Tomb Raider A Series.

                        Part 3- The  Missing Son. (level 10/21)


10- Steel Tower of Four Elements.

There’s only one route here so go up to a huge room (what else?) and see the Element Tower W, around it are 4 directions, NE of it a big pit with wind ledges “Air section” SE a big pillar with burners, trapdoors and such, the “Earth section”, NW Lavarooms, “Fire section” (of course) and the “Water section” is located SW.

Water: Go to the SW and dive in the pool after the flyby of a Shuttle landing. Get the Medipack and some Ammo between the grey beams W on the bottom go to the yellow Ice cube N and climb it, jump to the ledge N and come to the…

Fire: Jump over the ledges to the N side, where a lever waits to be thrown. Go to the 2nd pool E of here and along the N side to the end of the pink ledge , jump to the brick sloped floor and follow up to a switch inside the room SE, use it to raise a block at the 2nd lever. Go pull it and return to the 2nd pool again. Go past the switch there to the machines at the Jump switch, line yourself up, facing away from the switch (there’s a thin line on the floor) and hop back, grab the Jump switch and drop to the slope, slide (and time this right) jump/roll and grab the pole, (spot the trapdoor raised at a switch left of the wall) go up and turn facing the Jump switch, go up to one square from the top and backflip to the wall behind. Run of to the pink ledge and hop on the trapdoor, the switch will melt some Ice in the Water section. Get back there.

Water: Climb out of the pool in the on the S Ice cube and jump/grab the S wall, shimmy left and pull up over the edge, throw the switch inside to raise the 1st platform in the Air section. Climb the E side of the wall and spot the Demigod waiting for you go to the floor but stay far away, he may not notice you yet, so you can take him down with the pistols while he runs around in circles.

Air: Go around the tower to the NE and drop to the platform, take out the Binocs and spot the barely visible ledges going to the N, 2 switches at the dark block on N wall are your goal.

Run jump/grab to the 1st, straight N, run jump to the 2nd N, run off to a lower one N, turn W and run jump/grab to it, turn N and spot the higher ledge, jump/grab up and jump/grab to the switch, which shows a gate in the Earth section. Run off to the lower ledge and to the one under it, then run jump/grab S and turn right, walk to W side and jump/grab up to ledge above, from here a short run jump (hold grab) and turn right, run jump/grab N and jump/grab up to the higher ones to get to the 2nd switch which will open the Earth gate. Run off to the 1st lower ledge and then run jump to one E and a bit right, run jump/grab to the one in the corner and turn right, stand on S edge and jump/grab to the next, run jump/grab to the platform a few times and head for the gate in the Earth section SE.

Earth: Invite the Demigod to come out and play, then go up the ramp with the swinging Spike bags and over a block, shoot the TE guarding the Gate left and get some Ammo in the window, opposite the gate are moving Cranes with Spikes, look for an opening in the NE wall and hop on the crane floor, jump around right corner to get in, drop to lower ledge and jump over the burner floor, get a Medipack and go around the corner to throw a switch, it will lower a block behind the Cranes, go back to them and navigate through to the alcove, drop down and throw the lever to open the Gate, run through the Cranes again and drop backwards into the Gate, climb down and follow to the opening overlooking the Earth section.

Drop/hang and shimmy right around to a palm tree, climb up and onto the block behind it, run off to the sloped thin ledge S. Stand facing NE and sidestep as far left as possible, Lara will shake a bit and go all the way up in the corner, turn right and do a run jump to a dark ledge S, then to the grey ledges W and over to a Jump switch on the Tree, use it to close the trapdoor, Jump back to the NE ledge and drop to a pillar below, drop down and go to the base of the tree to pull the Chain, a Boulder drops and goes through a second open trapdoor, which will close behind it. Now make your way back up to the Tree and drop to the pillar again, jump/grab the Monkey swing S and go to the tree, drop/grab and go around left corner to use the 2nd Jump switch. Which will raise an Ice cube in the Water section.

Water: Go back there and go to the Ice cube in the N side of the pool, climb up the new grown pillar and go over the sloped pillars to the open Gate in W wall. Upon entering a gate opens left, run jump down into that trench to use the lever, (lowers block in previous room) jump back out and go into the room again, the wall is now climbable, but first we have to do one another thing, go NW and look for a climbable pillar opposite the crack in N wall, go up to above the Tanks and backflip/roll/grab, go right and drop on the brown slope at the Crane, turn and use the Jump switch to lower a block on a pillar S side of the room. Go over the first block you lowered and find your way up the yellow pillars. Grab the Ammo and the 1st  Bridge Energetic Cell and throw the switch to move a Crane from the front of a crawlspace at the end of the crack.

