The Valley of the Hell.


(part 2)

Level by Harly Wuson

Walkthrough  Dutchy.


You start the level in the entrance to a lava chamber. Run jump to the block in front, then go to the right side of it and run jump along the right side to the ledge with the Shotgun and Ammo, be sure to stay right of the overhanging rock. Run jump from here to the other side of the room and shoot 2 Scorps and 2 Hellhounds in the next passage. Take the small medipack and stop at the pit, stand 2 steps from the left wall and run jump/grab the wooden platform, donít pull up yet, go left and look where you have to jump to, pull up and run jump/grab with a sharp right curve into the opening in the wall. Take some Ammo. At the slope with the blade, stand right and as soon as the Blade is in the right wall, slide to the end and jump/grab the wooden platform.

Shimmy right around the corner to about the center of the right side and look left in the corner to see the Crossbow, pull up and run jump with a left curve to the corner and get it, leave the square it is on and return to the same spot to see a Golden Rose appeared, Secret # 1. As soon as you take it, a Harpie bird comes at you, shoot it and run jump to the ledge with the Medipack, take it and step back a bit so you can do a long run jump to the ledge with the lever in front, take the arrows first and load the Crossbow with the explosive arrows. Turn and shoot the Skeleton. When you use the lever, the gate opens in the other side of the room and a Bug will attack.

Stand jump to the first triangular ledge in the lava and do a run jump grabbing so you donít go too far to the next when the flame is down, stand jump grabbing to the next and then jump/grab the rock face, shimmy right to the gate and get in quick, bothered by a Bug, if you wait with entering the gate till it flies away, the Bug will be locked outside. Find the crawlspace right of the gate and go in to the Store room, Boy do I like rooms like this. Only thing is that you have to shoot a Scorp from the crawlspace before going in, collect all Goodies including Secret # 2, the 2nd Golden Rose and return to the passage, go straight and go pull/push the statue in next room to the Scarab tile in the opposite corner to kill the Spikes on the block, climb it and open the hatch, go up and at the crossing, go right.

The Crowbar.

Follow to an outside area, see the wooden platform on the hole, stand on it and drop in the passage below, follow to the reach-in switch room, use the reach-in switch to open the gate in the wall, (shoot the 2 Scorps) go in and follow to a pool, in the pool you can find the Crowbar. Go on to the left and reach a lake, where you can see a building on the other side. Swim there and dodge the Shark, you can try to shoot it from the ledge in front of the building or just lure it away so you have enough time to pull the under water ceiling lever just to the right side of the door, under the ledge in front of the building. The door opens, go in and enjoy the view.

The Puzzle room.

There are 3 puzzle pieces on the glass floor; they have to go to the red dotted tiles next to the colored squares, and with the right color. Only problem now is that the floor in front of the pieces is open. Go down one of the ladders on the N wall and to the puzzle piece in the center of the room, pull it to the red dotted tile, this will raise pillars in front of the puzzle pieces, take the Laser sight in the window at N wall and climb back up, push green to green, red to red, etc. The Sun Rays will go through the mirrors to the puzzle piece on the lava pool downstairs, go down again and see the lava turned into water, dive in and get rid of the Wraith this way, pick up the Revolver, small medipack, Ammo and get out through the under water door.

The first Guardian Key.

Swim the tunnel and get more Ammo, climb out and shoot the 2 vases (Revolver+ Laser sight) up in the alcoves in S wall, water will fill the pool, so you can get the Guardian Key. Exit through the gate S, Walk through the Blade traps, carefully looking on which side they hang pass on the other side to have more time, get the Medipack on the way and in the next passage, go left and run jump/grab the ledge with the levers, pull right lever and drop to the pit below, dive in the water and pull the under water ceiling lever, get out and climb back to the ledge, Pull right one more time and then the left lever, run jump back to the passage and follow straight to the next room, swim around left corner to the S wall and pull up to the right hand slope, backflip into the alcove behind to push the button.

Go back to the lever room and dive in the pool, open the under water door and swim to the under water lava room, stay on the normal tiles or youíll burn, go right then follow the sloped floor to the left and go to the corner NW, picking up the Ammo and Medipack. Climb out and push the button, drop backwards into the water otherwise youíll overshoot the tile and burn. Follow the path to the other side (I couldnít pick up the arrows on the crooked floor tile, maybe you have more luck) Climb out in the NE and slide backwards from the next slope, drop onto a rock ledge, walk to the other side, shooting a bunch of Bugs and Harpie birds. Push the right block in the next room into the wall and the floor goes up, shoot the Bat, then push the other block in the wall shoot another Bat and reach the top of the room.

