Tomb Raider A Series.


                                                                 Techno Egyptians

                                                           and the Hidden Empire at the Centre of the World.

                              A Complete Game by Psiko.                                                    Walkthrough: Dutchy. (revised Febr. 2005)

                      crawlspace=crawlspace, Monkey swing= monkey swing, Medipack= medipack, under water= underwater.

Take a look at your inventory, great detail, I like the Compass (in 2nd level) and the save disks, watch closely when the flyby’s come between the levels, they are really terrific. I don’t know if I have the level names and such correct, I just name them as they appear in the load screen.








Map of the Kernel and all the places you visit on this trip.


                                           Part 1- The Mother.

                                    Jerusalem 2002, before the Empire came to surface.


1-The mighty.

Go forward to the 1st  square we will come back to later, spot the big doors N with the overhead text “The end of the pain is near”, you’ll be back here after you’re done in another area, go left/left and right up some small steps leading to the back of a house. Follow the alley to a lever on the left, throw it to open a trapdoor some where at a ladder, follow the rest of the alley and come out to a huge area, with a Church on your right hand, follow the Church wall and go right around the front where the entrance is, go straight S and look for the pole at the yellow building, climb up, back to the building and backflip from just above the flowerbed to a ledge, go W and climb the wall left, where you opened the trapdoor before.

Go E and run jump/grab to a ledge over the pole you climbed and get a small medipack, jump back and head W along the balcony, jump over the flowerbed in the end to land on a roof, go SW and jump to a ledge in the corner, get the small medipack and use the Jump switch, you’ll see a lever on the roof of the Church, under which you just extinguished some flames. Jump back to the last roof and go N, from here you can run jump/grab to the low part of the Church roof between the sloped parts, go up and hop onto one of the pointed roofs, so you can grab up to the higher roof. The lever is in the E, throw it to lower a block W, go down the N side of the roof and go NW, go over the ledge W to the block at a Monkey swing.

Grab it and go around the left corner, drop in the end and go N over the roofs of the houses, throw the lever in the end (another pole appeared) and jump to the ledge W, go S and there you can jump down to a brown wall in the alley at the 1st lever. Go out to the Church area again and look out E and to the left of the Church, you’ll see a Children’s play garden with a slide, go there and look on N wall for the pole, face NW and climb it till you are over a sloped grey ledge left, backflip to a SE ledge and follow this to the E, get a small medipack in a corner, follow the left wall and jump to a ledge with another small medipack run jump/grab the ladder on the E wall and go up. Follow to the end and look down right, drop to the higher wall below and go S till the wall goes up, jump into the left passage along the wall and go to the end to climb a ladder right, grab the Monkey swing up there and follow to the end, Go left to the wall and drop down on a ledge with a lever. Throw it to open the big doors in the 1st square at the beginning of the level.

Grab the small medipack and go to the E end of the ledge, look down left and spot a grey wall with a flowerbed below, run jump down to it and take some medicine if you need it, drop at the tree below and go NW, out to the 1st square at the houses. Enter the Auditorium and go down to the lower W side, look for a Jump switch there and see a trapdoor opening up in the Church, so head back to the Church, enter and go along the right hand wall to the back, look for a block to climb left and hop over to get down into that trapdoor, follow the passage in the Crypt to a crawlspace in the SE corner, get in and go right/right, drop into a hole and slide down to a cave, go past the Mural and hop over the left hand slope, a flyby takes over with Lara standing in a room with big Anubis Statues.


2-The Subdued.

Techno Egyptians rule the Surface.

New outfit for Lara and a Techno Egyptian (TE) shot another guy.

Slide down the slope and shoot the TE (as I will call them for short), there’s a strange Machine standing in the square, activate it by pulling the handle on the back and it will blow out a wall. Spot the big door with the text “The End is near” before you head into the new area. Go all the way into the SE corner where a set of stairs lead up to the next level, a Demigod will come up behind you, take him out and once up on the Yellow Square at the end of the stairs, spot the ladder on the E wall, run jump/grab and go up and left on the duct, go for the lever (looks different) to open a gate below. Drop down and go W where you will find that opened gate (you will hear a Harpy somewhere) Go to the crossing and right, the doors left are closed, come out at a huge Grinder.

The Prison.

Go sharp left and jump to the SE passage when the grinders passed, go over some trenches and shoot a TE in far corner, he will drop a TE Gun Ammo, a gate opens in the SE corner, get over there and go straight S, follow through the showers to the last left one, shoot the grating on the duct and get in, go left, around the corner right at the crossing and follow to the end left, shoot the grating left, throw the lever to see a wall lower in a pit. Climb down in (a gate opens somewhere)  and go straight to the corner with the pit where you saw the block lower, get in and right, into lower passage.

