Treasure and Grave.

Levels by Hendrik.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.


The Streets.

Go right, left, right and in this street, look for the door on the left, open it with the button, enter and take care of 2 Ninjas, open the next door and go up the stairs, one more Ninja waits for you, look for the button behind the book case, take the ammo there first, after the flyby of a gate opening up, another Ninja enters, when heís gone, climb the book case and up the ladder, take out the Ninja and get the ammo, Uzis, and the "Guardian Key". Go down and to the streets, turn right, right, left and right and enter the building with the pillars, shoot 2 Scorpions and get the ammo on both sides of the pool.

The Sewers.

Dive in and follow to the other side, when you climb out a flyby shows you 3 Crocs coming for you, run to them as soon as you can and start shooting, just jumping back to stay out of reach. Go to the passage on the other side and take left or right passage, 2 more Crocs, same trick. Climb a block on the right hand side to get a Medipack and go on, dive into the next pit and get upstairs, take care of the Ninja, push the button on the book case and climb the ladder, get into a fight with the Ninja there and go through the scissors, kill all the Scorpions and get some ammo, take the 1st "Canopic Jar", back through the scissors and outside.

The Streets.

Go straight on left side walk and at the small slope against the house, climb up go right and on to the next roof. Use the "Guardian Key" after you took the Medipack and 2 Ninjas storm out as you enter, deal with them and take the ammo in the vase, drop down on the South side, youíll take some damage and shoot 2 Scorpions, be careful, there are poison darts at the pedestal, crawl into the corner and take the "Golden Vreaus". Push the button on the wall and leave. Go left and under the bridge you can place the "Vreaus". Youíll hear a door opening up, do a side jump to the right and climb up, climb left over the slope on the bridge and drop, getting ready to rumble again. After the 2 Ninjas, dive into the tunnel follow past the door and get the flares, open the door now and go back for some air, follow next tunnel into a big room with a croc, turn left and behind left pillar look for the tunnel near the ceiling, get in to claim Secret #1, some goodies (quite a climb), return to the big room and look for the hole in the ceiling along the North wall. Get out and shoot the right hand vase to get a Medipack, run through scissors and poison darts to the room with the 2nd "Jar". Run jump to the square to the right of the pillar and dodge the darts, climb and get the "Canopic Jar". From up here jump to the exit and go all the way back to the streets. Backflip from the bridge, over the slope onto the street below and go West and then South to the end of the street, there is a wall with a fence on it, climb up and run jump to the roof with the vase, turn and see the ledge along the house left, run jump there and sprint to the other side for the Medipack, dodging the Ninja, drop down and get onto the roof again, go South and left, meet 2 Ninjas (try to get the ammo and Medipack before they do) and find the reach-in switch, use it to open the gate below. Drop down and enter, turn left and place the Jar in the back of the statue, shoot the vase to get some ammo and go place the other Jar. Donít shoot the vase here, but leave Sweetwater through the door.

Labyrinth of the Dark.

Enter the North room by walking to the door and pull a lever there, enter the room in the West and in SW corner pull the lever, pull up on the sloped pillar in the SE corner and slide off, get into the crawlspace to claim Secret #2, ammo and flares. Go out and climb the pillar again, now slide/jump to the next and slide/jump/grab the high pillar on the East wall to get the Shotgun. Drop down, go back to the previous room and enter the open passage in the South, slide into the room with the high ledges, go left to push the button on the NE pillar and go climb the pillar in the SW corner, go over to the NE corner and jump into the alcove there, shimmy the crack to the left and get ammo in the end, turn and stand jump to the high ledge, climb to the pole and backflip to the highest ledge, the Skeleton is taking a nap, but will awake as you approach the passage in the NE corner, blast him off the ledges, enter next room and go up the stairs around the pool.

At the room with the hot sandy floor, run jump to the pole, climb a bit and turn/ backflip to the ledge under the ladder, get another Shotgun and climb up to claim Secret #3, ammo. Down the ladder and stand jump to the pole, turn and backflip to the exit. Go take a dive into the pool and follow to a large room, turn left along the wall and get the ammo behind the pillar. Swim to opposite corner and up for the hole in the ceiling (if you want the flares, better get back later, for you have still a long way to swim and not that much air, if Iím not mistaken). Get out and find 3 Orange vases to shoot and take all the ammo they contain, now up the pyramid and take the "Pillar". A flyby shows you all the Skeletons, but donít waste any ammo on them, just sprint to the NW corner of the room and up the ledge there, place the "Pillar" and exit.

Use the monkey swing to go over to the pillar with the Laser sight and then to the far pillar on the other wall, turn and run jump across, to the next ledge and on the rope, swing to the door and exit. Next room, stand on the edge facing SW and side jump right to the sloped pillar, so youíll slide forward, jump 8 times and on the last, grab the wall in front, pull in and go left, get the Medipack and in the end, back off the edge and drop onto pillar below, backflip to pillar behind you, turn and jump to the rope, swing to the exit. Run down the stairs, a long way down to reach the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth.

You will run into the button, push it. Use the map >>  to find your way if youíre stuck.

