The Valley of Time.

level Ricardo Oliviera

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Once the Chopper left, you can go to the next courtyard, the one youíre in has a gate, closed and 2 Boulders on ropes, probably to open it. The 2nd courtyard has 2 gates to the E and a Revolver right and the Laser sight left, the water hole in the N holds the Crowbar, go in to get it. When you return, combine the Revolver with the Laser sight and shoot the padlock on the gate, slide down after you shot the head off the Skeleton. In side the gate, open the E wall with the crowbar and slide down, get a cut scene.

Shoot the Wild Boars and get the Ammo they drop, enter the gate they came out of, take the Shotgun from the right and climb the ladder to get the Star, go back to the grassy area and find the receptacle for the Star, place it and see a gate open in the 2nd courtyard. Take the Tin Sunís Medal at your feet and head back there, shoot the Skeleton into the water enter the other open gate left/left and get the Crystal Gem. Climb the pole and shoot the Skeleton down into the Courtyard. N the gate left with the Gem and place the Sunís Medal in the slot, go to the other side of the passage and take the Torch left, light it at the Fire bucket, go back to the courtyard, throwing the Torch down. At the gate with the Boulders, stand with your back to the gate and under the right hand rope, jump up to light the rope and hop back, the Boulders crash down, opening the gate, go get the Poseidon Artifact inside and head to the 2nd courtyard, into the tunnel and swim past the Croc to the other side, up and out of this levelÖ..

Short walkthrough for a short level.