The Grand Lodge & The Dark Lair.

TrTokyo-9. Levels by Mirai.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Lara's quest takes her across Japan in search of the gold of the Tokugawa Shogun, from Mount Akagi to the Capital Metropolis, to the final confrontation in Tokyo Bay.

Level 1: The Grand Lodge.

When you enter the Grand lodge, you get a cut scene, it shows you some Flares to the left in the window, get them and the Ammo in the other window too. Go follow the hall to the W and ignore the spot where Lara looks left for now. Go around the pillar at the nice ticking clock and left, up the stairs walking on the right side, go right and up the next stairs, get the Golden key in front of the Golden Door. Turn quick to shoot 2 Samurai Dogs, go down the stairs again and left, carefully taking the same side down on the last stairs. Turn left and follow the passage to the Candelabra and the keyhole right. Open the door and enter the Dining room; itís just about dinner time, according to the clock. Lara looks right, but first get the Flares from the table, then look for the window you can shoot left of the clock, go through with a flare and get ready to shoot a Samurai Dog inside, hiding in the dark, see the gratings in the E wall, shoot the left one and go in, get Secret #1, the Crystal Skull.

A bit further is the Revolver, it is possible to get it, but it will start an earthquake and that will last a whole level long, so if you have strong eyes, get it now, if not, take it just before you go to level 2. (the way to get it is, save just in front of the 2nd square where you can stand up near the skulls, run forward along the left wall with a right curve in the end and duck to the Revolver and you will normally just get far enough in (and turned to the grating a bit) to grab it, get out fast, as the floor will start to burn in a few seconds. You can do without the Revolver, there are only 6 shots anyway. Get out and notice the burning ledges left in the room, opposite (to the right near the entrance) is one ledge which doesnít burn. Go stand on this one with a flare and sprint to the other side run over both ledges and sprint to the exit window, jump out to the Dinner room and over the table to the Fire place, jump/grab the back wall and climb up, go right and follow the crawlspace to where you can stand, get the Ammo and climb into the crawlspace left to reach the Library.

The Library.

A hard to navigate room, so I made a MAP of the place, when you drop down thereís a Statue (1) next to you, get between the statue and the book shelf and push it to the crawlspace once, now pull/push it to Tile A in the S. Door A opens, go there and follow the path to the block with the Winding Key. Now go back to the Statue and push it to the B Tile. Go through the B door which opened taking the winding key and follow the path to the 2nd B door and the block where you can climb to 1st floor. Look for the alcove between the pillars on the purple Arch and see one book sticking out, pull the book to open the Secret #2 door in the NE, go to it and get the 2nd Skull in there. Now drop from the balcony to the floor in the opposite SW corner, to get the Medipack below. Go climb up again and push the Statue (2) on the balcony E to the Tile (C) in SE corner. A door opens in the NW. Go there and enter the Knight room.

The Knight room.

There are 4 pushable blocks in the room, in a place surrounding the Horse statue in the centre and Ghostly Knights are walking around. Bats will attack when you go in, you can shoot them when there is no Knight in sight. Otherwise Lara will take aim on the Knight. Push the SE block all the way into the corner at the entrance, turn and pull that block towards you once, go to the next and pull it once, (you will be attacked by a swarm of Locust get out of the pit and run around, shaking them off, now you can get the last block, so you will be able to use the button behind it. Drop through the trapdoor and get the Scarab Beetle inside. A Wraith attacks, get out fast and into the pool in the W, jump up and down to get rid of the Wraith and go back to the Library. The door under the purple Arch opened. Go there and pick up the Masonic Hammer. The door in front opens, and 2 Samurai Dogs will come for you, you will see a Demi god in the hall below. Hop back as soon as you have control back and shoot the Dogs from inside the Library. Go through the passage to the landing on the stairs and go to the save one S side, keep right on the stairs and go to the hall, I couldnít find the Demi god so I just kept going, go to the Statue right where Lara looks at, take the small medipack at his feet and climb into the open door behind, get the Crossbow and push the button in the end, turn and from the door, shoot the Dogs below. Now go up the stairs and to the Golden Door on top, turn around and have a look at the nice stained glass window, there are shootable parts in it, take an explosive arrow and shoot them all in one go, a painting opens in the Dining room left of the Fire place, so go there first to get Secret #3, the 3rd Skull. Go up the stairs again.

The Free Masonry room.

