The Lost Mine I+II.

Level: Pouco 2 (Lionel Poucochino)

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

The Lost Mine - part 1.

To the Mines.

Go to the pool and around the blocks, to climb the ledge in the SE corner walk up in the direction Lara looked before and stand jump to the pillar next to the ledge going N to the door, the door will open, you can shoot the Tigers if you like, but if you’re not planning to drop from the ledges, you can leave them be. Jump to the ledge to the door and enter go up this room and climb the ice wall N, shoot the 2 Guards in the room with the corroded Mine entrance structure, get the Kalashnikov from one of them and look in the pit on N side of the corroded structure for the switch to open the door. Go around the metal Shack and kick the door in, stand between the 2 pumps to open the ceiling hatch and turn around, jump up and grab into the upper floor, get the Crowbar and go over the hatch to pull the switch in the Boiler room, go down and through the doors you opened N, shoot 2 Guards coming from the left, try to hop back so to stay far from them and they will not shoot you (when lucky). Always be careful for that Burning Barrel. Climb over the white container N and kick a door in, inside you can pull some crates away to get the Laser sight, (notice the Fusebox there) and some Ammo under the other, go back over the container and go W, follow the corridors to a small blue door left, kick it in.

The Offices.

A Guard will come out of the right hand Office, shoot him get his Ammo and check out the left office, small medipack on the desk and Ammo in the shelves, go to the other office and get the 1st Shaft Key on the desk and Ammo on the shelf, you can open the file cabinet, but I think there’s nothing in it. Look up at the ceiling, spot the hatch and open it, turn around and jump up/grab, follow the passage to a big Store room with swinging Chains. The floor is booby tapped with Mines.

The Big Store Room.

Have a look at the Map I made of the room, stand jump/grab the crate left of the entrance and shimmy around to the lower ones where you see the door you have to open. Follow the route over the crates, notice the Exit sign on your way, go to the ladder you can see on top of the crates on the other side of the room, go down and push the button to open the door at the entrance, go back up and go down to the crate next to the exit, on the lower you can get Ammo, run jump/grab to the next for Ammo and drop to the path around the crates to the last with Ammo, from this one, stand jump/grab the top of the crates and pull up in the center of the 2 crates, turn right and stand jump/grab the next pile as the Chain moves the other way. stand jump to the single crate and to the 3 crate pile, run jump to the open door, you will see the Exit door open when you enter, go get your 1st Artifact, the 1st Ora Dagger inside. Then go back the way you did before, over the crates and drop next to the exit, go out and right.

The Snowmobile.

Go through a corridor with crates, shoot the Guard you will encounter and get his Revolver (Desert Eagle) Go on and be careful, there are 2 Sentry guns ahead. Equip the DE with the Laser sight and look for a crate next to the Sentry guns. Shoot it and watch the events, the Jeep catches fire and the Guns will explode. The Square is now safe. First you can go get the Snowmobile, go all the way back to the shack where you got the Crowbar and look up on the S wall of it, shoot the Fusebox and the door to the Snowmobile opens left of you. Take it out and go to the white container in the corridor with the burning barrel, where you saw the Fusebox, put the Shaft Key in and the Big door to the shaft right of you opens.

The 1st Shaft.

Go in the direction of the Office and drive right, down the track going into the mine and down at the pool, get off the bike for a moment, dive into the icy water and swim into the triangular hole NE, get Secret #1, Ammo. Get back on the Bike and drive it along the E side of the pool, to the end in a small cave you can climb a ladder, pry the 1st Valve wheel off the valve and go back to the pool, 2 Guards wait for you, run them over with the Bike. Line the bike up on the track to do a jump over the water going N, deeper into the mine. After the 2nd slope, stop and walk on, shoot the 2 Guards and take their Ammo. Walk to the end of the track where it ends into a deep cave, look left and see an opening in the ice wall. Take a flare to see the opening better and run jump into it, shoot a grating up in the end and use only "Ctrl and up" to get in. Take the 2nd Shaft Key. Take the Bike back up to the Square where you shot the Sentry guns, jumping back over the water on left side of the track.

The Sentry gun square.

On the square is a wooden shack on the N side, go in and right, check the shelf and go to the S room and move the left crate left and push the button, then the other crate and push the second button and a door opens, go back out and opposite the door is a window, get up and shoot the glass, go in and look in the room with the dissembled rocket for a small medipack and Ammo, use the switch to open yet another door, for later. When you go out, there will be 2 Guards on the square.

Top of the Mine.

Take the Bike and go E, in the 1st corner up the slope left and go up to a door which will be open. Go out and left, follow to a corroded steel roof right, stop in that corner and look up on E the wall of the big building, there is another Fusebox, shoot it to open the door there. Go in and you can get a second Crowbar on the crates left, open the door where it says No Smoking and go over the walkway to where you can drop into the room below, go under the pipe to the other side and pry the 2nd Valve Wheel off the valve. Go back to the Bike and W along the snowy slope, into the building there and left through the doors, around the pillar and keep left over the slope along the wall to pass by the trap in the floor, but try to run over the last corner of it, so the ice will break, go up to a flat part and park the Bike, go back to the pit you opened and look for the ice ladder on the W side, climb down and go through the crack in the S wall, get Secret #2, Flares and Ammo, go back up and take the Bike to the assembly area you can go to the SW and to a cave with a slope leading to a breakable wall, only thing you have to do is break the wall with the Bike, the rest you can do on foot, go up the slope and steer hard left when you go over the top, the Bike will break the wall and land on a snowy slope, go back to the bottom of the slope and dismount.

