that open gate with the wall torch, upon running in another gate opens, notice the Spikes in the left passage, just run in there and donít jump. Take a Medipack when needed, throw the lever as soon as you see Thor inside the room (you can see the entrance gate from near the lever). That lever closes the entrance gate so you can temporarily lock up Thor (Gate seems to be timed, so just dodge him the rest of the time and you could use it at the moment you want to peacefully place the Blood Stars later). Run back through the Spikes and go left, go on to the slide over a pit out to the Corridors. To the N over the pit is a lever for later.

Go to the E and thereís a closed door to the right, run into the hole just left of that wall torch E and there youíll find a crack in E wall, climb in on the left side to throw the Skellie lever that will open that door, hop backwards and youíll get back into the hole outside. Turn and jump up to the S, run into the door, go left and look for the Jump-lever in that room on the right hand side of Thorís dinner on the fire.


Timed Trapdoor Run.


The doors E&W open, carefully go in E, thereís a pit just inside. Shoot the box next of the pit to get the small medipack, shoot the barrel and use the Timed lever that was behind it, roll and run-jump with a grab to go over the pit and land in the doorway. Jump over that chair and sprint forward into the next room, left and into that open door W and quickly use the lever over the timed trapdoor (hold back-flip when Lara pulls the lever). This lever lowers the Spikes in the pit outside this room looking N, where weíll go now.


Use the Death Key.


Go out of these rooms and N, straight to the left side at the pit, see a brownish ledge around the right hand pillar, run-jump there with a right curve (There are a bunch of Bats here, take them out as you meet them) and follow the passage through a narrow gap to a ladder down to a pit, run-jump with a left curve to land in the opening in the opposite corner and go one block down to use the button, that will kill the flames under the lever over the pit in the W of Thorís Place (later). Go back to the ladder with a curved run-jump and back flip to the upper passage, go back to where you can climb the N side of the pit, open the door with the Death Key.


For the Lion Gem.


Inside is a crawlspace up in W wall, grab in and drop at the ledge with the burner, look behind the pedestal with the Lion Gem to find the lions head with the ruby you have to shoot, the gates in the room open up, run-jump around the corner to get into the closest one and shoot that Bat before you use the Monkey swing to go to the next opening, stand right and aim for the left side of the lower opening across the room. A long run-jump (no grab) will get you there, shoot another Bat and jump onto the next ledge, turn left and run-jump up the corner ledge, stand at the edge of it and wait for the flame under the ledge to stop, so you can stand jump up and run-jump to the other corner. Use the Monkey swing to get into the opening across the room and go down the steps to a pit in front of the entrance to the Skull Puzzle room.


The Skull Puzzle.  


Before jumping over the pit, grab up to the Crawlspace in the N wall and youíre in the top of the room, notice the closed door in the opposite corner. Grab the monkey swing and swing over to the Jump lever on the wall, drop and see the Skull pedestals are safe to approach now and a block came up in the hole of the passage, look at the ceiling and spot the 4 red coloured Tiles.

First push the 4 Skulls onto the squares under the 4 red ceiling tiles, then take any Skull you like and pull/push it into the entrance passage to the tile under the crawlspace, the door opens. Grab up to that crawlspace left and over the Monkey swing ceiling to the open door, push the button inside and the fire on the Lion Gem pedestal will stop.

Drop back in the room and go E and up the steps to the right, go back using the Monkey swing and drop on the corner block, run-jump to the ledge in the lava. Stand jump/grab into the opening and stand jump right to the ledge with the Lion Gem.

The 2nd Blood Star.

Jump back into the S opening in the wall to go over the Monkey swing and back to the entrance, run-jump/grab back to the ledge behind the burner and crawl back to the room with the Wine barrels, run-jump/grab back over the pit and go to the W. To the right at that gate with the wall torch and run jump/grab over the pit, the flames at the lever here are gone, throw the lever to get a pillar up under the 2nd Blood Star, weíll go get now.

Run jump/grab back over the pit and go left at the crossing, left (N) again and run to a big sand hill in the second alcove to the right, jump up to the sand hill in the corner, climb up to the floor above and run-jump/grab to the N side, spot the Star on the E wall, climb up the pillar from the ledge between the pillars and get the 2nd Blood Star.

Drop down from the pillar and go to the SW, get a small medipack from the box in the corner and drop down to run S to that big gate in the end of the passage where you can use those Stars.

The Book of Death.

Now you have to lure Thor away to gain some time while you sprint back S and place the Blood Stars at the S gate (Now might be a good time to lock up Thor in the W room). Inside the S room you can pick up the Book of Death. Go out and sprint back to those stairs N of here and straight N up into the cave. 

The House, Deadly Basements.

Go all the way back to the house E of the waterworks and inside to the NE room, where you retracted those Spikes before, go to the table E where the 2 books are and place the Book of Death between the other 2, the Basement door in the hallway opens.

Go to the hallway and enter that door E, to the right at the crossing is a closed door, straight over the pit is closed too. Shoot some Bats and go down left, notice the gate with the blue floor behind it and go on to run jump/grab over the pit. Jump into the opening ahead left, shoot the Bat and go on to another nice pit. Run jump/grab the sloped pillar and hang left or right, wait for the burner to go down and pull up, slide as far as possible and jump/grab the ledge behind the burner (Save trick: you can also save hanging on the sloped pillar and reload, immediately pull up and slide, the burner should be off when you are at the end of the slide, pull up when the burner is off again).

Climb up the ledge and come to the Spike-bags, stand jumps will get you past them and then you have to stand jump around the corner to the right when the burner is down, slide off to the next slope and jump up the break tiles. Run over the tiles around the corner and jump to the one in the next corner, turn left and jump onto the slope, just slide onto the next slope and jump from that one to land on a blue floor, shoot the Bat and notice youíre now behind the gate you saw before.

The 2nd Lion Gem.

Go on and stand jump past the Spike-bag onto the pillar in the pit and run jump across. Stand on the lowest floor part and look for the ruby in the lions head on the pillar you jumped from, shoot it to kill the flames at the 2nd Lion Gem. Run off the steps to slide and jump back to the pillar, jump to the opening to the blue passage and go left out the now open gate, go to the crossing.

Detour with a Torch for Secret #3.

Straight to the S side, down into a wine cellar, shoot the barrels to get the Torch and head back to the crossing, go right and jump over the moat to the door, first ignite the Torch and jump back over the moat and go up the long stairs, back to the house.

Out to the garden and straight to that wall again, over the wall left and over the pit, back to that blue door where you placed the Smaragd Ocular, head E and at the crossing of caves to the S, light the torch at the door and go in to get Secret #3(69). Shoot some Lions, you can also run in and jump to the block with the Medipack and enjoy the realistic sound they make, also when you drop them. There are 4 Ammo pickups in the cave besides the Medipack you already took. You can drop the Torch as you donít need it anymore.

Head back out and go to the waterworks again, to the house and down the stairs, over the moat, place one Gem in each Lion statue and the door opens, hop over the pit and go to the next level.


Bonus 7. (2 secrets)

The Ruby Cube.

In case you had a flare in hand at the leveljump, Lara's hand may act funny. Just use another flare and throw it away to get things back to normal.

