The Valley of Kings & Tomb of Achnaton.

Level by Gerbil.

Walkthrough Dutchy.


After Lara had returned from the Tomb of Horus with the Amulet of Horus, she learnt that itís only a fake artefact, a copy of the real amulet, which is still hidden somewhere in Egypt and waits for discovering. Soon Lara found out that the original Amulet of Horus is located in the Tomb of Achnaton (probably the father of pharaoh Tutanchamon) and itís purpose is clear: when Lara released Set with the fake Amulet, she also turned the time mechanism in real Amulet, placed in the Valley of the Kings. After this mechanism stops, Seth will be absolutely free and no one can stop him. So Lara have to travel to Tomb of Achnaton, find the original Amulet of Horus and destroy it. But, of course, the former Von Croyīs soldiers are still in Egypt and when they saw that Lara is back, they decided to kill her at once...

Your mission: find the secret way to the ruins of ancient city (buried in Valley of the Kings) which leads to the Tomb of Achnaton, but be on your lookout for desert soldiers who desire for vengeance.

Level 1: Return to The Valley of Kings.

1st Valley.

Lara stands behind a closed gate she just stepped through, go to the NW corner of this valley to find the Revolver. Shoot some Scorps. There are some openings high up E, but no way to get there so head up the rocks S and go through the opening to another valley.

2nd Valley.

Down there are 3 Ninjas waiting for your arrival, donít go down yet, from the ledge in the opening between the 2 Valleys you can run jump around the right hand corner to a pillar in the NW corner of the 2nd valley. Jump around the next corner and then grab the crack in the W wall, go shimmy left to the opening in the S wall. Go in for Secret #1, Ammo. Go out and grab the crack again, go shimmy right till youíre over a sloped pillar below (if you want a man to woman fight you drop on the sloped pillar and fight it out. Otherwise go right to the flat pillar in the corner and shoot them from above before they even moved. After taking them out you can get a Medipack one of them dropped, get some Flares E and Ammo in the W and notice a ladder back up to where you came from in the NE corner, you can just as easily climb up the blocks NW.

Thereís a walkthrough wall in the green plants to the right, go through and left, get some Ammo in an alcove to the right and follow the passage up to a room with a Spike-pit in the corner, go outside and throw the lever on the roof over those big doors that will open up. Just run off from the lever to the palm tree N and land on that block below. Shoot the Scorps and enter the doors, go right to enter the Main room.

Main room.

The goal is to get that S door open. I counted 8 gates around this room, three of which need Cartouches and only one is open. So better get into that one first, eh?

right hand Gate E:

2 more gates inside and some Ammo around the right hand corner at the pool. Dive into the pool and swim into the E tunnel at the crossing go right (to the left leads to a trap involving a Medipack.) and follow to a room with Mummies. Go to the pole in the next room and go up, shoot the NE vase for Ammo and get a Medipack on the ledge before you head into the S passage, grab the ceiling to go over the pit and go left at the other end to throw a lever that will open the gate at that pool below.

Statue puzzle for the 1st Ba Cartouche.

Go to the W side at the crossing and reach a room with 2 Statues, they have to go to the other side of the room, on the 2 Tiles next to the pillar at the pedestal that holds the 1st Ba Cartouche, on both sides of the room is some Ammo to find and a block will lower in the central shaft of the room, go down and shoot the Scorp, follow the passage to a Spike-pit, slide and jump, go on to that open gate and go left at the pool. The gate at the lions is open so you can return to the Main room.

Main room.

Place the Cartouche in either one of the W receptacles (makes no difference), throw the lever inside and you get a screenshot of the S door, thatís one, two to go. Go to the E side and the next gate opened.

Centre Gate E:

Climb the ladder, go through the crawlspace and shoot a Ninja in the lower passage before you go get a small medipack from the vase next to the crawlspace, the Ninja dropped his Ammo, proceed to a huge room.