The Factory area.

Follow to another factory area, where the gate will drop shut behind you, look in a right hand passage and shoot some vegetable balls on the 3 cores, the Embryos inside will die and drop to the floor (they have to go down all 3), go to the SE corner of the big previous area and Lara will look into the corner, there’s a ladder left of you on a pillar, the floor is burning hot, do a run jump/grab with a left curve (from a triangular dark ledge in the corner) go up the ladder to one square from the top and backflip/roll/grab the pillar behind, get the Ammo and climb down the other side, backflip to a ledge under the Jump switch, use it to lower a block in another big area (making a shimmy possible).

Go back over the pillar and run jump to the right side of the ladder, go to where you shot the vegetables, and left up the ledges, just on the left corner you can climb the surface that looks like the floor and slide/jump/grab the pillar in front, go into the left crawlspace and follow this passage to a walkway going over to a machine with a handle to pull, 4 ropes will grow from the floor. Drop down into the garden and go back to the factory area N, climb the ropes to get 2 Medipacks and throw the levers to release the Harpies you heard for a while now.

The Harpy cage.

Go back to the SW passage you entered this area from, the gate reopened. Go back up in the higher passage and up right in the end. Here’s the Harpy cage, mine where hanging from the ceiling, quite inactive so I could take them out from the entrance (Hope you are lucky too, cause the pool is poisonous and I really wouldn’t like to have a gunfight in here, but the best thing to do is to stand with your back in the corner of 2 walls and the can’t hurt you or push you off a ledge) Run into the right hand small ledge and turn W, stand jump/grab the brick wall and get up. Get the Medipack and go right, jump to the pinkish pipe and drop from it onto a metal ledge, stand jump/grab into the Bird cage and throw the lever, 2 Spiked Spirits will appear (that’s what all those Medipacks were for!)

Hop back and do a run jump to the ledge left of the pinkish pipe and run around left to a raised block, climb the ledge up right and from the point of the yellow ledge, a stand jump/grab to the Jump switch on the wall, climb the ledge up right again, roll and jump to the top of the cage, run over the hole to the E exit and jump down into the window alcove from which you jumped to the brick wall before, run into the exit and go back to the factory area, go left when you get there and run into the blue structure with the upside down black pear, grab the Kernel of Rhatech and stay close to the pear, the Spirits will kill themselves in it. Now head back to the Prison (climb out of the hole opposite the harpy cage and go W) and find the entrance open again, go past the Grinders to the passage leading to the Yellow Square, notice a trench in the floor with a closed trapdoor in it, go left around the corner to the Yellow Square and go left/left outside, Lara will look up right to the ledge shown in an earlier cut scene (Jump switch with the burning floor).

Go to the SW and climb up in the corner, up the metal ledge left and turn to the N. You’ll see a structure with streetlights and left of it a ladder in the distance, jump to the structure and go down the ladder to a white ledge, drop/hang from it and shimmy right to the crack, go right around the corner and get some Ammo in an alcove, go on shimmying around the right hand corner and climb up at the white floor, go for a lever in the end to open that trapdoor near the Grinders. Drop down to one of the walkways below and go into the Gate again, to the trench with the trapdoor and down to the E, find the Jump switch in the end and use it to lower a block. Go back up to the passage and past the Grinders to the Prison entrance, climb down the ladder in the trench in front of it and go for the lever you uncovered. Throw it and get into the crawlspace into the cell left of you, shoot the grating and get in, follow up and around the right to a ladder down into a blue glass structure, throw the switch to lower a block.

Go up the ladder again backflip/roll off and go right, you’re on the other end of the Grinders, run into the NW corner and get the TE Gun. Go back and into right hand room, climb up to 1st floor and shoot the TE, grab the Medipack and head E and up to the higher room, go to the right and shoot the Demigod, find the alcove where you lowered the block in the S wall at the end of the dark ledge, get up and grab the Brick Monkey swing. Follow E and drop in the end, go left and over a walkway leading to the top of the Grinder room.

The Grinder room.