Go up to the crack and right all the way past the Crane, you’ll get hurt a bit and into the crawlspace, follow to an opening from where you can run jump/grab the ladder on the pillar. Go left around and up to block, see the Jump switch. Grab the Monkey swing to go to the E and take the Ammo, run jump/grab to the Jump switch from between the 2 sloped parts of the floor and adjust the aiming in mid air, a block lowers to get back up to the Chain area and a block under the Chain itself, so go back up and pull the Chain to open the Gate next to the entrance of the room. Go down and get some Ammo next to the last pillar with ladder and go into the gate,

Placing the Scions.

Up the ladder to the outside, climb around the blocks to a ledge where a cut scene shows you the Tower, run jump around the corner up to the higher floor and climb the yellow wall, this is the level where you can make good use of the 4 Scions in your backpack, go to each tunnel in the 4 Element Tunnels of the Tower and place the Scions, which will be taken into the tunnel, do Fire, Water, go around S side to Earth and get a bonus Medipack next to the tunnel, Air last and there is some Ammo and another Crossbow on a ledge, look up there and spot the Jump switch. After the last Scion, you get a cut scene of an open gate with flames in front, that gate is in the very top of the level.

Jump back and go to the Fire tunnel, from the right side you can jump to a ledge on the N wall, jump to the pointy ledge just around the SE corner, walk left a bit to get closer to the next jump and jump grab the sloped block sticking out to the right, pull up over and slide jump left a bit, go over to the Jump switch here and use it to raise the block where the Crossbow was. Run jump/grabbing SE from this ledge to a dark yellow ledge sticking out from the Tower and you will land on a sloped part of a beam, go SE and up a bright yellow beam, up to the Element Tunnel level. Jump/grab to the block of the Crossbow and use the Jump switch to open a trapdoor (to the Shuttle Pad) in the room with the Cranes in the water section. From the block, look E and slide down the right side of the slope, jump to the Tunnel. Go to the W side of the tower and to the Fire Tunnel, drop from the W side of the tower and land on the bright yellow gutter?, from here you can run jump into the pool, next to the Ice cube you have to climb. In the room, go to the NW corner. Climb the ladder and all the way up to…

The Shuttle Pad.

Climb the dark wall in front and get ready to rumble, left of you is are Demigod and 2 TE’s, take them out and get the 2nd Bridge Energetic Cell, climb a ladder at the Shuttle near S wall and inside are 2 Machines with missing Batteries, first go past them and along the S wall, all the way SE to the Earth section, there are 2 switches on a pink ledge. They will raise 2 blocks so you can put the Bridge Energetic Cells in the Machines.

The Bridge.

Go back and make things happen, a bridge lowers from the N wall outside, go to the NE and run jump/grab to the bridge, go in the N room, get the Ammo and Crossbow, jump to a ledge outside and E of the bridge, pick up the Laser sight and a Medipack a bit further left, and go inside again over the grey beam E from the Medipack and look for a Water Main up on N wall, shoot the yellow part and the water fills the shallow pool, in the NE corner is a small hole you can swim in now and go up the hole above, climb the ladder to the top level.

The Top.

Go W and find a lever to raise a platform, up in the Earth section. Walk out on the grey beam and see the gate of the Scions W and the raised platform SE. Go E and right over the yellow pillars along the wall to the floating Fan, run jump there and run jump/grab to the platform. On S wall you’ll find a Jump switch in a hole, check your health and run, grab the Jump switch and immediately hit “look” to get out of the cut scene or you will drop into the Deeeep!!!. Just jump on hitting the slope below and grab the ledge with the Machine switches, go back through the Shuttle Pad, over bridge, swim, up ladder and over the floating Fans to the W, run jump/grab to the lower part of the steps and go into the gate to use the switch, it will lower a block in the Fire section. Go back to the ladder and follow the path back to the Shuttle Pad, down to the room with the cranes, run jump from the entrance over to the ledge near the Tower and go to the big gate , just in front of that gate is a pole you can climb to the yellow beams. Backflip off and go to the N. and left to the ladder on the pillar, look around the pillar from the W side and spot the grated left walkway under the Element tunnel, run jump in and follow to the block you lowered.

11-The Fire Pylon Passage.

Go in and find closed gates at the Fire Symbols, go on down some steps to find the Techno Egyptian Translator. A gate opens at the symbols, go in and down to the Fire Pylon Passage, climb the ladder next to you and go to the other end, down the hole and here comes a spectacular swim to the Fire Level, go up and into the open gate…

12- Foundation of the first Pylon- Fire.

Stand on the edge of the slope against right wall and take a step left, now stand jump with a sharp right curve into the alcove right to get the Ammo, thought it was a Secret, but no! Slide down and climb the ladder, slide and jump over the Spike tile at the bottom of the slope. Up the wall and hop on the slope and slide down to a Fire Cave.

The Fire Cave.

Go over the white floor to the deep pit and onto the red ridge, where you’ll see a pillar with a ladder, below are 2 Fire Dragons waiting, take them out from here, then stand on the left side of the ridge and look behind the white pillar left, run jump behind it and follow the path down to a dark area, take the left path first, jumping over lava flows and get a Medipack before you jump into the right hand opening, stay in the opening and shoot the Fire Dragon from there, get the Ammo and throw a switch, go back the way you came and in the dark passage below, take the other side, to the right of the lava pillar. Throw the switch in the open gate.

