The Big Fortress.

Level: Bibi Phogue.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

crawlspace= crawlspace, Monkey swing= monkey swing, under water= underwater.

Again a very good looking level, nice to play,  not too hard.

From the place you stand, jump over the rock N and shoot a Wild Boar in the next place, go up the ledge W and stand on the S side of the pillar, facing it and backflip to the sloped rock behind, jump/grab the top of the pillar and get the Ammo, turn to the S and run jump to the path leading W.

The 3 way Pit.

Get into the crawlspace (crawlspace) and right, hit the "look" key and go into the dark crawlspace to the right, get Secret # 1, the Shotgun and Flares inside, go out and to the N side of the pit, slide and jump/grab the crack in the pillar hanging over the pit. Shimmy left and drop to the path there. Go N and drop into the hole in the next cave, follow out to a Lake. Go left and up the steps, stop in front of the deep pit and stand jump to the sloped ledge behind the right hand rock, from there a stand jump/grab to the NW ledge across the pit, pull up and climb up right side, turn left and go up, jump up to the grassy area and proceed inside the building, get the Laser sight right of the entrance and shoot 2 Wild Boars, go to the NW corner with the Flares.

The Hathor Effigy.

Enter the passage here and see the Boulder up the slope, when standing on the Spike Tile, you have to trigger the Boulder so it will crash the wall at the end of the slope, but you will have to avoid being crushed by it, the trick is to go up the slope backwards, aimed at the NW point of the Tile, it will start to burn, but when you run onto the very corner you will be safe from burner and Boulder, it will take a few tries though. Walk back to the grey Tile on the slope and this will trigger the Boulder, run back and wait in the corner for the Boulder to crush the wall.  Easier way, suggested by José: another easy way is to walk slowly over the left side corner of the first grey tile and when the boulder falls, crouch and wait, the boulder will roll down jumping along the ramp and over your head without touch Lara.

Jump over the pit where the boulder opened the wall and go get the Hathor Effigy and a Medipack inside.

Go up the slope where the Boulder came from and jump over the pit, get the Ammo and Revolver and go into the crawlspace in the SW corner, get the Torch and throw it out, get it and hop over the pit to light it. Go to where the Boulder was and burn the rope, (never found out why, but the Torch is there so I just did). Go down to where you shot the Wild Boars and look for the gate with the padlock, you can actually shoot it with the pistols, but you can do it with the Revolver if you want. Go in and left, shoot the Skeleton behind you into the pit in the passage, or ignore it, there’s another Shotgun and some Flares inside and you have to take notice of the Eye Symbol on the sloped block. Go back to the 3 way pit, run jump over the gap S and go to the right. Outside, follow the path up the steps and where the camera changes, hit the "look" key and see the passage into another building, we go there later, first we have to pick up the Ornate Handle.

The Ornate Handle.

From the stairs, look down into the lake below and see the 2 pillars on the S wall, jump there, landing in the water and find the small hole between the pillars, swim in and get out on the bank fast, shoot the Croc and enter the passage right of the gate, be careful not to go too close to the Fire Bucket. Go right and get the Ornate Handle inside, duck to avoid the Darts and go out, a Wild Boar is running around somewhere. Go into the other passage at the 2nd Fire Bucket and take the Ammo and small medipack, see the second Symbol, the Bird. Go to the gate between the Fire Buckets and up the ladder, backflip from the red light into the passage there. Go up to the Spikes and run jump/grab the rope when they go down, swing over to the other side and grab the edge, stand on the left side when you go down the next passage, as Darts will fly through the centre. Go left in the end to reach the 3 way pit.

The Portal Guardian.

Go left and outside to the path to the lake you just jumped in, and on top left into the building. Combine the Ornate Handle and Hathor Effigy and place the Portal Guardian next to the gate.

The Symbol room.

Enter and here is a raised floor with Symbol Tiles, remember the 2 you saw, step on the Eye (in the 1st row) near the entrance and jump to the Bird (3rd row left), then to the Eye (4th row right), walk onto the Bird next to it and jump to the Bird in the 2nd row. Jump to the entrance and go N, follow to a ladder, climb up and go to the gates E, shoot the Wild Boar, get the Crossbow, Gem and Medipack and run past the Skeletons to climb back down to the Symbol room. When you did the Symbol puzzle, a wall went down in the S, go in there and right in the end, up the passage to a room with symbol blocks, climb the left hand pile and enter the dark passage behind them after you took some flares, step on the Tile and see another room, get out, down the passage and straight at the crossing, into the Treasury, get some Ammo at the window and in the SW corner, now enter the S passage and reach a room where you can see the Pharos Knot on a block in the centre.

To the Catacombs.

I tell you that you cannot get it now, try if you want, better go backwards onto the bridge and grab as soon as the bridge crumbles, drop and grab once more, and slide into a deep shaft. Drop into a pool, get out fast and shoot the Croc only when it bit you. Take the Medipack and Ammo there and go out N. Get into the crawlspace to the right and open the gate with the Gem. Time to get Secret # 2, but it is not easy. Run into the left passage over the corner of the pit and get some Ammo at the Darttraps, get back and left again, up to the Boulder and left, run jump through the Spiketrap and get Ammo and Uzis. Go back out as the Medipack in the pit will release the Boulder without time to climb out, let it be. Go out the crawlspace and to the NW passage and reach a room with Spiketraps and Skeletons, just keep on the blocks to go over to the other side, the grenade Ammo is booby trapped, leave it.

