Quest for the Roses.

2 The Opal Rose.

Level by Amber Lion.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

1 The Second Note.

Get out of bed and finally meet a Dog that doesnít attack. Go out the door and to the right, you can have a look in the bathroom to the right but I didnít find anything there. So head E, down the stairs and go into the kitchen to the left of the fire place, look in the window sill for the Gate Key, head out and to the W, open the gate and enter the empty (except for the Sapphire Rose) Trophy room, push the button on the W wall to open the House gates and go to the front door, open it with the button and head for the jeep, youíll stumble onto a Scroll, examine that and it reads:

Lara, Iím so pleased you found the Sapphire Rose, now itís time to find the Opal Rose in the jungle of Brazil, beware of the Giant Bird. Your secret admirer.

Go to the jeep and youíll be taken to the jungle of BrazilÖ

2 The Opal Rose.

Shoot the vase and the fence behind it, slide backwards down the slope and grab the edge, go shimmy left and pull up on the ledge to go for Secret #1, a Golden Horse on the end of the ledge (you could have climbed up here on the palm tree next to the ledge, but this was faster.

Go to the end of the ledge again and Jump down on the rest of the slide, Jump/grab over the Spikes and get down on ground floor. Go W below the end of that big slope and shoot the vase, a trapdoor opens in the NW corner. Drop in, get the Flares and push the button to open the gate on the ledge in the E, go to it and backflip onto the sloped N side, Jump and land on the ledge (there was a ladder I know)

Go in and grab the small medipack to the left, walk out to the bridge, dive into the pool and look for the under water lever on N wall to open the jungle entrance. Climb out in the SW corner and head into the jungle. Go left and to the abandoned camp site to shoot some Monkeys and a couple of crates, pick up the Shotgun and Knife(crowbar). Notice a closed gate up the N slope and head over to the gate in the SE, it can be opened with the Knife.

The Pool 1.

Go to the next part of the jungle and run along the pool to the N, a Wild Boar and some nasty Butterflies come after you, shoot the Boar and run around to shake off the Butterflies. Inspect the W wall where the Butterflies came out and find it to be a walk through wall, get the Ammo and push the button to open the gate, step into a mysterious world. Crawl under the dart trap and go up in the left hand crawlspace, in the room on the other side is the gate you saw at the camp site, push the button opposite the ladder and return through the crawlspace, find the N wall open there. Go in, past the burner, just run over the corner at the corners of the wall and grab the Guardian Key (a gate opens in the pool). Look W of the pedestal for the Jump switch and use it to open that gate to the camp site. Back through the crawlspace and up the ladder, slide down and head to the SE gate again.

The Pool 2.

Try to shoot those Crocs down in the pool and swim into that open N gate, follow to the right and get the Revolver in the end, then go up and into a darker part of the jungle. Go E and shoot the native in the passage to a deep pit with 2 Black Panthers, shoot them from above and climb down the ladder near the E palm tree, drag that dead soldier from the Laser sight and go to the SE corner where youíll find a crawlspace up in the wall that leads you to Secret #2, a Golden Horse.

Go back out and up the ladder, then climb the tree and backflip to the brick wall, Jump up to the highest block and get the small medipack and Crossbow. Go use the overhead Monkey swing to go over to the alcove on the other side and use the Guardian Key there to get 2 ropes out over the pit. Back over the Monkey swing and from the brick wall you can look N and spot the big Vase up on the building there. Shoot it to raise a block next to the pit below and go do a safety drop from the lowest part of the wall, not in the pit of course and climb the yellow block. Stand back from the rope and standJump/grab to it, swing/grab to the next and then to the ledge where the vase was, run off to the brick wall to the right and look behind it for the Bones to shoot.

The Hut.