Now go back to the white floored entrance of the Cave and to the N side up the slope, jump into the open gate. Throw the Jump switch (a block lowers at a lever) and get out through the NW hole in the wall, get some Ammo left before going W and out the gate to the pit, jump to a small triangular ledge at the pillar and jump/grab up to it, run jump to the SW corner. Throwing the lever opens a gate down in the pit. Walk back out on the crooked ridge and turn right at the corner of the S wall,  looking at the entrance of the Cave, when you turn around and slide backwards down here and grab the edge of the slope, you’ll land on a slope and slide in the direction of that open gate.

Shoot a Fire Dragon and go W, in the end is a Jump switch around the corner, you have to run jump around the corner from the higher part in the passage you come from. The switch will raise a pole on the crooked ridge. Do a diagonal run over the floor part you’re on and jump back, go to the NW corner of the pit for some Ammo.

Head up the brick pillar to run jump/grab the pole, climb up to the top and backflip from one square down to a ledge SW, climb the ladder there and find the Scion of Fire E. A trapdoor opens, drop down from the trapdoor side and head E, another great flyby will show the next area where a huge Tower, the Pylon of Fire is surrounded by all kinds of machinery and piping. When you reach this area, jump to the grey ledges right and from there you can climb a ladder down to some Ammo, go to the ground floor and to a Terminal W.

The 8 Diamonds.

When you shoot the Terminal, it will explode and leave behind a Diamond for the Engine Circuit (a trapdoor opens), on the now exposed Tile you can see this was #4 out of 8, so lets go for the next 7. Shoot the strange plant next to the Terminal and watch what happens, they can harm you, but look great, there’s a ladder on a pillar nearby, climb it and run jump to a red ledge NW, go N and get Diamond #1 there. Go on to the most E point of this ledge and run jump and grab around to a dark metal pipe, you can already see the next Terminal from here, jump to the red slope on the grey duct N and grab the edge, go right and up the ladder, drop other side, get Diamond # 6, look E and spot the next over in the Mountain area, get Diamond # 3 and return to where you got #6, go left to the Pylon and jump on the white Ring of the Pylon.

Go around to the SW corner, off over the grey ledge which has a ladder down on S side and jump to the next Terminal in the corner get Diamond #2. Go to the ladder you just saw, near the white Ring and down, backflip over the white wall and slide down, pull out a weapon to shoot the Demigod down in the passage, drop in and go S, destroy the Terminal to get Diamond # 5, go S and find the 2 trapdoors, with signs of the Diamond numbers, go right and along the W wall to the N, around the back of the structure, get a Medipack and climb the ledge and the ladder there, go down into the Main passage  on the other side and go follow the arrows to the E.

Go left/left in the end and into the passage with the Blue windows in the floor, notice the block with the pole here and go jump to the ledges in the lava in the end, follow right and to the terminal, Diamond # 7, go on over the ledges to the main passage and look on the S side of it for a small passage, it will take you to the last Terminal. From the grey block in the end you can jump there, the second trapdoor opens when you destroy the terminal. Get Diamond # 8. Go back to the Main passage and follow the arrows back to the trapdoors, get a Medipack in the SW corner and go in to the 5/8 trapdoor. 

Placing The Diamonds- Trapdoor 5/8.

Little to explain here, just follow the white line, up the ladder, backflip off to shoot a TE and back on your way, after you placed the 4 Diamonds, return to the trapdoors, but when you come to the ladder with the sloped block under it, go to the side of the gates S, drop/hang from the edge and drop/grab the crawlspace, find a Secret in there, some Ammo.

Placing The Diamonds- Trapdoor 1/4.

Same MO. After the 2nd Diamond and the 2nd ladder, there’s a White block in S wall, remember the place. Go on along the line (past a short ladder you climb later), place the last Diamond, a Machine gets activated (and a block goes up between 4 levers). Go up the short ladder and you’ll meet a Demigod and a TE, take ‘em out and get the Key to the Engine and some Ammo. left of the machine are 4 levers with a raised block in the center so you can use them, 4 Lenses shift into place and a block lowered at the machine. Place the Engine Key and you’ll see the White block go down. Return along the white line and find the new opening. Go down into the room.

Jump switch room with the Steel Cage.

Notice the big Cage hanging on an axle in the center of the room, we’re going to make use of the cage to reach the numerous Jump switches.

Go to the SW and past the ladder on the pillar and throw the right hand switch in the white pit, the Cage turns vertical, climb out of the pit and go to the left side of the cage, run jump/grab a block sticking out and jump/grab the right side of the ladder on the Cage, on the top, go right quick as a Knife Ball drops down, turn around and stand jump/grab to the ledge under the 1st Jump switch. It will raise a block down by the Cage. Stand jump/grab back and go down to the switch pit, throw the left one this time and the Cage goes back horizontal.