The Huge room for the 2nd Ba Cartouche.

Go left and along the N wall to the centre 2 wooden beams on the floor, in the wall there, is an alcove with Flares, head to the NE corner to throw a lever in a short passage in N wall to open a gate somewhere. Go to the SE corner, past the closed gates in the E wall between the statues and on a ledge on S wall is the Laser sight.

Climb the ledge on E wall, climb up the blocks left and turn around on top, run jump/grab the ledge with the ladder and follow the path over the ledges to the SW corner, go into the top of the room where the Ninja was before and up the ladder to the left. Youíll come to the passage where you saw the gate opening up before (the other gate in this upper passage will open shortly, so remember how you got here). Thereís a lever to the right and that will start fires on the ledges in the Huge room and the 1st gate E opens up. Go back as the other gate is still closed and after climbing down the ladder you can safety drop down to the room there, go N and to the Huge room. To the SW corner where a gate opened behind a statue on the ledge, pull the statue aside and go in to throw the lever that will open that 2nd gate up in the passage you were before.

Head back up the blocks in the SE corner and over the ledges, the ladder to that upper passage and enter the new room shoot the Ninja and notice the 3 levers, first get some Ammo in the back and only use the lever closest to that Ammo, because the other two will burn you. The Flyby will show the second E gate opening up and behind it is the Hand.

Go down the ladder and drop to the ground floor again, go to the Huge room and enter the E passage to get the Hand of Orion. Go out and to the NW corner of the room, up the ladder there and over to these beams with the flames with run jump/grabs, from the 2nd beam up to the left and climb to where you can place the Hand. A Crypt opens up in the centre of the Huge room. Grab the Ammo on this ledge and go jump to the NW corner ledge and get into the green crawlspace in E wall to get Secret #2, Ammo.

Go back out to the ledge and safety drop down. Go down in that Crypt in the centre of the room and shoot the Scorps, get the Medipack and head N, crawl under the Dart-trap and stand up at the pit, hop over and save in the entrance of the next room. A Boulder will come down as you go up so run jump onto one of the side ledges and get the Ammo, go up the ladder in the other end of the room to come out to those openings in the top of the 1st Valley. You saw before, shoot some Ninjas below and go into the passage to the right, shoot the Scorps and get the 2nd Ba Cartouche from the Tomb.

Main room.

Run down onto that sloped pillar in front of the crawlspace you came from and grab the edge, drop again and go down to the valley floor like this, up the S rocks and over into the Main room again. Open the next gate W and go to the E side.

left hand Gate E:

Dart-traps and Boulders for the 3rd Ba Cartouche.

Carefully make your way through those Dart-traps and notice the Boulder over the next slope, well his little friend will come from the opposite side, so you have to get into the left passage down there fast and slide through Dart-traps, quickly jump/grab over the Spike-pitand go up to a room with Mummies.

There are 2 levers for the 2 gates here, one NW (Which is a Death-trap all together so donít go into the N gate) and one SW, both have Boulder-traps, so while Lara throws the lever, hold the backflip keys to get away in time.

Next to the SW lever is a crawlspace with Secret #3, Ammo. The gate S has a nice little room, RUN in through the Darts along the left side and stop just before the lower part of the floor, wait for the Boulder to drop and look in the passage where Boulder that came from the right came from, go up the crawlspace up in left wall and get Secret #4, another Revolver and Flares. Go back to the Boulder passage, right and jump over the Boulder(s), run jump over a Spike-pitin the next green part of the floor and shoot the vase for the Ammo, the 3rd Ba Cartouche is on a pedestal in the back (a gate opens), shoot the Scorp and go up the ladder where the vase was and backflip/roll off, run into the Main room and shoot 4 Ninjas.

Main room.

Place the final Ba Cartouche W and throw the lever to open the S door. Go in and shoot the 2 vases for the Uzis and Ammo. Go S and to the next level.

Level 2: the Tomb of Achnaton.

