Temple Ruins.

Level: bnelara.

Walkthrough: Dutchy. (with help from Dear Kristina)

A Gloomy Vault…

Follow the passage up blocks and stuff, through a crawlspace to a big Cave with a ruined Temple Complex. You’ll need 2 Stars to open a door up in the E.

The Yellow Star.

Go E and just besides the structure, past a ledge with Spikes up in the air S, you can climb the S rock fall, go left into the lower passage  and follow it till you come to a sloped ledge with a Ceiling Spike trap, jump on when the Spikes are about to retract and run off the other side, go left in a small room and outside, just around the l corner you’ll find a switch, which will open a door and lower a block in the W side of the cave, drop from the ledge and go over to the SW block, enter and turn left, Spikes, switches and a Spike wall. The exit closes behind you, go to the Spike wall and drop into a lower passage, follow up to the Pillar room.

The Pillar room.

A Secret sounds, pick up Secret #1, the Medipack and the Flares and drop to the ground next to the entrance, after you spotted the switch there, pull it and get back up the entrance pillar again (you may have to lure the Skeletons away to get up to that pillar) Now jump to the 3rd  pillar on the S wall, face W and stand right, back up as far as possible into the corner and stand jump to the SW corner pillar, so you land on the exact corner, you will not get burnt then, the flame on the NW pillar (with the next switch) will be off now, turn around and jump back, stand with your back against the S wall and stand jump/grab to the pillar N of you, shimmy left around the corner and pull up in the next, turn NW and stand jump to the pillar next to the one with the switch, jump to it and pull, the door in the E opens. Drop to the floor run to the entrance pillar and go up, to the door and get out through a crawlspace, you’re back in the Spike wall room.

The Spikewall room.

Look for an alcove up in the E wall, behind some Spikes just left of the closed entrance block, this is where you have to climb in when the Spike wall comes at you, stand at the switch opposite the switch behind the Spikes and pull, roll run over to the next switch and then run to climb into the E alcove, a bit forward so the wall doesn’t harm you and drop back down after all doors closed. Stand on the Tile opposite the entrance block and a block will raise where the Spike wall came from, allowing you to climb into the now opened small door up in W wall.

The Star.

Follow through a crawlspace to the room where the Yellow Star is kept on a pedestal, shoot a vase up on a slope to get the small medipack and shoot a Hellhound, drop through the door which opened next to the slope where you shot the vase and slide to a flame that will turn off, pull the switch to reopen the entrance to this place and go out to the Cave, to the NW corner where the opened door is.

The Red Star.

Enter carefully here and stop at the crossing, there are Spiked Balls everywhere.

Spike Ball Alley.

A door opens left, hop backwards into that passage and quickly run back, into the W alcove, let the Ball go by and follow it into the passage, stop a bit before and walk up to it, as soon as you see the Ball in front of you start moving, hop back and run jump/grab to the ladder over the pit as soon as it dropped in, the last Ball will drop in behind you. Climb up and shoot the 2 Hellhounds in the dark room, climb up in an alcove and use the switch to open a set of trapdoors, go to the back of this room and climb down the ladder.

Breakable Bridge.

Slide down and follow the passages to a slide where you see Spikes and a wooden breakable bridge, slide, jump to the bridge, turn right and run to the end, turn left and run jump to the other side, turn left and run jump/grab straight to the wall in the end of this bridge, climb up and right into the crawlspace, follow to the Blade room.

The Blade room.

Use the Jump switch to the right to get rid of the Spikes, the Blade starts turning, stand right on the entrance block and do standjumps to the opposite alcove when the Blade comes to you, there are some Flares on a pillar, you can stand jump there from the pillar at the alcove, where you can stand safely, drop to the floor as soon as you got them and jump over again, follow the passage up the blocks and slide into the Spikeball alley. Go over the block left and find that trapdoor you’ve opened before, swim into a small W tunnel.

under water Labyrinth.

Follow to a wider tunnel with a wooden fence in the end, go into the right hand tunnel, right at crossing/ left and down/ left into the long tunnel, left at crossing/ up and right to a small room with a fence, left and up to a room with precious air, throw the switch to open a trapdoor in the beginning of the Labyrinth.

Dive in and go back to the long tunnel, go left when you get there and left in the end, up and get the Shotgun between the plants, swim back for air in the room with the switch. Now swim right into the long tunnel, up and right, left and left into the open trapdoor in the end. Throw the switch to open an under water door.

The Red Star.

Get back into the water and get the small medipack in the W tunnel from the trapdoor and swim back to the long tunnel= right at the crossing, down and left, left into the tunnel to the small room, but when you go up, go left this time and right into that open door, right in the second part of the wide tunnel, in the tunnel in the end you will find the room with the Red Star. Swim back through the under water door, the long tunnel, the wide tunnel and to the double trapdoor at the Spike Ball Alley.

Get some air and swim E in the big tunnel, into a room where you can climb out W, climb the centre block on that wall, climb up N and run jump to a ledge on a N pillar, turn left and see a ledge down just right of the big tunnel, run jump with a grab to land on the ledge and use the Monkey swing to go over to the other side, climb up and throw a switch in the upper passage to lower a block in the lower passage, a new block raised too, just around the corner of the passage you’ve visited before.

