Forgotten Grave.

Level by Slobodan Markovic

Unauthorized walkthrough by G&D Productions

The level starts in a room, jump up and get a small medipack. Find your way up the dunes in the NE corner (by jumping towards it from the NE) and get the SHOTGUN and shotgun ammo. Get back in and pick up the flares. Go into the opening and down the stairs. Watch out, as there is a pit with a scorpion in it.

To the right in the next room are some ammo and a ninja. Grab up to the crack on the E side of the centre block (there were the ammo was) and shimmy all the way around to where you can get the UZIS. Drop down again.

Entering the next room you’ll see in the fly by that Lara needs a Cartouche. Get the flares and climb the ladder in the NE corner. Enter the room upstairs and get the small medipack in the water. Flip the lever right and enter the open gate. Slide down, kill the scorpion, and follow through. At the end, grab the monkey climb, and enter the next room. Get the BA CARTOUCHE.

Jump down, kill the scorpions and get the SIGHT. There is an opening SW, follow through, slide down and place the Cartouche.

Enter the double doors. Kill the ninja and get the ammo. Go up the stairs and a running jump/grab to the ladder N. Crawl in and find some flares in the room. Flip the lever and go E and slide down, ending up in a cave with mummies. There is some ammo and a lever SW (cut scene).

NW is an opening, jump in the water and start swimming. Pick up some grenade ammo. Swim up and get some air. On the bottom you’ll find arrows and revolver ammo on a ledge. Climb out of the water and in the N wall is a crawlspace (use a flare to see it). In the room at the end is a lever (cut scene).

Go back and climb out of the water and now jump to the W. Watch out for a spiked pit. Climb the flight of stairs and at the end pick up the HAND OF ORION.

Down the stairs, over the pit to the other side, the door is open. Up the stairs and climb the pole and a back flip to the ledge there. Shoot some scorpions, more stairs and follow that corridor. Slide down and go the room next and place the Hand behind a column next to the gate.

If you want to see what is behind that door you saw in the cut scene, go to the SW corner, crawl in and drop on the floor. The gate is W, follow through and climb the ladder. Back flip to a ledge and use the lever there. Get down and through the open gate S. Get SECRET #1, GRENADE LAUNCHER, ammo, arrows and medipack.

Go back through the corridor and climb back op the stairs and the ladder N. Get up the stairs and shoot a scorpion and get some shotgun ammo. At the end take a running jump with grab and pull up, slide onto the left slope and jump, go on slide jumping till you are at the ledge with the arrows. Jump NW into alcove and down a ladder. Follow through and go left and once around the corner save. Boulders so sprint down and go right into opening. Jump down, turn around and follow through. (You could have jumped straight into the SW opening with the gate, the gate opens when you approach, this is another way to get to the Secret)   

End up in a room with sand on the floor and Lara’s gaze is fixed. Look at the ceiling there it shows where it is safe to walk. Get the grenade ammo. And make your way to the ladder W. Save on top of the slide, slide down and jump that burning pit. Down some steps and get into a crawlspace.

Straight forward is some ammo, in the other corner next to the central structure, (there) is some more ammo. See the double doors and go E, pass the statues and left is the CROSSBOW. Keep going E, killing some scorpions.

Next room has more statues and also a double door. Behind the statues are openings, both lead to the same place. The flare bug kicks in here. Go S, turn around and climb ladder and in the room there is a mummy and a lever, at the other end you can pick up some ammo. Get down again and the double door is open now.

The fly by will show you the Grave. The REVOLVER is near the SE pillar and then get into the opening in the floor behind the statues. Follow through and go E and jump into the water and swim in the opening S.

Big underwater room with a pyramid

On top of the pyramid you can find one half of the EYE PIECE. Climb out and kill some scorpions. Find the lever W and push it. Go through the gate you saw in the fly by. In the next room around the corner right is another lever. Pick up the AMULET OF HORUS and between all the treasure at the N wall is the second half of the EYE PIECE and make your way back to the water. Swim NE and climb out, back to the Grave chamber.

A gate N is open, so go in and use the lever. Turn around and go into the other open gate S. Get another HAND OF ORION and use that on the S wall. Behind the door right is some ammo. Go to the door in the end and combine the two Eye pieces and use the EYE OF HORUS on the door.

Room with pool

Shoot at the two ninja’s that come out the corridor N. Go in there and find the ladder. Almost at the top, back flip and climb higher. After climbing some steps, shoot the ninja. Around the corner (N) are some steps going down. There the level ends.