It is open now, walk through the curtain and go right/right around the corner and get the Flares behind the stairs. Head back to the room and go to the NE corner; donít step on the Tiled floor or youíll die. In the dark corner you can find some Ammo and a piece of Parchment, with the text: Only the Scarab can reveal the Path. Go to the other side of the Tiled floor and see 4 Tiles with the Free Masonry sign on them, use the Scarab combined with the Winding key on the tile in the SE corner, it will go in a straight line over the floor and trigger Burners and Spikes, also a set of Spikes on the centre ledge. Go get the Scarab running over the carpet! Now go to the SW corner and do the same. Get the Scarab and do the 2nd tile from SW corner (remember where the last Spikes go up). Go to the Scarab and pick it up and exactly from the spot you stand, do a stand jump over the burner to the tile S behind it. Take one step forward, turn left a bit, looking at the corner of the ledge and stand jump over. Get the Ornate Star from the pedestal and stand jump over it to the other side of the ledge, wait there and drop onto a Tile below as the floor gives way. Go to the button on the E wall and go climb out of the pit at the blocks on S side, go to the dark SE corner of the room and spot the grating on a crawlspace right, shoot it and get in stand jump/grab in the opening and go through to get the small medipack at the Skeleton. Go out and straight into the corner of the room, left and forward to another grating, go in and climb up to the Treasury room.

the Treasury room.

There is a Medipack in the far SE corner, from the block, look back in the room with the Binocís and see the 2 boulders hanging on the ceiling, so be careful, go to the vase in the N and push it to the pyramid once, then to the door and to the Tile, one of the boulders drops, lowering a piece of floor under the Diamond, go get Secret # 4, Skull#4. Now is the time to go for the Revolver if you want it, as we are close to the end of 1st level. Itís in the room next to the Dining room, remember? (the way to get it is, save just in front of the 2nd square where you can stand up near the skulls, run forward along the left wall with a right curve in the end and duck to the Revolver and you will normally just get far enough in (and turned to the grating a bit) to grab it, get out fast, as the floor will start to burn in a few seconds. You can do without the Revolver.

The way to the next level is down the main stairs in the hall and run into the pit on right side, youíll slide in and onto a pillar in the Dark Liar.


Level 2: the Dark Lair.

From the pillar youíre on, you can see the sloped pillars around the room, with the Stars signs on them, your job is to go over to all of them to activate an electric discharge, the pink stuff on the ceiling of the cave is a monkey swing and the stuff on the floor, looks deadly but isnít. The only deadly parts are the black squares under the slopes coming down from the Star signs. A Fire Dragon is roaming around, look for him and shoot him from up here, you can lure him if he goes into hiding (clever little BÖ.), hang from the pillar and he will come out of hiding. There are 2 pillars with a Spike trap in the black square and they are hard to jump, just jump immediately from the Star to the ground, the others are burners and a jump with a curve left or right will get you in safety.

So we start;

Once youíre off the pillar, it starts to burn. Stand jump/grab the monkey swing and go N, try to land on the Star face to the slope, so you can see where you go when sliding. Locust attack when you are over the Star, so let go quick, slide and jump over the burner tile, run around to get rid of the insects. Deal with another Fire Dragon. Now pick another Star you want to go to, it will make a difference to which side of the pillar you have to climb. Head back to the pillar and climb up: Stand on the sloped surface, one foot on highest point and use only Ctrl and up keys to go up, if you use jump, Lara will not reach high enough. Watch the health before you go up, and be fast there, the pillar will burn you if you stay on it too long pull up, turn right or left (depends on which side you climbed) a bit and stand jump/grab the monkey swing quickly. I will not describe all the pillars and their route; you can figure that out by yourself. The walkthrough would be too long if I did. Iíll give some hints;

SW pillar, Spikes, jump from Star immediately.

SE pillar, burner tile and Locust.

NE pillar, Spikes, jump from Star immediately and Fire Dragon.

E pillar, burner tile and Fire Dragon.

When you did all 5 pillars, a hole appears in the floor and 2 monkey swings will be accessible in the W side of the cave. Take the one to the green pillar first when you get there, Locust attack, get the Key fast and side jump left, go run around and then go for the red corner, where you can see the keyhole on the block, again Locust attack, just when you go over a new sloped pillar, drop to get rid of them first (so how are the Medpacks, gone are they?) and then try again, use the Key to open the door below, in the Eye W. Slide down the slope, but be careful, thereís a burner tile nearby, go over to the door in the Eye and climb in, get the last artifact, the Reptilian Effigy and run down the cave, to go home finally.

End of the Level.