More ways to do this I’m sure, but this is how I did it:

There are 2 levers on top of the axle the Grinders turn around on, there are 2 sets of grinders. Run jump/grab to the ledge opposite the entrance and go up the ledge on the axle quick, wait on the last one and save. Climb up after the Grinders passed, now go forward in this ledge and duck, look up so you can see that one of the grinders doesn’t hit this ledge, stand up after the first passed and run for the right hand lever, Lara looks left, throw the lever quick and hop back turning left, so you will hop back into a ledge opposite the one you just left. Duck and wait to get a chance to run to a ledge in the SE, from here you can do the second lever and a trapdoor will open, run into the SW ledge and duck, now go back over to the SE side and to the lower ledge, run of to a lower floor S and climb the SW ladder.

Drop in the open trapdoor and shoot the TE, get his Medipack and head over to the N side and grab the Crust of the earth and Four Pylons. A wall lowers.

Go to the SW “window” and run jump out in a SW direction, to land on a dark ledge, go to the round blue room and down the SE hole to the prisoners cell, climb back up to the prison entrance, run jump past the Grinders and go through the passage to the Yellow square, down the stairs to the Ground floor of the level. Head W and left into the wall you just opened.

The Garden.

Follow the passage down to a Garden, shoot the Demigod and head E, look for the Tree-like thing and climb up to the thin ledge on E side, walk right and stand on the lowest point of the ledge around the corner, face E and a bit S and do a side jump right, so you land on the sloped W side of the tree, (found out later you can also grab up to that W side sloped ledge too) grab the edge as you slide off, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the structure behind you, go right and pull up, from this ledge you can do a diagonal run jump with a right curve to grab a ledge in the NW corner, pull up, go right and run jump to the top of the tree, go S, run jump/grab the ledge on top of that grated wall S and shoot a TE in the room with the Machine. Pull the handle and see another wall go down. Jump back to the tree and run off the W side to land on the lower stone structure, slide off to ground floor, climb back up in the passage N to go back to the Ground floor of the level. Go W and follow the S wall, climb over the ledge and jump to the terrace at the Poison pool, in the SW corner is the next open wall. Climb down.

The Ice room.

In the room is a Harpy to shoot, behind The E slope, get behind the slope by jumping around it in the SE corner go into the NE corner over a trapdoor and fall through the Ice, swim S and right in the end, left/right and up in a shaft and climb out to use the Jump switch in the other end of the passage. See a block lower in the Ice room, swim back to the trapdoor and climb out. Go over the sloped wall to the room again and NW, find the brick wall to climb, face the wall, jump up and grab don’t go higher, backflip/roll/grab the crack in the wall behind you, go left. Drop at the block you lowered and turn, jump up to the bridge and go E, run jump/grab the ledge E. Turn around and run jump/grab the wall left of the bridge, jump/grab up to the opening in S wall, use the handle on the machine to activate another one of the contraptions on the Ground floor of the level. Jump down to the white wall, go right and drop on the sloped wall below, jump to the green ridge and over to the exit N, climb back up the shaft to get back to the Ground Floor. Go left when stepping out and immediately to the left is the next entrance on your quest Climb down, grab a Medipack and follow the passage to the Steam room.

The Steam room.

There are 2 ways to do this, the intended hard way and the easy way I found.


Jump from the yellow alcove past the very first steam blower and go left into a small square, jump to a Medipack N and further up the slope to N wall, drop into left lower passage. Around the corner you’ll have to endure the steam while crawling left past the Gate under the low grating. Then climb the brick wall and go up with your head near the ceiling of the left alcove, go left around the corner and drop, turn and grab the Monkey swing, go forward till you can go left to a steam blower, drop/grab and pull up in the left corner, run jump from this ledge to the wall in the S with the Medipack, grab it and jump up to the room with the machine, use the handle to activate the 3rd Contraption.


Go get the Medipack inside the left square and go back to the main passage and S, jump/grab/hang on the low part of the left hand wall, go all the way right and pull up, immediately jump with a right curve to land at the Medipack on the wall from where you can jump to the machine. Go back to the Ground Floor and left again as you may have already guessed.

The Poison pool.

At the next pool is the last entrance, go jump over a pit and drop into a shaft, shoot the TE and follow the passage to the other end, climb the brick wall in the shaft and go over to a pit, jump over and go left for a Medipack, then to the room with the Poison pool. Run jump/grab around the left corner (when the burner is down) to the low ledge in front of a dark pillar, climb the pillar and from the highest point, you can do a run jump to the light grey ledge sticking out into the pool, throw the lever and a gate opened in the SW, run jump back to the pillar and climb it on the right side, only using “Ctrl” (no jump) and run jump/grab into the gate. Throw the lever to raise a trapdoor in front of a pillar on the other side of the room, jump back over the pillar, the center ledge with the 1st lever and from the lever to the trapdoor at the NW pillar, climb and run jump to the corner passage, throw the lever to lower a block in the N wall, jump back to the pillar and from the highest point a long run jump to the low ledge under the opening.