Cartouche part 1.

Climb the ladder to the top to a Spike trap room, go over to the gates and into the left gate which will open, there is a puzzle piece in a trench with a burner. Pull/push the piece to the red dotted tile, be sure to push when you reach the burner and wait for the burner to stop before you go on. The big hammers of Thor will crush the puzzle piece and you can get the Gate Key and the Cartouche part 1. The Wraith will chase you when you sprint to the other side of the room, up the blocks in the passage and back to the Spike trap room, get over to the right hand pool and dive in to get rid of the Wraith. Get out and use the Gate Key to open the other gate, follow the passage to the Sand hill room. Climb the sand hill and up the blocks to the surface, go S and reach a dark pit.

The Canyon.

Stand in the right side of the edge and look right, see the flat part around the corner, run jump there and walk forward To find the part where you can drop off to a lower ledge with Flares, pick them up and climb all the way down the pit, go E shooting the pistols, not only for the light but also to shoot Scorps and Hellhounds. In the far E is an alcove with Secret # 3, the 3rd Rose and a Medipack, a big Scorp comes out. Try to shoot it from the alcove and go back to the ladder, get some Flares along right wall next to the Spike pit. Back on the surface; go past the hole you climbed out of and to the room NW, there0s a crawlspace which leads back to the reach-in switch room, but there is an easier way, pull the switch on the wall and get out of the gate, follow and go right into the tunnel to the reach-in switch room. Go left into the passage leading to the start area.

Go right and to the Big pit, follow the path along the S side of the pit to the SE corner, shoot a Bug on the way over, reach the Crowbar door and open it, go in and follow to a Lavapit, grab the crack in the right wall, shimmy l and as soon as you can pull up in the crawlspace, do it, donít go too far to the burner, crawl left to the alcove where you can stand, turn to face the room and do a run jump grabbing to the pillar when the burner is off. (This pillar has the 5th Rose when you return here after you took the 2nd Guardian Key) Turn left and run jump/grab past the burner to the alcove W, run jump/grab the ladder and climb down, drop and backflip into the lower passage and follow to the next challenge.

The Lava Slope.

Look up the slope and see the stone ledges in the lava, youíll have to jump to the 1st , run onto the 2nd, a running jump to the 3rd, a running jump sharp right to the 5th, (skip the 4th, it will take too much time) and a sharp left running jump to the 6th again a sharp running jump left to the ledge on top left. So now you know the route, stand right in the passage and take one step back from the edge, hop back and do a run jump, land on the wooden platform, run jump through turning left a bit to the 1st ledge, the rest you know. Youíll probably be fried or squashed a few times before you get to the top. Climb up into the next passage, follow down to burner alley.

Burner Alley.

You can pass best when standing to one side, you can stand in the corners of the vertical burners, to time the next move, run the 1stand immediately hit "walk" and stop in the right spot, the corner of the 1st vertical burner, save every successful pass and make your way through. Slide backwards off next slope and grab, pull up, backflip/roll/grab the other side. Go through the pillar passage, walk with your nose against the pillar and jump through when it goes aside, get some Ammo on the way, crawl through the crawlspace and back off into the room, hang and climb back, shoot 2 Fire Dragons down in the room.

The 2nd Guardian Key.

Try not to drop them in between the pedestal and the gate, that place has to be clear of corpses. Otherwise youíll have to try the hang in the room trick again or just drop in and kill, kill. Take some goodies and stand at the pedestal with your back to the gate. Check the health and run up when the flame is down. Grab the 2nd Guardian Key, youíll probably burn, so keep checking the health and roll, sprint through the gate and roll in the water, keep rolling/jump/roll etc. till the Wraith is gone. Grab the Medipack and hop onto the higher passage N wall, follow to the small medipack and then drop off the edge. Go left into passage and follow, drop to the water and swim, get the Medipack, get out at the ladder and climb left on the wall, to the right side of the 2nd block, backflip/roll and jump with a right curve, grab the pillar last moment, climb up and from the point you stand, turn Land run jump/grab to the opening in the wall. Now youíre back in the Sand hill room.

Cartouche part 2.