 Cross the pit under the Cage to the NW and run jump/grab to the ledge with the block, get up, grab the Monkey swing and head E to a Jump switch with flames. Flames go off on approach, use the 2nd Jump switch to kill the Spikes on a ledge on the N axle of the cage. Jump to the N side of the room and cross back over to the S to use both the position switches, go up the ladder on a SE pillar and run jump/grab to the Cage, go jump on the N axle ledge and climb the ladder, to the top and backflip/roll/grab to another ladder, up and onto the left block, use the 3rd Jump switch to kill the flames on a pillar near the 2nd Jump switch. Go back down the wall ladder and backflip/roll/grab the Cage, down and to the position switches. Put the Cage straight up again and go to the NE corner of the Cage pit, climb the grey ledge sloping up and run jump/grab the ladder there, go up and jump to the block on the Cage, go up the right side of the ladder and sidestep right again when the Knife Ball drops, turn around and jump/grab to the 4th Jump switch. 

The Lava Caves.

You created a new opening in the pit under the cage, drop from the N side of the ledge, go down the ladder on the pillar and drop to the pit from it. Go into the S tunnel and drop to the lower level, walk up to the lava in the center of the tunnel, turn right a little bit and hop back (maybe you get stuck on the edge, turn a bit and back to get unhooked) and do a long run jump with a sharp right turn to land under the sloped ceiling right side. If you managed the first jump, the rest is easy, the last jump goes along the left wall, get some Ammo and get a Surprise around the corner. Throw the lever to start things up, another of those great flybys shows the central core opening up after the lava melted all.

Climb out of here in the N end of the cave and up to the place you visited before, it’s near terminal #8, run jump/grab the pole, go down, not too far! And turn to backflip to the sloped block, immediately jump to the ledge and run jump to the grey block N, follow the passage to the Main passage left and go into the passage N of main passage, the one with the blue floors, where you saw the block and pole before. Go up the pole, backflip to the S ledge, climb a ladder to a red window and jump to the grated floor under the core, go over to the ladder at the blue slope and up to place the Scion of Fire.

The Beams of Light go through the Big Tunnels and a block lowers back in the direction of the Fire caves, only on the other side of the Big Tunnels. Go back to the trapdoors and go all the way around the left, past the cages to a set of steps leading up, get Ammo, follow the path all around the Pylon, through N side, picking up Goodies here and there and you will finally come out to the #4 Terminal where it all started, climb the ladders to the mushroom shape pillar and jump to the right side of the tunnel to the Fire Cave. Go follow the passage to a Tile in the corner, step on it and go back through... 

11-The Fire Pylon Passage.

Just swim to the other side and up, down the ladder on the end of the passage and into the gate left of it and follow the slopes back up to…

10- Steel Tower of Four Elements.

Open the gate by using the reach-in switch in the circle right and go left into the lower part where you found the Translator, when you walk into the SW corner a block lowers and a flyby will show you one arm of the Kernel is activated and the entrance to the Tower opened. Jump into the lower walkway under the Scion tunnel and jump to the Tower, go S and down the ladder in the hole there. Go S and slide to the entrance of the Tower, notice the pole.

Go into the Tower on the W side and go to the Element blocks in the S, the Fire block lowered, so you can use the reach-in switch in the Air block, the passage opens. Go back out and up the pole at the entrance, go up to the N  brick floor next to the entrance and backflip off. Go up the ladder and the next left ladder. Now you can take the N route along the rock wall or go around S side, climb down the corner in the Air section and jump into the left walkway under the Element tunnel. Enter and go into the N passage to…

13- The Wind Pylon Passage. 

Well you know by now, up the ladder and swim..

14- Foundation of the Second Pylon- Wind.

Slide down and go left, into the wide area, right into an alley, climb the grey ledge in the end to pick up the Scion of the Wind. Well, looks like no way down here, so head back inside to find another gate opened, follow Medipack/Ammo alley down to the Pylon area. Jump to the Fan, the pole ledge and over to the tree left go to the N end of the ledge and stand on the breakledge, drop to the lower ledge and get the Medipack under the tree, go to the end and jump/grab the ladder to go down, go N and check the 3rd Pool with Statues for a Medipack, when you go N you will find out why you got all the Medipacks, a couple of Dragons are kept in the Cages there, and when they see you, they can send Locust to you, just run about to shake ‘em off and take Medipack when needed. Only the Fire balls can kill really you quick, you could run back for one of the Statue pools, pumping Medipacks or reload and try over.

The Detonator.

Make your way over to the far NW corner, past the Cages, shooting some Harpies and find a Medipack under a ladder right, go up and over to the N side of the Pylon, the NW corner of the hills there have a path up jumping the sloped blocks, go up to a Eye window on N wall and inside you can throw the lever to open the nearby gate in the Pylon. Go over the Ring to the Pylon and shoot the Demigod greeting you, take the Detonator he drops. Look on the wall right of the entrance and throw the switch, a trapdoor opens at the cages, between the 2 S Windmills. This is the room you have to get back to when you can place the Scion of the Wind, that’s down the ladder here. 

