Strange World.

Lost by the Warp Gate.

Level: UFO/Palopique

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Warp Gate.

You stand in a totally grey room, nothing to see till you look down, don’t move yet, light a flare first and do a run jump/grab to the open gate, get the Ammo and return to the ledge, stand jump down into the Warp Gate and travel the Black hole to a strange world.

The Jungle.

Only one way to go here too, so head for the Jungle and go all the way right/right to a fenced off building, shooting a Wasp on your way, go to the E side of the building and look for some Flares along the E rock wall, close to the round rock, a Vulture will attack, shoot it and go W past some Land Rovers to the bank of a Deadly River, look for some Ammo and return to the S. There’s a structure with Statues next to the wooden gate, look in the plant left of the receptacle, pick the flower (Dragon Key) and place it in the receptacle, the gates open, but don’t go in yet.

The Castle.

Jump into the lake instead after you shot 2 Croc ‘o Sharks, lure them out to the bank to take care of them and dive in, follow the brick wall right and spot the under water door around the 1st corner, go on W and at the big rock right, where you can see the pillars on the bottom, look for the under water lever in a hole on the W side of the rock, swim back to the under water door and get rid of any Wasps on the bank of the lake before you go in to the door, swim in straight to avoid being hit by falling debris and G left/left into an alcove SE. throw the under water lever and go back up to the ceiling of the room, a trapdoor opened, climb out to a place where you can pick up the Dragon’s Eye from the pedestal, now go to the next room and get the Revolver, the gates close, not to worry, place the Dragon’s eye in the receptacle right of the wooden gate and they will reopen, go back to the trapdoor and swim down into a trapdoor in the bottom of the room with the debris, to the SW corner where you have to find the under water lever in the higher ceiling part. (which will raise the first pillar in the Lake)

The Lake.

Swim back out to the Lake, right and to the W all the way and climb out on the only low spot right of W bank, go left and jump around a sloped block to pick up the Small Water skin (this will raise the second pillar), look E and see the 2 raised pillars, shoot the Croc ‘o Sharks and jump over the pillars to grab the face of the rock under the Medipack , climb up and get Medipack  and Cutout, look over the sloped rock left and there is an Altar we will come back to later. Dive into the lake to go E along the S bank and at the 1st big rock, you can climb up to an under water ledge on the W side, so you can fill up the Water skin. Go S again and left to the E and find the Missing Switch between the 2 big rocks on the bottom. Swim back to the E and past the under water door left, climb out and go past the gates to an open gate at the bridge over the Deadly River.

The Jungle across the Deadly River.

Pick up the Ammo to the right across the river and go left, along the bank of the river and see a Key on the other side of the river, jump from the plant to the ledge in the corner, so you can jump over the river to get the Lab Key, jump back and go in the direction of the bridge and left as soon as possible, shoot a Werewolf and all the way into the SW corner to find Secret #1 behind a tree, shoot the Werewolf that will appear, don’t let him drop on the Secret! Go back to the bridge and left around the corner into the next part of the Jungle; shoot some Raptors and go SW to a pedestal in the corner which will burst into flames when you approach. Look for a push block in the W wall, at the dead plant not too far from the pedestal, a Vulture will attack from the back while pushing the block, so take it out and go into the Stonehenge area.


3 Raptors come to welcome you, go to the circle when you said hello with bullets and get some Ammo at the Skeleton, go to the far NW corner and climb up into the alcove, get the Broken Key and Secret #2, Goodies and a smile. Go into the circle of Stones and approach the burning Stone, use the Waterskin to put out the fire and return to the Jungle, after you shot the Werewolf and notice the flames at the pedestal went down too. Get the Stoneage Artifact 2 from it and go NE, find a shining golden block and pull it out twice to the S, go around to jump behind the rock behind it and find the golden Altar where you can place the Stoneage Artifact, go back to the block and find an open trapdoor behind it.

The Sewers.

Go down the ladder and follow the tunnel, go right at the crossing and use the under water lever in the hole in the end, go back to the crossing and right/left/left, shoot a pesky Bat and find the Torch in the end of this tunnel, turn and go right/left/right, light the torch at the door that will open, return to the passage where you got the Torch and straight to the end, light the torch on the wall and enter the door, go left, drop the Torch, shoot the Bat and place the Missing Switch in the Circuit board, (a gate opens somewhere) pick up the Torch and return to the room where you lit the other torch, (out, right/left/right) and to the torch next to the door, enter the door after lighting the torch and go right, drop the Torch and shoot the Bat, pick up the small medipack and go back out, straight to a bigger room and into the tunnel NW, follow to where you can put the Cutout in a Circuit board. Drop the torch and enter the big room, go to the open gate in the SE, pull out the contraption with the antenna once and move it to the antenna in the W over an under water ledge, check the route from time to time by stepping in the deep part and looking up so you can look under the surface. When the electric rays start, a door opens in the SW behind the Spider web, go in and use the Lab Key in the fuse box next to the Golden door left, the rest of the rooms and file cabinets seem empty. (Look at the way Lara opens the file cabinets)

The Lab.

Inside the Lab is the Stoneage Artifact 1 on a burning pedestal, water doesn’t seem to help here, look for a pushblock in the SE wall and pull/push it onto both burning floor Tiles next to the pedestal and the fire will go out. Get the Stoneage Artifact 1.

The Lake.

Now you will have to go all the way back to the W side of the Lake, the last rock over the pillars, you remember? Probably you will have to go pull the under water lever in the lower room of the Castle again to raise the last pillar, at least I had to. There is the Altar where you can use this Artifact to open the big grey wall behind you in the Lake. Well that is what I hoped for, but no, you have to go back through that Sewer again (the movement of Lara there reminds me of Kurtis :^( , in AOD ) the door opened there.

The Lab.

Go into that door and follow to the Train Station. Shoot the windows of the Control room and use both switches to open the doors, go to the train and enter, pull both switches left and the gate opens to the tunnel, step to the door of the train and it takes off through the tunnel.

End of the level.