The Real Life of Tuth Ankh Amun.

Level JJS.

Walkthrough Dutchy. 


Lara recently discovered the widely unknown works of an Jewish Englishman called Samuel Cecil Greenwood(1923-1976).

Greenwood, who- since early childhood-had to live in the wheelchair-self educated himself in studies of ancient Jewish religious writings and translation. Later he began to increase his skills and studies by working on the translation of archaeologically relevant ancient original writings.

His last 15 years he focused on Egypt and translation of Egyptian originals. Although his work could not be called "scientific" it was of an original inspired and ingenious character like the man himself. His interpretation of the ancient writings lead him to very different views of Egyptian history in general as well as spotting a disturbing new flash on some single events of the Egyptian past.

No need to say his works were ignored or worse than that being laughed at by the scientific world...

But LARA CROFT-an outsider herself-began to use his books increasingly. The new one she bought in an old book store was named" Unknown Egypt-the truth of old legends..." Out of breath she read":... these studies lead me to the conclusion ...that it could well be...a young Egyptian king might have escaped his responsibilities by faking his own death and burial...just to live with the woman he loved seriously.

...of course needed help of a hundreds of slaves sub missives and other insiders...

...after all I would conclude that this place must be near to the "Valley of Kings", a huge water supply system integrated in a mountain and a pyramid of enormous size...where we possibly may find the tombs and sarcophagi of a great and forgotten love..."

For our heroine the case was clear-she began to equip her expedition to Egypt immediately! But she might not be alone for the place she chose is already being explored by a shady company-a part of the powerful "VON CROY INDUSTRIES"...

Well- help Lara to explore the place that might well had been the water supply system needed then to keep hundreds of people alive a long time ago...will she find her way to the hidden pyramid?

Have a lot of fun...



The Catacombs.

Follow the Crawlspace you saw in the flyby, get some Flares and go left when you reach a bigger room, drop from the hole and proceed, dodge some Mummies near the Torch when you take the Ammo. Follow the passage and climb the block, to a cave with a hole in the end, slide down duck to avoid the darttrap and slide the next slope, drop into the water, swim forward (N) and left/left, up and out, climb the ladder and backflip to the upper floor, take the Flares and shoot the right hand vase for a small medipack, throw the lever on the left side and see an under water (underwater) gate open, go back down and swim right, there are 2 gates, the right one is open, go in and up, climb out and approach the gate inside, it will open for you, climb over the crate and shoot 2 Ninjas in this room.

The Spikeball puzzle.

Climb the S pile of crates and get the Hand of Orion from the pedestal (a sound of a gate opening up, but I have no idea where). Now climb the pole on the crate S, climb up past the yellow crate and backflip onto the ledge in the NE corner, stand jump/grab into the passage S and go to the gate, the torch will light, get the Medipack and go back on the pole, climb up and backflip into the alcove with the Spikeball in the SW corner, the lower Spikeball will drop from the passage it was in, drop backwards out and grab the edge of the slope below, shimmy right to the ledge and go into the passage where the Spikeball came out. Climb into the crawlspace in the end and shoot the Scorp waiting for you on other side, pull the level (opens a gate at the under water gates) and return outside, go down the pole and go back over the crate to the under water gates, right and up , pull up on left side of entrance and hop back fast, swim left quickly and the Spikeball will drop on the Tile (and the 3rd under water gate opens), go into the passage it came out of and get some Ammo, pull the lever left in the end. Now return to the pole and climb to the ledge on the corner again. Backflip onto it and now run into the passage E, where the torch is now burning, run in a bit, so the top Spikeball will not fall in your neck. The gate in the S passage opens now, go there and get Secret #1, the Uzis.

Swimming out.

Make your way back to the under water gates and swim into the 3rd, follow the hard to navigate tunnel to a closed gate, up and in this room (no thereís nothing behind the crates, thatís why I didnít mention them) to a hole in the ceiling SE, climb up and follow the crawlspace to a lever which will open the gate in the water, go back and swim in. Follow to a big caved in room and find the crawlspace in the N wall, throw the lever inside and the room rocks, which will cause the ceiling to cave in and flood the room, go back and swim up to a pool, get some air and swim into the W tunnel, follow to an outside area with sand covered temples and 2 big doors, go to the W door with the Hand receptacle and open it.

