The Canyon & First Cataract.

Level: Jean Baptiste Cariou.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

crawlspace=crawlspace, Monkey swing= monkey swing, Medipack= med-pack.

(There has to be something wrong with those files in the download, as it was hard to install this level. Never had this before.)


...Lara's final destination is southern Egypt where she's almost sure to find

the legendary Amulet of Horus, the lost key for Seth's tomb.

But, she is now in Cairo and the only Egyptian guide she could almost trust is not available yet, probably stuck in some "artefact-dealing business"...

She has thus a few days of free exploration and her attention is particularly drawn to the Sinai peninsula that ancient biblical ancestors have crossed a few millennia ago.

Among them is King Salomon, whose travels through the Middle East and Africa have nourished many legends and stories. Especially the myth of the Mines, said to abound with gold, diamonds and precious stones... But above all, it is also said to contain the tombs of Salomon himself and of his wife, the Queen of Sheba.

And this is enough to decide Lara to prepare her small backpack for a new adventure...

Level 1-The Canyons.

The Flyby will show some Goodies and a Gem on ledges in a big Canyon. Jump over the small river and go up in the NE corner, get the Ammo and follow the path along the E wall to the SE corner, go right and to the big Arch with the red rocks, get some Flares when you get there and climb the red rock face. Look for a crack in the S wall to climb around the block, go inside for some Ammo, light a flare and climb up W, get Secret #1, 1st Gem and Shotgun. Go back out and to the Arch, walk to the N end and get the Flares, drop down that side and slide to the lower path. Grab the Ammo and jump/grab the crack in the N wall, go left all the way to a crawlspace and go in, climb the white right hand wall and backflip off the top, get the Ammo and jump to the opposite corner for more Ammo, jump back and climb the sandy wall, follow the crawlspace out and shimmy to the other end, follow the crawlspace to a ledge with Secret #2, 2nd Gem, Medipack and Ammo. Go back through the crawlspace and all the way to the green rock at the end of the crack, drop and climb over to the S, drop to the Ammo and hang on S side, slide and backflip/roll/grab into an alcove, go out and E, into the next alcove right, get the small medipack and some Ammo up the W side.

Now follow the Canyon to the W and around the corner is a Croc waiting for you, climb over the ridge in the end and enter the cave, follow to a Lava pit, jump into a corner alcove left for a small medipack and go on to the next pit. Look around the corner S to find the crawlspace you have to jump/grab to after you grabbed the small medipack in the Steam blower alcove on the other side of the pit. Stand jump over, grab and turn right quickly and run jump/grab around the corner, get into the crawlspace, past the Steam and into a dark room, jump down to the lower left ledge and up to the one in the corner, up the left hand wall and backflip into the dark light a flare to find the Monkey swing going over into the opposite wall, follow around left corner and drop in the end.

Go Jump over the Pillars to the last one where you can get a small medipack, watch the head on the low ceilings here and there. Go on till you reach the bottom of a pit and get a flyby, check the NE corner for some Ammo and find the cave in the W, go in, light a flare to find the Spike-pits and get the Ammo, crawl into the crawlspace there to get a Medipack and Ammo in the next room, the white wall is climbable again. Back to the pit and up the NE pillar, turn and follow the pillars up, grab the Uzis on your way and jump over to the high  pillar, pull up/slide/jump into the tunnel, follow to a drop off and jump/grab the left wall, climb right till you can drop to the flat bottom, follow up to a caved in floor. Slide/jump/slide/jump to the brown sandy floor (a Boulder drops), go right and slide the rest of the slope (another Boulder drops), you’ll reach another canyon.

Run jump/grab to a ledge around the right hand corner and drop from the N side, go down into the alcove for some Ammo, go back up and jump/grab to the crack N, go around to a wide ledge, look N and see the floor you’ll get to later, go into the rocks left and left where you have to crawl, drop to a ledge with some Ammo and run jump/grab over the S pit, follow the white ledges to the Pharos Knot. Drop to the bottom of the canyon from this ledge and go to a block, climb up and left, for the Shotgun, go down and follow the canyon over the pit the Boulders are in. Just left of the pit you can climb back up to the first ledge, go over to the wide ledge and jump to the square you saw in the flyby, place the Knot to open the gate, go in and run/jump over the trapdoor, shoot the Skeleton to gain some time while you grab the Hathor Effigy. Jump back over the trapdoor, run past the other Skeletons and jump back to the ledges. You can also choose to shoot the skinny blokes into the canyon.