The Boulder Run.

Go into the E passage by jumping over the Spiketrap and reach a small room with a pit in front of the passage, when standing in the pit, you can see 2 Boulders up in it, climb in the passage after you saved and hop back, sprint down the newly opened passage and in the end you will have to wait a short while till the Spikes around right corner are down sprint through the next passage (never look back) and into the right hand passage in the end, slide down 2 slopes and backwards from the 2nd, grab the edge and wait for the Boulder to go overhead, pull up and backflip, slide/grab and pull up, jump/roll/grab the rope behind you, swing to the other side and grab the ladder.

The Deadly Pools.

Go up through the steamblower (watch the health) and grab the Ammo and find the crawlspace in NW in the room with the deadly pool. Follow to a room with a pool, wade to the ledge with the Tile and step on it to turn the water in the other room clear and in this room deadly, jump over the blocks to the exit and crawl back to the 1st room, through the water and get Ammo left, go up the ladder right and reach a deep room with Darts everywhere.

The Darts Room.

Run jump/grab forward to the W and jump to the ledge at the passage with the Spiketrap in front, turn left and see the ledge with the Ammo, jump there grabbing and get the Ammo, jump back and hop over the Spiketrap to the exit. Look up this passage with the Binocs and see the Boulder and a crawlspace in the right wall, aim for it and sprint in, hit Alt a bit before you reach it and you will roll in. Follow the crawlspace and reach Spiketrap alley.

Spiketrap alley.

Stand with your back to the wall and stand jump/stand jump/stand jump (only slide a bit every time) and slide into a pit just in front of the ledge with the Spiketrap. Turn left and run to the crawlspace, run jump/grab and get in fast as the Boulder is coming. Up the ladder in the next room and get the Ammo in the alcove, shoot a Skeleton into the pit and go up to the other end, notice the Crowbar gate right and climb left ladder, get the Ammo and small medipack in the alcoves and go up the slope to reach a beautiful outside area at the Big Fortress.

The Big Fortress Lake.

Go to the Arch in the Lake and from the beach run jump to the block under it, turn left and see the ridge on the right side of the arch, jump/grab the edge and shimmy right to a flat ledge, up and jump to Secret # 3, the Grenade Gun, Ammo and small medipack. Go back through the Arch and to the beach, swim under the beach, into a tunnel there, follow to a cave, shoot the Crocs and go into the right hand cave, see the Bird Symbol, at the shallow pit, remember this place. Now go to the left cave and climb up the SW block, up SW ledge, turn and jump to the opposite ledge, walk around and run jump/grab with a slight left curve the E wall with the roots, climb right and up, backflip to the ledge and turn, jump/grab the edge of the W wall and go right, pull up, turn and stand jump/grab the roots on the block, go over to the passage where you can see the Boulder hanging. There are several ways to do this, but this is how I did it, run diagonally over the corner into the passage and hop back, so you stand on the ledge outside again, the boulder will just go past. Go in and run past the Skeleton, hop on the block with the Crowbar.

Look up NE and see the hole in the ceiling, jump/grab in and get the Crossbow and explosive Ammo. Hey Mr. Skeleton, watch out! Take the small medipack after you blew up the Skeleton and drop from the passage, slide and land on a flat ledge, turn right and run onto the slope, slide back to the ground and go to the Lake. Climb up the beach and go back into the Catacombs, down the ladder, remember the Crowbar gate? Open it with the Crowbar and step on the Tile, see the Bird Symbol in a screenshot, the shallow pit is now open. Go back to the Lake and into the cave below the beach again, right side and climb in the pit at the Bird, get Secret # 4, Ammo, follow to a pool, get more Ammo and follow the cellar to get all the Ammo and the Medipack in the end, stay close to the right hand wall, the water is shallow there, arm with the Grenadegun and shoot the Croc as you head back to the Lake. Go through the Arch again and left into a tunnel in the W wall, just before the ledge where the Grenadegun was. Swim in and right, up and into a room with the Golden Star, walk up to the Star and turn, shoot the Skeleton and pry the Star from the wall. Go back to the beach and up to the base of the Fortress W.

Into the Fortress.

Follow the path up to a square, shoot the 2 Wild Boars and go into the Fortress behind the Pillar NW and run jump to the ledge in the NW corner Use the monkey swing to go over to the S and drop onto a slope, slide back to a flat ledge, go E and into the passage to a hall where you can use the star in the SE corner, it will open the 2 gates on the other side of the hall, get another Crossbow along the N wall and enter the gate, climb up and backflip to the 1st floor, Arm the Crossbow with explosives and go up to the Arrows you can see on the terrace, run around a bit to collect all 4 Skeletons and get them teamed up nicely. So to shoot them with one Arrow, great sport! Plenty of Ammo, but I always like to do it this way. Head over to the far NE corner of the terrace and drop back from the edge, hang and see the crack below, drop/grab and go right, pull up in the crawlspace, go through to a passage with several alcoves with Skull Tiles above, ignore those, even if they hold Ammo, go stand in front of the one with the Scarab Symbol, save and take a Flare, hop in backwards (strange enough you will turn around to look forward) and jump over the Spikes, slide to the room with the Pharos Knot. Run jump over the sloped part and get the Knot, turn right and see the Eye Symbols next to the passage there, run jump/grab the ledge in front and go in and end the level.