That will open the door to the hut. Go to the hole in the floor to the right and shoot the native that comes climbing out of it, the camera angle is a bit strange here, but you have to push the N side block in all the way to reveal a button that will open the gate in the E of the hut. Go back up out of the hole, get the Ammo next to it and enter the gate. In the end of the room is a grey block you can pull out and aside, thereís a Skellie in the next room, lure it back to the hole E and shoot it in so you can work in peace in the W rooms. Go back to the room where the Skellie was and get some Ammo, look up in the NW corner and shoot that vase to open the door S. Enter and go right to the NW corner where youíll find a switch to open the gate E, go in and save.

Burning Chains.

Shoot the Skellie into the pit or just blast it with explosives (forgot all about them) run over the corner of the burner pit into the left hand alcove at the first chain and into the right hand alcove at the second chain, notice the pushblock here and go for the Medipack in the end, then grab the Guardian Key in the dark left corner and shoot a Skellie, return to the alcove with the block and push it into the room, place the Guardian Key to the right and head back to that room with the burning pedestal W thatís extinguished now, grab the Jungle Star and go up the ladder through the opened trapdoor. In the end of the passage is a vase (donít get too close to the Golden Skull on the left pedestal, itís a Wraith in disguise and you donít need to trigger that) and a gate to the right, shoot the vase to open the gate and run out, go to that water hole SW and swim back to the pool.

The Pool 3.

Climb out in the SW from the block and from the bank of the pool you can now shoot the vases in the bottom, go to the far N side, near the palm tree, so you can look into the opened S under water gate and shoot the vase in the entrance. Dive in and swim into the under water room S to get Secret #3, a Golden Horse.

Swim back N and through the little labyrinth, get out in the jungle with the gates, climb the ladder and use the Monkey swing to go over to and in the S gate, get some Ammo in the passage and shoot the gate in the end. Shoot the Black Panther if you didnít already and climb down to the entrance of the Temple, go straight over to the S passage after you took some Ammo from the N and S ledges (donít shoot the vases!) Go down the ladder and reach the Fire Pool.

The Fire Pool.

Time the Jumps over the ledges and the burners to end up at the ladder in the NE corner, you donít need to Jump to the corner ledge, just runJump/grab the ladder and go left around one corner, up the pillar and of the ladder to the left stone ledge. Go runJump to the ledge W and Jump/grab around the corner to the ladder, go up to the next floor and go to the S pillar, on the E side of it is the receptacle for the Jungle Star, as soon as you land on the ledge in front of it the central pillar goes down and reveals the Lava Star. Grab that and head to the now open gate in W wall, right of the ladder you came from.

The Serpent Stone.

Go in and down into the left side of the lower passage, shoot the gate at the snake statue and get the Serpent Stone. The Medipack is booby-trapped. Go out the other end of the passage where the gate opened now and hop in the pool below, swim N and right through the little labyrinth, climb the ladder again and go over the Monkey swing, through the passage back to the Temple entrance.

The Temple.

Open the gate with the Stone and go hop in backwards, immediately run out and to the side as a Boulder comes down. Re-enter and grab some Ammo around the right hand corner, then go into the opposite corner for the Torch, go to the next room (donít shoot the E vase) and hop on the N ledge to light the torch, go onto the centre block, stand in one of the corners and throw the torch on the centre light coloured Tile. Go to the SW corner and throw the switch there to raise the Tile with the torch, climb the pillar and place the Lava star W next to the passage, go get your torch and go into the next room, throw the torch on the wooden floor to burn it and drop down to get the Opal Rose.

A Lara clone in nice underwear comes out to play, shoot her and she will drop the Guardian Key. Place that behind the block with the Lion and the gate opens behind you. Go out to a courtyard where youíll find several gates and an opening in the W wall at the palm tree, go in and to the end to push the button there, look to the left and see the 2 Soldiers come out, followed by a Big Ugly Bird Creature, if you wait a bit the bird will take care of at least one Soldier and maybe both. Go down to the arena and shoot the Bird in the guts from close range and in front of it, it will drop soon. Go into the cage N and drag the dead soldier away from the Key, take it to the gate S and open it to go to the end of the level.