Use the Jump switch to lower a block in the center of the room. Run jump back around the right corner to the trapdoor when the burner is down (or out onto the ledge left and then to the corner of the trapdoor closest to the pillar) and get up the pillar, run jump to the center ledge and up the pillar to first floor, use the handle to activate the last machine, a terrific flyby will show all the elements of the big machine shift into place, a machine in a room up in the Factory area will be activated. (maybe you already explored there, if not,)

Go out of the Poison pool through the N passage at the Jump switch and right all the way past all the pools and up the stairs to the Yellow Square, into the gate and past the Grinders to the Prison, at the open gate left and down into the lower passage to the factory area, but now climb the brick wall in the end of this passage, just before you go left into the Factory. Go around the Bowl and inside you can place the combined

Crust of the earth and Four Pylons and Kernel of Rhatech between the four Element Symbols, the Strange Building in the E of the Ground Floor opens up. Go back there and go in, throw the lever and the level ends, again a great flyby of a Huge machine (a drilling device?) in a tunnel and that will bring you deep into the earth.


3- Underground passage below Jerusalem.

The Tunnelling Machine.

In this corridor of the Machine are several compartments right and left, standing at the crossing, shoot the TE’s in left and right compartment before you enter them and collect all the Ammo and Medipacks in them. In one of the lower left side compartments are the Cockpit Keys to be found. In the end of the corridor is a lower part of the floor left with the keyhole where you can use the Key to open the door to the right, immediately pull out the gun and shoot the TE’s.

Go to the front, stand on the NW side trapdoor and shoot the controls in front of the Cockpit seat and the Machine starts burning, look for the block you just raised next of you and climb it, use the Jump switch on the hanging console and the Sprinklers hit in. Get down, throw the switch where you shot the Ctrl panel and open the trapdoor next to it, go down and drop to the track to escape the appending Crash. The Flyby will show the devastation, Boy Lara this time you hit it big.

4- Access to the Portal.

Head down and to the right at a sandy part of the floor, you can go over to the right side of the tunnel, go down and shoot a couple of TE’s, go all the way down to the dark wall and hop on the yellow/black track left, follow it down along the wall and shoot the TE, down at the end of the track. Go left and right around the pink corner pillar, inside you can shoot some more Control panels to lower a part of a ladder behind you, go back out and get to the ladder to grab a Medipack on top.

Now grab the Monkey swing and go to the other corner, drop to a safe block in a burner floor, drop down into a shaft with water, with a Shark that looks a bit out of place, swim to the NW passage and get up into the room with the TE you saw before, shoot him and grab his Gun. Go up the steps in the other corner and grab the Portal Eye Piece, a Demigod is released and the exit gate opens. Go out to shoot the Demigod and enter the passage he came out of. Slide into the darkness (I’m out of flares)


5- Techno Egyptians Portal.

“Abandon your Hope”… well that sounds promising.

Main Hall.

In the center of the Hall is a huge Egg like thing, I’ll call it Egg.

Run jump to the Techno tree N of the ledge to land on the sloped (a bit brighter color) side of it, slide down and run past the Techno Skeletons to the E side of the room, into the big hall there and up some blocks in the corner to pull the switch, a trapdoor opens over a ladder nearby, run along the E wall to the S and get up on the caged off ladder on the 1st pillar, safety drop down into the elevator shaft W, climb the ledge in front and throw the switch to open a trapdoor in the floor near the ladder. Hop on the elevator that will take you back up, climb down the ladder and get into the trapdoor that’s to your left, go left around the triangular door and pull up on the elevator floor W. Throw the switch N and get up on the elevator to bring you up, get the Ammo N and go out to the Portal floor, head E and another Skeleton appears, go over the Shark pit and find the Portal door in the E end, go left and into a deeper part along the N wall.

Shark Pit.                                                          

Go down the steps to the Shark pit. Get the Ammo near the fence and throw the switch N to open a trapdoor and an opening in the SW of the pit. Go back up to the portal floor and head W where the Skeleton is waiting, on the Shark pit is a yellow beam, at the end you can dive down into the pit with the Shark, you can try to shoot it first or just get in, grab the Medipack and swim SW, through the opening to a room with a Jump switch, so we will have to drain this pit somewhere.

To Upper Levels.

