The Excavation & The Temple of Icheb.

Level: Rene Winkler.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

1- The Excavation.

Swim forward and get out in the right hand corner, the Cave has a Medipack on one of the rocks and there are some Bats, go N and to the ladder at the right hand ledge, down and over the ledges (where you can pick up some Goodies) to the roof of shack in the opposite corner. Here youíll find Secret #1, a stack of Goodies. Drop to the Cave floor and go over to the front of the shack, shoot the 2 Guards when you enter and get the Uzis and Crowbar. Shoot the 2 Guards trying to stop you from leaving and go shoot the fences at the W sloped cave, run jump/grab the ladder over the slope and follow the tunnel to a pit.

under water Labyrinth.

Slide down into the water and swim forward and a bit left to find the under water ceiling lever which will open an under water door. Go get some air and save, face N and swim down into the hole in the bottom, through the open door and left, straight and bear right a bit at the next crossing, follow the tunnel to itís end and get Secret #2, Ammo. Return to the cave for air and save again. Now just follow the right hand wall and go right wherever you can, when you reach a T-crossing in the end, the right hand arm is a dead end, so go left and swim straight into a small hole in the wall, right and left in the end and up in the room there.

The next passage has some Circular Blades, side jump through and beware of the Knife ball dropping from the ceiling. Go left and up in the crawlspace, get the Shotgun and drop on a sloped block, keep jumping till you are on a solid block, go left quickly and over the blocks along S wall to the E. Climb up into the passage there and get some Ammo right at the top, follow to the Medipacks and a trapdoor will open next to them, drop into the office, get the Laser sight at the window and open the door with the red button on the crate, shoot the Guards and 2 more downstairs in the next room, open another small door NW to get the Revolver and some Ammo.

Go out and right, where youíll find a door you can open by shooting the Padlock, inside you can shoot some small red lights at the fuse boxes to open double doors in the big room (to an elevator that will bring you to the next level). Find a red button near the window to open a door on the landing above the room youíre in. Go out and into that room, to the N side and climb behind the yellow crates to get the Golden Vraeus, climb back, shoot the Guard and get some Goodies in the S side of the room. Go out and to the ground floor of the big room and go out the front door in the W, go past the unusable Bikes and into a cave, go over the bridge to the other side of the Pit to get Secret # 3, a pile of Goodies from below. Go back to the Building and walk into the elevator E to go toÖ

2- The Temple of Icheb.

Go to the W room and shoot the 2 Bugs, go right and open a small door, inside is some Ammo and push a button to start the Sprinklers. Head out and right down a passage to a room where you can get Ammo and a small medipack, another room nearby has Flares and Medipacks, better go get those too. Go back to the elevator and grab the Flares and Ammo in the corners of the room, climb the pointy block to get Secret #4, Grenade-gun and Ammo. Go W again and use the Crowbarlever to open the W door.

Dragon Lady.

You can place the Golden Vraeus on the block in the next room, grab the Uzis and small medipack from the vases and go sprint to the end of the W passage with Blade traps, in the next room are more traps in the lower parts of the floor, jump to the next ledge straight forward and jump/grab the rope, drop onto the Medipack and get it, go W and a Dragon Lady hides in the next room, so better save before you enter. There is a Vase in the S side with a Medipack, 2 doors on pillars N and S and a dead Guard on a ledge in the center of the room, pull him away from the Jeep Keys by grabbing him by his hair and get those Keys facing N, run quickly to the N pillar and climb to the alcove to throw the lever inside, now go back to the room and get over to the S side, up the pillar and through the open door without getting torched or eaten by Locust. Throw the 2nd lever and go down again (out of sight of the Dragon) get over to the hole in the floor, just left of the Dragon and drop down into a pool of water.

The Bull.

Youíre still not in the clear as she can send Locust after you. Run to the S door in this room and wait for the Bull to come out, let him break the Bulls-eye switch on W wall, donít get too close to the N door or you will get more Bull then you want. Go up the passage behind the E door and shake off the locust, get some Ammo on the way and shoot a Bug that will leave behind an Uzi. Climb up the hole in the end and go to the other end of the passage, a small earthquake will rock the room, drop down the hole to end up in the passage near the Dragon room, head back to the Sprinkler room and go down to the N rooms, the room caved in, revealing Secret #5, the Crossbow and the Keys.

Return to the elevator to go back to the Excavation.

1- The Excavation.

Go to 1st floor and to the E double doors, open them with the Keys on the left control panel.

The Jeep.

When you enter the place where the Jeep is, another Jeep takes off and the door to the Building opens, shoot the Guards and grab their Goodies, go in and upstairs to get some Ammo on the rug near the desks. Get back outside and hop in the Jeep. Drive into the tunnel and run over all the Guards, when you come to a couple of fences, better back up to the wall and make some speed for a jump over a pit behind that fences, when you go around next corner where you can see the outside area, keep to the right hand wall for another short jump. After that youíll drive outside and see the other Jeep just going around the corner, the level will end soon after that.