Climb the ladder in the end of the passage and come out to the tree tops, jump to the branches and safety drop from one of them, go W and follow the rock path through the green cave and thereís a crossing where the cave gets lower, to the right is a closed gate, so go left for now (crawling a bit) to come to a hole, drop in and follow the narrow passage timing the runs through the Spike-traps to get the Ruby Cube in the end, youíll hear the gate open in that other cave tunnel. Go back and climb out of the hole, go left at the crossing and enter the gate to a lava pit. Stand-jump/grab around the corner and run-jump/grab the ladder, hop over the next pit and the flyby will show you the Gipsy campsite with some nice meat on the grill. Go to a big cave entrance in the SW.

The Gipsy Campsite.

Big Pit Cave SW: Follow in (and when you turn right there, youíll come to a nice view over the Gipsy Campsite, the tourist route) and go to a big pit in the centre, walk right along the edge and first the light is greenish, then turns red, walk straight W and as far as possible, now you can do a run-jump straight W and land on a flatter part of the sloped side, jump over the ridge, shoot the not too friendly Butterfly and go look to the right for a small crevice where you can climb up to a gate overlooking another cave, to the left is the receptacle for the Ruby Cube, place it there and youíll see through the gate that another gate in front of the Snake-light sphere has opened (for later).

The Golden Key.

Go climb back off the ledge at the gate and look S, go in to the narrow crevice and climb down the ladder to a lower passage, stand on the right side of the opening and stand-jump/grab, you will grab the monkey swing ceiling or the wall, go right and back-flip or drop into a passage with the Golden Key. Return using the ladder or the monkey swing and climb back to the big cave, go left and run-jump back to the E, over the corner of the big pit. Go all the way around the pit (clockwise) jumping some corners to the opening SW. Come to a pool with a house, in the house is a door that needs the Metal Key, to the left is a Fairy statue where youíll have to place the 2 Fairy Discs later.

Small maze for the 1st Snake-light Sphere.

For now you can dive into the pool and face N before you go down the shaft, swim left and along the left wall and come to an under water ceiling lever. This will open a gate in the other end of this little maze. Go back and swim along the wall to the right and if youíre short of air, back up the shaft, otherwise take the other side tunnel from the shaft and just follow the right hand wall, to the gate you opened, climb up and stay where you are, just back-flip and jump/grab the break-ledge above, pull up and run to the 1st Snake-light Sphere, turn and standing jump over the Spikes onto that sloped wall and drop back in the water, follow the left wall to get back to the shaft and go out of the pool SW. Return to the Campsite through the big pit cave.

The Campsite.

Go left a bit when you reach the Campsite and thereís another pool (to the N are the receptacles for the Snake-light Spheres, still covered in Spikes. Dive in the water and pull the under water lever to retract one set of those Spikes at the Snake receptacles.

The 2nd Snake-light Sphere.

Surface for air and look S, save and dive into that tunnel you see there, go right around the corner and come to a small cave, climb out S and go up left into the corner, pull up on the sloped rock and back-flip/roll onto the pillar. Go up to the gate you saw before from the other side when you opened the gate to the Sphere by using the Ruby Cube. Use the Monkey Swing to go over and get the 2nd Snake-light Sphere, a gate opens somewhere (in the other side of these underwater caves). Drop from this ledge and slide back into the water (Lara will splash around a bit) and swim back, go get some air first by swimming left at the crossing (If you know where to go you can make it in one breath).

Then head back in and go into the left side tunnel swim to the end, notice the hole in the bottom, but swim into the hole above first, to that gate you saw opening up before. There is a Butterfly flying around. Go to the sloped pillar in the NE corner and pull up to back-flip to the corner pillar, run-jump/grab to the W roof and go jump over the ledge to the other side, find the jump lever on the edge, opposite the left gate and drop/grab back to use it, the left gate will open.

Go back up the same way and find a cog wheel inside, this wheel will open the timed gate NW, so turn about 7 times and back-flip/roll, run out and left, run-jump to the single ledge and jump to the roof at the gate, side-jump left to get in.

Rotating Knives.

Go left first and side jump through the Rotating Knives, run over the corner of the pit and throw the lever on the dark wall in the end (1st screenshot of a gate). Go back to the crossing and into the other passage, through the Rotating Knives and straight at the crossing. Around a right hand U-turn (a block in the left wall) and come to a deep pit. Run jump to the sloped corner pillar and jump/grab the breakable-tile in the corner, look left and spot the next ledge and an opening in the wall, hang on the left corner and pull up, turn left quick and stand-jump onto the 2nd ledge, turn left a bit and stand-jump/grab into the opening.

Follow jumping the pits and through the Rotating Knives to throw the Skellie lever (2nd screenshot of same gate), go back through the Rotating Knives and that wall mysteriously opens up to give you a shortcut back to the U-turn. Go right from the block and right again, then right and over the pit to throw the Skellie lever (gate opens), hop back over the pit and go right, follow through to reach the opened gate.

The Ancient Sun.

Shoot a vase to the left at the gate overlooking the first room, get the small medipack and go down into the hole in this room, drop from either side of the wall and shoot a vase to get the Ancient Sun tablet (a block lowers in an under water tunnel). Spikes retracted at the N fence, so you can climb back up to the now open gate where you got the small medipack, go out N and drop from the roof. To the water N and now dive down into the bottom hole through the green cover and through the U form lower tunnel, up through the green cover and look S there, swim into the triangular hole to get Secret #1(70), 2x Ammo. Thereís an air pocket above, so refill those lungs and go back out.

The Metal Key.

Swim to the right out of the triangular hole and up a bit to get into the under water cave where the block lowered before, go in there to get the Metal Key. Swim back and through the bottom green cover, up for air at that big gate before you head swimming back W and climb out to the Campsite at the under water lever. Go back into the Big Pit Cave SW.

Big Cave SW - 2nd Tour: The 3rd Snake-light Sphere.

Go follow the route around the left side of the pit and go to the house again, open the door with the Metal key and go in left up the stairs to the slide. This is how I did it; slide down backwards and grab the edge, shimmy left to the break-ledge and hang in the left corner, pull up, side-flip left and turn left, run to the wall and grab up to the crawlspace, get in and follow to a drop off, spot the button to the right, protected by spikes. Jump over the a pit and look for a Brass ball to the right in the pit where you can see the next Sphere, shoot the Ball and return to the button with a run-jump over a pit. Push the button and a convenient pillar appears back in the Sphere room. Run-jump back and then do a curved run-jump/grab to the corner of the pillar and go up to get the 3rd Snake-light Sphere, run-jump back from the block and go run-jump to that opening at the button to go back out of the house. Go back to the Campsite and once there, go left and past the Snake Sphere receptacles to the N, where youíll see a closed door.

Hole in the Ground (use the Golden key).

Go right around a sharp pointed green hill and look to the right, in the triangle formed by 2 trees and that pointy hill, thereís a hole in the ground. Climb down the ladder and go in the crawlspace.

Crawl and at the crossing where you can stand again go E, (the W crawlspace is closed off for now) jump the pit and around the corner is a nasty pit. Just crawl backwards into the pit grabbing the edge, shimmy right and around the corner to the flat climbable wall, up onto the ledge in the end (W) and go use the Golden Key there. The shaking predicts the wall in that other crawlspace (at the crossing) lowered.