Climb out SW and shoot a TE, go W and on the back side of the block near the pole is a switch to drain the room back there, climb down into the room and stand at the edge of the pit, drop/hang over the switch (which will raise a block in the upper room) and grab it on your way down, get out on the N side and climb back up to the upper room, on the block you can grab up to a ladder, shoot the TE and go left to a walkway into the Main Hall, left at the beginning of the walkway is a brick wall you can pull up to get some Ammo and now look down the N side of the walkway, spot the yellow beam below almost opposite where you got the Ammo, drop to it and grab the Monkey swing under the walkway, go past the Chains and turn left almost in the end, drop to a pipe below and shimmy right to a flat part.

Burning Pink Hill.

Climb up the S side and slide jump to the wall below, a block lowers as you land, turn around and spot it under the pipe, run of the wall to land on the pillar and get the Medipack, jump back to the wall and go right, in the SW corner you can jump to a pink structure, go right around the corner to get a Medipack and return to the E side to get Ammo. From the Ammo, look N and see the pink slope, in the center of the slope is a part you can stand on, jump up and turn facing S, stand a bit left of center, backflip to the higher slope and jump with a left curve to land on the higher ledge, go W to get the Ammo and then E to go up a high slope at the wall there, turn around and run jump/grab up to the upper ledge on S wall, shimmy around the hole in it to avoid the burner and jump to a pillar with a burner in the end. Careful, stand right and walk up to the edge as the burner is down, hop back quick and do a run jump/grab when the burner is down.

Room with the Jumpswitches.

Climb down and run off to the yellow ledge on S wall, then stand jump to a beam N of it and drop to a ledge on the N side of this beam (spot the Jump switch on N wall), drop from the W side to ground floor and go right, into a passage with Scissor/burner traps, in the end is a switch. You have to jump through the Scissors as the floor below is burning hot, pulling the switch kills the flames on the top Jump switch. So we are going up first, but careful, the Scissors stopped, but the Tiles still burn. Go out and right around the passage, up the hole right and up the ladder on W wall, to one square under the top, backflip/roll/grab the hanging block and go around 2 right corners, go down to lowest point with Lara’s feet still on the block and backflip/roll/grab to a block, turn around and stand jump/grab the 1st Jump switch (On the hanging center pillar, Blades deactivate) and drop on a lower slope, immediately jump/grab back to the hanging block. There are 2 ways down to that next Jump switch:

Safest way is to go back to the ladder and down to the yellow beam, onto the ledge N of it and run jump/grab to the 2nd Jump switch, (a gate opens in N wall, the top one of course)

Fast way down is to backflip/roll/grab from the hanging block again and let go to drop onto the sloped ledge, garb the edge and safety drop onto a sloped ledge below, immediately jump again to land on the ledge from where you can run jump to the 2nd Jump switch to the N (a gate opens in N wall, the top one of course).

Slide into the corner with the now safe Blades and get a Medipack, side jump out through the Blades go W around the Scissor passage and climb up to go to the W ladder again, go to the block from which you used the 1st Jump switch and get a Medipack on the ledge to the left. Get back up that yellow block at the Jump switch so you can run jump/grab to a roof N, pull up and run around the right hand corner W, shoot the TE, (walk to one of the windows E, great view) pull the switch and go out to the entrance, drop/grab to the lower gate, do the same there and then drop to the last gate, shoot the TE and get some Ammo, inside are 2 holes in the floor, leading down to levers, which will activate the Spiral machine. Climb back up and leave N, drop down the hole quick, you can’t shoot the TE, go N when you reach the Main Hall.

The Spiral machine

Drop into the hole in the NW (left of the Spiral machine), throw the lever to open a gate, up in the wall, turn and climb the ladder in the NE corner of this pit on N wall, into the gate and run jump to the grey pillar when the chain is left, stand jump to the next and a run jump/grab will take you into the SW opening. Follow to a big empty room, go to the S hole and spot the fool that shot you before, take him out before you go down the ladder, get into the passage he was in and throw the lever to get a pole up somewhere on N side of Main Hall. Go down this passage and drop from the ledge at the ladder to the ground floor, turn and go left to the Spiral machine and right to find that pole, climb it and backflip to a ledge on N wall, go up the steps and into the alley behind the pinkish structure, throw the switch to open the gate at the steps and return there. Follow the passage up to a pillar like thing, stand jump to the ledge and go run jump to the blocks on W wall, climb up to the top of it and up the brick ladder left. Go right and run jump to the ledge on N wall E of the ledge you’re on and get Secret #1, the Master Gun.

Top of the Egg.