Taking care of the Dragons.

Jump back to the Ring and head left to the S side of the Pylon, where you can see the Windmills below, there are Medipacks too, but if you have enough, don’t bother for now, run jump to the sloped white wall under the window in the Pylon and slide to the ground, go S and around the right or left over a yellow ledge to the S Windmills, between them is the trapdoor, shoot all the Bugs chasing you and keep an eye on the health, go down the ladder into the Detonator room, shoot more Bugs and find the loose wires sticking out of the wall, place the Detonator and backflip twice while the flyby shows you the destruction of the Dragons. Look for a Machine on a ledge SW, pull up there and use the switch to activate it, a gate opens in a room we go to later. Hop on the block of the switch and stand on the outmost point, jump to the dark yellow ledge NE and from there run jump/grab back to the ladder, go get the Medipacks in peace. One of them is burning in a small gap, must be a Secret you had to take before killing the Dragons, be my guest! Go back into the detonator room and Look for the hole in the floor near the Detonator and go down, follow up a ladder to the Blue Bar Puzzle.

The Blue Bar Puzzle.

There are 6 switches in the room, 1-2-3 W and 3-4-5 E of the Bars, you have to use them in a certain order to get the Bars to open up a path to the gate you opened. The combination is (thank you documentation): 1-5-6-6-1-6-6-2-3-4.  The bars are in place now, go to the NE corner of the room and enter where you see the arrows on the wall, follow the arrows on the floor to the gate and throw the lever there, a trapdoor opens behind you and the flyby shows you the Windmills are operating and generating the power to activate the Core in the Pylon.

The Rope and Jumps over the Burner floor.

Climb the ladder behind you up to the room where you got the detonator and go right after shooting the Demigod. Enter the gate to put the Scion in place, a rope appears S of the windmills, go up the N ladder and back to the Ring, follow S again and go over to the windmills, all the way to the SW point, where you can drop to a pillar below, run jump/grab to the S one and up to the Fan, over to the ledge with the trees left, stand N of the smallest tree and run jump/grab the rope. Don’t get tempted to use the pole, just swing past the left of it to the far brown ledge (if you can’t make it, go one step up from the bottom of the rope and swing to the pole, then backflip to the ledge)

There’s a ladder in the SW corner for later, go over the ledges to the break ledge, a run jump to it and a running jump/grab to the block in the corner, don’t go up, just go around right and from the ladder, backflip/roll/grab the next, one more time and stand on the safe corner pillar. Run jump/grab to the ledge over the Jump switch pillar and stand on the SW corner of it, look W and backflip to a sloped block in the burner floor, jump with a left curve to the ledge under the Jump switch, use it to open the gate over the ladder you saw on the brown ledges. Now to get out of here somebody put up convenient ledges on the burner floor. Because I couldn’t find a shorter path up to the ladder, I went back to the first grey ladder, right along the windmills and over the rope to the brown ledges.

Up the ladder into the gate, follow to the Tile in the end of the passage, it will take you back to…

13- The Wind Pylon Passage.

You know the way…

10- Steel Tower of Four Elements.

Open the gate with the reach-in switch right and go left, down the stairs to the Wind symbol and the block lowers, jump into the walkway and go to the Tower entrance using the ladders or the pole, inside to the S side and use the reach-in switch in the Water block, the entrance opens, go up the pole, ladder and into the left walkway under the Water element tunnel.

The gate opens on approach, slide down to…

15- The Water Pylon Passage.

 Follow to…

16- Foundation of the Third Pylon- Water.

Just slide down when you reach the Pylon area and get the Scion of Water from the pool and go around the Pylon to the N, into the Pylon, shoot the 3 Skellies when they are teamed up together. There’s an Ice pool under the Core, climb the blocks in the center to the highest point and face E, so you can side jump to the sloped block left, grab the edge and go over the Jump switch. It will open a trapdoor at a ladder, go out and NW, in the corner near the Water tanks you’ll find the ladder between the slopes, climb the first on the right side, backflip from the top, jump/grab the upper part and go on up to the top and right to…

The 1st Tank.

Jump to the island and pick a spot from where you can shoot the Blue Fish god on the bottom, E side of the Tank. Swim down the N side and look for the Scanner near the brown metal beams on the bottom W, a flame goes down near the place you entered this level, go down the ladders again and along the W side of the Pylon to the S, notice the beautiful white Ice sculpture of the Sphinx W of the Pylon, go along the pool, over the grey ridge and find the ladder, go up to use the switch, which opens a gate, up in E wall.

Blade wall.

Go down and SW, there’s a wall with a ladder and Blades turning in front, stand back against the grey wall on the E side and when the Blades are about to go underground, jump/grab and go up fast, when the Blade comes, backflip and jump/grab back from the sloped grey wall, go to the E gate.

