Island of the Sun part 2.

Level by Michael Bender.

Authorized walkthrough by G&D Productions.

I am not going to list every enemy (and some of them leave goodies) as that takes away the surprise I think.


Lara starts near a fire. To the left pick up the SHOTGUN, SUN GODDESS and SUN DISK.

In the SW corner you find Shotgun ammo and an opening in the W wall.

Follow through and climb up and S around a corner left are Flares. Watch out a nasty insect will attack. In the NW is an opening.

Go to the S in the cave with the canyon, at the end take a running jump with grab to other side of the canyon, shimmy left and get the small medipack. Return, shimmy right to the next opening from where you can do a running jump back over the canyon and now go N to the opening you see in N wall.

Again take a running jump with grab, climb up and slide down and jump to a ledge. Running jump to the W side (towards that flat surface, a bit to the right of the opening in the W wall) and a standing jump and grab, and a slide again. Watch out at the end is a pit, but Lara will stop at the end of the slide. Hop over the pit and shimmy left (S), jump to opposite rock (NE) and from there to a higher one (S), crawl in and find SECRET #1, medipack, Shotgun ammo and Arrows. No need to go further unless you want to glimpse some of the enemies.

Return the same way and starts shimmying to the right and take the N crawlspace. Follow through, at the end hang. Let go and grab and shimmy right (left) till you are at the other side. Hop over to the opening W and jump down. Find the opening in the W wall and follow through and go left to a sloped passage. Better save before sliding down.

Draw your guns and start shooting at that vase. A platform will come up over the spike pit and time your jump over the next spikes.

Climb up E and at the end up the ladder.

Right is a closed door; straight (N) around a corner is a wall lever.

Around the corner appears a block, climb in and find the SCROLL OF HET HERT.

Examine the Scroll and its says:

The lands of ancient Kush draw ever closer.

Yet there is much danger ahead.

Soon you must enter Sekhmets domain.

Into this evil place I cannot follow,

and so shall await you on the Isle of the Sun.

Go into the crawlspace and drop back into the corridor. The door S is open and a guard is there, he leaves a small medipack. Enter the door and use the lever there.

Drop down and go back (E), as the door on the S wall is open now.There are 2 guards and one of them leaves some Flares. Get down the stairs, and in the room downstairs is a push block in the W wall. You can pull it out but before you go in, first go out to the courtyard, a ninja is warming himself at the fire and E pick up some Arrows.

Now go back to the push block, go in and left around the corner you find Shotgun ammo. Right is a ladder and on the balcony pick up the Shotgun ammo E after shooting down the enemy. Go to the left (E) wall and a running jump to the alcove in E wall and from there, jump to the other side with a curved running jump. Left is an opening in the floor and flip the jump lever in there. Right is another opening in the floor with Arrows and a small medipack.

A safety drop into the courtyard and the door S is open. In the SW is an opening in the ceiling, climb in and you go to the next level

Winding Canyon.

Enter the cave and watch for flying hazards, and pick up the Shotgun ammo W.

Climb the SW block and climb higher and better save before sliding down. Turn around and slide down and at the end grab, pull up and roll jump. Lara will get shot, but better do a safety drop on the side as a boulder comes down. After the boulder try to finish the guys that are shooting at her. Jump to the other side (N) from the lowest part of this slope and a running jump to the corner and climb up. Find Shotgun ammo. Notice the closed door near the fire and go past the fire to get some Flares, now walk to the edge (E) and look down into the canyon. Make a safety drop to the lowest ledge and grab the edge, let go and grab again, climb in, notice that closed door. Go to opening NE and use the lever there, get the Shotgun ammo as well. Go to the opening S, save here and have a look outside.

Now take a standing jump plus grab, pull up, backwards jump plus roll to catch the ledge above the opening. Then shimmy to your right as far as you can, pull up with another back jump. Go back to the N side (the way you did before) and into the open door near the fire (a running jump to the N and then jump to the corner).

