Hell’s Kitchen.

Level by Agnes.

Authorized walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty.

Here is a little map for the street level if you want...

Level 1: Hell’s Kitchen.

You’re in the backstreets of a city. Look behind you. There’s a grating you can shoot, but I’m not sure it does anything, shoot it anyway. The nice little dumpster in the corner is pushable, but there’s nothing under it.

The Streets/ Revolver.

Head N through Main street and shoot some Dogs at the Alley with the yellow car to the left, go on N. A little onwards to the left is a Cash machine in the wall, remember that and go left into W-street at the next crossing. To the right is a small alcove with a Jump switch, throw it and it will open a gate in E-Street, notice the gate opposite the Jump switch and one more in the NW corner of this dead end. Go E and straight into E-street, to the right and up in the wall is a grating you can shoot from standing on the opposite sidewalk. Grab up to get the Revolver from the hole. To the N, behind the little red Deux-chevaux Citroën is the gate you’ve opened, there’s one more gate behind the boxes E and there’s a Gun behind it (later).

1st Store room/ Laser sight.

Enter the open gate and shoot the Thug to the left, shoot the box on the crate and get the small medipack. Then climb the crate S and run jump up to the 1st floor walkway to the N, there are Chains swinging from the ceiling here, climb the lower crate on N wall and look in the E wall for the grating you can shoot from here. Go E and jump into the SE window behind the chain, jump/grab around the corner to pull up into the duct. Follow the ducts to the top of the store room go UP (nothing down there) the stairs and climb the crates on the S wall to get the Laser sight. Find the fast way down by running down into the direction of that N crate below and drop back to ground floor and out to the street.

The Streets.

Go to the right and right again at the crossing with Main street, notice the trapdoor in the entrance in N wall where the street goes around the right into N-street. There’s an Alley to the left with a yellow car, go in and talk to the Bum there, then go to the end of the alley and shoot the grating, get behind the pipe and throw the switch in the NW corner. This will open the gate E in N-street, so go back out of the alley and left, through the gate and follow into the alley to the right, shoot the Dog and in the alley are some boxes to shoot. Get the Shotgun that looks like an AK-47 and a small medipack from between the crates.

Go out of this alley and straight in front of you is a gate which needs a key and that key fell through the grating in the road to the E, you can see it there. Go into the alley right of the gate and climb the steaming vent (stay to the left a bit) and on the roof you’ll find some Money and you’ll get a cut scene of that Cash machine in Main-street. Drop down from the roof and head W, at the corner head S down Main-street in the direction of where the level started and to the right is the Cash machine, put your money in and go S, to the right into the alley with the yellow car and see some blocks went up.

Climb up and jump/grab up to the walkway W. Go to the E side and jump over the fence (I did a side jump) to the walkway in Main-street, follow to the N and around the corner to the S, go left into the building and grab some Ammo in the end of the passage (the passage to the W and down the stairs leads to a closed door, that will open after a timed run later). Go back out to the walkway and look up to the N wall to spot the grating on top of the ladder, shoot it with the Revolver/Laser sight and jump over to the other side, jump to the roof near the N wall and quickly get past the steam to the W side, climb down from the roof, get the Flares there and go back up, go up the ladder into the crawlspace.

The Offices.

Drop into the room and shoot the Thug that will drop some Ammo, go to the N side door and it will open, the left side door inside is an office where you can find a small medipack at the N window the other office is empty. Go back out to the room and down the stairs in the W, on the next floor is another Thug, the offices here are empty. Go on down to the end of the stairs and get the Ammo from under the stairs, go into the E room and shoot the Thug, at the E window is a button that will open a window somewhere. In the N offices you can find more Ammo. Head back up the stairs one floor and go into the N door, into the left office.

Back Alleys.

Drop out of the window to a walkway over a square, drop down from the walkway and head for the dumpster in the NW corner, squeeze between the dumpster and the wall and push it aside to get Secret #1, a Medipack. Go to the fenced off area E with the burning barrel and climb the wall left of the barrel, onto the r hand walkway and jump around the corner to the NW, on the right hand wall in the corner there, is another ladder, go up and right. around the corner to a grating up in he wall, shoot it (Revolver) and grab/climb up in. Follow to a ladder down into a shaft. You can climb the opposite ladder to get some Flares and then go down to follow the duct to the crawlspace.

Crawl to where you can shoot the grating and drop out onto a walkway, run off onto the crates below and go around to the E wall to shoot some boxes, the last one holds Ammo, turn left and push that crate away from the switch behind it, this switch opens the trapdoor to the Sewers.

Climb up to the E walkway and run jump/grab over to the W side, go into the left room and find that trapdoor you’ve opened.

Into the Sewers.

Drop in and swim E, (the S end leads only to dead end manifolds in the streets) go left into the fist tunnel and straight, up into a shaft at that Key you saw before. Climb out and get it. Dive back in and go straight, first right is closed off, at the next crossing to the left and then left again at the crossing with the box ahead, then to the right (at the shaft up ahead where you could get some air) and follow to the shaft up to a fenced off room, shoot the fence and all the boxes in the next room.

Little Timed run.

In the NW corner is a switch that will open a timed gate up on the steps SE, so pull, roll and run to the steps, go up fast and pull out a gun to shoot the Thug as you enter the next room. Use your key on the lock and get the next key from the left side room, shoot the other 2 Thugs that appeared back in the room and head down to the sewer again, swim left at all crossings and up into a room with a trapdoor. (If you go downstairs to the red door W (left of the timed switch) it will open on approach, go left to come to the now open door to the right that leads up to the passage near the offices. But I though this to be a detour.)

