Big Trouble in Siberia:

Part 1, Scene 2&3

Level: Walrus.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Scene 2.

Loading Docks.

When you slide to the loading docks, after the great flyby of the icy waters, go to the sea W and dive in on N side, swim along that side to find a tunnel in N bank, go to a room with a switch that will open the N door at the loading docks, swim back and S a bit, till you find the place where you can leave the sea (near some ledges on the shore), go S and hop onto the higher shore line, up to the docks and into that N door (the S door needs a Fuse inside). Go down the ladder at the bottom of the stairs and follow the passages, Just sprint past the Guard coming from the left, youíll pass a dark grey door in the right wall, go on to a 4 way crossing, a White Guard will come out and takes it on with the Guard following you, so go straight first get some Flares in a corner and go back, right at the crossing and enter a passage with a yellowish light, careful, there are Poison-pits here, after about 4 of them, there is another Guard and just around the corner his Buddy. In this corner youíll hear a buzzing noise; the brown corner block will be pushable later. Go on to the blue room.

The Blue Room.

Donít shoot anybody yet, just run into the 2nd left passage the guys came out of and go up the pole (the Whitey one will shoot the Black Guard for you again), backflip to the other pole and go up, backflip to the passage and go down the other side pole. Pull the switch in the room there (screenshot of an outside area, the block is pushable now) and go back to the blue room. Head back into the Poison passage and push that block in all the way, go left to a ventilation room and in the corner passage, up the ladder and come up to the Sam site.

The Sam site.

Climb the ledge right of the grey wall in front and turn left, jump/grab the edge of the upper block and jump around the corner to the E structure, follow the snowy roof to the E side and go down the hole, follow to the garage and crawl under the back of the truck, crawl to the Ammo and to the safe spot between the burners, stand back to the slope and backflip, jump/grab the climbable wall above, go up and throw the 1st switch for the gate, drop down the other hole and go to opposite side, same MO and the gates will open.

Yellow Key.

Go down and enter the Store room. Shoot crates and get Ammo and the Yellow Key. Go back up to the Sam site, to where you climbed up from the ventilation room and drop onto some crates down the N side, go W a bit and open a small door, throw the switch inside and get a screenshot of a door (1st switch therefore) in the Blue room. Climb back up and go down the ladder, make it back to the Blue room.

The Control rooms.

Now go into the room with the burning floor, the flames are gone (or maybe not), but the floor is dangerously hot, grab the Monkey swing and go over to the other side, look left to see the Ctrl rooms with the Blue Key and a switch, go right at the burning block and turn around, facing the Ctrl rooms, drop and start jumping the slopes with a sharp right turn in the end, till you land on the safe floor in the corner next to the block, throw the switch to kill the flames (donít use it when there are no flames on the block) and climb up the block, turn around and grab up into the higher passage, go to the slide and down the centre of it, jump/grab the rope from the bottom of the slope and swing over to the other side, slide and jump onto the ledge, up the ladder and backflip onto a ledge behind, run jump/grab the Monkey swing and go over the slope, run past the steam and in the next room is a passage with some Ammo, opposite the passage is a crawlspace with a shootable grating, go in and follow to the next grating, shoot it and drop down into a room with a switch that will open a door back to the blue room and a nearby pole, go up the pole to collect some Goodies and down again, go to the room opposite the pole and see the outside area left, plus a closed gate, go up the pole and backflip from one square from the top to the safe ledge, throw the switch to open the gate and jump back to the pole go out of the gate, jump up the higher ground and get the Goodies, back to the lower ground and open the trapdoor.

The Sewers.

Climb down, follow the water and hop on the right hand ledge, past the overhanging pipe, run jump around the right corner, Beetles came out to eat you, open the under water trapdoor fast and swim in.

This maze isnít too hard, thereís some Ammo scattered around, and a tunnel up to a room where you can throw switch #2 to open another door in the Blue room. Swim back and get out of here quick, up to the room with the poles and the crawlspace and right to open the door to the Blue room.

Blue Key.

Whitey is still patrolling, donít bother him and heíll leave you alone. Enter the new door N and get the Blue Key and throw a switch to open that grey door in the passage near the poison-pits. Go back to that door and enter, go to scene 3.

Scene 3.

The Ice Caves.

Follow to a big ice cave with a lake below. Follow the ledges to the SE, past the ice windows. Go up the ladder and follow the passage to the next cave, search the floor of the cave for Goodies, shoot 2 Guards and take what they drop, go to the corner for a Medipack and look for a passage between the Medipack and the small lake, go in, and get the Goodies. Go out and to the bridge, pull up on the W block next to the bridge, roll and run jump/grab over to the E side, go up the bridge and jump/grab the ladder on right wall, go down and follow the passages to a room with 2 Guards, just sprint in and use the Jump switch, a rope appeared on the ceiling of the big cave, near the bridge, now run out and the Whitey will start shooting the Guards, when he doesnít finish the job, take care of them yourself and go get the Goodies in the crates in the room with the Jump switch. Get back up the ladder to the cave and when you walk the bridge, you can see the ladder E, hop over the hole in the floor and climb to the top.