Donít use the revised wads for this level or it will crash every time when Lara dies and reload starts.

Shoot the Scorps coming out of the crevices in the wall as you go over to the Ante-chamber of the Tomb, a Hellhound attacks. Thereís Ammo NE and some along the W wall next to a pillar, careful, thereís a Spike-pit in the green stuff in front of the S ladder, go up that ladder and over the ledge to the Monkey swing, go to the N room and shoot the pesky Bat, use a reach-in switch to the right in the first part of the room (opens the W gate below), in the second part of the room is a statue that needs the Timeless sands (remember). Drop from the ledge outside and go to that W gate to reach a Multi level room.

The Multi-level Room 1.  

The way to get to:

1st Floor.

Go to the SW and run jump/grab the ledge in the corner, go up the ladder and backflip to the ledge onÖ

2nd Floor.

Run jump to the centre ledge E

3rd Floor.  Climb up either ledge from here, (later). But now first goÖ

To the first opening.

Go left, shoot a Bat and jump to the N, go jump around the corner to the NE corner and climb up left, to the ledge above.

Grab the Ammo in front of the passage in the corner and slide down backwards, grab the edge and shimmy all the way left to where you can pull up in the crawlspace, drop/hand in the pit at the other end and shimmy around, go up the ladder to the left and to the top of it (the passage halfway up is the exit for later), off to the left and jump over the pit, follow to a lower passage shooting 2 Hellhounds.

Drop to the lower passage and come to a room with a pit and itís filled with Spikes, run jump/grab the pillar in the pit and pull up, immediately run jump (Boulder) to the ledge ahead and roll, run jump back to the central pillar as another Boulder comes down the slope, then go to where the second Boulder came from and climb up to a room where you can pick up some Uzis, before you go up the passage in the corner.

Jump over the 1st two pits and at the next wider pit you can just run off the ledge to land on the only safe Tile down there, get into the crawlspace to the right to get Secret #5, 3 Ammo pickups. Crawl out and stand jump/grab the ladder to the left, go up and now run jump/grab over the pit. Pull up and immediately stand jump to the higher ledge as a Boulder will crash into the spot you pull up to. Climb down the ladder at the end of the passage and youíre in another big room.

The Sand Room.

(the screenshots in this room only last 1/1000 of a second (at least in my game) so I can only state what I think they showed)

Main goal is to fill two Tanks with sand as this sand will come out of a now sand-filled room somewhere up in this place, so you can pull the chain there to open a wall on ground floor of the Multi level room.

Filling the 1st Tank.

Straight to the W wall in the NW corner youíll find a ladder in the left hand corner, go up and to a big empty Tank, in the Tank is a Medipack, drop in to get it and just grab up to the wall again to get up (that ladder structure isnít a ladder) Thereís one more Tank like this in the S, but that one has no Goody. Go over the ledge on W wall to the ledge sticking out to the E and run jump/grab the rope, swing to the E side and go right past the gate (which will be the exit later) to the opening in the SE corner. Follow through to big stairs in a room where 2 Hellhounds attack.

Go into the passage right of the stairs to throw a lever under the stairs (think it showed the opening of a gate). Go back along the other side of the stairs and get the Ammo, back through the E passage to the Sand room, follow the E ledge to an opening in the NE corner, thereís a room in the end with a Scorp, some Ammo hidden in a tiny NE alcove, crawl in and out or youíll get stuck. Go to the green W wall and this is another walkthrough wall, go up to the 1st floor and hereís the open gate, go in and pull the chain (lowers a block on the big stairs in the SE room). Then throw the lever and the 1st Tank will fill with sand.

Filling the 2nd Tank.

Drop from the 1st floor and go back along the E ledges to that SE room and up the stairs, find the lowered block and get in, (this way youíll bypass the deadly Knife-trap at the end of the upper passage) crawl to the right and follow to a room with 2 statues, kill the Scorp and get the small medipack to the right, look behind the left hand statue for the lever that will fill the 2nd Tank. Go back through the crawlspace and climb up at the lowered block. Follow the passage out to the ledge in the sand room and go left, drop from the ledge there, slide and get the Ammo in the SE corner.