Go into the open door and follow through and in the S wall is an opening, climb in, turn around and jump to the other side and get into crawlspace. Climb higher and find SECRET # 2, a Medipack, Arrows and Shotgun ammo. Return to the opening in the S wall and take a curved running jump to the W.

S is an opening, aim SE (looking at the left statue on the rock as you need to jump to the middle of that slanted ledge) a slightly curved running jump does the trick. Shimmy right and pull up, climb up and get the Arrows and Flares. Back to the ledge and now jump into opening between the two statues on the rocks. Slide down, into the next level.


Night Temple.

Keep on sliding and end up in a courtyard. NW is a skeleton and NE is an opening you need to go, but you also can use that to blow the skeleton in (or simply out run him). In the N is also some Shotgun ammo to find.

Go into the opening in the floor NW and slide down. Next room jump to the left twice, follow through and when on top of the slide, better save.

The drill is, draw your pistols and slide down while shooting the vase. A trapdoor will prevent you from falling, but you can be on fire of that burner if you arenít careful, OR (this is better), stand at the top of the slide and draw the shotgun and if you aim (use look button) you only need to shoot the brown vase, that will release the trapdoor, slide and jump over the burner. Climb the ledge in front where the brown vase was, turn and run jump around the corner over the next spike trap to the N ledge and climb the staircase. Get the Shotgun ammo and the tile is a timed trigger tile.

Run E, a running jump with grab, go right and a running jump to opening W, from there a curved jump left, landing on the far side of the ledge so you can turn and immediately do another running jump and at the end (hop left and another hop and) a left curved running jump into the open door.

(I found that from the moment you leave the tile, you have to get into the rhythm, with curved running and jumping way before Lara is at the end of the ledge).

Climb the staircase and find the Shotgun ammo. On the top there are skeletons and a bit further (straight and right) is a pit you can shoot them in to. In that room on the ledges, get the small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Enter the opening N. Slide and jump over the pit into a hallway.

Go left (W) and see the marked burning tiles and a vase way up N, take the shotgun and shoot the vase (aim with the look button). A block appears N, do a running jump over those (marked) burning tiles (notice the a spiked floor to the right) and climb up the block, stand jump up to the ledge N, get the Shotgun ammo and use the button on the ledge. Door next to the block (below) opens, use button and jump over the burning tiles to get to the other side, run into the hallway and into the E side room, left and an Ahmet will come after you. Shoot it somewhere in the room or the hallway, while you are at it you can shoot the Skellie into the pit, before you go into the open door NE in the E side room to push the button while you get a fixed camera.

The spikes go down, so run W and another Ahmet appears in the next room, take care of it and climb the S wall to a ledge up in the hallway. Now run over the now disabled spikes and climb up S. Find the CROSSBOW on the right and on the left a monkey climb. Use it to get into an opening S. Drop down from the other side of the passage and go up the steps. You are back at the room where the skeletons were. Go back S again; the door W is open now. Follow through and after going up the sloped room, climb into hole in the ceiling right.

Block Puzzle room

There are three push blocks in this room that have to be pushed on the marked tiles.

Pull the lever and push/pull the block from the E wall into the empty space, near the steps, pull the lever again and push the block on its tile. Go to the SE corner and find another lever. Pull the block in the NW corner on its tile. Now go to the painting on the wall (S) and take the most right circle and get in. Find the LASER SIGHT and a button and push the last block on its place. You'll hear a door opening but first go back to the second lever SE, inside and left of the lever is SECRET #3, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Go out and straight into the now open door (W). Find Flares, small medipack in the alcoves. In the NE alcove is a button, this will open the N door. Enter, go up the stairs and at the end, and climb up. Get the Arrows in front left and behind the pillar W near a torch is a lever.

Go out of this room, down the stairs and straight (S) the wall has disappeared. In the SW corner is an opening, climb in and get the HATHOR EFFIGY. Jump down and jump up opposite (E) and follow through. Jump down and down again (looking left, is the beginning of this level), keep going straight and you are back at the Winding Canyon.