Go back the way you came and right at the crossing, climb back into the hole where the block lowered and follow over a pit to a ladder, be sure to save at the next pit. Stand-jump grab to the left side opening and pull up on the left side, slide and jump, then keep running from ledge to ledge and jump to the last, land on the center of it and turn right fast, stand-jump/grab to a sloped pillar and save again. Pull up, jump to the corner pillar and slide/jump to land on the left side of a break-ledge turn left fast and stand-jump/grab to the flat ledge, look for the opening in the wall and run-jump/grab from where you can stand back far enough.

The 4th Snake-light Sphere.

Jump over the next pit and come to a long slope, slide and jump into the opening ahead. Follow the passage over pits to where it turns left into a sloped floor, run left onto that sloped block and slide onto the break-ledge, run off fast and shoot a Butterfly, look back into that hole where the break-ledge was and see the hole in the wall, run with a right curve off the edge and grab to land inside, push a button and a wall lowers somewhere, stand-jump out to the floor again and continue through the passage, youíll come to where the wall lowered and find the 4th Snake-light Sphere, a gate opens, go S up the steps and return to the Campsite. You could use the Snake-light Spheres now, but there's lots more to do first.

The Torch and the Bronze Key for the 1st Fairy Disc.  

Go left from here (NE corner) and into that cave in the E wall, pull out the Revolver and shoot the 2 Gnomes (or whatstheirnames) follow to a black pillar to the left with a torch on it and a trapdoor on top, go on to the E and come to a pit with burning white ledges, look left to spot the gate where you can get the Torch later.

Run-jump onto that first white ledge and look for a Brass ball on the opposite side of the pit and shoot it so you can continue to the Crowbar lever NE, run-jump over to it and use it from the back side to open the trapdoor back at the black pillar W. Notice the Fairy statue in the E and go back over the white ledges to the W, up the black pillar and to the left a tiny bit, back-flip to a ledge and hop over to the lever in the corner, that will open the gate to the Torch. Climb back down and go E to the pit, left and look from the entrance of the room on the right hand wall of the pit for a Lions head with ruby.

Shoot the ruby to retract the Spikes and jump over to the Torch, (now go to the Campsite and to the Pig on the grill, light the Torch and return to the cave-Or jump the white ledges to the angel statue and stand against the side of the stone block close to the spikes and ignite the Torch there). Light the torch on the black pillar (#1) and go to the room where you got the torch to light the 2nd one, jump back and go onto the 1st white ledge, look to the SW to spot a cave there, run-jump in and follow to a cave with a gate, only light the right hand side torch (#3), the left one is a trap. Get the Bronze Key from inside, you can leave the torch here. Now head back to the pit and jump over the white ledges to the E, go to the block next to the statue and use that key on the side to kill the burner on the back, pry the 1st Fairy Disc from the block and head back to the Campsite.

Use the Snake-light Spheres; the Silver Key.

Time to use the Snake-light Spheres. Go to the one receptacle thatís free of Spikes (underwater lever in SW pool) and place the stone, watch that great effect and see all Spikes have gone, place the other 3 Spheres and the NW gate opens up. Go into the new cave and run-jump to the rock hanging over the pit on the left. From there a run-jump to the W side. The first cave to the right is for placing the 2 Ancient Suns, you only have one so far. So continue to the W for now and finally reach a small triangular opening in the rocks with a pit and a Skellie lever, run-jump over the pit, use the lever to kill a burner in the big pit in the cave you came from and get back.

Go back to the E and look in that pit (as if you didnít yet) see the break-ledges? Well theyíre not, go down the ladder in the NW corner of the pit and jump over the lower ledge to the pedestal in the SE corner, get the Silver Key and stand-jump/grab back to the ledge, run-jump to the W to land near the ladder and go up and go jump back to that rock over the pit and run-jump E to go back to the Campsite.

The 2nd Fairy Disc.

Go to the door N of the Sphere receptacles and open it with the Silver key. Thereís a pit inside and the Disc is protected by spikes, spot 2 openings in the side walls, stand-jump/grab around to the right, go up and shoot the Butterfly, look to the right in the next pit and stand-jump/grab up to that ladder. From hanging at the top do a back-flip/roll/grab to the other side and run over the corner of the next pit to push a button that will raise a block in the W room. Go back and run-jump/grab the ladder to climb to the right side opening and run-jump (no grab) back into the entrance of the room, stand-jump/grab to the W opening and run-jump to the pillar, turn NE and run-jump/grab into the opening there. This is where the block raised, so you can use the Skellie lever to retract the Spikes at the Sphere. Go back the way you came and donít forget that pit, shoot the vases on the Spike ledge if you didnít already and run onto it. Get the small medipack and the 2nd Fairy Disc.

The 2nd Ancient Sun.

With the 2 Fairy Discs now in your possession head back to the house in the Big SW Cave.

To the left of the pool at the blue angel is where you can place them to open the gate, shoot the Butterfly and run-jump over the pit, get the 2nd Ancient Sun, then drop/grab back into the pit, climb down and to the right to get into the room where Secret #2(71) is waiting, Arrows and a Medipack. Jump/grab out and jump to the exit, go back to the Campsite and left to the NW cave, over the big pit and then right to the cave with the Sun gate, shoot the Gnome and place the Ancient Suns to open the gate. Stand on the right hand side and stand-jump with a grab to land on the ledge over the pit, jump/grab to the next and go up to the top, turn around and drop down, slide and grab, pull up and back-flip, go to the next slide and this HAS to be the end of this level and I was rightÖ


Bonus 8. 2 secrets

Well thereís a nice flyby for you, there are even orchids growing in these parts.


The 1st Crucifix.


Go downhill and to that beautiful fountain and right to the NE corner of the valley and go up hill to reach the low entrance to a cave (N), crawl in and go to a wider cave, with a deep pit, notice the left (W) ledge from which you can go up into a small cave, later! Go to the right and up the E slope, run jump to the opening in the N wall and run over the break-ledge (under the break-ledge is a pit, a block will lower later to get a Secret). Youíll come to a cave with a pit.

(Inside this cave are 2 gates, and you have to open them in the right order to get the Crucifix, one gate is already open in the E side of the room and the other will open later after you used the lever in the cave outside).

Go left and run jump to a partly broken pillar left of the higher NW one, go over the pillars to the corner pillar on the N wall (notice the closed gate that will open later after you did the lever in that E cave later).


Run-jump/grab to a pillar in the NE corner, shimmy to the right side of it, pull up and look for the open gate in the E wall. The best way for me to get in was to stand in the corner where you just pulled up, turn W and take two steps back, then stand jump in with a left curve (no Ctrl). Jump onto a blue pillar inside and jump up to the S alcove, pull the lever to kill the flames at the Crucifix up in the blue room and lower the block for the Secret.  Jump back to the exit of this pit, look left at the gate and notice a block lowered, stand jump/grab with a left curve, go S and stop at that pit with the broken tile. Notice thereís a lowered wall in that pit, run in grabbing and with a right curve and get Secret#1(72), Ammo and a Medipack.


Jump/grab back out to the S and go out. Jump over the gap and go to the W side of the cave, into that small cave, thereís a hole you can jump/grab into from the N side so youíll land on the crate. Throw the lever to switch the position of the gates in the pit room (the E gate closes and the N one opens). Head back through the pit cave and into the NE passage, over that nasty pit to the blue room, jump to the NW pillars again and go to the N side.