Go to the Statue between the two tanks W, to the right of the statue is an opening wall, go in and shoot the Hellhound, go to the chain in the back that will open a gate high up in E wall of the Sand room, go up the left side ladder to highest point of the right hand ladder backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind and go up to the upper room. Go straight into the dark, here are some Flares in the corner and a crawlspace on the other wall, around the pillar (beware of the pit) and into the now cleaned out SE corner room. Pull the chain to open the wall in the structure on ground floor of the Multi-level room.

Go back to the crawlspace and to the ladders, climb down the first and drop to the slope below, safety drop to the floor, go out to the ladder in NW corner of the room. Climb back up to the Tank, go to the rope and swing E to go into that open gate a bit right of where you land, follow the passage down to a ladder you climbed to the top before and go down. Standjmp/grab over the pit and get into the crawlspace drop out and climb around the pit again, go up to the 3rd Floor of the Multi-level room.

The Multi-level Room 2.  

Jump to the green ledge SE go one floor down in the NW and look for a dark ledge down in the NW corner, thereís a crawlspace in N wall, go in and follow to a room with Secret #6, the Shotgun and Ammo. Go back and out on the ledge. Look down to spot those howling Hellhounds and shoot them if you can, drop down, get the Flares at your feet and get into the SW crawlspace for the Ammo, thereís also a Medipack to find in the NE corner. Go to the central structure (S side) and enter to throw the lever inside (opens a door way up in the Golden door room).

The Golden door room, opening the NE gate.

Go out and climb the wooden block left. Turn to jump/grab up to the 1st floor and go up to the 2nd floor as you did before, then to the 3rd floor and there to the N wall where a single ledge in the centre of that wall (to the right of that colourful pillar) will allow you to run jump/grab up even higher and make your way to the SE corner where you can climb a ladder up to the room with the Golden doors, kill that Hellhound. Notice the N door is open, shoot the Scorps inside and pull the first chain left for a gate and the chain around the corner (I couldnít make out what it did so fast). Go back to the room and go to the NE opening in the floor.

Run off to a ledge below on E wall and jump past the Spike-trap to Secret #7, a Medipack in the dark. Drop one floor down from the Secret and get some Ammo from the reach-in wall N. Run off the ledge to the S at the E wall and land just over the spike-trap, go to the central ledge with those poles and go over to the N wall ledges with the Oil lamp, there is a crack in the N wall and you can use that to get over to the opened gate NE.

NE gate, Guardian Key, to open the 2nd gate.

Standing in the opening you can shoot a Hellhound below and the stand jump to a ledge around the left corner and then to the next, look S and stand jump/grab up to the higher floor and turn around, go into a passage with rooms to the left. First is empty, second a death-trap and the last a Spike-trap, side jump past the spikes (corner) and get the Medipacks. Return to the entrance and look for the ledge in the S, grab up and jump/grab the rope to swing to the N ledge, go into the upper rooms and light a flare to spot the holes in the floor, shoot the Hellhound.

Go to the lever that will fill a pit with sand. Drop down from the hole next to the lever and head back out to the S, jump over the hole you came up from turn, run of to the corner ledge below, drop from it, get the Flares. Notice the ladder under the gate SW and go to the S, up to that pit you filled. On the other side is a reach-in switch that will open the N gate in the room with the rope. So head back climb the ladder you saw earlier and jump the ledges to get up to that room again. 2 Hellhounds await your arrival, go in the gate to come to a dark pit, drop in the pit and use a flare to spot the Guardian Key.