Climb the hill to the surface again and go to the NW, through the room with the crawlspace and right to the reach-in switch room, back to the start area, go left into the first passage and follow it to the other side, go out and shoot 3 Samurais quick, before they take the Ammo, get the Arrows right and follow the path along the N side of the Big Pit. Shoot the Bug on the other side and open the crowbar door, follow the passage right at the crossing, reach the small puzzle room.

The small Puzzle Room.

On the ground floor of the room is a trench, drop in and get all the Ammo in it, then go to the central pillar, pull/push the puzzle piece to one of the red dotted tiles, go to the passage and up to the 1st floor of the room, jump to the walkway and hop on to the block you raised to push the button, you have to do this four times (you can drop from the lowered blocks back to ground floor) to get the Hammers crushing the puzzle piece on top of the pillar, get the 2nd Cartouche piece and go out through the opened gate in the E wall, get the Ammo and shoot the Ninja, down in the passage, at the drop off. Drop down and get another Revolver and Laser sight left in the alcove, take notice of those alcoves here as they will be your rescue a bit later, see the 2 gates in the E, one on top of the other, when you walk there, the upper gate opens, revealing a vase, shoot the vase/roll and sprint like the wind back into one of the alcoves, the Spike ball passes and you can go up safely.

Climb up right and shoot the big Scorp fast, get the small medipack and open the crowbar door, follow the stairs and reach a Spiked slope, stand on the left side, back to the wall and stand jump/grab and hold jump and action till youíre down safely, get the Flares and go to the Labyrinth. Climb own the ladder and get the Flares, go into the S passage and to the end, pull the switch on S wall, explore the rest of the dark labyrinth to get a couple of MPs and get back to the ladder, climb up (a couple of ghost Knights roam the dark, just avoid them). Run jump to the pillar W and then stand jump to the one right, and run jump to the pillar with the Flares W. There are some Skeletons around, shoot them off the pillar when they come close. Go on to the centre S passage and pull a switch there, now go to the NW corner for one more switch, drop to the dark (by now you should have enough Flares) and make your way over to the S wall along the W side where a wooden gate opened, next to a broken pillar.

Take the small medipack and slide the slopes, jump to the flat ledge in front from the 5th slope and go to the switch. For the gate you just opened you have to go up, for Secret # 4, the 4th Golden Rose. Just do standjumps grabbing with your right shoulder to the wall. Be careful there are nasty Spikes down there. Take the Rose and climb all the way to the top of the room, get out through the gate follow the sloped passage to a pit, run jump far as you can to right or left slope, slide and jump, keep on jumping till you come next to the exit other side, slide backwards off the slope and grab, shimmy to the opening and go to the next challenge. Run jump-grab the rope and go down all the way, climb one step back up and swing a few times till Lara get her legs up, jump-grab the next rope, swing once and jump/grab as soon as you are close to the exit.

Slide backwards into the next room and shoot the vase in the alcove, the sand rises, get the small medipack in the alcove and get out of the room before the Mummy gets you. Slide into next room and dodge the Mummy till the sand gets high enough to get out. Slide to the Sand hill room.

To the Building.

Climb to the surface again and over to the Big pit, N side, follow the path to the NE Crowbar door you opened before, go down to the ground floor of the puzzle room and right into the trench, at the entrance, get Secret # 5, the 5th Rose. Return to the Big Pit point where you can run jump/grab to the pillar in the pit, the one with the small medipack on it, be careful, Lara gets stuck on the down sloped edges, just turn and take 3 sidesteps, then run jump/grab the 1st pillar. Get the small medipack and run jump to the next pillar, from here left, but first run jump/grab the last pillar to get the Ammo, when you really want Secret # 6, you have to go on to the SE side of the Big Lava pit and into the crowbar door there, shimmy to the alcove and jump to the pillar, get there 6th Rose and go back the way you came in, to the Big Lava pit and over to the central mushroom pillar and run jump/grab to the ledge in front of the building with the slots for the Guardian Keys. Open the gate and slide down into a nice room.

The Beetle room.

Beetles poor into the room, ignore them for now, just check your health, run into the passage right and follow to a room with pillars, run jump to the 1st pillar and to the next, go over to opposite corner and turn shoot all insects and other enemies, when they are gone, run jump back to the 1st room, into the opposite passage and get the Torch in the alcove left in the end, never mind the pickups, get them later, believe me. Go back to the room with the pillars and just run to the water covered floor, into the right hand passage and light the Torch there, roll and run back to the water room, right and run jump onto the low block in the corner, turn left and run jump to the high pillar, over the pillars to the 1st room again and light 2 wall lamps there, next to where you dropped into this room, roll and get out of the gate on the other side, stop and turn, the Beetles are gone, now you can go get all Goodies, in the water room and the passage where you got the Torch.