Winding Canyon, second time.

Slide down and see a cut scene of a door opening. A safety drop down and get the Flares (they reappeared, so did the Shotgun ammo in the N). The fire is out now and remember that other door? So face E again, turn around and do a safety drop to the lower ledge and grab, let go and grab again and pull up. The door W is open now.

Follow through; watch out as there are guards roaming around. Climb the stairs and pull up to a ledge, pick up the Arrows the ninja will leave behind and walk all the way to the S wall. Now look W and in an opening is a Prayer Wheel, shoot it. A block appears, jump to the block and climb into the opening where that Prayer Wheel was. Walk down the ramp, jump down and jump again to land on a ledge OR slide down backwards, grab, pull up and a back flip to the ledge.

Look down (E) and see the floor and find the two tiles that are clear. Jump down and push that block once. Get up again and get into the opening W and pick up the Shotgun ammo. Climb the ladder and get Shotgun ammo on that block. Follow through and you are up on a ledge.

Save and face SE, you see a ledge and under that ledge is a crack. Jump on the ledge, slide and grab, let go and grab again and shimmy left, around the corner and you are save again. Jump down, (and) follow through and slide into the next level.

Sekhmet House.

Jump in the pool and swim through and up and climb out. To the W is a receptacle for a Guardian Key, the door N is closed so go S and get some Shotgun ammo to the right of that passage with the torches. Skeletons are guarding the place here. Take a running jump N over the pit and go up some steps. Again another running jump to get to a block W and jump to the next. Stand with Laraís back to the wall, jump and a curve to the left on to a safe block next to a flame emitter (watch the light to see when itís down). Another jump into the opening and I would save here.

Hop backwards (about 6 or 7 times from the wall) on the ramp and run with sprint back when the boulder falls and jump to the ledge next to the emitter (or stop right around the corner there). Jump back and get up the ramp again. On the top, climb the monkey climb and time your way along the emitters. Let go in front of the last emitter and slide down. Next ramp you can stand on but boulders are coming down. One from behind you and two from above. The one from behind takes the right side and the other the left. Best trick I found is drop, slide run in a circle to the left, in that way you trigger and dodge them at the same time OR just run in straight to the wall, turning left and then go straight down to about halfway down the slope, be sure to stay on the right side as the left side will trigger another boulder.

Behind the emitter on the right is a Target so shoot it and a standing jump from about 2 steps back from the emitter and immediately jump and grab the ledge where the spikes were, the next tile is also safe, get the crossbow again and shoot the target E and time your run over the popping up spikes. Take a curved jump to the flat surface N, Watch out more boulders.

Save here as there is absolutely no room for error. Side jump to the tile right, try to end up in the corner as high as possible, hop forward to the even higher tile, back jump immediately and you should have made it. Now jump to the top.

Once on top, on the left is a trigger tile. Save on the tile. The door you see in that cut scene is a long way away. But here is the drill.

Roll and run into the room on the left, a running jump from the corner of the pit to the ledge next to the emitter and run over the left corner of it, with your shoulder against the pillar (you can even run past the burning emitter that way), jump into the opening E. Run down and keep going over the pit, around a corner and take a curved running jump to the left. Next is another running jump and this is a bit more complicated as the blocks are not nicely spaced. Run over where they touch and a running to the most right one and the last is one hop (OR a run jump and grab to the block in front of the opening in left corner, go in and climb up to the right). Climb up to the right and immediately hop, run pass that skeleton to the left and there is the door. It will take you a couple of tries but once you know the way it isnít that hard.

Get the GUARDIAN KEY. If you need some ammo, you can go back through the door and go right around the corner and find the Shotgun ammo. Go back to the Guardian key room, in the NE corner is an alcove up in the wall and there is a target inside, shoot it and W a block is gone. Push the block there once, turn around and get SECRET # 4, a Medipack, Shotgun ammo and Arrows. Go to the exit (N) and at the end down. Keep on going N and youíre back at the pool.