The Submarine Base.

Follow to the Submarine base, go S over to a Helipad and down in the SW, go around the red fence and down the slope, get the Ammo on it and some more left under the Helipad. Go out and left around the building, to the W wall up a ledge for more Ammo. Head over to the pool in the lower part of the level and follow to the s, shoot a Croc or 2 or 3 and a Fishgod or 2, find a building in the pool S, the one with the red windows. Swim in and get out on the stairs, climb the E window and run jump to the yellow ledge S. Throw the lever there to open a gate on a higher level and jump to the brown SW ledge, get some Ammo and make your way back to the Helipad. Follow the ramps up to the 1st floor, go E and jump to a yellow arch, from which you can go to the bridges leading to the 2 dark brick buildings. Go down into each to pick up the Ammo and Master and head out the E opening of the E building.

The 2nd Tank.

Go to the open gate there and follow the passage up to the 2nd tank. There are 2 Fish gods here, try to take ‘em out from the top and dive in to the lowest level of under water huts, to find the Shell of the Sirens, sorry, there were 3 Fish gods. Climb out of the Tank and go to the SW corner, hop in the hole and let yourself go down the waterfalls, go up in the e and climb out near a ladder, go up the ladder for some Flares and head back down go W and just follow the right hand walls to the basement of the Submarine workshop.

The Submarine workshop.

Climb the grey ledge you will walk into and turn E, run jump/grab up and turn left, find the receptacle for the Shell on the N wall. Go to the w side of the workshop and find one of the subs on the bottom of the Launch tube. Dive in and get the Sphinx Key from under the Sub. (see a block lower in the Sphinx, near the Pylon, remember?) Go back up to the Helipad and N, make your way back to the Pylon area. Jump into the pool below and go W, out and right, to the hind leg of the Sphinx, go in and use the Key in the S lock, a gate opens near Tank #1.

Go out and to the NE, in the corner next to the tank is the gate, go in, right and use the switch to start the Machine, water flow through the canals, the Core gets activated. Go into the Pylon and find the receptacle for the Scion in NE corner where a block lowered. The Power is on, the exit opens and a platform goes up. Go to the blade wall, to go back up to the gate to the Submarine Base and from here you can jump to the Ring, follow it all the way around the Pylon to the SW, run jump/grab to the platform and one more to the exit. Well you know the drill..

15- The Water Pylon Passage.

 Follow to

10- Steel Tower of Four Elements.

Open the gate and go straight to the dark block which will lower for you, jump into the walkway and go to the Tower to activate the last reach-in switch in the Earth block. Go to the earth section and into the left walkway, to the gate left and slide to…

17- The Earth Pylon Passage.

 Follow to…

18- Foundation of the Fourth Pylon- Earth.

Slide down to the Pylon area and drop to the small ledge, 2 Techno Horsemen are mounting their Horses. Run jump over to the brown ledge (racetrack as we will find out later) with the #5 on it and jump to the right side of the Pylon, get some Ammo on the grey ledge right, jump up to the green ledge with the flowers and spot a passage right, the bluish Rose bushes are deadly (Spikes). On the ceiling of the passage, left side is a Monkey swing, run jump/grab to it and go to the end, drop to a grassy block. In front are Scissor ledges, run jump as soon as the Scissors go up (they will be down on landing) and jump/grab up to the Monkey swing, drop on the ledge when the Scissors are snapping and stand jump to the next, jump/grab up to the Monkey swing and go to the last ledge, hang facing the left corner, so you can drop at the sound of the Scissors and jump/grab to the ledge in that corner.

Go to the grey block in NE corner and jump over to the Rock left, hop backwards up the sloped alley and run back and left as soon as you hear the Boulder come, go up again and use the Jump switch to raise a block near the grey block NE, go back, run jump/grab up to get the Buggy Car Key. Go back and down into the deeper part of the room, back to the area where the 2 Horsemen are (just try to avoid them for now) and down the ledge to go right/right and into a down sloped passage in the corner.

Clearing the track.

Let’s go over the track and clear it of all obstacles, go right and follow the arrows, (notice checkpoint #3) over a narrow ledge in a pool. Look right and left in the wall there, just before you go up the slope and get the Ammo and Medipack, shoot the cute Mushies. Go up the slope (checkpoint #4) and watch out for the end, run jump around the right hand corner to the racetrack and go left to get the Scion of the Earth on the sandy part. Turn around and go W, in the wall in the end is a block (you’ll get to when you have the Buggy) go left and down the slope (checkpoint #1), left/left and under the slope S, shoot some Mushies and get the Ammo on the ledge, go back on track and E, just past the bottom of the slope is a cave right with a green rock, climb it and go S, up the brick wall, spot the Jump switch on S wall, drop to the grey wall below and go over to the end of it, jump to the one right under the switch and use it to lower a block on the track. Drop from the wall and go E, along S wall, watch out for another Rosebush and get a Medipack in the corner.