Go to the gate again and check your health. Drop/hang hold on to the edge in the next room, a Harpie attacks, pull up again and sprint into the passage, roll and shoot it. Now enter the room it came out of wade slowly around the pits and get all Goodies before you climb the ladder, some pits are safe, not the green ones, they pull you to a lava pit. Up the ladder is a passage with Spikes, run through and slide, jump in the end, to get through the Spikes at the bottom of the slope.

Spike room.

2 passages with Spikes in front, right + left, go into the left and push in the block, throw the lever inside, slide jump back into the room, to the other passage, same MO. Shoot a Demi God on the other side of the monkey swing and go over there, take light damage from the Spikes, get the Medipack and up the next passage, run through the Spikes and push the block, go past, up and left, get the small medipack and pull the block in the end once, go around left and to the next block, push it in and push the left block in all the way, then right block once, go around it and push it back, go to the dark block in the corner and pull it aside to open the exit. Slide down and push the button, which seems to be stuck, because Lara uses her shoulder to push, the gate opens and youíre back at the Big Pit. Hang from the edge and drop/grab the block below, use the monkey swing to go N and enter the passage.

Getting the Hand of Sirius.

Run off the edge and slide down, jump from the end of the slope and grab the crack, shimmy r and pull up, check the health and save, run into the next room, where a Demi God rules over the Glass house, you canít shoot him, but he can shoot you. Run over the pit in the corner and run jump/grab over the next, jump up to grab the monkey swing and go over to the other side, duck into the crawlspace get the small medipack and go over to the ladder, climb up and backflip to the higher passage, take the Medipack and shoot the Demi God from the upper floor. He will drop the Hand of Sirius. Go get it. Now we have all we need to leave this area. Climb the ladder and follow this passage to use the Hand in the passage right, place the Cartouche to open the gate S.

New Surroundings.

Enter the gate and slide/drop into a Shark pool, get the Grenades right side and exit through the tunnel far left, up into the next room, take the Goodies and climb down the ladder, let go and drop from the sloped ledge into a shaft, follow it to the Ghostly Knight room. Here are several pickups scattered over the floor and 2 Golden Stars in the NE and SE, debris will fall from the ceiling here and there, the Knights will try to chop you to pieces, when you got all Goodies, and the 2 Stars, go to the pillar you can climb in the center of S wall. Run jump to the one E, to the N, shoot a Harpie bird and go over to the triangular ledges on the next pillars, they are tricky, stand jump from point to point, stand jump/grab to the higher one, get the Ammo.

Stand jump to the ledge on W wall, then to pillar N and ledge N, get Ammo run jump to the ledge in the NE corner, turn right and run jump S to the sloped ledge with a left curve, grab the edge and shimmy right, pull up in the end, get Ammo, run jump to the corner ledge. Stand with your back in the corner and stand jump onto the higher pillar next to it. Go over to the ledge in the SW corner and get the Ammo, climb the ladder there and reach the Residence of Thor and the Dragon Ladies.

The Residence of Thor and the Dragon Ladies.

When you get up there youíll meet Thor, slamming his big hammer on the ground, sending shockwaves through the floor which can hurt you bad, only places you are save are in the water pits and on the blocks next to the purple pillar in the center of the room. On those blocks are the receptacles for 4 Golden Stars. The other 2 are behind the 2 Lava pools in the N and S, go get them and place all 4 Stars on the blocks, 2 Dragon Ladies emerge from the Lava pools (they will throw fire bolts and Locust swarms at you). When you get the Horsemanís Gem (at least thatís what it said in the inventory, but it looked more like the Amulet of Horus) from the top of the pillar, pillars raise around the room. First go to the S block at the pillar and stand jump to the 1st pillar, stand jump to the next and a running jump through to the next and a stand jump to the button alcove in the W wall, get the Medipack, check the health in this safe corner and drop to the floor, run to the N block at the pillar and do the same on the other pillars, when you run through the gate, the level ends.

Super level.

Where were those Uzis???

Anybody who knows, please contact meÖ

With a lot of help from Moonpooka, thanks!