Stand on the SE corner of the pillar closest to the N gate, face E and take a step back. Hop with a left curve into the open gate. Inside jump around the right hand corner and grab the edge of the sloped pillar. Pull up and back flip/roll/grab the ladder on the W wall, go up to the top and pull over, hit jump the moment Lara is on top of the sloped pillar and curve left to land on the ledge around the corner, climb up to that high pillar in the blue room. Jump/grab up into the W hole in the ceiling and get into the room with the 1st Crucifix. Take it and a wall lowers in the blue room. Drop out onto the lower pillar and go run jump/grab around the E side of the room to get back at the entrance where you got the Secret, allowing you to leave this place, the passage behind you seals off as you jump over the pit. Jump back out to the cave and head to the Valley of Flowers.


The Golden Key.


In the near by fountain is a tunnel to the W, swim in and left into a small tunnel, get a small medipack at the gate where you can see one of the Bonze Keys (later). Get out of the water at the fountain and go up to cave in the SE corner of the Valley. Follow to a pit, run jump around the right corner and get the Golden Key there. Run jump/grab over the pit to the W and shimmy to the right before you pull up and go on to a rock ledge sticking out into the Valley. Walk over the rock to the right and enter the cave there. There are a couple of openings in the wall over the pit, but first go N and at the next pit you stand in the center, so you face straight to the Crucifix receptacle in the little alcove, see the burner in the pit? If you look closely, you can spot a crack in the green wall left of it.


Use the 1st Crucifix.


Do a long run jump to the slope right of the burner and then jump to grab that crack, the burner has to be off when you do that of course. I counted to about 2 counts before the burner goes off and then did a run jump, that way it should be off when you reach it. Quickly shimmy right to the ledge and donít stand too close to that slope before you stand jump up to place the Crucifix. (Well that was the hard way, because you can also just drop/hang from the edge of the pit and shimmy right to that small ledge, because that's the way to get back, that crack travels along the whole wall).


Break-ledge challenge for the Golden Star.


Go to the S side cave and see that gate opened, stand on that ledge sticking out over the pit and on the corner closest to that gate, run jump with a slight left curve and no grab to land on the sloped surface inside, slide and jump/grab the break-ledge. Pull up and go do stand-jumps to the last, you may have to climb on that last one and quickly grab the overhead monkey swing, go over to those Spikes at the star and drop onto the ledge in front of them, turn and shoot a Brass ball in the other side of the room. Spikes down, so get the Golden Star and a gate opens at the other side of the room, go back over the monkey swing and drop/grab the climb wall, down a bit and into the open gate, up and run jump/grab back to that green ledge, go up to the exit of the cave and walk out on that grey rock to slide down from the S side into the Valley. Follow the S side of the valley to the W and at a tree you can go up to that purple flowered arch sticking out to the N, look left when up there and jump over to the grey rock ledge W, to go over to the top of the Castle wall.


Top of the Castle wall, the Torch.


Notice the gate SW that needs a Key, go NW and find a tree with a Crow on a low branch standing on the path, the Crow looks at that gate N. Shoot the Bird and the gate opens. Go in and look for the Torch on the ground behind the Fairy statue to the right. Opposite the statue is a gate with that Blue Key you need. Now we go find a place to light that Torch.


1st Sun Element.


Go out and left to the purple arch, find a way up into the NW corner of the valley and there is a gate that opened up before, go in and shoot 2 Gnomes, then go into the back room and see the receptacles for 3 Stars and look to the right to see the gate that can be opened with the Golden Key, inside you can get the 1st Sun Element. Go find your Torch again and ignite it in the entrance room, go back to the NW gate one level down where you got the Torch. Ignite the wall torch behind the Fairy statue and the W gate opens.


Into the Dungeons.


Go get that blue Dungeon Key, (if you want the next Secret, pick up your Torch again) and head out. Go to the S and open the SW gate. Go in with the Torch and follow the left side passage, lighting all 5 wall torches on the way and jumping over a pit, come to a closed gate that needs the Silver and Bonze Keys. The last two wall torches there will open the gate in the N wall just around the corner. Go in for Secret #2(73), 2x Ammo and a small medipack.


You can leave the torch behind. Go out of the room and follow the path back to the first possible opening in N wall, climb down the ladder and look for the lower passage left, run in and use the Crowbar lever from the back (of course), Spikes retract in the Castle. Go jump back up to go up the ladder and left into the passage, thereís another gate there and a slide down to the left. Slide down and at the end of the slide you can just see a Jump switch. Thatís right over the Spikes you just retracted. (Stand facing left a bit into the opening, then run in so you go down the middle of the slide and jump/grab the switch). A gate opens and youíll land inside the Castle. (In case you missed the jump lever, you have to go out E and make your way back up to the slide or use a previous save game).


The Castle, 2nd Sun Element & Silver Key.


A Demigod appears, give him his piece and look for that open gate just N of where you landed before, get the 2nd Sun Element. Turn around and run into the center of that small pool in front. The centre tile will break and you can swim to the store rooms, shoot 2 Gnomes and go to the W side to use the Crowbar lever there (to retract Spikes on a crate you have to climb now), go back to the water hole and jump up the crate next to it, climb the top one where the spikes were before and run jump/grab W, drop in the hole between the crates there and use the lever (to get some more Spikes down), go back up and to the N, run jump to the light colored crate and drop/hang from the side. Shimmy all the way right along the wall to the other side, go over that crate into the hole where the Spikes were, to get the Silver Key. Drop down to the ground floor and swim back to the Castle. Shoot another Gnome upon climbing out of the water.


The Bonze Key. 


Go E and out of the Castle E, turn right, climb the slopes in the SW corner to reach the entrance of a cave near the purple arch. Follow through to a pit, if youíre tired thereís quite a romantic settee in the NE corner... But the goal is to place the 2 Sun Elements next to the gate over the pit, go in and jump over that deep hole. Thereís a lever on the S wall that will switch the opening of the gates here, the W gate is for when you have the next Crucifix. So for now donít use the lever but go into the E gate and dive into the water, swim to where the tunnel goes sharp down and save in front of those popping Spikes down there. Time your swim through and then through the next set, better save in front of each set and go get the Bonze Key in the end, return the way you came and go up quick for air.


Into the Dungeons-2.


Return outside the cave and go up to the purple arch to jump to the W, go into the Dungeon SW and to that gate in the end.


Fairy Room, 2nd Crucifix.


Open the gate with the two Keys and a flyby will show you where you can place the other Crucifix. Step back a bit and from the gate do a curved run jump over that blue, triangular top ledge to the opening S, land on the tiled floor. Behind the fence S youíll see that Crucifix, go on to the NW corner of the floor and run jump around the left onto the higher floor, pull out a weapon as a Demigod will start to shoot you. Thereís a small medipack in the water near the Fairy. Go to the S side and back flip to a sloped block and jump/grab up to a ledge, run-jump/grab to the fairy in the N and go right, run jump/grab the pillar and be ready to take out 2 Gnomes, before one of them pushes you off the ledge.


Go into the N opening and jump to a pillar in the left room, run off the side to land at the fence and jump/grab into the E opening, run jump up to the pillar there and grab up S into an alcove with a lever that will open a gate where weíll go next. Go back the way you came and once up on the blue tiled ledges, shoot the 2 incoming Gnomes and jump over to the S side. Walk up to the edge inside the room and spot the crack in the S wall, to the right is the gate youíve opened. Jump/grab to the crack and go into the gate, drop down from the floor and run off onto the lower ledge, go get the 2nd Crucifix (a gate opens).