Now head to the W and place the Guardian Key. Enter and follow through until see a wall torch on your right (at that blue circle). Turn around and look up, shoot that target up in the alcove. Go now S and you are in a room with two emitters.

NW on a block is a small medipack and right of the door N is some Shotgun ammo.  In that room is a now open door and use the button there. Go out, to the emitter room and in the left corner climb on the block with the emitters. Jump to the block S and climb up to use that button in there.

Get down and go back into the room N of the emitters, the alcove there is open. Follow through and now you are in the block puzzle room. Pay attention to that blue circle tile (behind you) there as that is the tile where you have to put a block on.

First go into the two corridors first N and then S, a door opens E. There is also a lever, but thatís comes later. Enter E and right around the corner in an alcove is another lever; use it (the other alcove has some Shotgun ammo). This opens a hole in the center of the floor. Jump down. E wall is also a lever, leave it and jump to the ground floor. Your goal is to get the block in the NW corner all the way up to where you came into this room.

So here is the drill, go to the E of the ground floor and pull that lever, when you turn around you see a block lowering. Get to the NW corner and pull/push the block on that tile. Turn around and push the same lever for the second time. The block goes up one level.

Go to the SW corner and use the lever there. Go N and jump on the block around the corner (E). Now pull the block once, go back down and use the last lever again. The block should have raised one more level. Pull/push the block all the way into the SE corner. Get to the ground floor and use both levers again. The Block should have risen again. Climb to the block and push and pull it under the opening in the ceiling (W).

Now jump down and use the lever there (1st floor E). Push the block W once, return to the lever and use it again. Now climb out and go the SW corner alcove and use that lever. Push the block as far as it will go. The last lever is on this floor SW of the block and now get the block on that tile in the corner of the entrance passage. The doors left and right open and get the two NIGHT SKY GEMonkey swing. Use the button there (cut scene) and get out and go to the E room and jump up into opening right (S), follow through and you are back in the pool room.

The door N is open. In the next room take a running jump to a ledge; climb higher and a running jump to another ledge (S). Turn around and stand in the middle and find that target you need to shoot, in the NW corner. Jump to the block that appears and climb up. There are two burning reach-in holes, time it, and on the pedestal get the ORNATE HANDLE. On the other side a block appears, climb it find the small medipack and use the button. (Cut scene)

Get back to the pool and dive in, follow through and at the end swim around a corner (S). Just keep swimming, you really canít get lost here and you swim into the next level.

Sunken Passage.

Keep going W and at the end right (N) and up. Better kill the two crocs, as you have to get into the water again. Dive in and swim S, keep the wall on your right and up, follow through and at the end go left and up, there is an underwater lever, pull it, and swim back and climb out. Get the Shotgun ammo on the S ledge at the pool and see the W wall has collapsed. Go W and find the pool, dive in and open the door.

Swim in and the second one on the left is an opening (S). Keep on swimming and you can get some air. At the end there is an underwater opening left (E). You swim into an underwater building, around some corners and get out at the steps. Get to the broken column in the NW corner and a running jump into the opening N. Stand on the tile and get that small medipack. Run out of this alcove and jump into the water, turn around and swim out and right (E) as the wall there is broken down.  Swim through and at the end up.

Fire emitter room.

I got into the alcove right and from there a standing jump to the column (when the burner is down), you can stand in the corner without getting burned. From there another jump with grab to the next, watch out and time the flames. Than a last one to the one SE and in there push the button (cut scene). Get out and get back into the alcove W for SECRET#5, Shotgun ammo and Arrows.

Get back into the water and swim to the previous room. In the room E is also Shotgun ammo in the corner, you can climb up the block that has appeared to get up on the wall. On top look down in the pit so you can jump into the water without braking Laraís neck, get out at the bottom ledge and use the button there (cut scene).

