Level by Debbie Overstreet.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

You drop into the Garage, take the Ammo and go up the platform with the truck. There are 2 movable boxes next to it, take the Goodies under them and go over to the NE corner for some Flares in the toilets. Along the North wall you can pull one of the boxes in the direction of the platform, so you can push the other one aside to open the kitchen. Take the Shotgun and Ammo and pull the Jump switch to raise a block outside. Go SE and leave the garage.

Next to the oil drums is a Snake and Flares, go up the block into the cave and get all the supplies, kill the Snake. Optimize your health and drop into the hole to a lava chamber. On a ledge in opposite corner are some arrows, go over and drop to this ledge. Jump over to the slope left and pull up/backflip/roll/grab the one behind. Shimmy over the sloped pillar below and drop, let yourself slide (donít grab) and youíll land in the passage. Follow the passage, take the Medipack  and enter a puzzle room.

The Puzzle Room.                                                                   

Shoot the vases and get the supplies from them, pull the Jump switch in the NW corner and one of the blocks lowers, so you can push the 1st. piece to the tile with the picture of one planet, in the center. A block rises in the corner, get up and get the Uzis and pull the Jump switch, next block lowers, push the piece to the picture with 2 planets. The gate in the South opens, go in and explore the forest, for a lot of Pickups, a big horse is in the back, next to a burner, don't go to close yet. Find the 2nd forest to the West and meet a nice Doggy stay on the high ledges and dispose of him. More pickups and go to the NW to the Skeletonpit. Take the Ammo later (don't get to close, triggers Skeletons), first the "Scroll" and then the Ammo, on the high ledge next to this pit is the Revolver and more Ammo.

Go to the passage in the 1st forest with the horse and kill another Doggy on your way out. A Knight will mount the horse, so go quickly but carefully past the burner and pull the Jump switch around the corner. Take the Medipack  and go back to the puzzle room. Move next piece to the picture with the 3 planets and next gate opens. Enter, go left and take Medipack  and Ammo, ignore the Medipack  in the hole, follow main passage again and go right at next crossing, get Ammo and turn, go right and at the switch right again, get Secret #1, Grenade gun Ammo. Pull the switch, take Ammo and follow other passage, crossing left and get supplies there, drop down into the Mirror room.

Mirror Room.

See the grenade gun in the mirror and take it when you see yourself standing over it, turn and go through the other mirror to the right hand corner, get Secret #2,  Arrows and enter the crawlspace to pull 2 Jump switches take the Ammo and go back to the puzzle room. Kill the Skeletons on your way, you have the right equipment now.

Push next piece to the 4 planets, climb the high block and get the "Left Gauntlet" , pull the switch and enter the gate to the East of the puzzle room, get the Medipack , climb the ladder and when you reach the Coalmine jump onto the ledge to your right, follow this around to the ladder in the SE and climb up, backflip to the ledge behind, get the Crossbow and place the "Scroll". Jump back, so you'll drop from the ledge at the side of the ladder and slide into the pool, get the Medipack  (Boy, a lot of MPs, but you'll need them later). Wait for the Spirit to kill itself and go to the other pool, follow the tunnel and climb out to the Dragon room.

The Dragon Room.                                                                            

A horde of locus will attack, the Big Dragon in the lavapit can release them to get you, he (she) can also throw fireballs at you. If you climb the ledge in the North the locus will go away. Behind the pillar in the dark is a Star slot.

Dropdown and run to the ravine in the East, get the Medipack  and sprint back quick, run for the ravine in the West. Get the Medipack  and sprint back. After the Balls are down, go up the slopes in the West and follow around the lavapit till you reach a ladder, climb up and get the Ammo and other goodies in there. There is a small pool in the South wall in case the Spirit will come for you. Kill all Skeletons and pull the switch in the NW to lower the block, push the box aside and get the Crowbar, so you can peel the "Star" off the wall. There is another Jump switch on the East wall, pull it and enter the crawlspace in the SE, kill some Snakes, get a Medipack  and the "Right Gauntlet".

Go back down the slopes to the Star slot in the North. Place the "Star" and the gate behind the Dragon opens. Up the slopes again and from the top near the ladder run, aiming left, into the opening. There is a small pool again in case you catch fire while pulling the lever to open the gate in the North wall. Go back out and jump to the right, climb up the claimable surface and get over to the gate in the North. (If you catch fire while climbing, try this trick, save every time you went up a little, reload, climb a bit, save etc. Normally burners and fire are off when you reload.)

Enter the gate North and kill the Skeleton, go down and keep the guns ready for more Skeletons. Get the "Star" and pull the switch. You can take the small Medipack , but about a hundred Skeletons will leave the passage there to come after you, shoot them all and get another Medipack  in the passage. Go outside and take the MPs on the ledge of the lavapit, if you didn't already and dive in with the Dragon, he (she) is taking a bath, and find the tunnel in the SE.

Swim up, place the "Star" and go for the Chopper to leave the level.

Was that a great Dragon or what ??.