Go back up the green ledges, using the highest one in the E to run jump back to the exit, notice the crack in the N wall in front and grab that wall to safety drop down and make your way back up as before to the Fairy on the NW ledge, get into the passage behind it and thereís that opened gate, go in to throw the Skellie lever that will open a gate back in the Dungeons.


The Blood Star.


Go out and left, over the ledge and run jump/grab to that pillar to the E and now run jump to the upper ledge E from here and go do run jump/grabs to the Fairy in the SE corner, from there a stand jump to the W over the roof below and from the sloped ledge youíll land on, a jump to the bridge ahead. Walk to the right side of this bridge as possible and take a curved running jump to a ledge on the left and from there jump to the N, to use the Crucifix. Go over to the SW corner and jump over a pit to go up some steps that lead to the Blood Star. Go back, jump over the pit and out the gate, drop one level down to the ledge below with the fairy. Go over the ledges to the E and jump from the ledge sticking out to the S into the open gate down E to the Dungeon.


Into the Dungeons-3.


Go right and follow the path back to where you slid down to the Jump lever before, the E gate over the slope is open now, run-jump over to it and throw the Skellie lever, a gate opens in the castle below.


The Castle-2, 3rd Crucifix.


Go out and just slide down the slope and go E into the room with the fountain. The 2nd Bronze Key is in the S room, left through that opened gate. When you pick it up another gate opens somewhere and the burner at the keyhole in the NE room is down. A Gnome storms in, shoot it and go out to the fountain, in the water on both sides of the statue are Underwater levers, pull those and the NW gate opens. Go in and climb the display, up into the crawlspace N and go left, down into a room with a small medipack in an alcove. To the left of that alcove is a push block in the corner, get it out and put it in the alcove the medipack was and a block rises in the centre of the room (and what you didnít see was that Spikes retracted in the room we go to now). Climb the block and go through the crawlspace past the opening you came from and drop onto a tile the Spikes were on before, use the Bronze Key and a block rises left, now you can pull out the block in the NE corner and go into the passage behind it to get the 3rd Crucifix.


Block Puzzle for the Helios Star.


Go back through the crawlspace and down left into the room with the display, go out of the castle and to the right, up to that cave SW near the purple arch and over the pit where you placed the Sun Elements. This time use that S lever (E gate closes and W gate opens) and enter the W gate, place the Crucifix and go down to shoot a Demigod in the room below. Go to the N side and back flip to the sloped part of the centre pillar, jump and grab the pillar N, go into that passage to throw the Skellie lever that will raise a block in the W side of the room, go out and onto that block. Climb up and back flip to the slope inside. Jump onto the ledge and jump up into the higher room.

Better look at the diagram and push block 1 to alcove 1, pull/push block 2 to alcove 2, then block 3 to alcove 3 and go into passage A, run in grabbing and go push the button near the gate to lower Spikes at the Star, climb the block and jump over the other blocks to get out, go right to block 4, push it into alcove 4, then go left to passage B and hereís a funny move, stand at the edge and see the block below, hop back once and stand-jump without grab to the hole and hold the jump key, Lara will jump again from the edge of the hole and land on the block below, go off to the left and push the button to lower a last block, jump back up to the block puzzle room and go left/right/right into the passage where you can go down and get the Helios Star. Go back up and into passage B, get down to the ground floor. Go to the E side and back flip to the central pillar, jump/grab the exit pillar. Go out and jump over the pits to the Sun Elements gate.

The Crown Piece.

Go back out of the cave and over the purple arch to the NW corner of the valley, up to that gate where you got the 1st Sun Element and lit your Torch. Go to the back where you can now place the 2 remaining Stars and the gate to the left opens. On the pedestal inside is the artefact you need, itís protected with a burner, go look on the wall behind the S statue and use the lever there to stop the burner, get the Crown Piece and shoot the Gnome that comes in. Go out and down to the valley floor, enter the castle and go to the back room W, there are 2 stands at the gate there, go to the back of the right hand (N) one and the final gate opens, go out and through the next gate that will close behind you and leave the ValleyÖ


Bonus 9. 5 secrets


Follow the passage to a pit with break ledges, stand 2 steps back from the edge and stand jump to the 1st ledge, run jump to the next ones and run to where you can jump to the last, run off and slide down, then jump to the higher one and run jump to the opening in front. Where youíll get a flyby and can see it has been snowing (nor quite dressed for the occasion, eh?).


The Main room.


Route up along N wall:

To the right of the entrance to the Main room is a block, run onto that one and run jump/grab to the corner pillar. Run jump/grab the ladder on the pillar to the W, go left around 2 corners and up, to pull up on the sloped top, back flip/roll/grab the ledge behind you and go to the W side. There are several routes to take from here: see the underlined numbers.


1 : For a Secret:


Look for that arched ledge (with the purple band) in the centre of the room and run jump over to it, follow the ledges to the NE corner and run jump/grab to a block in front of an opening in E wall. Push the block inside to go into a room with a Skellie lever that will open a gate, where we go in route 2 (a Wasp will come in). Feel the trembling? A block lowered and that block is behind that pushblock. So push it again and get into the room where you can get Secret #1(74), 2 Medipacks and Ammo (Could happen you donít feel the trembling when using the lever, in that case pull the block to the exit once and then push it to the end. Donít know why but that happened the second time I did this). Go out and onto the block in the Main room. Jump back over blocks and ledges to the ledge in the opposite (W) side of the room.


2 :  The Winding Key.


Look up to the N wall and see the opening up there, thatís where you have to go in a roundabout way. Go left over the W ledge to the SW corner and into that dead-end passage, climb up to the right and follow the passage to where you look out over Main room. Look left and see the pillar in the corner. This is quite a hard jump so better save, run with a sharp left curve to the edge and jump to land on the pillar. Stand on the S side of it and another long left curved run jump will get you into that N opening, jump to a pillar under the gate you opened before (NE) and climb up, follow to a nice Ice Fairy statue to the right and an Ice cave to the left.


1st Ice Cave.


Coming into the cave youíll see a gate and some steps in front of it, thatís where you have to go and then to the ledge you can see left of the structure.


Walk to the right and hop on the somewhat higher slope, then jump into the SE corner and turn N from there, run jump to the next wide ledge and then wait there for the Wasp to show itself, shoot it and go stand on the NW corner of the ledge, now do a left curved run jump/grab to the E side of the steps. Climb up and run off the other side to a lower ledge, from here a run jump around the corner to the right and go on to a pushblock, push it in till you can access the lever to the left (opens the gate to the structure on the far (E) side of course). Go back and jump back to the ledge at the structure, stand jump/grab up to the higher steps at the gate and go down to the E side, jump back to the wide E ledge and turn left, run jump into the corner and there you can jump to the open gate.


Inside are 2 Ice Fairies next to a pushblock, that block goes all the way to the end, so youíll hear a block go down, then push the right hand block all the way past the fire into an alcove with a grey tile and the fire is off, get the Winding Key and get out of here. Go back over the same ledges you came here from and up to the S exit of the Cave.


2a : Mechanical Scarab and the Golden Key.


Back through the gate and drop down from the pillar to lower ledges and from the last one jump into the opening W, follow to an opening overlooking the Main room. Stand left and turn right, jump onto the snow and walk into a window looking down into a room, go to the S side, drop/hang from the edge to shimmy left and pull up in the opening there.