Jump into the water, swim down and follow through, keep going straight and at the end down and right, up and face SE to use that underwater lever. Swim back out to the pit and climb out. Climb back down into the room with the block and dive into the water where the steps are, swim left (W), keep swimming and in the first room where you can catch your breath is a closed door, keep swimming N. The room with the columns is underwater now, climb out and combine the Hathor Effigy with the Ornate Handle and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN facing W at the stand (cut scene). Get the small medipack in the corner and get back into the water.

Swim S to that room where you took some air and get out to find the open door W. Get into the water and keep swimming (keep the wall on your right) at the end you can go left or right, look up, there is a breathing hole. Facing S dive and pull that underwater lever. Cut scene, get some air, dive facing W go right and down, go straight (E) through opening near ceiling left in the end, see the tile from the cut scene on the wall, follow to another breathing hole and an underwater lever S.

Swim back and at the crossing right, in the lower tunnel the first left and up into a room. Get the Shotgun ammo SW, the door N opens when you approach and up to the next level.

Isle of the Sun, first time.

Go up the stairs, you enter a courtyard. This place is guarded with tin men. N are some stairs to go to an upper floor. For now go SW and get into the water. Follow through and climb out W. Look left for the window with the Shotgun ammo behind it, go there to pick it up and return to the water, go around the column, climb a block and a running jump to the next (W). Turn around and a standing jump to the ledge on the column, jump to the arch to the right. Take a running jump S and make your way S. Go left and around a corner left is a closed door, so keep going S. Room on the left, nothing there yet, and in the next room is some Shotgun ammo SE, climb a column near the S wall. Jump to ledge E and a running one N. From there climb up and find the button (cut scene).

Get all the way down again and leave this room, keep going N and the second one right, that door has opened. On the windowsill is a lever. Go back to the first room S and see that the opening that was on the left is closed now and the wall right has an opening. Push the button in there, go back to the lever in the windowsill and use it again. The walls in the first room have reversed so go in (E) and climb the block and jump into opening NW, follow through, down and you end op on top of the room with windowsill lever. Take running jumps with grab to the other side and get the Shotgun ammo.

Jump back over the ledges, drop backwards down after the second jump and use the windowsill lever for a third time. Climb back up where you just dropped down into this room and go E, follow back to the room with the block and see the N wall opened up. Follow through, go down and straight E into the passage on the other side of the room, around the corner after climbing up left, get the Shotgun ammo. Jump down, back to the previous room, go to the S and jump op the sand. There is a ledge, so climb it. Jump on that raised tile (E) and a cut scene appears. It is a timed run to the door.

Timed run.

Face NW while standing on the tile and see the hole up in the wall N, stand jump to the first ledge and run jump and grab to that hole, run out carefully so youíll land on the ledge below and run jump to a brown column NW, from the column and run jump up to the ledge at the door.

Inside at the end right is Shotgun ammo and left the GUARDIAN KEY. Leave this room and jump on the brown column and from there to the gallery on your left.

Keep going and at the end (N wall) get the Shotgun ammo, retrace your steps to the previous room with the four colourful columns, climb a ledge N to get a small medipack and then climb the ledge at the S wall. Use the Guardian Key. Enter and the next door opens when you approach.

The Halls of Kush.

Have a look around while standing on top of the stairs. Way up left is a closed door, so grab up to the left wall, shimmy right and climb up, the door opens when you approach. Up the stairs in the windowsill find the Shotgun ammo. Go down the ramp and you are overlooking a courtyard. Go to the right and jump to the next ledge E and again with a curved running jump to the N. A lever is located on the second pillar, cut scene, this button is on the ground floor. Head back the way you came and go past the entrance, to the W, look in the alcove between the 2 columns to the right for some Shotgun ammo and go on to the W, where you can walk out onto a ledge to drop down into the pool below. In the SW corner you can swim to Shotgun ammo, climb out of the pool and that button is located N of the pool.

