Tower of Fate and The Ritual.

Level by Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Yes we really want to do this!

Go up the steps in the South and from the center of that wall, run jump to the tower and climb up and right to pull the Jump switch there, drop into the pool and get out.

1st Room.

Go to the 1st room that opened in the South, kill the Ninja and move one crate to the different marked square along the South wall, and an underwater gate opens, pull the other crates aside, find some flares and the 1st Cartouche Part. In the corner is a switch you have to pull later, but first you have to raise that block under it, dive into the pool again and get some Ammo near the tower if you didnít already and swim into the tunnel, get out quick and go up to shoot the Croc.

2nd Room.

Enter the tunnel and go right, up into the 2nd room with blocks on the ledge to move, pull out the one in the corner, so you can push the other one in and get the Ammo from under it, pull the lever at the exit to raise the block in the 1st room, go pull the switch there to open the 3rd room (in the North).

3rd Room.

Go over there, kill the Dog waiting for you and get a small medipack from the white vase. Push the blocks out of the way so you can open the trapdoor under the one at the wall, open it and go down, pull the switch and go right, around the corner to meet a Dog and push the block between the pillars to get Ammo, follow this passage to the SW, kill a Ninja and take the 2nd Cartouche Part he drops, pull out the crate in the SW and get behind it to claim Secret #1, the Uzis. Back up and into the tunnel in the pool again.

Underwater labyrinth.

Go left, right and right into the small hole in the wall, right and get a Medipack in the end, turn and follow, right and straight, leftish to the pile of rubble on the bottom, go up and out, pull the switch (a trapdoor opens), take the Ammo and go back, from the low ledge go forward, right, left and right to the pool, thereís a Croc down there, swim not too fast, so he will follow, take him to the pool and the rest is up to you. Get back and explore at ease, go left, straight, to the pile of rubble on the floor and straight for flares in the end, go back to the rubble and up for air, go back here when youíve picked up the goodies. In the far corner near the room with the lever you MUST find the red Gem and thereís some Ammo in the center somewhere, remember where the air holes are. Back to the airhole after the flares and up, go into the crawlspace in NW corner quick and claim Secret #2, the Crossbow with Ammo, which you can put to good use for the Skeleton is waiting for you. Open the Hatch near the ladder and climb up. Use the red Gem.

1st Floor.

Go left, into the opened gate and kill a Bug and a Dog in the passage, do the same with the Skeleton and go over to the switch in the NE corner and use it (itís timed) to open the door in the South, sprint over and kill a Ninja inside, Shoot both vases and a block rises outside under a Jump switch, pull it and a gate opens behind the Cartouche gate, climb the ledges in last room and pull (timed) switch, to open the door in the East wall, sprint and get in. Shoot some invisible wall in front of you and get both vases, to open a trapdoor higher up, throw the lever and jump on the block between the burners, open the hatch and climb up,

2nd Floor.

Switch room.

Find the switch and go on pulling new switches till you get some Ammo at #3 and a Bug later on, a crawlspace will be revealed.

Get in and pull the lever in the next room, the last block in the switch room lowers, find the crawlspace in the NE corner and stand in front of it, arm with the crossbow and look down, fire an explosive arrow, the Skeleton inside will not survive that, go get the Medipack and return to the switch room. Shoot out the window and step onto the ledge, you can see 2 Bugs here, sitting on the ledges, you can shoot one from here and make your way through the Spikes to the opening in the North, go in and right to get some Ammo and then to the other side, pick up the Medipack and shoot the widow to the left, pull the bock twice and get back outside, turn right and jump to he ledge in front of the spikes, jump over when the spikes are up and enter, kill the Skeleton guarding the switch to the left and pull it to open the gate at the block. Go in and kill a Dog, find the switch and use it (seems to be the 1st for the gate to reach the top room.)

To the Top.

Go back out and run jump/grab the tower, climb to the top and run jump to the grey block in the SW corner, Donít grab, or you will not make it, pull the lever to lower one and raise 2 blocks, climb the nearest one, ignore the rope and run jump to the tower, climb back up and run jump to the block at the gate, go over the ledges, kill 2 Bugs and pull the switch in the corner to open the gate. Go get the Hand of Sirius inside the blue room. Now for the fun part, you have to go down all the way, whatís the quickest route? Yep. The Swan dive...

Ground floor.

Go to the 3rd room (North) and place the Cartouche, kill the Dog and enter, go left and shoot the vase, in next room are some surprises for you, watch the mirror and make it to the yellow tile on the other side, get into the door and claim Secret #3, the Revolver inside, get a Medipack from the pedestal and go back into the passage, go straight to place the Hand, take the Scroll and the big door left opens. Enter the blue cave and shoot the Fire Dragon, go on to the ritual

The Ritual.