Frozen Pool and monkey swing puzzle.


Go on to a room with a frozen pool, shoot 2 Wasps and see the Key under the ice. Go up to the N fence and back flip onto one of the sloped blocks, jump/grab the upper ledge, climb up N and notice the pushblock in the alcove. Use the Monkey Swing to go to the W side (right) and go into the first right, here you are behind that block, pull it once and go back over the Monkey Swing to the N, push the block onto the grey Tile and the S gate at the Monkey Swing opens. Turn around and spot the lever, pull it to retract the Spikes behind the N fence at the pool. First return one more time to the W side and to the end of the passage, thereís a pit with an opening, no fancy moves this time, just run straight in and land on the block, run off with a left curve to land in the E opening and follow to the Skellie lever behind the N fence, a block lowers behind that window at the Main room. Go climb back and do stand jumps to get back up to the Monkey Swing level.

Use the Monkey Swing to go E and down to that pillar that lowered just before, grab the Golden Key and climb down the N side of the pillar till you can back flip into a room with Secret #2(75), 2 Medipacks and Ammo. Climb back up the pillar and grab up to the ladder in the hole above, get back to the Monkey Swing to go S this time. Go straight at the crossing, you have to open that gate to the right first, down in the next passage and throw a Skellie lever to open that gate, so climb back and enter a beautiful room with water spouts.


The Water room- the Mechanical Scarab.


In the water is a hole, swim through and up a ledge in the next room, jump into the window sill and from there jump/grab a slope wall, pull up and back flip to the top floor. Thereís a Jump switch you canít reach yet, go stand on one of the higher ledges and look for the Brass ball in an alcove N where those Spikes are, shoot it and go to the W side of this ledge, look over the edge to spot the Jump lever, under which just Spikes retracted. Drop/grab the lever and swim back through the tunnel, re-climb the ledges and see the pillar that appeared, jump/grab up to it from one of the higher ledges and jump/grab the Jump lever on the S wall, youíll drop back in the water below, climb up the ledges one more time, up the pillar and grab up to the skylight above, cross over to the other side and drop where you can get the Mechanical Scarab. Clean up after you (Wasps) and drop down into the pool, return NE to the Monkey Swing at the Frozen Pool. Just drop from the edge of the passage at the Monkey Swing and then down from the floor with the Fairy statue, return to the Main room. Slide down.


Hereís a route you have to take several times now, so pay attention:

Go to the E and climb the block at the entrance, now run-jump/grab to the block S, stand-jump/grab to the SE corner block and then to an opening in the arch structure to the W, go into the top of the S rooms, only this first time shoot a Wasp (hop back a bit and wait till it gets close as you cannot hit it while itís in front of that gate).


From here we have several possible routes:  (Iíll describe what to do from this ledge, itís up to you to climb back up here after I guided you back to the Main room.)

1 :  For the Bronze Key.


1a :  Jump off the E side of this ledge to the ledge below and go into the opening E. Go up to a closed gate left, run jump to a slope in the NE corner and slide/jump/grab to a ledge in front of you, turn right and stand-jump/grab up into the opening with the lever that will open the gate you saw, no way back here. So jump back down to that corner ledge and run off facing SW, onto the sloped wall below, grab the edge and shimmy right to pull up to safety. Go W and to the right to Main room. Go back up to the top of the S rooms.


1b:  Jump off the E side of this ledge to the ledge below again and go into the opening E. The gate is now open, get in from the steps and run-jump with a grab into an alcove to the right and from there to the alcove with the Bronze Key, go jump back and out to the steps, go W and onto the ledge in the SE corner room (didnít find an easier way back up, so run off onto the sloped block SW and below and go N and into Main room. Go back up to the top of the S rooms.


2 :  For the Golden Star.


Look for the reddish ledge E, jump there and then to the left, in the alcove is a lever that will lower a block (in the passage over in the SE corner). Run jump/grab to the S and go up to a pit, run jump over and follow to a pair of Scissors, walk up close and run through the Scissors to jump/grab into the opening over the pit, go pry the Golden Star from the wall and run-jump back over the pits and go back to that familiar ledge in the top of the S rooms. (this time you donít have to go the Main room route).  


3 :  1st Ice Beetle and2nd Golden Star.


Walk to the S end of the ledge and drop/hang from the side and shimmy left till you can pull up again (This ledge will be visited more times so this is the S ledge). To the S is an opening in the wall, run off the ledge and land in front of that opening, go in and look to the right to spot the opening W where you can stand-jump/grab to go to the end of the passage and climb up to the right, walk out into the upper part of the SE corner room and a Wasp will come, so shoot that first and then run-jump/grab over to the N, go right and see a pushblock in the left wall, push it in all the way in and then push it into an alcove to the left, Spikes will retract at a ladder we go to now. Go out (see the gate with the Star in the S) and go to the left.


The 2nd Ice Cave.


Look N and see the blue ladder where the Spikes are now gone, run-jump to the ledge and go up the ladder, follow the cave and go left, stay on the upper path and run jump up into a N cave, thereís a breaktile, run over it into the left corner and then go down the ladder, there are 2 openings behind you, the lower one for Secret #3(76), a Medipack and 2x Ammo in a nice room. The upper opening has a lever that will lower a block back in the Ice Cave. Go back to that cave and look S from up here to see where the block lowered, go along the left side of the cave and find the flatter part from where you can run-jump to the SE corner and jump/grab up to the opening. Crawl to a pit you have to shimmy around and go get the 1st Ice Beetle on the S wall of the blue cave. Go back out and just run out, slide to a part where you see a dark Tile, get the push block and pull/push it onto that Tile, the gate opens at the Star. Go out W and over the steps to where you can run jump/grab into that gate in the S wall to get your 2nd Golden Star.


Turn around and look down NE from the opening and spot the S ledge you shimmied to before, on the opposite wall. Run-jump/grab back to the steps and go one step to the right (E), drop back down onto that S ledge below and face W, see a ledge in front of an opening in the wall, run-jump to it and turn right, jump to that tiled floor (N) and go pull/push the pushblock under the hanging block with the grey Tile. The Spikes that were behind the block will retract, go to that opening, drop down and find a Jump lever, jump grab to it and a gate opens over a pit W of here.


Go out and to the W pit, stand on the corner of the floor, closest to the gate (2 Wasps can show up here, better shoot them before going into that gate). Run-jump/grab with a left curve to climb up into the gate, look to the right inside and spot the crack in the wall. Stand-jump/grab around the corner and go left all the way to a passage where the Rusty Key waits on a pedestal, as you take it the pillar near the entrance lowers, so jump/grab the pillar in front of the passage and shimmy around. Jump/grab back into the exit and run-jump back to the ground with a right curve or go over the block right of the exit. Go E and left, back to the Main room. Up to the top of the S rooms again.


4 :  The Silver Key.


Walk to the S end of the ledge and drop/hang from the left side, shimmy left around to where you can pull up to the S ledge. Run jump to the ledge in front of the opening W, walk through and left and from the lower ledge you can see a crack in the w wall. Run jump/grab that crack and go shimmy right all the way till you can pull up in a passage that will take you to a tunnel, swim through and get the Silver Key from under the ice of the Frozen pool. Go back and drop out of the passage, stand jump back to the safe floor in the E. Go to the main room and back up to the top of the S rooms.