Face N and backflip to the sloped surface behind you, slide and jump/grab into the passage where you came out of before. Follow the route back up to the W wall and go left from the ladder this time, run jump/grab to the metal bridge, grabbing in the triangular hole, shimmy left to the bridge and pull up, look for a Jump switch up W, use it and find the other 3 in similar places around the Main Hall, a trapdoor opens near the pole N.

2nd Portal Eye Piece.

Go to the N side of this roof and drop down backwards close to the E side of the steel bridge, holding “Ctrl” and land on a pointy ledge, from the left side of the N point you can run jump/grab the pink structure N at the pole. Jump to the steps from the ledge over the pole and go down the trapdoor. In the room below you can get the 2nd half of the Portal Eye.

The Portal door.

Go up and run jump to the sloped base of the pillar right of the Anubis statue or go down the pole, head E and right to the 2nd ladder on the pillar, climb to the portal floor and run for the door, combine both parts of the Eye and open the door. A rumble rocks the room as the Egg will now be activated. Return to the Main Room and go down to ground floor, from the ladder to the N and left to find a pole up on a brick pillar NE of the Egg.

Inside The Egg.

Climb the pole and backflip to a yellow ledge on E wall, with a Jump switch behind glass, run jump to the entrance of the Egg and see a bunch of colored lines and pillars inside, this is a puzzle. Follow each line exactly, don’t step on other colors except for the ones you cross.

The Yellow line starts here so lets start with that: follow straight, left and to the block, climb up where the line goes up the block and turn right, jump/grab the upper floor and follow the line with a U-turn and finally onto a Tile with Symbols, turn back and follow the line exactly the same route back, when you reach the E entrance, you’ll find the glass cover in front of the Jump switch gone, so jump over and use it to lower 4 glass cages with Tablets inside.

Jump back to the Egg and go to the N opening, the Red line starts here, facing into the room it’s left in the corner, go left to the block, get up and turn around, jump/grab up, follow the line to the Tile right of the symbol Tile, get up and return the same way, jump to the Jump switch N of the Egg. (Scissor traps at 4 levers, one set gone (stopped), one to go.)

Get back inside and to the opposite side, here is the nasty Blue line, follow to where you can go left to the hole in the floor, drop down and grab the ladder on the block, climb around the right corners to the ledge on the other side, climb the E side of the floor and following the line, go over to the pillar where the line goes up, walk forward and jump/grab up to 1st floor, follow the line to the Tile left of the symbol Tile and return the way you came, the Jump switch is now available, it will end the actions of the 2nd Scissor. (there are more blue lines than you need, don’t mind that) Jump back inside and go out the E opening to jump/grab the pole, go to the 2nd ladder E to climb back up to the Portal floor.

The Element Tablets.

Go in the Portal door and along the left wall jump to a ledge. Shoot any Skeleton that dares following you while he is in mid air, ignore the rest. Jump to the pointy thin ledge over the pool and walk into the SE corner jump to a ledge down right at the E wall. Climb the N block and backflip/roll/grab the brick pillar, go around the right corner, climb up a bit and backflip into the corner alcove, stand facing N and backup to the edge, turn right a bit and backflip to a sloped metal block, jump when you land and grab the ladder next to the alcove. Go up to where you can see a crack in a grey wall left of you and a bit higher than the crack, go around left corner and backflip/roll/grab, hang over a sloped block below and drop on the highest side (right), slide and don’t jump, only hit “Ctrl” and you will grab a crack in the block below, go right and up on a ledge, climb the ladder to one square from the top and backflip/roll/grab, use the lever and see a trapdoor opening up. Jump back to the ladder and from about where the crack is to your right, backflip to a ledge, slide backwards off the slope and drop into the water below, swim E and left, go to the NW corner and climb out.

Grab up to the ledge above and run jump/grab to the brick pillar on N wall, up the pole and to one square from the top, face the wall and backflip to a ledge (the ledge at the trapdoor is dangerous), go get the 4 Element Tablets and climb back on the ledge at the pole, use the pole to go down or go to the W side of the ledge and drop from the S side into the pool below climb back to the floor and go over to the Main Hall.

Here it seems I missed Secret #2, a small medipack: On the top ledge of a short pole near the split central structure (the one with color-line routes on floor), you have to drop down from the roof with 4 slope & 4 JS to get it.

The 4 Levers.

