Tomb of Nelomgals.

Level by Gary LaRochelle (aka Maniac 44)

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

We didnít use the Script.dat (English.dat was missing in the download) but the original that came with the LE.

The 4th Secret, found by snork, is now included in the walkthrough. Thanks for the feedback snork.


Lara slides down. Looking to the right is a vase with a medipack. Look to the W there is an opening in the wall, there is a mummy inside, lure him out of that room and go back for the shotgun, revolver ammo and arrows. Go out and to the opposite side (E) and right along the wall, shoot the vase you see and find shotgun ammo, go S again and right around the block to a column where you can get some flares. Head to the far side SW corner, into a small passage, lure the mummy out and go back in for the SHOTGUN. Go out and left, left get the shotgun ammo. Go SE to a ladder and opposite of the ladder you can jump on some blocks to get a small medipack. Now go down the ladder in the corner, follow passage, skeleton appears, go right and follow straight to the end and jump up a crawlspace at the end. Drop down at the other end, jump over the hole to the right, climb over a block and get the shotgun ammo (there is a crawlspace this leads back to the skeleton you just left behind). Go back to the hole and jump down.


Jump to the floor, head E and find the shotgun ammo. Head NW, find more shotgun ammo and flares on a block in the corner, there is a closed door in the W wall and go to a passage S. Go right at the crossing follow through into a small cave area with a lever. This opens a door in the Pool Room. Go back and straight at the crossing (beetle alert), sprint to the end and get the PHAROS KNOT on a pedestal with a wall torch. Turn back a bit, go right into the poolroom to get rid of the pests. In the middle of the pool you can get the REVOLVER.

Go to the NE corner of the room and climb the wall that is textured with faces (left of the wall torch) and almost at the top, back flip to a ledge. Take running jumps over the ledges to get the HORSEMANíS GEM from the S ledge.

Take a safety drop into the pool and in the N is an underwater opening, swim in and find an opening in the ceiling. Get out and go right for the revolver ammo in a vase. Turn around and look up and climb the ladder there. Here is SECRET # 1, MUSIC SCROLL.

Go back into the water, swim N and follow through to the next opening in the ceiling, climb out and find the ORNATE HANDLE. Save before you pick it up as a boulder will fall down, so be quick and do a back flip.
Back into the water, swim W, keep going and get out all the way at the end. You are at the Steam Pillar Room.


Go S into a room and immediately to the left into a crawlspace and at the end is the receptacle for the KNOT there is a cut scene of a door opening (the wall torch is a bit in the way, so stand a bit to the side till Lara does place the Knot).

Back to the room and then go S and to the SE corner to climb a ladder.


As a warning DO NOT shoot the vase (facing E) that is a trap, instead go to the right (SW) shoot the vase there for the CROSSBOW.

Close to the Crossbow is a small tunnel/alcove entry; go in and around a corner you'll find the LASERSIGHT. Go on to the end of the tunnel and when you turn around you'll find a ladder, climb up to get SECRET # 2, MUSIC SCROLL. Go back to where you found the Crossbow. Go E and left of the green vases, to get the arrows and revolver ammo.

Go W again and down the ladder under the wall torch. Go N, past the steam pillar and up the ladder to the right. Climb the ladder to the SECOND ROOM, go left around the pillar and find the open door, shoot the vase and grab the PHAROS PILLAR.

Go SE up a block (next to an opening) and climb up the S side, follow the familiar passage straight to a crawlspace up left, (you have the crossbow now so the skeleton will pose no threat), behind that go straight E towards the light and put the PILLAR in its receptacle. Watch the fly by for a door that opens with the HATHOR EFFIGY inside.

Go back and the first passage to the right, right again, climb ladder, you are back at the FIRST ROOM. Jump on the second lower block and from that to the pillar N. Climb in the opening in the ceiling go N at the end climb down the ladder. Follow the passage to the next ladder, climb down again, go W through a cave, skeletons alert, go straight and on the right is an opening, climb in there. Follow through and find the open door with the HATHOR EFFIGY. Go back, left and in the cave (which now turned into an ice-cave with new skeletons) go straight to passage with the ladder. Climb up, follow through to the next ladder up again, at the end jump over the hole in the floor, keep going and in end is the room with a receptacle. Combine the HATHOR EFFIGY AND ORNATE HANDLE and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN. You see a door opening. Shoot the vase for some arrows and go back through the corridor. Jump over the hole in the floor, down the ladder and follow through to the next ladder and climb down.

You are back at the cave. Go W again and take the first opening up on your right, down and first opening up right again, go into the open door and at the end get down.


Major skeletons and pit alert.

Go right and at a crossing jump into an opening in the floor (right) for the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Get up again and go N, straight is a pit with spikes and the left pit has some grenade ammo. Once up again go W and at the end right, then left, right and right. Place the HORSEMANS GEM. Cut scene of a spiked pit and a block. From where you are, go W and go first left (S) at the pit you can climb down for SECRET # 3, MUSIC SCROLL, climb back up S and go first left, then right and find the exit. (If you want to find more goodies, you can adventure a bit more in this maze.)

Follow the passage past that door again, at the end down and go left, at the end down again and left and run through the snow cave towards the block with a ladder on top. Up the ladder, follow through to the next ladder, up that one as well and go down that opening in the floor. You are back at the FIRST ROOM again.

Go SE find the ladder and climb down, follow passage, go right and follow straight to the end and jump up a crawlspace at the end. Drop down at the other end now go down the hole. From the block turn left, go to the SW corner and down the ladder turn around go off the block and go left to the STEAM PILLAR.

Opposite the crawlspace where you placed the KNOT, is passage and around the corner you have to take a running jump over a spiked pit to a block. On the S side of the pit you can get the arrows if you want. Jump back to the block in the pit and climb into the opening W, light a flare and slide down a bit and jump up to a ladder in the ceiling for SECRET # 4, MUSIC SCROLL in the upper room. Get down again and slide to the end trigger.

A footnote: This level is put together quite brilliantly, as we found out making this walkthrough. Because we were looking for the shortest route we found out that playing the game a certain way, triggered some passages to be different altogether. (Also, in taking the shortest routes we didnít visit every passage and room so we advise you to have a look around a bit so you wonít miss anything.) There are numerous shortcuts; one can lead you to a strobe room (and for people who suffer from epilepsy we wouldnít recommend that).

20/12/2004. (revised 6-8-2007)