Get back to the bottom of the canyon, you can climb down from the wide ledge and from the bottom block, go over the N side and W into a dark cave, get Secret #3, the 3rd Gem. Go back up the blocks and over the S side, slide and head over to the square with the Boulders again. Jump up the sloped ledge behind the centre Boulder and climb up the ridge. Get down from the centre as you now enter Boulder alley. Look up to spot all the Boulders and go to the water, after the Boulder dropped into the trench, go stand jump to the ledge around the left corner, jump over the water to the S corner ledge and back to the N side, look up in the wall there to spot the cave, get in and grab the Ammo and Crowbar. When you go out and into the Valley.

The Valley.

3 little Piggies will show up, shoot them and go S along the E wall. Shoot another Piggy and go S, in an alcove left is some Ammo, opposite is a blue room where a Star has to be placed. Return to the N and climb the W grey wall near the entrance of the Valley, follow the path to where you can do a long run jump/grab to the centre pillar and over to the E wall, go left and to the gate, open with the Crowbar and get the Keys. Go back to the centre pillar and drop to one of the lower sloped blocks, then go to the end of the valley S, shoot the Skeleton into the water and go into the N passage for a small medipack, into the water for the Ammo in there and S to follow the alley to a lower room with a pool, run down and get the Ammo from the pool, jump to the opening in the corner from the lower ledge and open the gate to the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth.

Go right at the 1st crossing and get the Keys from the ledge, return and go right, to the right again and get the Ammo, out and to the purple light, left is a closed gate you’ll go back to in a bit, get some Ammo in the next left end and roll to go S, then W, left is a light passage with a closed gate to the next level, so go W and open the gate, get the Ornate Handle and the gate in the purple passage opens. Look up in the right hand wall and go through the crawlspace to get some Goodies and the Crossbow. Get back out and go back to the purple passage, open the gate there and get the Star from the wall, run out to the pool fast and jump to the ledge, get back to the valley to place the star in the Blue room, the gate in the light passage opens, so you have to get back into the labyrinth and dodge the skeleton, go E/S and left into the open gate to reach the…


Level 2: The First Cataract.

The Dune Valley.

Go to the palm trees in the Dune Valley and shoot the Croc, get the Uzis from the small mount and some Grenades next to it, there’s a crawlspace close by where you can get the Pharos Knot, on getting out another Croc awaits you. Go on and right into a valley with a Building in the end, up the grassy right hand slope and up the low pillar, turn SE and hop on the next pillar, jump/grab to the higher W one and grab the Monkey swing to go over to the Ammo and Medipack in the end, turn SE and spot the receptacle for the Knot, get back to the high pillar and jump/grab to the ledge, place the Knot, which will magically turn into a Pillar and jump to the newly opened gate N, grab the Explosive Ammo at the closed left gates and head N, run through the Darts and the Spikes and go left in the next room, arm yourself with the explosive arrows to take out the Skeletons. Go up the steps avoiding the Spiketraps and place the Portal Guardian. An earthquake rocks the room, go to the SW corner, step on the different coloured Tile and another Skeleton appears behind you, shoot it and it will provide you with Secret #4, the 4th Gem. Pick up the Medipack in the SE corner and now get back through the traps and over the pits. Just run through the darts and take some medicine. The gate near the entrance is open, go get the Goodies and a Star.

The Pools.

Head back to the valley and right at the crossing to go into the small river, climb up the right hand bank and from the corner where you get a cut scene, climb the right hand block and drop to a lower ledge with Secret #5, the 5th Gem. Drop down again to land in front of a Star receptacle, place the Star and get a cut scene of a closed gate in the W Pool, run jump to the S so you’ll land close to one of the ledges there and get out to shoot the Croc, collect the Ammo on the bottom and go shoot the next Croc, swim into the N tunnel and keep looking along the left wall for some Ammo and swim up the right hand shaft at the closed door (you’ll be back here) and get out in a room where a Skeleton roams around, shoot him and get some Ammo, climb the NW ladder and get the 2nd Star from the wall there, jump back over the flames and go down to the room, you can go through the open door S, but then you will miss a Secret. Better swim back through the shaft and into the door that opened down there, get the last Secret #6, the 6th Gem, a Shotgun and some Ammo. Swim back to the E Pool and climb the S ledge, run jump/grab to the W ridge and get some Ammo on it, from the highest part do a run jump/grab to the ledge with the receptacle and get the Ammo, placing the Star will open the under water gate, follow the tunnel and the room to end the level.