Go to the N side of the Egg, up the pole to get up to the floor where you can go up the steps and into the gate to the pillar in the NW corner, jump to the ledge on the pillar, run jump to the blocks on the wall and from the 2nd block, you can run jump down S to a bridge into the Egg where the levers are. Use them to get receptacles up under the Egg and go back up the bridge, jump to a yellow ledge SW of the bridge save and jump to the sloped base of a tree S, so you’ll slide down.

Placing the Element Tablets.

Go to the W side of the receptacle floor under the Egg, there’s a brown metal, roof shaped part of floor, from which you can run jump onto that receptacle place, aim a bit left of the receptacle there.

Place the Tablets and the floor opens up under the Egg. Run jump out in the NW corner, you will fall into the next level.

6- Beehives of the Earth.

Don’t dive or you will be lost forever, just swim up and to E shore, climb out and go up the E passage. A flyby will show you another very complicated area with all kinds of machines, the noises don’t predict much good.

1st Square.

On E wall you’ll see a ladder, climb it all the way to the top and throw the switch, run jump/grab into the S side pillar for switch #2, then to the 3rd switch and a trapdoor opens below. Now jump to the 2nd Square in a NE direction and go N, find the 3 Jump switches in cages and go on N, notice the fire-traps in front of the cages and look for the 3 switches on W wall behind some fences, there’s a TE roaming around here, better go take him out first.

The Timed Switches.

Then go for the switches, the right hand one opens the left cage, run there, (sprint isn’t really necessary) jump with a grab over the flames and use the Jump switch, hop back over the flames and go for the next one (better save every time you did one).

The Sentry-gun.

After the last one a door opens at a Sentry-gun, near the trapdoor you opened. Go back past the cages to the 1st ladder and climb the brick wall N of it, run jump/grab back to the 1st switch ledge and go down the ladder, facing the ladder, turn left and see the hole of the trapdoor just in front of the glass wall, sprint in as the Sentry-gun starts shooting, grab a Medipack and follow the passage to where you can climb up, but don’t yet, stand under the ceiling of the passage and shoot the Demigod and a TE from here (just pistols will do, saves Ammo, takes a bit longer though.) Climb up, grab another Medipack the Demigod dropped and head W, left in the end and get the TE gun in the crawlspace, go E to the tunnel again and look NE, see the Circular Blade in a passage, under shooting range of the Sentry-gun. From standing next to the tunnel you came from, aim for the Circular Blade and sprint there, jump with “shift” to dive through and hop in the next alcove in front, jump to the grey floor and turn right, sprint past the gun to the SW and find the Laser sight there. Turn around and look at the blue wall N, see the opening? Sprint to the corner of the blue wall and the glass wall right, pull up, face N and hop back, jump/grab up to the opening. Climb up left and head NW over the ledges, you can jump/grab to a roof with some Ammo and look down E to take out the Sentry-gun.

The Blades.

Go back inside where you came from and to the N side of the room where you hear the sound of Blades, stand on the low blue ledge at N wall and drop/hang back in the, go right to the wall and drop in the corner, crawl into the room and get the Medipacks, at the 2nd is a brick wall right of you, wait in front of it till you have some time and stand quick, jump up and grab the wall, go up and take a Medipack while climbing to a safe spot over the Blades, go left as far as possible and backflip to a switch ledge, get the Medipack and use the switch to open a gate below, S of the ledge, just run off when the Blades went by, holding “Ctrl” and land inside. Take a step forward fast and get the Medipack, go on to the next challenge.

The Moving Pillars.                                                          

In the passage S you’ll see a Spiked-trap hanging from the ceiling, they’re deadly. Sprint to bump into the wall right of the opening to the pillars, so you will not go too far. Standjumps will get you over the bars and past the pillars, throw the lever and see a block shift in the first pool, where you started the level. Head back through the pillars and at the Spike-trap you can shimmy along the windows ledge to the burner that’s gone down but is still dangerous, drop, go out where the Gun was before and head W. Don’t go down the tunnel to the pool, but up the ramp left of it.

Top of the Pool.

(All the tiles with the circle pattern are deadly here, avoid them)

Go right onto the ramp there at the pool and up a ledge along the left side of it, up to where you can run jump to a thin ledge in the NE corner, go over to the rope and jump grab to it, see the grated ledge with the lever SW, swing there and use the lever to get a pole up right of you, turn around and climb the sloped block, run jump to the pole and see a safe ledge left of you, go one step up and turn till you face between the rope and a grey block at the SE lever and backflip, you should land on a sloped ledge and slide to the safe one, jump to the ledge SW and from there a run jump with a sharp left curve to the walkway going W.

