Escape from Zerlok.

Level by Tinka.

Walkthrough Dutchy.


* Story:

...Lara was searching an artifact in the arctic ice when suddenly the ice broke and she fell through it. Now she finds herself in Zerlok, a hidden military base under the ice. So try to escape finding all 4 secrets...

There are so many Bats in this level, I will certainly have forgotten to mention some, youíll find them Iím sure. (Dutchy)

The 1st Timeless Sands.

Youíll slide into an old building, go into the opening left and notice the golden door, go left and into the opening there, climb up in the crawlspace in the N wall, shoot the Dog and get the Medipack, nothing else here but a view outside, so return and find the crawlspace in the NE corner, follow it to an icy room with a water hole, look in the NE corner and notice the black door (for later). Jump in the water and get the Flares N, turn and go S in to a small tunnel left, pick up the Medipack and left at the T-crossing, the door will open and youíll get the Canopic Jar. Go back for some air and take the same tunnel, go right at the T-crossing and follow, get the Ammo on your way and go left after the 2nd pickup, follow up to a room with 3 vases, a Dog and some Bats, shoot the vases if they didnít break in the gunfight and get Ammo and the Uzis. Use the Jump switch in the NE corner to open a door somewhere.

Get back in the water and left at the crossing, in to the wide tunnel and left, pick up some Ammo near the hole in the end and swim up in to another icy room, climb he block and jump/grab in to the hole in the ceiling, follow to the door you opened and shoot some Bats on the way, crawl backwards through the small opening and up the stairs, to a small maze, go left and get the Flares, kill some more Bats and go on to the end of this passage to place the ďCanopic JarĒ in the receptacle. The black door (in the 1st icy room) will open. Back and 1st left/left and shoot the vase in the left corner, get the Medipack and youíll see the golden door in the building opening up. Turn around and go E, 1st left and follow to the end, get some Ammo, take a step back and jump/grab into the upper passage, to get Secret #1, a button to push to give access to the Goodies later, mind the pit behind the steps.

Drop down to the passage again and go out, left/left and drop into the building again, go to the other side and to the golden door, from the entrance, shoot the 2 Dogs and one more as you enter. Pick up the 1st Timeless Sands, shoot some vases to get Ammo and the Shotgun and go into the crawlspace to the icy room. Black door in NE corner, remember? Enter and shoot the Guard, take his Ammo and pull the lever in the SW corner, (it will open a door) dive in to the pool, get Secret #2, Ammo in the SW and swim N, follow left and get some Ammo in an alcove left, get up through the hole in the end and youíre outside.

Finding the Bike.

Go W and shoot the Guards, find the passage right and another Guard and 2 Dogs will come out, pick up the Medipack. Now go to the far SW corner of this Ice garden and throw the lever there, it will open the door to the Bike. Go back to the passage and in the room in the end, go right and shoot the vase, get the Hand of Orion and explore the room for a Medipack in another corner, go back to the entrance passage and see the right black door open. Go in and right into the NW corner, follow to a fence, shoot it and the Oil drum, get the Ammo and the Nitro and return to the entrance, the next black door is open, go find the Bike inside and put the Nitro feeder in. Take it outside to the area with the dark floor (just straight from his room) and down the slope right, Locust will attack, you can get rid of them by returning inside with the Bike.

The 2nd Timeless Sands.

Follow the path again and around left corner youíll have to push the sprint button to apply the Nitro, (Sprint button) so the Bike can make the jump over the Gorge. Around next corner after the jump, stop in front of a crawlspace in the left corner. Get off the Bike and crawl in, get some Ammo right, follow the crawlspace and climb up the block, stop at the slope and stand all the way left. Stand jump to the alcove right and get Secret #3, a Medipack. Now slide backwards down the slope and into a large cave, stay close to the wall and go to the SW to get a small Medipack. Drop down to the lower floor. Guards will start to shoot at you, so take them out. Dive into the 1st pool, get out quick at the low ledge, start shooting the Crocs, dive in again, get some Flares and get out, go to the 2nd pool and go left, there is a hole in the floor, where you have to go in later for a timed run, better get rid of the Crocs in that hole, before starting the timed run. Drop backwards down and jump/grab up again, turn and shoot 3 Crocs, look for the door youíll have to run to later.

Climb back put and go to the door in the E, maybe you shot the Guard already, otherwise youíll meet him here. Enter and go left/right into a small passage, there you have to push the button, a flyby will show you where to go, so enter the blue door on the other side of the room and into the room with the time trigger for the door in the Croc pit. Stand on the higher part of the floor and you will see the door open, stand close to the exit and light a flare, save and run for it. Go sprint left/right/right out of the door, along the 2nd pool, into the SW corner of the Croc pit, turning right and sprint for the door. Inside youíll find the 2nd Timeless sands and Ammo.

Go back to the 2nd pool and right, climb the block where you shot the 1st Guard and jump to the Monkey swing, go N and follow the landing to the E, taking the Medipack shooting some Bats and find the crawlspace in E wall go in, right/right and up the Icy ladder, be careful, pits here, take the Medipack and at the slope, take some medicine, so you are in full health, now drop back off the slide and grab, drop to the canyon and mount the Bike. Up the next steep hill and onto a square, sharp left and through the wall on the right side, keep right and up the slope, so youíll land on the higher ledge, drive the Bike into the pit and stop.

Get off the Bike and leave it here, pity, but itís not a water Bike (hey, Eidos, a Jet ski would be nice!) Go N and find Secret #4, a Medipack and Ammo behind the door you opened with the Secret # 1 button?

The Fortress.

Return to the Bike and S over the pool. Find the crawlspace and go through to a Fortress with Big Gates. Go right and shoot 2 Guards, climb into the window N and stand jump/grab the Monkey swing, over to the Block S and up to the 1st floor, go along the W wall and shoot 2 vases there, one for a Medipack and the other for the Weapon code key, (this was meant for a later level, you donít need it here) go forward to the N wall and use the Jump switch, it will open the big gates in the W of the fortress. Go down and enter them, into the crawlspace and open the blue door, shoot the Guard and proceed through the door that will open for you, youíre back in the area where you got the Bike, go forward and left, place the Hand of Orion to open another gate in the fortress, go back and enter that gate behind the block at the Monkey swing. Place the 1st Timeless Sands to the left, the opposite gate opens place the 2nd Timeless sands and a flyby will show the last gate opening up, go out through the crawlspace, take out some resistance and go outside where the Chopper is waiting to take you home.

End of this level.