Spooky Places.

Level Debbie Overstreet.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Back into Laraís youth. Strange to be running around without your guns again.

Jump over to the grass in front, do not go down to the dark cave below, weíll get there later, and go to the SE up the slopes and over to next area with buildings. In SW corner near the wooden pillar, climb the rosebush on the wall, backflip from the top to the pillar behind and go over to the pillar with the rope, grab it and turn to the wall of the roses, there is a ladder you can swing to, grab it and climb up. Go over to the ledge in the middle and get the "Golden Skull #1", run forward and jump to the roof in front, slide off and grab the edge, shimmy left and climb the ladder there.

This room has 4 doors and one lever, pull the lever and enter the door in the East, climb down, get "Skull #2" and pull the lever, go to next open door in the North. Go in and pull the lever for the South door. There is a grated floor over a pit with spikes, levers and a Skull. Get the Medipack  on the grating and pull the lever. Go to the South door, pull the lever there for the last door in the West and climb the waterfall for "Skull #3" on top, a Medipack  lies on the bottom of the water.

Enter the rooms in the West. In the end of the long hallway enter the poolroom, turn right and climb the ladder NE. Walk up on left side and just past the ladder on left wall (which leads to a passage where you can see a gate and a lever behind it, but I returned there later and it was still not open) a Spikeball will come down, side jump right and immediately side jump back out of the way of Spike ball #2. Up the slope again and turn right into the passage leading West. At the pit with the bridge, run over, slowing down a little when debris is falling down and run on to 1st floor of the poolroom.

Go to pillar in the SW and climb up to the platforms, go over to the next so you can run over the bridge to the platform with the Medipack . Get it and drop into the pool below. Get out and now take the other ladders in the SE. Again avoid the Spike balls and go to the lava pit, there is still a little piece of the breakable bridge, stand on the edge, take one step back, hop back once and run jump to it and run jump again to grab the other side of the pit, pull up and run to the edge, jump to the invisible ledge with the lever over the pool. Pull it and run forward, jumping to the ledge in front, turn right, jump over to the lions on the ledge in the North and through the Big door which opened, run around in the shallow pool till the Spirit is gone and go through the opening in the wall to the North.

Find the ladder and climb up, pull 2 levers, the left one first to open the exit of this room and the door to reach the beginning of the level again. Go down and leave through the door, drop and jump/grab the ceiling, swing over to the slope on the other side, turn left, facing the wall and drop, so you land backwards on the slope, slide/grab/drop and again, until you hear a ball rolling. When the sound stops, drop and turn, you are back at the beginning of the level.

Go the same route as before and when you reach the big brick pillars near the buildings go up the SE slopes and slide into the forest. There is a Medipack  in the middle between the trees, get it and run forward quick to the little slope in front of the wall, pull up and go over to the left side of the waterfall. Pull up onto the brick ledge and drop from the other side, get Secret #1- "Skull #4".

Back out and over to the other side of the falls. Jump to the lower ledge between the tree and the brick wall and drop into the passage there, follow to the end, climb the ledge with the 2 levers and get back to last passage to get rid of the Spirit in the water there.

Go pull both levers and enter the gate in the NW to find "Skull #5", a Compass (wonder why, I have one already at the beginning of the level) and a lever to pull. Back to former room and into the open door in the NE, dive into the water and swim down into room with a mirror, youíll see another "skull" and a Croc in the mirror. Swim into the tunnel North and follow to room behind the mirror to get "Skull #6". Get out quick and return to the Waterfalls. Dive into the pool under the Falls and swim into the tunnel, follow to a dark room with "Skull #7" and a lever, climb the ladder and pull the lever in the passage (screenshot of a tunnel) and go through the gate in front (Donít walk into the Light to your right, you will never return) and you are in the dark Cave.

Look for the hole above where you can climb up and go to the Place with the brick pillars again. Go straight forward and find the tunnel in the floor between the pillars in the East. Drop in and follow the tunnel to a room where you can pull another lever and enter next foggy room. Make your way over the ledges to the NW ledge and pull the lever, to open another door in the Dark Cave, take "Skull #7", leave and climb up after opening the trapdoor with the lever.

Back in the Dark Cave.

Stay on higher ledges, Crocs everywhere, and look for a Medipack  behind a ledge in the NE corner.

Go to the open door in the East wall and run in, dodging the Raptor and to the back wall, climb the surface of the wall and enter the Mummy room on top. Pull the lever and jump back, because at least 4 Spike balls come down. Enter the passage they came from and go right, you found a Secret. But donít explore the room, there is nothing in it except for a "Harpiebird". ( at least I could not find anything) Climb the wall to the right of the hole you came into the Mummy room and climb to the top, follow the passage over a Croc, lava pits and up to the pit under the grated floor you saw before.

Take the Medipack  and "Skull #8" and pull the levers, they will open the exit door in the Mummy room, so go back there, use the ceiling to monkey swing over the lava pit hallway and one square before the end, drop to the ledge below, (be sure to have enough health) leave the Mummy room and jump over the Skeleton that awakes in the passage, run/roll under the Gong and at the pool in the end, use the left switch to open the door next to it. Enter and use next lever, run past Mummy and climb the ladder in the corner. Pull the lever and get "Skull #9" in the crawlspace above.

Return to the pool and go to the lever straight ahead as you enter the pool room, get "Skull #10" from behind the door and leave that last switch alone, it will only give you a headache. Get the Medipack  from the bottom of the pool and leave the pool room. Walk through the "Gardens of Versailles" and leave this place.

End of the Level.