Go back to climb the brick wall N and go over the track to the brick wall on the other side of it, look down there for a lever to lower another block in the track. Turn around and slide, go right/right into a room with levers and Grinders, jump on the ledges to lower blocks with the levers, the Grinders don’t really hurt you too much, when standing still at the lever. Under the Grinders is checkpoint #2. Go back to the track S you just left and follow it through a tunnel to checkpoint #5 and you are back where you got the Scion. Go past the slope right and run jump to the area W of the Pylon, where you’ll find a nice Mushroom valley.

The Buggy.

Go to the Pole W of the pool and up to a N passage, backflip in and follow around till you come out at a bridge right and below, jump to it and go onto the roof S, to the Jump switch. The gate to the Garage opens. Run jump down into the pool and go get it. Now you can have some fun with those Horsemen (You know what I mean) Go down to the racetrack NE of the Pylon and start at the #3 checkpoint, go up the slope at #4 checkpoint, turn right after the jump to the Scion ledge and to #1 checkpoint. Now you have to follow the track over all the checkpoints and this time go left on the Scion ledge to hit #5 checkpoint, turn around and race to the W, where the block is now lowered (timed) If you didn’t make it in time, just go back to checkpoint #5, (block will lower) and do it again.

The Platform run.

There are 2 sloped grey blocks to take the Buggy up, start on the W one, raise platforms when you hit the next blocks, at one point, only a platform in the other route raises, so go back and over the other route, work like this till you come to the N gate.

Just inside a screenshot shows a trapdoor opening up, take the Buggy back to the Pylon, the NE corner and leave it here for now, climb the ledge in the Earth Grinders area, along E wall is a pole, get some Ammo and climb into the room above, start up the Machine (lowers a block at the Scion receptacle) with the switch next to the trapdoor and head out E, left and just around the corner, you can shoot a Sentry-gun in the back, go on W, notice the gates with the levers left and to a pit left with a red tiled edge. Hop on the NE corner of the pit, walk S and drop down the w side to land on a slope, go right to the end and backflip to the red ledge in the pool, climb the pillar and run jump to a ladder on E wall and go up, get the Ammo and use the Jump switch to open the first gate. Drop into the pool below and swim NW, from the passage there, jump/grab the pillar in the pool, go right and slide/backflip into the gap in the pillar behind, go to the S pillar and use the Jump switch for the next gate.

Swim to the NW passage again and follow down to a room with a burner and climbable pillars, from the S side, grab the pillar and go right around the corner, backflip/roll/grab to the one behind, go up all the way and shimmy past the ball left to the corner overlooking another pool with pillars, jump around the right corner to get the Ammo and use the Monkey swing to go E, go over the pillars to a gap in one of the pillars SW and around to a ledge with a Jump switch. So, all gates open, hop in the pool and get some Ammo near the Jump switch ledge, swim E and get out between some ledge, climb the pillars and use the Monkey swing to get back to the burner room, shimmy to the SE corner, past the ladder and climb over the block in the corner, drop and follow the flower slope up, go left and follow back to the open gates.

Throw the levers to activate the Earth Grinders, the Core will be activated and the Pylon gate opens, go back to the Machine room and down the pole, into the Pylon, place the Scion, to direct the energy to the Steel Tower. Take the Buggy and run it over the track once more, to the big slope at #4, jump to the rock where you got the Scion and leave it here, walk up on the grey ledge S and run jump/grab the ladder under the exit gate in S wall, go up and into the corner, where the Tile is.

15- The Water Pylon Passage.

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10- Steel Tower of Four Elements.

Open the gate with the reach-in switch right and go to the NW corner where the block will lower, go inside the Tower and drop into the pool under the Kernel, which is now fully activated. Climb the centre ledge and the Flyby will take over, to take you inside the Kernel.

19- The Kernel of Rhatech.

Go right and climb out of the pit, turn left and go up the ladder on the pillar, jump to the S lever and use the new platform to get to the W one, go around like this till the tower will change shape and you can go back to it. Climb up to go and use all 4 Jump switches there to kill the burners on the top level. Climb the ladder next to the Jump switch and turn around, climb up and jump to the central grated floor, into the center of the slopes. Watch what happens next, Lara will be transformed to a Techno Lara. If you need it, there’s some Ammo and a Laser sight on the side of the Air element, shoot the 4 Fuse boxes you can see on the wall at every Element and Lara gets shaken a bit… After you get back control, go climb all the way down to where the level started (near that pointy structure) and go back to…

10- Steel Tower of Four Elements.

A Demigod is shooting at you when you arrive back, take him out and go slide down the sloped passage, back to the Cathedral…

20- Defeat of the Empire.

