Level by Debbie.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

crawlspace= crawlspace, Monkey swing= monkey swing, under water= underwater.

The Lake.

When you fall in to the water of a big lake, swim forward and look right, there is a lower ledge on the rock in the centre of the lake, on the rock youíll find a small Medipack and some arrows, now down to the low ledge again and dive in on the West side to find Secret #1, a Medipack on the bottom. Swim West to the left canal and climb out at the corner, follow this bank to the high block youíll have to climb, turn left and look over the canal to find Secret #2, the Revolver there, go get it and follow that side of the canal to the corner, jump back to the other side, stand on a bit higher ledge and walk that path to the North, to find Flares and Medipack, go over to the west side and get the Ammo there.

Swim to the NW corner of the canal and light a flare, dive down into the tunnel and go get Secret #3, the Shotgun and more Ammo. Go back to the corner of the canal where you climbed out of the water an now jump over to the South corner, follow to reach the bottom of an enormous hill, with a castle on top.

The Castle.

Climb the hill and halfway up youíll see some Ammo in the East, climb a little higher to go East an down to reach the arrows, at the last slope above the arrows, face the hill and stand against the slope in front, backflip and you should land on top of them, slide down one slope and do a run jump back to the path. Back up again and to the ladder on the castle walls. Climb up to the top of the walls and follow them around to the West, till you reach some Ammo, go on a bit and look over the wall to see some Ammo down there, drop to the ground there and get Ammo, go to the SW corner of the castle grounds, next to the church and get the Ammo lying around there, make your way South and find a Jump switch on the castle wall next to the gate, enter and find the Crossbow and some Flares on the steps in the East. Go outside and see 3 vases on the edge of a deep pit, shoot the East 2 and get the supplies, then stand against the other one, facing the pit, shoot, get the Crowbar quickly and run forward into the pit, chased by a Wraith. Find the tunnel in the corner and follow it.


Climb out left and a small Medipack is at your feet, find the Torch, "Star" on the wall and light the torch. Jump onto the block on the East wall, an opening in the East wall allows you to jump through to the next room, be sure to take the burning torch!

Along the East wall of this cave youíll find the Grenade gun and some Ammo embedded in the rock, take it and go into the passage South.

At the crossing go right using the "Star" and follow to the green poison pool, leave the torch here and go over to the NW corner to take the goodies and up the ladder, get some Ammo on the ledge on top and go over to the South wall for the "Star", a Medipack and the "Left Gauntlet".

Be careful, the chains will start swinging and go over to the cave in the North wall. Look out for those green pits and go left around the entrance pillar, over some pits and follow the cave to the end, get some more Flares and dive into the tunnel there, follow to an outside area.


Take the left alley and turn left/left for a Medipack and then follow the alley to a big room with a deep pool, turn right and on the higher ledge right again to find some Ammo on your right hand, return and follow the higher path to the SW of the room, to where the switch is.

Pull the switch, jump into the pool and get the "Right Greave" from the tunnel go out at the ledge under the place where the stucco cracked off the wall of the pool, here you can climb up after you took the Ammo. Go all the way back to the dark caves and turn left at the pillar to explore the rest of the cave, some blue (not the green) pits contain goodies and place the "Star" to open the gate for the "Right Gauntlet". Return to the passage where you used the 1st. Star and take the other passage now. Open some gates and get the "Star" on your way to the big horse room.

The Horse Room.

In the North is a "Star" on the wall. Take it and side jump left, sprint North into the hall on this side chased by the Horseman, pull the switch in the end and get yet another "Star", a Medipack and Secret #4, the Uzis with some Ammo. Pull the switch on the wall and go out and left to climb the pillar there.

At the top you will find Secret #5, the Laser sight a Medipack and more Ammo, return to ground floor and Sprint South, turn and aim with the Laser sight at the Gem of the horseman as he will come running to you. He will not drop the Gem, (but you have to take him out otherwise you will be stuck further on in the game) so follow the ladder on top of the pillar in the North all the way up (save if you have to go to the loo while climbing) and in the passage you will find 2 jumpswitches to pull and go out to the castle grounds to find the big blue doors you just opened. Get into the hole in the floor and enter the puzzle room.

The Puzzle Room.

Somebody didnít quite finish this puzzle; most pieces are in place, only the last one is left for you to do. Take the Ammo under the ladder and some more stuff in 2 vases South and go to the North side to place one of your "Stars" to open last gate, pull the globe to the centre of the room and sprint to the last gate in the NE, pull the switch and head for the Blue doors in the SE, run to the fountain left and get in quick, get the "Scroll" and wait for the Wraith to kill itself. Get out and head East for a vase with arrows and get into the crawlspace there to claim Secret #6, Medipack and Ammo, just before dropping into the water, follow around some nasty corners and enter the Treasure Room. Look for the other "Greave" between all the gold and pull the switch to leave the room.

Horsemanís Alley.

Follow the passage through a water shaft up to a hall where you hear the danger sound.

Get a Medipack and some Ammo, take the torch on the ledge and go light it at the torch on the wall. Another Horseman (a green one this time) will come at you, so drop the torch and run away pulling the revolver, turn and shoot him in the Gem. Again no Gem.

Up the stairs again and take the torch for some light in the dark places. On your way youíll meet one more Horseman on foot and also some vases to shoot. Past the golden gates and next to the vase around next corners is a switch to release the horseman behind those gates. This is a nasty one, I took him out by running back past the gate he came from, (thereís some light there at least) and stood against the wall, looking aside a bit. He came at me sideways slowly with the head of the horse in the wall, gave me time to take aim, when heís off the horse shoot him again in the Gem. This one drops the Gem, so take it and follow the stairs up again. Near the ladders is a vase with Ammo, that releases a Wraith, run to the fountain and get rid of it.

Follow the stairs up and open the doors with the "Gem", a Horseman comes out, take care of him and enter the new passage, At the room with the chains, you can walk through to the end, take the "Breast Plate", pull the lever and shoot the vase in the alcove to get the Ammo. Climb the raised blocks to get to the monkey swing that will take you over the burners, make your way through the chains. Then return for the ladders and climb up, in that room, you can place another "Star" to open the gate. (Strange but nice camera view) Go to next room to place the "Scroll", Run past the Horseman (seems you canít kill this one) and be chased by some Wraiths too.

To your right youíll find a gate and a receptacle for a "Star". Follow this passage and get into the fountain, get the "Scroll" and get out after both wraiths are gone. Return to the main passage and go right. Off the big slide and jump/roll (or just start backwards), so youíll slide backwards, while holding action to grab the edge of the slide. Do this all the way down and let go in the end, you will fall into a dark ware pit, follow the passage and get out in a lavaroom. Jump over the lava to the wall with the opening in the East.

Grab and climb into the opening and follow this passage up and up and up, place the "Scroll" to open the last gate and pick up a ton of goodies, leave this level at the blue rays.

Good level, lots of climbing and hard enemies (never liked those horsemen).