The rope will take you into the passage over the 1st ladder. Aim for the left side of the passage and follow this path jumping and grabbing the pillars to the SW corner. Run jump/grab the ladder and go around to the other side and backflip into the passage there, go through and right, jump to the ledge at the ropes and walk up to the 1st rope and take a step back, when you jump to the rope, Guards will start shooting below and it will be hard to get where you have to go with them under you. (The view is great though, all that grenades coming up and exploding in midair, butÖ) Better swing back to where you came from and go down the ladder, slide to ground floor and shoot them (donít shoot the Whiteys). Then make your way up to that rope again and work in all ease. Swing to the 2nd rope and then to a sloped block in front, go around right to the wall, pull up and backflip/roll /grab the one behind, go around again and pull up on a flat corner ledge, run jump/grab to a lone E pillar and run jump to the ledge in front of the passage, go in and use the Jump switch in the room, (ropes appear in cave with lake) go back out, jump to the lone pillar and drop from the W side, you will slide safely back to the bottom of the cave, go back to the cave with the lake.

Cave with the Lake.

Climb up on the higher ledge on E wall and use the ropes to swing to the centre ledge, when you stand on the most W point, you can see something on a ledge in front left, run jump to the blue icy pillar and slide/grab, go left and backflip/roll to land in an alcove. Jump to the next ledge W and turn around, see the ladder on the pillar and run jump/grab there, go up and backflip from the snowy slope to the one behind, slide to Secret #1, Revolver, Ammo and small medipack. Jump back to the pillar with the ladder and go down, hang over the alcove and drop/grab back in, go W and to the corner passage, use the Jump switch inside to blow out those ice windows in the E wall of the cave, go out, drop from the ledge at the exit down into the water below and find a tunnel in the S wall. Swim in and left for a Medipack, right for a small medipack and in the back left for Ammo and the Armoury Key and in the back right for Ammo, now you can swim back to the E and climb out in the NE corner, up the ladder and get into the new area, get several sets of Ammo and the Pump Access Card.

Scene 2.

Go back the entrance to the Ice caves, past Whitey left and up the ladder and the stairs to the Loading docks, into the S passage behind the truck and place the Yellow Key to open an under water door in the sea. Go to the N side of the Sea and find a small building (the Armoury) on the banks. Open it with the Armoury Key and get a Secret (?) inside. (Walrus told me thereís a bug here, he will fix one time, as for me the game went back to desktop and I couldnít get in.) Go back to the sea and dive in on S side, follow that wall till you find the under water door between 2 pillars. Save in front and dive in, go up in the hole a bit inside and follow left to the end for some Ammo, go back and get air and swim in again, (itís a long swim) this time keep right at the crossing, after you swam up in the hole, you will pass a ladder and end up in the under water room, go to the far right corner and follow the tunnel to a crossing, go right and into the tunnel left, up to throw a switch that will show the propellers, swim back out and right, 2nd right and up for the 2nd switch, the water is partially drained, so be careful when you go back, down the ladder and left/left, up the ladder and use your Blue Key in the centre tunnel. The gate in the former under water room opens, so go back through the dry tunnels to that room and jump to the gate, go to the Power Plant.

The Power Plant.

Go in the direction of the brown door and left into a passage up to a Machine, get the small medipack left of it and stand on the low ledge next to it, turn to the machine while shooting it a couple of times, till you hear something crack and the machine starts. A door opens. Go out and right, left down the passage with the blue pillars, shoot a Guard and get some Ammo and a small medipack, shoot a Guard coming from behind while you follow the passage down and get some more Ammo on a left block below, opposite is a door, stand on the ledge in front of it and stand jump/grab the blue Monkey swing ceiling in the centre of the passage going down to a fence, go left around the corner to drop/grab a Jump switch, go back to the door which will be open now, follow to a slide, stand left and slide/jump/grab a sloped pillar a bit left, pull up and slide/jump to the bank and shoot the Guard. The first set of doors need a swipe card, enter the next you opened starting the Machine. Go down to an old factory, shoot the Guards and get the Goodies scattered around.

Go to the N side to use the Pump Access card, the last water will drain from the sea tunnels. Go out to the cave and right, get some Ammo on the walkway W before you go into a newly opened door; go up with the elevator to get Secret #2, a bunch of Goodies. Leave through the trapdoor again and swim into the W cave, get out on the bank where you will find an old Reactor in a cave.

The Old Reactor.

Go into the far SW corner and get some Ammo from a crawlspace, find a passage in S wall and shoot the Guard, go up a ladder and take the shortcut (otherwise you have to go all the way around), by run jumping to a sloped yellow part on the reactor left, jump to backflip off to a passage there and follow the passage to a small room where a Whitey is standing guard, shoot him anyway to get his Pass Card 1, go out and jump to the sloped yellow part right and backflip to the exit again. Go back down to the Lake and swim right to the waterfall, get out on the ledge right of it and climb the ladder to get on the waterfall, go on and see the door in the Power plant opening up, so go back and once again into the NE passage down to the water, into the small door and perform the same trick at the slide, go to the 1st set of doors and open them with your Pass Card. Enter, throw the switch and hop on the elevator which will take you up to a brown passage, go over some trapdoors to the room with the burners and a Guard up on a block, shooting at you.

Burner room.

Take him out and go up to the block, crawl either left or right and into the corner. Face the block and stand up when the burner is off, backflip and jump/grab the block, throw the switch to open the heavily guarded door at the entrance of the Base. Go down and to the passage with the trapdoors, open the W one and dive down in the lake, go W and left, to the waterfall, through the Power plant and down the NE passage once more, slide over the water and enter the 2nd set of doors, the waterfall, up to the Power plant and to the under water room, into the sea tunnels S, climb down the ladder, because all the water is gone, follow the passage, left at the crossing and down into the tunnel at the sea door, go S and up a ladder, down the next and go through the water on the right side (most shallow) and to the entrance of the Base, shoot the 2 Guards and get some Goodies from the boxes. Enter the Base and the door will close behind you, follow the passage and the level will endÖ