Climb it and go up into the room above, walk to the centre of the slope that ends in a lava pool and turn around, slide backwards, grab the edge and pull up, backflip to a ledge on opposite side, follow up to where you get a flyby of the top of the Cave.

The Top of the Cave.

Jump over to the ledge at the breakable wooden bridge and look S, run over the bridge and jump just left besides the sloped block on the bridge in front, then turn right to land behind that block. Shoot 2 Vases in the far SE corner to release the 3 Wasps and start shooting them from far away, so they will die before they come to you, they might push you off the bridge, one is coming from behind, so be careful how you move around. Then go to the SE corner and right, jump around a pillar to a ledge behind it on S wall. Notice the Monkey swing on the ceiling, turn around so you face SW and backflip onto a sloped block against the E pillar and jump/grab the Monkey swing from it, go W around the corner left and face the pillar on S wall, drop and grab the edge, go right and pull up on the thin ledge, go E and into a crawlspace for Secret #2, small medipack and Ammo. (There are different ways to get to this Secret, this is how I did it.)

Go out, look down left and shoot the Hellhound on the ledge below the thin ledge, drop to it and look SW and down to spot a lone dark ledge below, stand jump down to it and turn SW, jump into an alcove and hop back, grab the edge and go around right to a climbable surface at a break ledge, hang right and backflip, turn right fast and jump to the ledge on W wall. Climb into a crawlspace and down into a hole to get Secret #3, Ammo. Climb back up and go out of the crawlspace, from the ledge you’re on now, you can do a long run jump N, with a left curve to a ledge on W wall, past the Wooden Gate. Follow to a gap, jump N over the gap onto a slope and jump again, so you land in a passage with a switch in the end. It will open a trapdoor in a place we will go next, turn around, jump to the slope on the other side of the gap and slide down to ground floor, go to the S wall and use the passage you used the 1st time for the switch to go up to the top of the Cave.

To the top again.

You know, down the hole in S wall, follow to the Spiketrap, up the raised block, down the slope in the lava room and when you reach the cave again, turn left to use the ledge where the Spikes went down to get to the stone bridge, follow to where it goes W, jump over to the W ledge and then N, to the NW corner, where you see a hole in the sandy rock face, run jump to the small ledge over the hole and use the Monkey swing to go into the NW corner, left and to an alcove with Secret #4, Ammo.

The Snake Stone.

Drop out of the alcove and down to the lower ledge, stand in the NE corner of it and aim for the corner of the hole in the N rock face, hop back and run jump with a grab in the last moment and you will get in. (If not change your position a bit and try again or do a jump with a left curve) Inside you will find that trapdoor you opened. Drop down and shoot the Big Scorp in the next room. Go to the E side to use the Jump switch, a block raised in the centre of the room, get on it and shoot Scorp 2, jump off the block, go to the W and into the passage, follow to a room with Burner pillars.

Run jump to the first, a running jump to the next and 2 standjumps to the switch. Throw it to open the door in the beginning of the room, jump in the water and get out at the door, follow through the Circular Blade (side jump) and slide down a slope, the next slope has a trap below, sprint right and stay on the left side of the room, where some spikes are missing, so you are safe till you can step on the higher floor, go down into lower passage and get the Medipack right, follow to a room with an adjacent small room with a door and 2 switches, as soon as you go in, the Spiked ceiling comes down. Throw the switch next to the door first and roll, throw the opposite one and roll/duck, get to the opened door and enter. Follow the passage to a door, right of it you will find the Snakestone.

Get it and go into the open door, climb the l side of the ladder, to one square from the top, backflip/roll/grab and climb right, backflip/roll/grab and go up, left and to one square from the top, backflip/roll/grab and climb right, backflip/roll/grab and go up into the passage, shoot the Hellhounds and slide into a familiar room.

Place the Snakestone.

Go slide and backflip over to the ledge again and make your way back to the NW of the Cave, where you can jump into the Scorpion room again. Climb the block and follow up to a ledge with a pillar and receptacle on the wall, place the Stone and see a bridge roll out in the green room in the SE of the cave. Go back down to the trapdoor, up into the passage you just entered from and stand with your back to the Cave, backflip, grab the edge of the rock face and pull up/backflip to land on a sandy ledge, from this ledge you can run jump onto the ledge in the NW corner, the one you jumped into the hole from before, climb up into the alcove the Secret was in and use the Monkey swing to go to the small N ledge over the hole.

Grand Finale.

Run jump to the grey ledge and go all the way back to the E side of the Cave, drop down from the bridge at the big doors and open them with the 2 Stars, go in and up into an alcove where you will be attacked by a Lizard, shoot it and from the ledge under the entrance, you can run jump onto a centre block, turn right and see another Lizard on a edge, shoot it and stand jump/grab up to that ledge, go around and run jump over to the corner ledge, jump up and grab the Monkey swing, go over to the other side and drop/grab the crawlspace, go follow to the Green room. Go over the bridge and up into the exit, walk up the pillar alley and end this excellent level…