The Spike pit.

Up the higher floor, left and under the low ceiling, to the SW corner, climb back off the edge of the pit and hang, drop and grab the crack in the wall, shimmy all the way left to an alcove you can pull up in.

In this room we have 2 options to proceed: Route A and Route B, doors or gates opened in route a will not be open in route B and vice versa.

Route A: (In my opinion the easiest route and pointed out to me by eRic, thank you for that.)

Go to the crawlspace in the crawlspace SW corner and go NW in this room to open the gate when you step on the tile in front of it.

The Garage area.

Run into the alcove left and turn to shoot the Ninja below, run jump/grabbing down over the pit and go over to the Land rover, shooting a Ninja on your way there, climb the wooden crate next to it and jump/grab the ledge under the window on S wall, get a small medipack and drop back down go past the Land rover to the NE corner and climb up to get some Ammo. Down again and find a passage down in N wall, shoot the Ninja and follow it to a couple of gray doors, shoot the Ninja behind you and get the Hand of Sirius he will drop. Use it left of the door and go in. Follow the right hand passage.

The 1st Eyepiece.

Youíll come to a room with the 1st part of the Eye of Horus. Get the Medipack left and the Ammo right and get the Eyepiece, the lights go out and 4 Ninjas come in. Now go over to the opened gate N with the electric discharge, back up to the block and run jump/grabbing into the opening, donít touch the floor below the discharge and you can get in. Donít step on the second Tile, it will close the gate you have to go to now, grab the ceiling and swing over the second Tile, climb the ladder to the gate and up the yellow crate to take the Uzis on it, follow the passage, up the steps and right, shoot the Ninja in the end. Drop down to the room behind the Sirius doors; look for the passage in the NW corner. When you enter a gate in the end will open (this one will close before you reach it in route B) Climb up in the gate and follow to a Tile in front of another gate, which will trigger the gate hereto open, but also a gate in the pit in the garage area. Drop back at the Hand receptacle and go up the passage and right, to the pit where the gate opened.

The Spike balls.

Drop in and enter the gate, (the other gate is used in route B) jump up the slope and notice the Spike balls. Stay on the left side of the passage and drop from the ledge, go up to the Tiles, but donít touch yet, see the ledge left of the slope?, run onto that one to be out of the way when the balls come down. Go over to the left passage and hang on the edge, shimmy right and pull up, go to the hole in front of you and drop in, push the statue into the alcove with the Tile (the door hides a Tile for route B) and see a screenshot of a door below. Go out and to the left sloped passage, see the ledge right of the entrance? Pull up to the Tile and hop back, do a right side jump and wait for the balls to pass, then get in and climb down the ladder in the hole, push the statue to the Tile (again one hidden Tile behind the door for route B) and the door below opens.

Go to the N passage and drop into the hole to get some Ammo, shoot the Ninja when you come out and go down the pole. Run jump/grab from the ledge with the pole to the one on the W wall and jump into the open door. Follow this passage to a drop off, you will land in the Labyrinth. Go N and right/right/Lat crossings, get the ammo at the torch and return to where you came from, look for some Ammo just in front of the Electrified pool room.

The Electrified pool room.

Go to the lever on the ledge right and pull it to open the single grey door below in W wall, go down the ledges below the lever and run off the one at the door, get the small medipack left in the corner and enter the room. In this Grave room, there are 4 doors playing a game, walk up to the 1st door right and close to the pit left. Do a stand jump followed by a run jump to the floor past the last doors, get into the SW door and throw the lever inside, the water in the Electrified pool room will be cleared. Go back with a run jump and go get all the goodies in the Electrified pool room. Ammo on a ledge right on water level when you go straight E, the big hole in the bottom is for later. Go to the SE corner for a small medipack and Ammo in the NE corner, climb up there to get the small medipack in the alcove above where the Ammo was and now you got it all, go over to the hole in the bottom.

Here route A and B come together.