Get up there and use the button. Another cut scene, and the floor starts to shake. The big giant you can kill with the shotgun, shoot it about 5or 6 times and stop shooting and run around a corner, in my game it died there and then. The door from the cut scene is E. Once in the door, walk slowly, to trigger the knives. Get into the water and at the end into that crawlspace and get the Arrows. Go back to the entrance, get out and find the monkey climb, this triggers more knives so weave your way pass the first two and then go to the wall left, let go and grab, shimmy all the way right under the other two knives and pull up. Get down in the hole, climb the ladder and back flip onto a ledge.

Swinging axes and emitters. 

Stay on the left side and time your run through the axes and emitters and behind the third axe is a ladder (S) left. Up the ladder around the corners and climb up, the door at the end opens. But first go immediately right and push the button there. This opens a door behind the last axe, so down the ladder and back flip from the right hand side of the ladder (otherwise you land on the axe) back to the axes and emitters and left is an open gate. Up the ramp, climb up and at the end, kill the giant (he leaves a medipack) and find an opening E.

More knives, this time the rotating ones. (My trick is to get as close as possible and when the knives are open, do a roll.) There are two more and use the button. Get down and through the door, to the right is Shotgun ammo. A running jump to get the HAND OF ORION on the other side of the gap. I did a safety jump down and went through the open door S. Right is Shotgun ammo to gather and left you can do a safety jump to the ground floor.

Get back to that door way op W and now go left (W), OR you can also walk out between the 2 pillars where you just got the Shotgun ammo and do a curved running jump and grab to the ledge on W wall. If you take the route to the door way up, follow the same route you took before, down the ramp and go left when you come to the outside area, go onto that ledge at the pool. In the NW corner is the receptacle for the Hand, a running jump will get you there. Cut scene. There is some Shotgun ammo in the window E of the receptacle. Jump back to that ledge over the pool and go E, pass the entrance and go to the E wall, in the corner there, a block lowered. In there place the first Night Sky Gem. Head out and left to that passage S, up the ramp and follow back to where you can drop down to those stairs below, go down them along the left side. On the end of the brown slope you can jump and grab a ledge up in the S wall and jump around the corner to get the last Shotgun ammo. Drop to the floor, head N to the courtyard and enter the open door N.


Temple of Het-Hert.

When you come to the first big room, there is some Shotgun ammo on the ledge to the right. Stay on the ledge and go W. Pull that vase on the marked tile, there are three more to do, so get to it. In the entrance to the S side room is Shotgun ammo to the right. Before you continue and to make your life a bit easier you better go down the stairs first and go left (S)

Run in and around the corner, notice the door and that triggers a giant. Shoot him with the shotgun and when he is dead go up the stairs to the ledges and vases and into the hallway N. Down some steps and in the next room push that lever and watch the ball.

Jump down and follow the ball. When you reach the pit the ball is in, you can grab up to a crack up in the left wall, follow shimmying all the way to the right to get SECRET #6, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go shimmy back to where you can safely drop down and follow the passage down to a room. Use the lever in the small room (cut scene). Run back up again (the vases have turned into stone pillars) and downstairs where you killed the giant, that door is open. Get in get the Shotgun ammo and climb up and through the opening in the ceiling. Slide down and jump to get on that ledge and grab the Shotgun ammo on the E side. Jump to small ledge NW, around the corner and a running jump to the opposite side and use the lever there. This releases some ropes W in the room, so back over that ledge in the corner and a running jump will do the trick and swing to the second rope and aim to the (S) left wall, where you see the crawlspace. Use the lever, crawl back and jump to the ledge W and from there to the other side where a door opened.

Room with emitters.