In the cathedral is the Embryo of the New RHA, that’s what we have to destroy, on the fenced off pedestal in front of you is ???, go out W and to the entrance of the cathedral, inside are the 2 pits (left and right of the central path) with the switches you saw a long time back, go use them and go up to the Embryo, there are 2 Statues, The Father and The Mother, grab the 2 Genetic codes and combine them to the Genetic Code of the New RHA, also the fence at the pedestal lowered. Go back there to grab the Symbol of the new RHA and return to the cathedral (where’s that Buggy).

 Place the Symbol in the receptacle near the Father and the Embryo will wither and die. Go to the Sphinx and climb the brown ledges, so you can run jump/grab the high ladder on the E wall, go up all the way and into the opened wall in front. Slide down the slope…



21- Jerusalem must be free.

Climb down or drop every time to the endless pit and come out to the gravity pool, hop in and get out in the brick passage again, take out the big gun and put it away for now. Climb all the way up and shoot the TE waiting for you at the switch (to open a trapdoor) way up the next ladder, backflip into the passage to go slide to Jerusalem again, in the square is a door with the end over it, but that’s for later, go to the machine with which you opened the wall before and head back in there, you’ll get a flyby of the route you have to take to open the Prison cells, so you can free the prisoners. Bad thing happened here, the Alternate Embryo is ready, you have to destroy that too.

Go to the stairs in the SE and up to the yellow square, into the gate and follow to the Grinders, jump to the left to go to the trench in front of the Prison and climb down, go to the lever you threw before and into the crawlspace to the cell, up the alcove and climb to the Grinder room, go W, up to 1st floor and E to SE corner, where you can climb up to the Monkey swing you used before, follow it to that bridge to the top of the Grinder room. Run jump t the 1st alcove in the axle and go overt to the W side when safe, jump into an open gate there and use a switch to open the next gate.

The Alternate Embryo.

Well, this one is alive and kicking, keep the Medipacks coming (hit the “9” button often), slide down the slope and jump to the pink ledge below, run over to the SE corner (chased by 4 Wraiths) and jump/grab the left side of the ladder over the burner, go up to the alcove and turn right, jump/grab the crack to the right and go to the end to use the lever. Drop down and go to the ladder again, up to the top (too slow) and go left, at the Palm tree, drop/hang from the edge and drop/grab the lower crack, go left and use the Jump switch to lower a block in the Poison pit NW, run there and use the switch to open the cover on the Scanner in the SW corner pool, get there and use it to kill the Spikes at the switch in the W wall alcove, go in to raise a pole in the NE corner, go up facing E and backflip onto the bridge, use the 3 switches to kill the Embryo. The Wraiths will soon follow. Go down the pole and shoot a TE, as if it wasn’t hard enough already and pick up the Prison Keys he dropped, a trapdoor opens. Look for the hole in the ceiling of this alcove and climb up to the receptacle for the Genetic Code, insert it from the side of the gate and shoot it when it’s in, the gate opens.

Free the Prisoners.

Follow the passage to the bridge and from the pointy ledge, jump/grab the Monkey swing to go back and to the W, on the yellow floor are the first 4 cells to open. Drop one floor down and go into the hole next to the blue circle room, go down into the cell you crawl through and open the 2 cells here, climb the ladder out of the trench and go to the Prison in the corner there to open the last 6 cells, the Exit doors below at the start of the level, open up. Make your way back there and enter, walk down the isle to the podium and the game ends…

What a marvellous game put together by psiko. Everything worked out in great detail, I noticed the machine we used in the beginning to open the wall, it’s abandoned now and even a plant grows in it!

For missing Secrets.

Secret #2:
level: Techno Egyptian portal
route: Before end of this level, On the top ledge of a short pole near the split central structure (the one with color-line routes on floor), you have to drop down from the roof with 4 slope & 4 JS to get it
stuff: Small medipack

Secret #3:
level: New RHA Shining Star
route: on a 2nd-floor small room with 2 JS in the garden area, drive the car into the room & the block between 2 JS will lower
stuff: Ammo

Secret #4:
level: New RHA Shining Star
route: Before end of this level, Go back the very first beginning pool area you pull into this level. That area is dry now. Find something to release the bar which resides behind a blue arc wall in the midway of the path you go to the garden area
stuff: crossbow

Secret #5:
level: Foundation of the first pylon, Fire
route: In the area you put diamond 5~8, there's a ladder with a slope under it. Go to left area of that ldder. Drop & grab the gap on wall below. Crawl into & pick up secret at end
stuff: Flare

Secret #6:
level: Foundation of the second pylon, wind
route: When you come to the windmill on south area & first met with dragon room below. There're many stuff you can take. One of them resides in between 2 floor under right windmill. Manage you way & avoid fireball to jump into it (Manage your way out is also a small challenge. You must do this before you use the detonator, or this stuff will be on fire.
stuff: Large medipack

Secret #7:
level: Foundation of the fourth pylon, Earth
route: When begin this level, go to right side of Pylon. Drop down left side when you reach 1st pillar & go over the ledge to pick up secret at end
stuff: Ammo