1. Push the Button

2. Go to room 2, ammo in vase, lever in crawlspace.                                                                                 

3. Go to room 3, use lever,

4. Go to room 4, take the "Gem".

5. Go to room 5, open with "Gem", use lever, ammo in crawlspace (and bones to shoot later, go to door and exit.

6. Go to room 6,pull the lever, climb the ladder, backflip/roll/grab and climb up, get the Revolver, drop down to 1st. floor and shoot bones Make a little detour past room 5 to shoot the bones there.

7. Go to room 7, take the "Knot" pull the lever and shoot the bones in the crawlspace.

8. Go to room 8, place the "Knot", take flares and pull lever.

9. Go to room 9, shoot the bones.

10. Go to room 10, push the button.

11. Go to room 11, shoot bones in crawlspace.

12. Go to room 12, Blow the Skeleton in the pool and jump after him , swim right/left and on top of the ledge on the 2 pillars is the "Pillar", get the ammo in the corner and go back out, go left/left/up and take the Medipack, get back in the water and swim back to the room with the 2 pillars, now go right and through the arch and aim for the vase, next to it is the Crowbar, get it and go back, out of the pillar room and right/right and up to get the "Star". Exit the door and go to the North passage, the door with the Pillar receptacle is there.

Follow the passage and enter the lower part of the monkey swing room, go to the other side and use your "Star", slide backwards from the slope and grab the edge, hang there till the ball went overhead and pull up/backflip/roll/grab the floor. To your right and down is the lever for next gate, jump in the next opening and jump to the 1st. rope, swing to the 2nd.( I had to aim right of the 2nd. rope otherwise Lara did not grab it) turn right and swing to the ledge and run jump to the pillar, another rope drops so you can swing to the big ledge in the South, get the Medipack and stand facing the rope, stand jump and fall into the pool below, get out and meet the Mummies, go to the North and get the Medipack there, wait a bit for the mummies to get here (this will buy you some time)and sprint to the South, push in the statue twice so you can enter that room and get the "Star" around the left corner, ( hungry beetles start pouring out) back out and left, taking a flare, so you can see the spike pit you have to jump. Place the "Star" and leave, climb the pole and backflip into the passage (left) on top, jump over to the roof in the room where you took the Star and take the "Scroll", run straight for the Scroll and go forward, drop down and place it on the pedestal, donít run around here to much, go straight for the door and to the next level.

Treasure and Grave.

Get into the North pool and swim to the end, get out and claim Secret #4, flares and ammo. Get back and take the South pool, pull the lever in the end and be careful, the water is gone, so donít just run in and land on your face, but use the ladders, go back to the North pool and use the lever on the bottom, now go to the center pool and climb out the other side. Exit and the music makes you believe that you have to hurry, not true, jus jump over the pillars (there are poison darts on top) and turn around on the last one (if you happen to see a Ninja in front, better take him out now or he will shoot you in the back) climb down the last pillar and go over to the other side of the pit, take care of the Ninja coming to greet you and pull the lever, run back along the North wall and take out another Ninja, now go push the statue to the brown square along the North wall and get back out of the pit and to the ledge with the vase, donít shoot it but take the ammo on the crate and go into the open room, shoot some Scorpions and get the "Hand" on the crate, get down the pit once more and place the "Hand" to open the gate, use the rope to get in and use the lever which will open the Big Doors in the room you got the "Hand".

The Big Hall.

Enter the big hall and start shooting all those Scorpions, vases and get ammo from them, climb the ladder on North wall, backflip to the yard with the Landrovers. Take out all the Ninjas and get some ammo in front of one of the Jeeps and find the lever to pull in the South (a flyby shows you that the gate downstairs is open). Go there and enter. Go left and into the crawlspace, take the Medipack and proceed, just around next corner, shoot 2 Ninjas from the crawlspace (otherwise youíll be dead before you exit). Go left and take the 1st "Cartouche Part". Another Ninja, climb the ladder on West wall to top of 1st. part and backflip to the ledge on the pillars, pull the statue to the other side of the ledge and enter the gate, shoot the Ninja in the pool room and get ammo from the vases, take the ammo in the pool and follow, to shoot the Ninjas as you get out, get the ammo on the crates and shoot some Scorpions. Go to the next room and 2 more Ninjas appear, get the "Hand of Sirius" and a Medipack on the high stack of crates.

Go all the way back to the room you pushed the statue and go left as you exit, climb the ridge in the end and see the dark pit (with the burning floor), use the binoculars to find the crawlspace, jump to the square in front of it and claim Secret #4. Get out and from the non burning square stand jump/grab to the ridge you came from, back through the crawlspace and to the big hall to use the "Hand" to open the big doors. Take out the Ninja and shoot all vases, get all the ammo and pull the lever. Use the pole in the North alcove to climb up so the 2 Ninjas on 1st. floor donít notice you, take them out before they turn around and shoot all vases again to get more ammo, pull the lever and go back down to get the Crossbow in the South alcove. Back up and in to the room in the West for the 2nd "Cartouche Part". Run jump/grab the sloped pillar in front and pull up/slide jump to the next, slide and jump/grab the ledge, climb up and run jump to the brown pillar at the pedestal, climb to get the 2nd "Cartouche Part" and drop down to ground floor, climb the crates in the other corner and run jump into the exit. Go to the East room, combine the "Cartouche" and use it to open the last gate to the Big Treasure room and start filling those pockets. You will hear in German "Congratulations, Youíve made it!!!.

End of these fine levels. (Great job for first level build)