The Rocket Silo.

Run jump into the open wall and follow the path up to a bridge where you see some signs about Mines, some explode when you cross the bridge, but won’t harm you, go right and reach a fenced off area. Go to the NW corner of the fence and stand with your face against it, backflip/jump and you go over, shoot a crate inside the bunker and go to the NW corner, stand facing the crates and backflip/jump/grab the top of the pile, run jump/grab to the roof of the bunker and drop into the opened trapdoor, open an airlock and go down into the Rocket silo. Go get the 2nd Ora Dagger and climb back up, open the door with the switch and go to the right outside, take a flare and go into the dark cave, shoot the Tiger inside and get the small medipack and Flares inside. Go out and climb the pillar next to the fence to go back over. There is a Guard shooting at you from the roof, be quick and ignore him run into the passage you came from N, go straight at the crossing and reach the assembly area. See the big fuel tank NW, climb up the base and go into the corner, climb the ladder and get Secret #3, Ammo. Climb back down as some Guards start shooting, take them out and go get your Bike. Be sure to go over the right slope when you take the Bike back to the Sentry gun square.

The T-Rex.

Go to the W side and right at the big grey door, go into the open door there. Run over 4 Guards in total, be careful not to touch the barrel and dismount there, go to the S pillar at the deep pit and drop from the edge to a lower ledge, grab the crack in the wall, go right and pull up, follow the passage to a ladder, up is for later, go down and through the very dark passage, on the bottom of the pit is a Big T-Rex, just sprint past him/her going W, and into the passage there follow to a next cave, shoot the Tiger and climb into the concrete structure, turn around and up the ladder, backflip and get the 3rd Artifact, the Infada Stone. Go back down and shoot 2 Guards and a Tiger, sprint back past the T-Rex and climb the ladder all the way to the top, go back to the Bike and to the Square, look on the S wall for some windows, shoot them and climb through, go find the Fusebox to put the 2nd Shaft key in. The Big doors next to you open. Go there and hop over the crates to go to level 2.

The Lost Mine - part 2.

Taking out resistance.

Go through the tunnel to the corner, around the corner are a Sentry gun, 3 Guards and 3 Raptors I sprinted into the SW corner along the W wall, shoot the Raptors and try to stay under the Walkways above, so the gun won’t spot you anymore, look for a ladder on the S side pillar and get up, either shoot the Guards from below or take care of them when you are up on the walkway. Now go along the S wall to the W, looking between the pillars for the Gun and shoot it in the tank. On a crate on ground floor is some Ammo if you want it, now it’s safe.

The Fuel Factory.

Go to the N and follow the passage to a pool that looks dangerous, but it is only an oil spill, just go through, left are some crates, shoot the centre one and go in, push the left and get Secret # 4, Ammo. Climb the crates and run jump to the old Basin, dive in and follow the tunnel, to the 2nd Basin, climb out on top and use the switch, and go on to a decontamination room and get the Medipack, shoot the Bug and go forward, climb in the passage to get Secret #5, Ammo. Go back to the Basin and dive in the bottom tunnel, follow to a room where you can pick up the Fuse. Return to the 1st Basin and climb out S side, into the door and use the 1st Valve Wheel on the valve in front, look left and see the "Fuel On" button, push it and see a screenshot of the Rocket Fire Button. 2 Guards come out, so take care of them and go back to the walkways. Shoot a Bug coming from behind. Take the 1st passage right and open the crowbar door, follow to the Generator, put in the Fuse at the side of the fence. A door opens on the top floor of the walkways, go up the ladder just past the Burning Barrel and shoot the Raptor. Go into the N passage and place the 2nd Valve Wheel next to the "Oxy On" button, push the button and head back to the shack on the walkways. You can climb the shack to get some more Ammo if you want, but you have to shoot 2 more Bugs for it. Enter the shack and use the "Test Fire" button right, you will see the 2 Rockets do a test Burn, so the frozen cooling water below them will melt.

Silo I.

Go out and right, into Rocket silo I, climb the pole after you took the small medipack behind the Rocket. On the top floor you’ll find a Medipack and a switch to pull, shoot the Bug and go down, to the open bottom door of Silo I, S on 1st level walkway. In the molten water you can get the 4th Artifact, the Element # 115. Go out and to the E door on the walkway.

Silo II.

Climb the ladder in the corner to the top level and backflip off, shoot the grating in opposite corner and go down the ladder and up the next, get the 5th and last Artifact, the Eye of Isis, from behind the Big Fan at the Square. Go down to the bottom of the Silo again and dive into the water after you saved! Follow the tunnel left at the Propeller and at the Big Submarine, just go straight to the other side of the Cave to leave the level.

To be continued.

No matter what everybody says, I liked this level very much, great texturing and nice atmosphere. Liked the build-up to get the rockets test fire…