Route B:

Find the lever on the other side of the room, to kill those Spikes in the pit. Return to the pit and climb in, after you checked your health, you need full health for the drop you are about to make, from the alcove, drop to the Spike trap, hold Ctrl to keep damage down and get the Ammo and Medipack, check the health again and drop in the NE slope, slide to a Labyrinth. Follow N and left to reach a poison pit, run into the right hand passage and pull the lever in the crawlspace, back out to use the new monkey swing and go left, follow right and reach the burning torch left, with some Ammo. Follow the passage further and go right/left/left/left, get some Ammo in the corner and reach the Electrified pool room.

The Electrified pool room.

The Flyby will show some doors, Statues and a lever. Under the ledge you stand on is a single closed door, which will only open in route A. On the opposite side you can see the opening you would have come out if you took the other slope in the Spikepit. But you would have missed all the fun in the Labyrinth and you would have to do a difficult run jump series through the room to get to the Timed doors (we are about to tackle next) in time. Run onto the left ledge and follow it along the wall to the Statue, turn and see the doors you have to get to, timed so check out the route and Save in front of the Statue, I did it by pushing the Statue, roll turn left a bit and stand jump to the block in the water below, run jump from here into the open doors. Follow and right/left/ up/left and through the gate. (Thereís a closed door # 1 opposite the entrance, this one will only open when you chose route A). Run jump to the Ledge left with the pole, go up the pole and backflip to the crossing of the walkways.

The Spike balls.

Go to the W passage of the 4, stand on the stone ledge and look up to see 2 Spikeballs up there, pull up and run over the 2 trigger tiles with a right curve and run off onto the stone ledge next to the passage, get into the passage when the Balls passed and climb down the hole. Push the statue to the Tile next to the closed door #3 (this door hides the Tile used in route A) and see the water in the Electrified pool room turn safe, climb back up and go over to the N side, climb down the hole to get Ammo and hear a Ninja, climb back out and shoot him, now go to the S side, hang on the edge and shimmy right, pull up there and see the Spikeball go by, drop into the hole and push the statue to the Tile past the closed door #4 (also hiding the Tile for route A), a gate opens. Go back out and to the E side pull up on the left side and run with a right curve over the trigger tiles onto the block outside near the pole, wait for the Ball to pass and go in, climb over the slope and enter the gate you opened.

The Garage area.

Climb up right and hereís the Garage area, go to the end and climb the wooden crate next to the Land Rover, jump over to the window for a small medipack and go down, around the Land Rover and climb up in the corner for some Ammo. Now go to the stack of crates and into the N passage going down, shoot the Ninja and go on, shoot another Ninja at the big doors below and get the Hand of Sirius he will drop. Open the big doors with it on the right side and enter, into right hand passage.

The 1st Eyepiece.

Youíll come to a room with the 1st part of the Eye of Horus. Get the Medipack left and the Ammo right and get the Eyepiece, the lights go out and 4 Ninjas come in. Now go over to the opened gate N with the electric discharge run jump/grabbing into the opening, donít touch the floor below the discharge and you can get in. Donít step on the second Tile, it will close the gate you have to go to now, grab the ceiling and swing over the second Tile, climb the ladder to the gate and up the yellow crate to take the Uzis on it, follow the passage, up the steps and right, shoot the Ninja in the end. Drop down to the room behind the Sirius doors; look for the passage in the NW corner. Enter and a gate opens in the end, you can never reach it open, because the Tile in front of it will close it in route B (this gate is used in route A, to get back to the Spike balls), just climb up past it and throw the lever, the second gate in the pit of the Garage area opens up. The gate in front of you also opened, so go down there and drop back to the garage area, up to where the pit is and down into it. Enter the newly opened gate E and follow to a dark drop off and drop into the safe water of the Electrified pool room; you can explore the ledges for some Ammo and small medipacks.

Here route A and B come together.

Go to the Hole in the bottom and swim down into the tunnel with the gate, follow and left, be taken by the current and follow till you can go up in to a big shaft, get Secret # 2, Ammo in the N tunnel halfway up and go up the shaft fast, into the tunnel thee and follow it to where you can climb out, take the E passage to a ladder, up and right, drop and drop into a hole N, thereís a door here which needs the Ba Cartouche.

The Spike run.