Go up to the next room. Get some Ammo near the statue and climb the NE block with the wall-torch, jump/grab up to the ledge N and use the Guardian Key there (to lower a block on a ledge over the entrance so you can access a ladder there). Run jump from here to the pillar SW, then to the ledge on the wall and follow the ledge along the wall, a run jump/grab to get to that SE ledge over the entrance. Be sure not to have a flare in your hand and drop/hang from the left side, shimmy left to the ladder, go up to the top and backflip off to a ledge. Jump to the pillar SW and then a run jump/grab to a Spike-ledge N, shimmy left and pull up to go over to the SW corner, grab to the high pillar E and use the Monkey swing (Lara sticks her head in the ceiling) to get to the opening in E wall, thereís a lever that will open up a hole in the ground floor.

The last Gate.

So go back to the Monkey swing to the high pillar W and jump to the W ledge, you can run off this one to the high pillar below and E of the ledge and drop down that one. In the hole in the floor is a chain that will open a gate high up in the Multi level room. (the pit opposite this chain is deadly) Go out and climb the ladder out of the pit, go to the room with the rope S and over the hole, roll and run down to the ledge in the corner, jump around to the SW corner and out of the gate.

The Multi-level Room 3.  

I couldnít grab the crack again, so go drop down and up again in the SW corner, go to the S side to the ledge on the s wall and climb that enormous pillar-ladder. Run jump/grab to the opening SW, climb down to the open gate and proceed to a room with big stairs.

The Last Gate.

Shoot the 2 Hellhounds and go into the room to the E, the ledges on the floor (including the circles) are a clue to the room with the Glass floor later, but this info isnít quite correct too as I found out. Go to the stairs and climb over the wall to the right of the stairs to get some Ammo in the trench behind it and Flares over the left side wall, go back on the stairs and to the S (a flyby will show you absolutely nothing new).

Thereís a nasty Knife-trap in this passage and I couldnít find a way to de-activate it, so I ran over the sandy tile left in the passage and stopped on the 2nd tile after that, Knifes dropped in back and front, then immediately stand jump forward to avoid the Knives coming down where you stand, save and look in the left corner for more Flares, then go W.

Room with the Glass Floor.

There are 2 circles just visible in the floor (see screen below), the 1st safe Tile is the one at the E wall, 2nd from the entrance, stand jump around the right and stand on the W side of it to spot that 2nd circle W, run jump/grab to the right side of the center of that circle and youíll grab the next safe tile, now run jump/grab into the W opening.



Head on to a dark cave with no available path (you think, just do a long run jump/grab straight to the other sides opening and youíll grab an invisible bridge. Go into the opposite opening and crawl to the room beyond, shoot a bunch of Scorps and pull the chain in the corner to open the 2nd door in the Golden door room. Go out and in the dark cave, look into the SE corner where youíll spot a pillar. Run jump/grab to an invisible ledge left of that pillar and climb up to the alcove in the S wall to get Secret#8, a pile of Ammo. Time to head back to the Multi-level room. Remember? Through the Room with the Glass Floor, down the stairs and N, up the ladder and run jump/grab to the high pillar E.

The Multi-level Room 4.  

Then a run jump to the ledge in the SE corner and go up the ladder to the top.

The Golden door room 2, for the Timeless sands.

The W door is open now, go in to take the Timeless Sands from the pedestal, go down the ladder or take the route down the NE hole in the floor.

The Amulet of Horus. 

Make your way over to the NE corner of 1st floor and go out to the room with the ladder in the S (remember that Spike-pit do you?) Up the ladder and over the Monkey swing to the N room, in the back room was the statue to place the Timeless Sands. The door below in the SE corner opens, drop out from the ledge at the Monkey swing and go in, follow over a pit to the pedestal with the Amulet of Horus and grab it, then quickly do a hop back because Knifes will drop down, roll and run jump around the corner over the pit as a Spike-ball is on your heels. Go to the room with the Monkey swing and a flyby WILL show you this time where to go, go N and to the opening you just saw and leave the levelÖ

Dutchy 21-02-2005.