Snowy Trail.                     

By Sheevah.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Go down the slope to the open area, go to SE corner and climb the ladder, use the monkey swing to go to the pillar with Ammo and a Medipack , go down and to the SW, behind the pillars in the dark is a crawlspace, go in and right for Goodies, and back into the other tunnel, to the right and into a passage where you’ll meet a Ninja. Go to the right and, up the slope a bit and hurry back or be flattened. Up the slope again and find the lever and the Uzis. Now go back to the passage and take the other one (straight), to get the Hand of Orion. Back to the crawlspace and left for Ammo, right in the main passage for some more. Go out and find the door in the East open, go in and pull the lever in the SE corner, it kills the flames under the high ledge with some goodies, kill some Scorps. Pull the statue to the marked square in the East (burner under a ladder stops), near the crawlspace and go outside to the NW to climb that ladder, pull the lever and the burner in the crawlspace near the statue is off, kill the Scorp in the entrance of it and go in, get the Ammo and Hand of Sirius, kill 2 Scorps.

Open the gate in the South wall with the Hand of Orion and get in, shoot the vase in the right hand corner for a Medipack  and open the next gate.

The Big Pool.

Notice the gate to the left and dive into the tunnel, go right and up into the room. Kill a Ninja and Scorps and go to NE corner, find the ladder and climb, go into the crawlspace and back off the crack, shimmy left, get the Medipack  and go on to the center ledge of the room. Take the Cartouche Part and the Ammo. Jump to the other ledge and get some more, drop into the shaft, take the Medipack  and swim North, through a small gap and find Secret #1, the Shotgun and Ammo, explore the caves for more Goodies and get back to the Mummies. Find the hole in the South wall and climb on the slope in front. Crouch and get in backwards, get the 2nd Cartouche Part. Back out and combine the 2 to get into the doors in the North.

Pillar room.

Go to the first sloped pillar to the left and jump/grab, pull up and backflip, go over the top of the pillars to the North, climb up in the corner, a Ninja will attack you, and pull the lever on the ledge in front, go back down and to the gate in the Big pool you just opened, get the Medipack  on the bottom and pull the lever in the room with poison Darts. This action opened the gate in the crawlspace where you got the first Hand. Enter that gate and up the slope, kill the Ninja and go into the hole to the right, just around the corner and pull the lever after you took care of another Ninja. Follow the passage further, swinging over the pit and reach the room with the statue, take some Ammo and pull it to the SW tile, the gate will open, go in and be careful, these spikes are deadly and there are darts too, the vase in the SE corner holds the Hand, use Backflip, side jump and crawl to get there and back with the Hand. Go use it in the receptacle you saw up in the pillar room. The blue gate opens high up in the wall, go around over all the ledges and slopes to the gate and enter.

Kill a bunch of Ninjas and get the Ba Cartouche in the end.

This is the end of the level. (the end trigger doesn’t work.)