The Streets.

Open it and come up in that entrance in N-street. Go E and to N square, open that gate left and go down to…

Level 2: Underground.

Be careful, Lara can actually be killed by that train if you sprint in front of it, so better take it slow.

The Station.

In the station to the left is a closed door where you can see a Key, go on to the W and at the trapdoor (in the track) is a ladder in that alcove on S wall, go up and to the right, walk slowly down to the gate and a Boulder will smash down through the gate, drop down into a shaft and land in a water filled room, get the Ammo in the NE corner and climb up the ledge, shoot the white part of the under water pipe and the room will flood even more. In the NW corner, over the ledge you just stood on is an under water lever that will open a gate down in the NW corner of the room, go in there to get the Key. Look for the now open gate in the S wall (over the pipe you shot) and swim up to a shaft, shoot some Bats on your way up to a cave with a pool and a bridge spanning the cave.

The Cave.

Dive in and swim to a ladder on the W side, climb up the right hand side and go to the crack and briefly release the “Ctrl” key to hang with your hands, so you can shimmy right to the ledge with the switch. Throw the switch to open a gate at the S end of the bridge (for later). Dive back in and swim SE to a crack left of the corner pillar. Get some air and save in front. Dive into the crack and swim left (to the S is nothing to do) go N and (straight you’ll see a closed gate) first right, keep going right to a shaft up to a room with a trapdoor, open it and shoot the Thug waiting for you up there, go to the end of the passage to throw the switch that will open that under water gate back in the tunnels. Dive back in and go right at all crossings to end up in a long tunnel where that gate opened, in the end you go up to another room with a trapdoor, climb up to the tracks again.

Go back to the Station and open that red door with the Key you have at the pillar opposite the fence. Get the Key inside and you’ll see a gate opening up. Go to the crossing with the trapdoor, to the right and shoot the box for the Flares inside, head to the sloped N end of the track, turn around and backflip to the track, jump/grab the Jump switch. This will open a gate on the SW track we go to later.

Go W over the rack, past the trapdoor to the right and shoot the stray Dog, go straight to a caved in part of the tunnel ahead, climb up in the right hand corner and go get Secret #2, a stack of Ammo in front of the window. Down to the tracks again and go to the S track, through that open gate and notice the Danger sign.

Turn around at the start of the slope and take 5 hops backwards up the slope, then sprint back down past that gate and wait for the Boulder to stop. Jump over the Boulder and look up right at the gate, climb the wall and go into the tunnel to get Secret #3, a Medipack and Ammo. Head up the sloped track to the S and go over that bridge through the cave you’ve visited before. Watch out for the passing train and go right/right again and through that gate you opened taking the last Key.

Chain jumps.

Shoot the box in the next room to the right to get the small medipack and shoot the N fence to go onto the broken track to a pit, drop backwards of the edge and go down to the sloped part, drop and slide, grab the edge and pull up, backflip/roll/grab the chain, go down a bit and turn around, backflip to the ledge between the 2 chains. Stand jump/grab to the next chain and go up 3 steps, turn around and backflip/roll off, immediately jump when you land on the sloped track and land under the vertical hanging track, climb up to the track above.

(If you go right here and run around the corner below, you’ll bump straight into a burning barrel, NOT GOOD!!)

So go left at the crossing and follow the tracks (shooting 2 stray Dogs, be careful, if they push you into that train there, you’re stuck inside). You’ll come to an abandoned station, go to the N end and jump over the rubble to climb up into the left hand crawlspace, drop out of the tunnel in a lower passage and go N.

The Store room.

Shoot the Thug in the corner of the passage and go into the Store room, just to the left of the track at the entrance is some Ammo. Notice the blue part in the floor to the left and go into the lower S side and look for the shootable piece of pipe W and in front of the push crate. Pull the crate once through the steam and go around it to use the Jump switch to raise that blue block N in the room and all the pipes in the room are gone. Go climb the S stack of crates between the 2 top crates and push the left one into the corner (first a pipe blocked this move), get the small medipack and head N to climb that blue crate, pull the E crate onto the blue one and go around to use the switch that was behind the crate. A Boulder will drop into a shaft somewhere.

Go back out to the passage W and follow to a small cave, on W wall is a pushcrate, push it into the corner and head into the crawlspace where you saw the Boulder fall before.

Climb down into the shaft and go S through the water, shoot some Bats (from standing on higher ground and go right, then left to use your Key at the gate.

The Waterworks.

Step into the large room with a lot of pipes and water, dive down and swim to the centre of S wall, behind the block with the pipe is some Ammo, then go to the SE corner and climb up to an alcove with a pipe, under the pipe you’ll find a small medipack, dive back in and swim SW, climb up to the alcove there, turn around and run jump to the ledge with the “Employees Only” sign. Drop/hang from the left side and go all the way left and around the corner Lara will get her feet up, from that point a backflip/roll/grab to a pillar behind you and shimmy to the ledge left, get up and use the switch to flood the room.

Swim over to the triangular hole in S wall and go in. Arm with Shotgun or Revolver, save and slide down into a room where that Guy lives you heard laughing all the time. Shoot him a couple of times circling him (try to hit him in the side) and the run of to a corner and you should hear him drop. Always different the outcome of this fight, so give it a couple of tries and finally you’ll end up with the Key he drops. If you happen to run out of Ammo, there’s some behind the SE brick structure. The key will fit the W lock and the level ends…

D&G productions 15-02-2005.