Time it to reach into the holes, you need to do all of them (crawl trick, crawl to the center of the hole and stand as the burner is off, hit ďCtrlĒ and hold crawl while Lara uses the switch, so she will duck in time OR stand in front in the middle and when the flame died down, run, reach in and side flip). Climb on the block and jump W, down a ramp and at the end left get the MUSIC SCROLL. Go back and use the monkey climb to go N. Jump down and climb up and you are in a room with the vases from one floor down. Push them all onto their tiles. The middle structure turns into a staircase. Climb up and jump E and follow through to a room where you can place the Music scroll. In the middle of the floor the GOLDEN SUN appears, and the (wall) door NW opens, go in and jump down.

Isle of the sun, second time.

You are high upon ledges overlooking a courtyard. Right is a ladder and also a button. Jump to the ledge SE and from there a running jump to the opposite side. A curved one will get you to the Shotgun ammo. Jump back, get down the ladder and make your way E to push the button. Go back to the ladder, climb up and jump to the other side again. Get the crossbow and shoot that target in the small building NE and looking E and down a bit. Two ropes appear, and jump to the rope. Swing from rope to rope and jump into the NW building from the N side.

Down a ladder and push the button (cut scene). Get up and slide backwards down the sloped end, grab and safety jump to the floor. Enter opening S and youíre back at the beginning of this level.

Now go N, up some stairs to the right and up that big ramp, go right at the top and climb a block in the SE corner. Get SECRET# 7, the KUSH ARTIFACT. Go to the W and climb on the block in front of the structure there. Place the Golden Sun there and see the N doors opening up and enter.

Het House.

You are on wide bridge and have a look around. Best way is to jump into the water below (S side) and climb out S. Behind a column E is an opening. Get in there and crawl through. Save and then jump to the slanted block right and jump to the other side. From there a running jump to another slanted block NW and jump again with grab. Turn around and take another running jump, with grab and shimmy almost all the way to the right. Pull up, jump with roll and grab to climb the ladder. Climb up to use the lever and a cut scene shows you a door. Climb out W and slide down near the pool. Go to the building E and climb the ladder. Then climb N and go through the door there. Around the corner take a running jump and grab to the crack and shimmy as far as you can to the right.

Let go and time your slide and jump with grab to the other side. Get up the next ladder and up the ramp. At the end a running jump with grab to the next ledge and use the lever around the corner. Cut scene of a trapdoor. Follow the corridor and two safety drops at the end brings you back at the door. Walk S, get down and climb up to the W side and drop out on the ledge, look for the hole in W wall of the pool below and run off the ledge so you land in front of it. Swim in the opening (there) and half way up, go W and up, there is the open trapdoor OR take a running jump to the next pool (up) and dive in and find that second underwater passage. Place your last Night Sky Gem, cut scene of another trapdoor. The door E opens on approach, jump into another pool. Climb out and you have to get to the top floor again. A running jump to the other side E, go right and a running jump to the SE corner ledges, from there you can climb the blocks to the top (then a curved one SW and from there a jump SW and climb up to the sand corner) and from there to the bridge.

Facing S there is an opening in the wall and a small ledge in the corner. Jump to the ledge and from there a running curved jump into the opening. Watch out as in the opening is the trapdoor. Climb down, and climb up on a block N, turn around and a running curved jump to the GOLDEN SUN. Get out and back to the bridge.

Go into the passage W, (and) up a ramp and place the Golden Sun N. A room W opens (and) where you can get the SUN GODDESS and SUN DISK, left and right. Leave this room and go S. Combine the Sun Goddess and Sun Disk and place the SUN TALISMAN on its receptacle between those obelisks. Go back to the room W where the Sun Goddess and Sun Disk were and pick up the AMULET OF HET HERT and A GIFT.

Examine this scroll:

"Lara please accept this gift,and my thanks for restoring me to the Isle of the Sun. I do not know if there is a need for a Sun Goddess in your modern age? I shall be content to rest among these ancient walls. But now I sense the approach of Hathor Sekhemet. She has awoken and is angered by my presence on the Isle. You must leave Lara, now! I will try to calm her."

A door in the N wall is open, jump in there and the level ends.