Tower Bridge 2.

Level by Dhama. (Terry Barrett)

Walkthrough: Dutchy.


Under the Bridge.

When you are dropped from the Chopper to the top of the Bridge, 3 Baddies attack, take them out and go to the other side of the bridge, pick up the small medipack there and go drop from the N side of the bridge into the River below. Swim to the W and climb the ladder there, there is a grating in the wall below, but it will only take you to where you can see the Laser sight, but you canít reach it. Climb the ladder instead and right onto the bridge support, take a flare to spot the crack in the opposite side and jump/grab to it, go right all the way, while some Baddy below starts shooting at you and drop onto the work platform. Run off to land on the work boat and shoot the guy, take the Medipack and the Right Gauntlet and throw a lever, jump back into the murky water and up the ladder again to the bridge itself.

On the Bridge.

Shoot the Baddy and see the door where the bike is, go E a bit and shoot more Baddies, a fuel can and watch out for the Sentry Gun on the S side of the bridge, see the ramp to get you over the gap in the road and go for the Bike, run it over the ramp and run over some Baddies on the other side, go to the end and spot the switch in the NE.

Timed Bike Run.

Put the bike somewhere between the crates at the clothes line where you can see the ramp (N side) going back to the W side and leave it there, go to the switch and save in front, it is timed and will open the door on the W side. Pull, turn left and run jump over the crates, to the Bike and race it over the ramp to the W side, into the door and to the back of the room right, park it on top of the Baddy.

The West Tower.

Look for a slope down to a water filled basement and slide in, follow the stairs down and grab the left sloped wall to shimmy right and pull up on a ledge in the end, get the small medipack and Flares and turn to the block with the burner, hop back and stand jump to the corner of the burner block, stand jump/grab to the Jump switch on N wall and slide into the water, swim S and into the small tunnel right, follow to the Laser sight, go back and up the stairs, climb the ladder back to the room with the ramp, go up to where the Baddy is on the ledge and shoot him, run jump to the ledge with the Revolver and Ammo, watch the health and drop down fast, go all the way up the ramp and shoot the Baddy right.

The Timed Crate Run.

Donít touch the grated floor, shoot the Sentry Gun from the left corner and stand on the left side of the grey tile at the entrance, the flame on the crate goes out (from here you have a nice view of the ladder in the back of the room you have to get up to). Hereís a timed sequence, stand jump to the low crate, run jump/grab with a sharp right curve to the E ones, run jump with a left curve into the window ledge and run left, jump up the 2 stacked crates at the other end and run jump to the high stack left in front, run jump to the other high stack, line up for the run jump/grab to the ladder and go up to a room with ledges in the corners, shoot a Bat and climb the wooden crate, jump/grab the 2nd ledge from the bottom and turn around, run jump/grab the next and go on to the ledge with the steam blower, turn left and shoot the Swinging ball through the dark crawlspace, roll and jump down the ledges quick to get rid of the Locust and go out the E door, shoot the Baddy in next room and climb the ladder in the NE corner.

Timed Run.

Backflip to the ledge and go over to the switch on the other end, jump/grab over the gap, pull the switch and roll, run to the gap, jump/grab over and run to the end of the ledge, jump/grabbing into the open door and immediately right when you get inside to run over the corner of the hole.

The Code Key

Go to the room in the W and jump around the left corner to the grey tile, then to the dark back and turn right, light a flare and stand at the pedestal and push "Ctrl" and if the same thing happens to you as it did with me, the dead body will rise and come to you in a magic way, get the Weapon Code Key in the corner and jump back to the exit, grab to get into the passage, drop into the hole in the floor and slide back to the room with the big gate.

The Big Gate.

Behind the gate which is open now is a Sentry Gun, but because you have the Weapons Code Key, it will not shoot you, go to the S side of the room and left of the crate is a crawlspace, go in and left to get Secret #1, the Left Gauntlet and a small medipack. (The Gauntlet didnít show up in my inventory, is it a Bug? Because you get the Left Gauntlet later) Back out and up the ladder to the top of the West Tower.

Top of the Tower.

There are 2 closed doors in the E wall, go up the walkway at the S door and climb up to the walkway pointing N, walk to the very left end and stand close to the rope which will appear, line up and take one step back, stand jump/grab the rope and swing to the N ledge with the lever, shoot the Bats and throw the lever to open the 1st E door below. Jmp back to the rope and swing to the walkway you came from.

Top of the Bridge.

Go to the NE door and throw the lever in the Bridge Support, walk a bit further and shoot the Baddy on the other side, drop hang from the edge of the opening and shimmy right to another opening, go get the Right Greave in the E end of the Support. (You can see the next part on the other side of the window) Go back and to the W Tower, over to the SE door and follow this Support to the East Tower.

The East Tower.

Inside (You will encounter some Baddies here and it is not quite clear when they show up, so be prepared to fight them) are some walkways, a closed door right and a pillar with a ladder, when you look left, you see the Armor piece you saw before, stand on the point of the walkway closest to the window ledge and run jump to it, go to the other side and run jump around the corner to get the Left Greave from the ledge, drop to the ground floor, go up the stairs and climb the ladder on the pillar, backflip off, go around the pillar and use the switch, run back to the ladder and go down quick as 3 Wraiths chase you down, roll and run to the S door, which is open now, jump/grabbing into the opening and run straight into the water to get rid of the Wraiths, get the Breastplate left on the bottom and go out, to the ground floor of the room and notice the closed door at the bottom of the stairs at the pillar. Look for the switch on N wall and save in front.

Timed Door Run.

Pull the switch, roll and run jump over the crates behind, run past the door, roll and run in, shoot a Baddy or 2 and go down the stairs till you reach a slope, slide far down and start jumping till you reach a block you have to grab, hang in the center and pull up over, slide and jump/grab the rope, swing to the walkway S, turn left and stand jump to the lower pillar and then to the walkway at the switch and the door, if you want the last Armour piece, you have to go in here, although it is a bit tricky to get back out.

Timed Switches Room.

Pull the lever and enter the door, which will close behind you and climb the ladder on E wall, go through the grating and collect a Medipack inside, go back out and get the Left Gauntlet from the crate in the other corner. Now go to save in front of the switch on N wall and pull, roll, run turning left a bit, but stay on the higher ledge, stand jump onto the 1st block that raised and pull the switch, side jump left and pull the 2nd switch, hop back turning right so you can do a run jump to the switch on the other side of the row and pull this one, hop back turning to the left twice so you stand on the crate the Gauntlet was on and run jump onto the last block, the door was supposed to open now, pulling the last switch, but if it doesnít, just do the sequence once more and pull the switch up again and the door will open then. Go onto the sloped ledge right of the door.

Basement of the Tower.

Take a flare, slide down and jump onto the dark ledge, jump to the crates with the Grenade Gun, drop to the floor below and shoot all Baddies and Bats go to the passage in the SW shack thereís a switch inside.

Burner sprint.

You have to sprint in; stop in time so you can pull the switch quick, roll and sprint back out before you get burnt, the switch opened a trapdoor at the slope you came down from earlier, go there and slide down to the end of the level. (Donít take the wrong hole; the sloped one S in the double hole is the one you want)

Great level.