Be careful, there’s a burner tile close by, use the switch on the left block to raise a block behind you, stand jump/grab over the burner tile and jump/grab up to the Monkey swing. Go to the switch on W wall over the big block, drop/grab that block and go for the switch, this switch will lower the grey block at the SE lever and drop a rope, go back to the Monkey swing and jump from the raised block down to the switch there, from this ledge you can run jump/grab the rope and swing to the pink plateau S, go to the E plateau and stand on the NE point, see the hanging burner blocks N, a sloped side on the E of it, that’s where you have to jump to. Run jump aiming for the slope and roll in mid air, slide and grab, go right to the lever and open a set of doors below with it. Turn W at the lever and look down to see a sharp pointed block in the corner of the pool, take 2 steps back from the edge and stand jump down, slide and backflip to the side of the pool, go over to the W side, grab some Ammo and find that open door in the SW corner.

Get the Machine started.

Go up the passage and left, to reach a room with pillars. Climb on the ledge and crawl to the Ammo, crawl back and climb the pillar it was under, go up to the crack and backflip, jump and grab the pillar again, over the crack. Hang with your feet on the crack and backflip, jump with a right curve from the slope, you’ll probably will bounce off the ceiling above, no problem, just jump one more time and land on the sloped block right of the ladder, slide to a ledge and turn, jump to the Ammo and to the pole around the corner, go up till you see a Jump switch, turn to face a bit left of it and backflip to a niche, get over to the switch to open the gate one floor down, jump to the S ledge and drop from the right hand side to a ledge in front of that gate.

A Skeleton is guarding the place. Jump in and shoot him out, stand in front of the SE opening, left side and stand jump to the brown block around right corner, I jumped to the last block in the corner first to shoot the Harpy from standing in the corner. Jump/grab up to the grated floor E and go in, inside is a brick pillar with a sloped block right of it, stand jump to the sloped block and slide jump/grab to the ledge in the corner, get the Ammo and jump into the E niche, from here a run jump/grab to the Jump switch on the pillar and jump from the slope back to the niche, run out on the Ammo ledge and run off onto the slope below. Jump into the E niche and safety drop down to the floor, go to the open trapdoor at the pillar. Grab the pillar and climb down, follow to where you can climb up again and backflip into the passage, climb up and go to the NW corner, stand in the N window and grab up to the dark wall, go to the chain and jump up to the sloped block, on the side of course, climb up to the next block and climb center of the brick wall, to the top, 3 steps down and backflip/roll/grab the wall behind, go over the Jump switch and drop/grab, the flyby will show you the apparatus on 1st square started up, and opens 3 doors at the ladders. From the ledge you landed on, run jump to the N window and down to the wall, drop to the floor and go into the hole you came from, a new passage opened and brings you out to the Machine area. Head N and come out to the 1st square.

The Bike.

Climb the ladder on E wall again and go in the door, throw the lever to kill a burner at the Bike. Now you can climb down the ladder to the roof on the right and go to the next ladder. It will raise a platform near the bike, then the 3rd, which will open a set of doors there. Go down to the ground floor and head up the brown slope to the top of the pool, right and up the big slope, right of the platform is the Bike.

Drive it up the slope at the door and go down, right and keep on the right hand slope. Into a room there, you’ll see a gate opening up. Climb up the E grey wall and walk N. Run jump around the pillar and over the slope to the big room where you came from, go to the doors and down the ramp to the 1st Square, climb the E ladder to the door of the room with the lever and go up through the trapdoor in the ceiling to the 2nd Square, past the switch puzzle and find the open gate N, go left and find the 2 handles on the Honey pots, the cover on a Jump switch retracts. (Look for a hole in the floor W, to get back to the Bike later.) Get back to the ground floor of 1st Square, past the switch puzzle is the open trapdoor to the room at the ladder, drop in and down the ladder. Go into the Sentry-gun door left of the ladder and go right, in the SW corner next to where you found the Laser sight is a room with the opened Jump switch. Pull it to lower a block at a pool on Machine square.

Bring the Place down.

Go back to 1st square and S to the pools, go around the W pool and stand on the ledge close to the opening, get in and be careful, the last tile is hot, shoot the fuse-box. (sometimes it takes a few shots, next time only one, so save before shooting) When it breaks, cables drop into the pool, so the power is down and the hole place comes down, a block lowers at the Bike. Go back over the ledge and to 1st Square, up the ladder up the trapdoor, to the Honey-pot room and down the hole. Climb into the now opened small room W of the Bike with the pedestal and grab some cool looking glasses, they work as Binoculars. The level ends.


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