5 :    The 2nd and 3rd Ice Beetle, the Metal Key and use the Rusty Key.


Shimmy to the S ledge again and run off to the S and from that ledge below a run jump to the ledge with the pushblock down in the SW corner, push the block in and go to the gate on the right, open it with the Bronze key and shoot the Wasp. Go to the end of the passage and climb down the ladder, combine the Scarab and Winding key and put them on the tile at the Spike-trap, follow the beetle and pick it up, run-jump to the pillar in the corner of the next Spike pit and go into the E opening and go pry the 2nd Ice Beetle from the wall.


Return the way you came and go back to the room E where the pushblock can now be pushed onto a grey Tile in the back, because a block went up in a pit. The gate opens up to the E, run-jump across the lower room to the opposite open gate and go down to a lava pit, run-jump/grab across and jump to the pedestal with the Metal Key. Go back to the first open gate.


Now you could open the gates in the room below, but run-jump across to the room with the pushblock and return into the W passage. From the end at the ladder you can jump to an opening up W, climb the block that appeared and go over the wall to get Secret #4(77), a Medipack and 2x Ammo. Climb up at the statue and run-jump/grab back, just run into the E passage at the ladder and youíll land in the passage to the pushblock room. Go to the E gate and stand left in the opening. Look up left and see the ledge, stand-jump/grab up to that ledge and run-jump to the gate in the S, open it with the rusty key and go in.


To the right is a closed gate that gives view to the last Ice Beetle, to the left a Skellie lever protected by Spikes. Use your Beetle on the Spike-trap ahead and look in that left passage as those Spikes should be gone too, throw the Skellie lever and go pick up your Beetle, go left to a lever and this one is timed. So save in front of it.


Timed run for the 3rd Ice Beetle.


Check the health, then pull, back flip/roll and sprint W to the end, around the right hand corner, you should be just in time to go through the first set as they are in the up position and then shortly wait close to the second set and the moment they are up run into the gate, get that 3rd Ice Beetle off the wall and the exit opens. Go out and left, drop from the balcony and go into that S gate passage, use the Gold, Silver and Metal Key to open all gates and step into a new world.


Using the Ice Beetles.


Go right at the crossing and past a pushblock (first) to the left, around the corner 2 White Tigers will attack, go on to the second pushblock in the next corner left and push it all the way in to the E, turn left and pull that 1st block (you are behind it now) as far as possible, go back through the passage to the other side of this block and push it into the corner, go around again and pull it once, go around once more and now you can push it all the way into an alcove with a trigger Tile W, that will retract the Spikes in the Beetle room to the right of where you are. Place the 3 Beetles there and the gate behind you opens up, go up the passage and come to a Scissor-trap at the Rope room.


The Rope room for the Old Handle Piece.


Run through the Scissors and jump/grab the rope, turn right and see the only safe opening there, swing and jump into it, drop/grab from the other side and shimmy all the way to the right, then drop to a block below and do a safety drop down from that one. Slide to the bottom of the rope room, go up the slope on W wall and push the block in to the end, a block left goes up. Climb that block and back flip to a ledge. Climb up to the next and then turn to run-jump curved right, up onto the SW ledge. Climb the ladder to the pedestal with the Old Handle Piece.


Run-jump/grab from there into the E opening and run jump/grab the rope, the S opening is safe now too. So swing/jump in there and shoot the Wasp. Run-jump/grab over to the other side, safety drop onto a slope below and grab the edge, below is a break-tile, drop to it and quickly run forward into the room with Secret #5(78), a small medipack and 2x Ammo. Drop down where the break-tile used to be and go back up through the W shaft and with the rope back to the E side where the Scissors are.


Lava room for the Old Effigy Piece.


Go down to the Beetle room and follow the pushblock passage back to the crossing, go into the E side and use the Monkey Swing to go all the way to a crossing in the Monkey Swing. Go to the right and into an alcove with a lever. This lever will raise a timed block in the NW corner of the room, you cannot see it from here, but thatís not necessary.


Timed Jumps.


Just pull the lever roll and turn right a bit while you run jump out to land on the ledge under the Monkey Swing, run-jump through with a left curve to the opening in the wall NW, from there a running jump onto the block and grab up to the pillar next to it fast. Then jump to the bridge and drag the Skeleton away by the head, from the Tile you have to put the Beetle on to disable the Spike-traps. Go to the gate and place your Stars on the sides to open the gate, go in for the Old Effigy Piece. Go out to that skeleton and run-jump back to the corner pillar, drop to the block and jump/grab the opening in the wall E, use the Monkey Swing to go all the way back to the gate passage W. Go into the S passage now and follow the Icy tunnels, shooting the 2 White Tigers, to where you can combine the Old Effigy Piece & Old Handle Piece to form the Crystal of Life and place it on the stand while facing the Angel gate. Go out and a gate slams shut behind you. Climb down and leave this level.


Bonus 10. 4 secrets


The Castle.


Get up in the Crawl Space to the left and follow to an Ice cave, in the end youíll reach a Castle in a big cave, go up into the Castle and let over the bridge to the S. Shoot the 3 White Tigers and go to the W wall inside, jump onto the sloped block and back flip to a pillar, run-jump/grab over to the S and hop on the ledge to the left.


Block Puzzle.


Inside here is a pushblock puzzle, but a block has to go up first. Run-jump/grab to that ledge E and then drop one level to a ledge below from the left side, (notice the closed gate in this passage) run jump into the alcove in N wall and go down to a Skellie lever that will get that block at the puzzle up. Go out and drop to ground floor, go up W again and jump over to the S, go in and see the block to the right near where the block in the floor went up. Pull the block once and turn right, climb the wall and go over to the other side of the block, then push it once and a gate opens. Pull the block out with you, to that second grey Tile in the entrance and a block goes up on the balcony to the N (later). Run-jump/grab to the E roof, drop one floor on the left again and go into the passage (S) where the gate opened.


Mystic Key 2.


Go to the deep pit and stand jump around to the right hand corner ledge, then just run jump over to the one S (no Ctrl) and stand jump/grab up to the ledge to the left and up, get Mystic Key 2 and the Spikes on the other ledges retract, run off to the E ledge from standing close to the pillar and jump over to the first ledge in the NW corner, run-jump with a curve to land back in the entrance, go down to ground floor. Go up in the W again and over to the roof E, run-jump/grab N, go left and up that block, jump into the opening and go down into a room for Secret #1(79), Ammo and a Medipack.


Go out and left to the outside, run-jump/grab to the roof of the Castle and go to the pillars in the NE. Climb the one on the N side and look down N, see that ledge under the overhang? Stand on the left side of the pillar and run-jump with a grab. Curving right a bit to land on that ledge, drop/hang from the side and go shimmy all the way to the right. Pull up and enter a new place, at the crossing, you go left and down into a lower passage.


Mystic Key 1.


Go to the right and jump over the Spike-pit below, go S and see the gate overlooking the Castle, to the right is a ladder from which you can back flip/roll/grab a ledge over the Spike-pit there. Run off from the other side to go over yet another Spike-pit and come to a lava pit, thereís a sloped block in the corner. Turn around facing S and from standing in the entrance do a back flip to the lowest part of the block, jump again to land near a Crowbar lever. Using that causes the ground to tremble. Drop from the S side of this floor, back into the main passage and left into that place you came from, jump/grab up over the spike-pit and run off the other (S) side, a block lowered here, get Mystic Key 1, turn around and climb back up.