You will be attacked by Pigs and Bugs, all over the place, I canít mention them all.

In the next blue cave, climb the ladder and go on to an outside area. Go left, kill the Pig and take some Ammo at the pool, go left again and find the Skull on a pedestal in the lava, this one is for later. Go back and left at the pool, right and just in front of the area where you see the door, left onto the rock, over and beware of the spike traps, follow the slope up and get the Crowbar in the crawlspace, notice the gate here and go back out, down the slope and right past the traps, watch out for the boulder and go right, up the slope, take the Medipack and down the slope, run to the Star and immediately go to the right and back up the slope, wait for the Boulder to go down and get the Star. Near the Spike trap on 1st slope you can climb over the rocks on the North side to get some Ammo there, climb the ladder and slide back to the area with all the gates.

The temple.

Go to the Temple and open the door, go pull the lever behind the vase ad a block lowers somewhere, go to the Skull and climb the rocks on opposite side to reach the lowered block, go take the 1st Red Gem (of 8). The door in the Temple opens up, go there and enter, go left and place the Gem. First lamp on at the Skull.

Go to the back of this place and find the switch, pull it to lower one of the blocks in the temple, get into the crawlspace and down the ladder, dive in and swim North, into the tunnel and follow to the end, go right and up to find a lot of tunnels, 3 rooms with Flares, a lever for the 2nd block and the 2nd Gem. You can also find some Ammo in one of the lower tunnels, go back out and go right in the cave with the shark, in the corner youíll find another outside area.

2nd Temple.

Go left and kill a Croc, go right onto the rock to climb the ladder after you killed the Bug and drop from the other side, go on past the pedestal with the Hand and climb next rocks, drop on the other side and push the button, take the Ammo and climb up the sloped block you came from, backflip over the higher rock behind you and drop in the yard of the temple with a Ninja, take him out and go around again to collect the Hand. To the entrance of the Temple and place the Hand to open the door, kill the Dog that runs out and look out for those Spike traps, shoot all vases you can find and a block raises, climb and go South, over traps and push the globe to the tile, turn and get the 3rd Gem from the alcove left. Follow the passage to the exit and go down, there is another room to explore for some flares if you want, you will have to kill a Ninja for it, so it is up to you if you want them. Return to the 1st Temple.

Get into the second crawlspace and run to the ladder fast, go up and dive into the pool below, find the lever on the 1st steel tower and go back up after killing the Croc, use the ropes to swing to the ledge in the NE (climb up one step from the end of the rope, or you will go to far) to pull the switch, the door opens, so swing to that ledge and get the 5th Gem. Jump to the ledge nearby and pull the switch, dive into the pool and go to the underwater gate, to pull the lever there, climb back up and swing to the exit. Pull the switch there to open a gate in the yard with the doors.


In this place you can find the Shotgun to the left, (look up left and see the ledge over the spike trap, there is another Gem) but youíll have to go all the way around, over the burners and get it, turn back and go to the corner near the ladder, thereís a switch, kill the Ninja thatís guarding it and use it to open another gate, now climb the ladder and use the cracks to shimmy to the NW to where the Gem is. Go take it and go outside again, to the right and kill a Bug at the entrance of next building.

Globe puzzle.

Notice the gate with the button at the entrance and go on to find the Gem behind the widow and a Globe in the same room, find the shootable window in the other corner and enter that room, pull the let switch on West wall and then the right one, go get the Globe and push it onto the blocks to the end, get back to the right hand switch and pull it, the Globe will come down, pull it to both Beetle tiles and the 3 gates will open, Get the 6th Gem, pull a lever behind the other gate and get a Medipack from the 3rd. look up there and go claim Secret #4, the Grenade gun. Go to the exit and push the button, the gate is open now. Go to the gate next to where you found the Crowbar. Get the flares and slide down follow and drop back off the ledge, hang shimmy left and go up the ladder to claim Secret #5, a Medipack, go back and drop to the lower passage, use the switch to open the trapdoor on top of the ladder. Enter the storeroom and take the 7th Gem after you shot the Guard dog; start moving the crates to reveal the exit door and the switch to open it.

The Temple.

Go to the temple to place all 7 Gems, the last one you need is on a pedestal next to the receptacle. A Fire Dragon is released as the lava at the Skull burns out. Shoot the Dragon and go get the Skull to end the level.