The Temple of Thor.

Level: Sue Wicks.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Pick up the small medipack and go to an alcove in the next cave, NW corner. Drop and grab the edge, see the Jump switch you have to use, drop into the water below and swim into the W cave for some Ammo. Return and go NW now, follow tunnels to an under water room, go up in the NE corner, jump to the N alcove and in next room you can shoot a vase for some Ammo, go E and step on the 2 Omega Tiles to open the gate. Follow the passage and go straight N, to a room where you can get Secret #1, the Crossbow, Ammo and a small medipack. Go back and into left passage just after the torch, follow and find some Flares in a room left, there are Blue doors opposite the room, but they are for later.

The Pool room.

Go N first and to a big room left with a pool and blue doors to be opened with 2 Gems. Dive in the water below the doors and use the under water lever on the W wall, swim left and into the gate near the bottom there, get the Crowbar and Ammo and go for some air, swim into the S tunnel and follow right, around the fence and right into a tunnel, past the chains along the ceiling and in one of the corners of the tunnel and follow all the way to the bottom, go into the E tunnel and follow to a room with a monkey swing use it to get over the hole and into the passage, follow to a room with a small pit, stand in front of the pit and shoot the vase, donít be scared, wait for the Boulder to stop and jump to where the vase was, step aside quick to get out of harms way and get the Winding Key when the danger is gone.

Go back to the Pool room. Climb out in N side, go E and left, follow to room with 2 Vases, go into right passage, find the Golden Star behind the pillar under the platform and go climb it to the top, use the Star to open the gate and get the Shotgun from the vase, push the Globe to the Omega Tile on the platform, drop down quick to dodge the Skeleton and head over to the room with the Vases, go into opposite passage and at the pool, you can pull a chain to open a gate and get some Ammo in a vase. Go back to the Pool room and left/left as you get there, enter the new gate. Climb the pole to the Blade and backflip to a corner as the Blade is on opposite side, follow to a sloped passage, slide down and go E and right around the corner 2 Knights will show up, go past the 1st chain and left, climb into the hole, the N wall of the corner is climbable. Pull the switch to light a pedestal and get the Scroll from the vase, examine it and read: "Only a Golden Beetle can awaken the Guardian of the Music Scroll".

Go back down to the Chains and N, into a passage in the corner and get the Torch from the vase on the block left, light it on the pedestal, but donít get too close. When the torch burns, you have to go past the Knights and Chains to the S, right into the next passage and burn the old tapestry on the S wall. A crawlspace  is revealed, get in and follow it to a trapdoor, open it and find the under water lever on the W wall, the gate will open, swim to the Mechanical Scarab. Go back out of the crawlspace and a gate will open in the W wall.

The Guardian.

Follow the passage to a drop down near the Pool room area, go right and into the blue doors you saw before, this is the Stable area, check out the stables on the left side for goodies and go to the golden gate in the S end. There is a sort of grating right next to it, and a kind of track goes under the grating, use the Scarab on it after you combined it with the Key. The gate will open and the Guardian will come out and mount the horse, get out of there, keep hopping back from him, while shooting and stay clear of his Sword side. I just kept hopping backwards around the structure in the center of the room and it takes a while, but he will drop from the horse, the rest is easy, hop back from him, while pumping lead into his blue heart. Pick up the 1st of the Gems. Go into the golden gate he came from and pick up the Scarab, get the Music Scroll and check the back of the room for some Flares, use the Scarab at the exit or you wonít get out of there alive.

Up to the roof.

Head back to the Pool room, and look for a passage in the S wall, you can jump into from the bridge, follow to a room with stairs, shoot some vases left for a Shotgun and go to the opposite side, use the switch to open a gate somewhere and shoot the vase for Ammo, turn around and look up, thereís a Jump switch, use it and a block lowers somewhere, shoot the Skeleton coming out of the nearby gate and go in to climb up a crawlspace in N wall. Get Secret #2, Goodies. Go back to where you saw the stairs and climb up, jump/grab the ledge at the big vase and jump to the N ledge. Look over to the W wall and see a crack in it, run jump/grab the crack and go left, pull up at the block you lowered. Thereís another block you have to lower here, go S and right (left is a ladder for later) go over the Burners to the Chain and use it to lower the other block. Run jump back over the Burners and go N to the blocks and enter the new passage, to a Beautiful horse statue in a pool, Shoot it! Get the Gate Keys and return S, left to the ladder and climb up, turn around and see the Lasersight on the block, get it and go follow the ledges N to a vase in an alcove, shoot it and go in, look up where the gate has opened and climb up for Secret #3, Ammo.

Drop back and enter the room, get the Medipack  and the Revolver from the vase. Go back out to the ledges and turn left, jump around the left corner to a ledge, turn right and look in SE opposite corner for a Brass Ball. Combine Revolver and Lasersight and shoot the thing. A rope appears over the pit. So go on and swing across to where you shot the ball, jump into the passage E, donít mess with that vase and follow up to a pole, climb up and backflip into the room with the Chains, go past and jump to a block in the next passage, turn left and jump to the lower ledge for a small medipack and jump back to go to the W doors, open them and climb the wall in front, go up to a bridge with Chains, shoot the Skeletons into the deep.

The 2nd Gem.

Open the gate in the end with your Keys, get the 2nd Gem and some Ammo in the right corner, return to the bridge shoot another Skeleton and see the Medipack  on the ledge right, jump to it and get it, drop from the right side back to the blue doors and go back down the pole to the rope, slide down and drop to the ledge with the vase, go to the Pool room and use the Gems to open the Big doors. Go up the stairs and climb the wall, go to the NE corner to pick up the Medipack  and then to the next room in the E wall, Drop from the left side of the ledge at the entrance of this room and run to the NE corner fast, with a Wraith on your heels, dive in the pool and look in the 1st left alcove for a small tunnel to swim into, follow to an under water lever. Use it to open a gate up in the room, swim back and climb out at the ledge with the vase.

The Burner swing.

Go to the next room and climb the block in the W passage, jump/grab the monkey swing and go past the burners, drop on other side and shoot only the left vase for a Medipack , go into NE passage and follow to a staircase, leading up to a room with a Burner and Spikes, hop over the burner and use the switch to kill those Spikes, hop back and get the Flares and small medipack from the pits, go outside and left, drop/hang from the ledge and see the Jump switch, grab it and go back to the Burner swing.

The block here lowered, a Knight showed up, but before he gets you, you are already climbing down the pit. Follow the passage to another burner pit, take the Medipack  on other side and check your health, better take some medicine before you jump into the burner pit, fall down into a deep shaft and the flames go out! Swim NE + E and climb out in the end, go to the receptacle for the Music Scroll (maybe you have to deal with a Skeleton) and dear Lara will play the harp, the gate opens and she can go get the Armor piece on the pedestal in Thorís room.

The level ends.