Get back up in the passage to the right there and go straight into the cave to the E at the crossing, follow to where you can slide back to the Castle, go up to the ground floor of the castle and to the W. Over the snow bridge into a cave where 2 White Tigers attack, in the end is a big door, you can open it by placing the Mystic Keys in the Skulls. Enter the door to go into the Key rooms.


The Key Rooms.


(A bunch of White Tigers will appear here every now and then, drop them as you meet them) To the S upon entering is the room with the Teleporter for the end of the level, so go N and to the right at the crossing, hereís a Scale and you should have one Water skin (doesnít matter which one) filled with water in your inventory, so put it in and the gate behind you will open, weíll get into that one later, but open is open. Go to the crossing W and on to the next room.


The Fountain.


Thereís what will be a hot fountain later on the pillar over the frozen water, so Iíll call this place the Fountain.


Mystic Key 3.


Look to the right and see an angel statue, push the statue onto the grey Tile and a gate opens left of the pillar with the Fountain. Go S and in the next room with the floor grating to the right. In this room is a passage in the NW corner and inside it is a pushblock, pull it once and head back to the Fountain, into the open gate left of it and hop over that low fence at the SW angel, hereís the other side of the block, push it once and go around again to pull/push it onto that grey Tile (for that you have to go around again, or little trick: run jump against the corner of the block to jump through). The block in the SW corner of the room will go down and reveals Mystic Key 3.


The 1st Portal Skull.


Go back to the W room behind the Fountain with that Key and place it on the back of the Fountain pillar. The hot Fountain is now active and the ice is gone, dive in and swim into the W side hole in the floor, near those spikes and follow the passage to another pushblock, pull it once and go back to the water, now swim into the SE hole, that tunnel is now open, follow to under that grated floor and pull the Underwater lever on the W wall, go back and get some air, look W and see the Spikes are gone at the other hole. Swim in and get the 1st Portal Skull, return to the Fountain and climb out.


The Golden Key, Mystic Key 3 (#4 actually).


Go N and see a white Boulder up on the slopes, itís hanging on a chain, stand against the fence at the pit and shoot the chain, the Boulder goes into the pit. The Spikes on the ledges are gone and the gate to the W opens up, thereís a Key, but there are flames under the pedestal. Run-jump onto that first ledge on the boulder slope and then into the alcove W, one more run-jump to the next ledge on the slope and up to that gate, from there to the alcove with the lever in the W wall, use it and the flames are down at the Golden Key. Make your way down over the ledges on the slope and enter the room W to get the Golden Key. Now the gate up on the slope opened up (bit late, eh?). Go back up the slope again and into the gate to get another Mystic Key 3 (#4). Drop out onto the highest block on the slope and jump W, to the lever again and push the block in, go into the room to get Secret  #2(80), a small medipack and Ammo. Get down from the slope and go to the Fountain.


The Rusty Key.


Head S and see a gate opened in the room with the grated floor, enter. Go up the steps and to the right in the small corridor, to the left is a pushblock. Push it to the end and turn left, pull that block there twice and take that first block you pushed and pull it out with you to where it was before. Go to the room E and into the passage W, spot that block you pulled and push it to the end and onto that grey Tile (a block in the small corridor W lowers). Turn left and go into that room to get is Secret #3(81), a Medipack and Ammo. Out to the (E) room and in the shallow water you can fill both Water skins.


Go out to the small corridor where the block lowered (W) and get the Rusty Key there.


Use the Golden Key, the 2nd Portal Skull.


Go back to the Fountain and right, left and to a pit with blue fences in front, behind the left fence is the keyhole for the Golden Key and it will raise a pillar in the pit. Run-jump/grab over to it and run into the passage, to the left is a keyhole for the Mystic Key 3, use the Key. The hot Fountains in the next room will make the ice melt and you can dive in, swim through the small N tunnel to climb out at the 2nd Portal Skull. Swim back and run-jump/grab back over the pit.


The Metal Key.


At the crossing go left (E) and to that 1st scale you did, enter the gate to the (burning) Key and follow the E passage to the next Scale, use a Water skin (doesnít matter which one) to fill the bowl and the gate behind you opens, go get the Metal Key and go out, into the S passage, up the steps.


The Silver Key.


Climb the ladder and go off right, find the Jump lever on the edge of the hole. But first find the pushblock up there (N), push it all the way and a gate opens. Go back to the ladder and you can see that gate through the one at the ladder, so thatís for later. Now hang from the edge and use that Jump lever. Go follow the passages back to the room with the Silver Key you can take now.


The Golden Handle.


Now first return to the Fountain and to the S room where you can refill those Water skins, then go back to the Fountain, head E and then second right out those fancy blue doors and to the cave that leads back to the Castle.

Before going into the castle go to the left side of the snow bridge and drop down from the bridge.


Face S and look for the small cave to the left, under the bridge. Go in and shoot the Tigers, follow to stairs going down to where the Metal Key can be used to open the passage, go right in the end and come to a huge Ice cave. Drop from the edge (notice the gates in the E wall; Secret) and follow the Ice ledges around to the structure in the SW corner, climb up and go push a block to the grey tile, the block in the floor next to it lowers and you can go to the next Scale, put some water in (doesnít matter how much) and a gate opens in the other part of these caves.


Go back up to the pushblock and to the N side of this floor, from here jump down to that first ledge near the entrance and jump to the entrance. Go up and through the passage to the N, run jump to the pillar in the pit and run jump/grab to the opening ahead and nowÖ how do we kill the flames. HaÖ fooled you, itís the torch behind the handle that makes the flames, just grab the Golden Handle.


Go back to the S cave, that gate E opened there. Go over the ledges to that gate and from the ledge close to the torch you can run jump inside, get Secret #4(82), 2 Medipacks and Ammo and jump back to the ledges to the exit NW and up the passage left, out through the cave and go around to the E side of the Castle and up the steps W to go over the snow bridge into the W cave again. Go right from the blue doors and left in the direction of the fountain, first left again into the room with a pillar that covers a chain, look in the window sill left for the keyhole where you can use the Rusty Key and the pillar goes down.


The Bronze Key.


Climb up and back flip to the upper floor, go E to the Vide and then S. Look for the wooden slope in the corner and back flip onto the slope. Jump and grab to the floor above, go to where the fence is missing and run jump/grab over the gap, follow to a Scale and empty the last of the Water skins in the bowl, the gate S opens and you can get the Bronze Key.


The Star Effigy.


Go back to where you jumped over the gap and safety drop down, go straight past the Vide to the room with the big gate N and use the Bronze and Silver Keys to open the gate. Inside and to the right is that gate you opened before (pushing the block in paragraph ďThe Silver KeyĒ), go in to get the Star Effigy.

Go back to the Vide and to the chain to get to the ground floor and go to the blue doors. To the S of them is that gate remember? Just past the wall torches are 2 familiar looking dark blue pillars (from previous levels) to the left and right, place the 2 Portal Skulls on the pillars and the gate opens. Run jump to the Big pillar in the pit and combine the Handle and Effigy to create the Guardian of Light. Place it in the stand and the Teleporter beam lights up, save your game, step in andÖ.


ÖTo be ContinuedÖ Well letís hope so.


01-03-2005. (Revised Nov. 2013)