Go S dodge burners and Mummies and hop on the block in the end, go to the hole in the S corner here and drop back from it, grabbing the edge, drop to a pillar with a steam blower, stand with your back to the fence, save and run jump/grab the sloped pillar N, pull up/slide to the end, jump/grab the pillar with the Spiketrap on top, shimmy right and drop to the dark tile, enter the passage, the gate in the end opens when you step on the Tile.

The 1st Cartouche part.

Run jump to the Golden Tile left across the pit, take the Ĺ Cartouche and look S, see the pillar there, you have to run there and jump next to it, right side. Stand on the lowest point of the Golden ledge and back up, run jump S (hit "look") and run, jump next to the pillar, when all the Spikes are up, the gate opens, go in and over the block, get the Hand of Orion and hear a gate open, follow the passage to the start of the Spike run and open the gate to the Spikepit again, now stand in left corner and aim for the Golden ledge, shoot the vase in the open gate and the Scorp which was in it, hop back and run jump, no grab and be sure to hold the "run" key down and you should go over the spikes without harm, go through this room, over the block and around to the pit, use the monkey swing to go over to the pillar at the exit.

The 2nd Cartouche part and Eyepiece.

Look up and see the shaft at the fence with the ladder in it, stand jump/grab in and climb up into the gate and follow to a Tomb, place the hand here and see the flame in the crawlspace near the mummies go out. Jump over the pit W and drop back from it, grab the edge and drop right in front of this crawlspace, get in and follow to a drop off into Burner alley.

Burner alley.

Look down and see an alcove left at the bottom of the slide, thatís where you have to jump into, stand center of slope and slide, youíll stop on a safe tile, jump into the left alcove quick, as the Spike ball is already on its way and run in a bit, if you stay too close to the edge the ball will kill you, climb the ledge with the burner E and run to the higher ledge, jump grab up and hang, shimmy left and pull up in the corner, drop back quick and hang there till the Spikeball went by, now go up when the flames are down, shoot the Ninja guarding the 2nd Cartouche part and take it. A cut scene will show you that a burner is off, so go back to the slope and stand on the end, in the left corner, so the burner will not harm you and stand jump/grab the opposite burner ledge, go shimmy right till the 2nd last burner below, wait for the ball to go the other way and get onto the ledge in the corner fast, climb up the ladder and get the 2nd Eyepiece too. Climb down again and stand jump/grabbing to the slope in front of the fenced window N, behind the window you can already get a glimpse of the "Hidden Pyramid".

To the Hidden Pyramid.

Make your way back up where you got the Cartouche part and out of the now open gate. Follow the passages back to the Mummies and run past them to the Doors, use the Ba Cartouche to open them and youíre back in the outside Temple area, just past the pool SW is a hole in the ground, go in and follow it to the Hidden pyramid, watch the cut scene and see the Vase up in the hole in the roof, just next to the Spike ball. Run jump to the flat part around the right corner and follow this cavity by climbing over the stone beam W, find the Crossbow in the alcove behind it and return to the top of the stone beam, look S into the room and spot the Laser sight on an Arch, jump over there and get it. Climb down on the S side of the Arch and follow this path to the other side, drop onto the Arch here and one more drop to the ledges at the fenced window S, get the Arrows and the Hand of Orion there. Back onto the Arch and jump to the ledge on the wall, then to the other Arch N, stand with your back to the Arch, left side and look up left of the pillar in front of you, stand jump/grab the ledge there and get Secret # 3, a Medipack.

Run back onto the Arch and then to the lower ledge NW, drop onto the small ledge sticking out and to the ground, go to the gate in the W wall and stand S side of it, walk forward till you can see the vase up in the hole in the roof. Shoot it with the Crossbow and be sure not to stand in the way of the spikeball, which will hit the gate. Enter and use the monkey swing to go over the pit, use the Hand behind the block and an earthquake will rock the room, it will open a secret passage in the pyramid, so go back out and shoot 2 Ninjas, one left one right and enter this dark passage, drop into the hole and faaallllll into a deep shaft. Get out and go open the door in the dark with the Eye of Horus. Walk forward and leave this place with some comment I couldnít make out.

Perfect level by JŲrg.

Thanks to eRIC  I found the answer to all the closed doors I couldnít open.