The Island of the Silver Moon.

Level: Emoo.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

The save games and other files mentioned in the walkthrough are in this Folder.

As there are many Bats in the levels, I cannot mention them all, but you will find them as you go along.

Tasks related to the Secrets are in dark blue.


Year 1002. Near the Rapa Nui Island, an extinct volcano activates. The series of powerful explosions bring the secret island to life.

Year 1949 - 1st research discovered powerful cosmic energy source. In 1950 Indiana Jones decided to explore the island but he has never come back...

Every night when the moon's full the moonlight brings island to life, discloses secret passages, temples and tombs which hide Artefact of the Silver Moon...

Year 2002 - 52 years after Indy's expedition, Lara Croft decides to explore the island, and find that mystique artefact.

Level 1: Midnight Lagoon. (7 secrets)

When the level starts, you stand in a small cave entrance, turn around, go in and shoot all Bats, get the Flares in the dark, behind a pillar. Find the hole nearby and drop to the lower cave, go for the Uzi clips left of the gate and look up on the pillar there to find a jump lever to use, it will open a gate to a Secret (later*). Go back up and climb up, follow to the beach at the 1st Lagoon.

1st Lagoon, a Skeleton Key.

Go out and shoot the Croc coming from behind, then follow the Lagoon to the SW and in the corner there is a big palm tree, S side of it you can climb the vines on the rock and pull up into a crawl space. Get 4x Uzi clips and return to the Palm tree to get some Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo on the W side of it, shoot a Croc or two and go into the water along the W wall, there is a niche up in the rock wall, get the small medipack inside and go down. Go back E over the right hand beach and turn right into the passage with the torches, to the right is a lever, it will open a gate where we go now. Go out straight and walk into the water, left (W) of the rock you will find a tunnel under water. Just walk to it, if you get into deeper water you’ll be taken by the current.

Swim into the tunnel and follow around a corner where the gate opened to a room with a lever, throw it and through the fence you can see the passage with the lever with the gate opening up. Swim back, a Croc is probably waiting for you in the tunnel, so swim past him quickly and climb out S. Go straight into the passage (or shoot the Croc first when you feel vindictive) and inside the passage, next to the lever is the gate you opened. Enter, follow to a big hall, get the Flares in the SW corner and look for the tunnel in the middle of the hall. There will be 2 Crocs in this water, you can lure them to this hole and shoot them first or try to dodge them while you swim to the back of the cave, go over the Skeleton on the bottom to trigger the Blade trap and now you can pick up the Skeleton Key next to the Skeleton.

Find the small tunnel in the far right corner, go in and pull the under water lever inside to open the gate to a Secret (later**), go out.

Swim back to the air hole and see the remains of Indiana Jones lying on the bottom where you climb back out, whip still in hand. Climb out to the hall and go back to the beach. Turn right and head E to the 1st beach. Enter the cave in S wall.

1st Cave, the Jeep Keys.

At the crossing, go straight into the open gate (see above *), go in to collect Secret #1, Revolver, Medipack, Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Go out, left to the small tunnel in the back wall, crawl into the crawlspace and get Secret #2, Shotgun ammo, you cannot crawl out there (we’ll go there later), so go back out to where you came from.

Run through the cave to the E and jump over the Skeleton lying there, there are blade traps! Go right at next crossing and reach the 2nd Lagoon. Here you can shoot some Bats flying high up in the air, great trick, looks nice, Lara looking straight up and shooting, go over to the S side and to the 3rd Lagoon. Maybe you meet some Crocs, you know what to do! In the S of the 3rd Lagoon is a Skeleton lying in the water, get the Jeep Keys he dropped.

Go jump into the cave in the S side of the Lagoon and enter the open gate (see above**) to get Secret #3, Revolver ammo, 3x Uzi clips and Flares after shooting all Bats. Go out to the Lagoon.

Head for the W side of the Lagoon and enter the cave there, over the ridge and hop in the Jeep.

The Jeep Ride.

Go W and left at the end of the tunnel, over the slope slowly and right, follow to a wall with a Medipack, get it and step on the “Star” Tile behind the ridge. Jump back and drive the Jeep back towards the slope, only this time go straight, pass a second tunnel left (this is the one to go back to the Lagoon, remember it well!) Go on past the right and left bend and take 1st left. Follow to the corner in the end and leave the Jeep there, after you turned it around, so it faces the way back (S). Go E and climb over the ridge, up the Altar to throw the lever, 3 Fire Wraiths will come after you, so sprint like the wind, jump over the ridge and sprint to the Jeep, the sprint gives you a little head start while climbing into the Jeep. Race it back, straight/right/the left right bend and then first right over the slope, don’t hold back this time (maybe take a Medipack first), race over and right, get out at the ridge near the Lagoon and get into the water fast to get rid of those things! The water might not be deep enough, what worked for me was to do run jumps through the water. Now go back to the Jeep (savegame.0) and drive W, right at the crossing and get out at the ridge. Go over to where the gates opened, go in and down the pole, backflip off and go throw the lever, run jump/grab back to the pole and backflip to the top floor, get back to the Jeep and drive to the Lagoon (left around), this was the last we saw of the Jeep, pity!

The 1st Oceanic Mask.

Head back to 2nd Lagoon and see the gate open in the E Arch, go in and get the 1st Oceanic Mask.

Go back N to the 1st Lagoon, left and hop over the Skeleton in 1st Cave, go left when you go out of the Cave and to the W along the S wall, there is a rock on the beach, making it possible to run jump/grab into the cave in the S wall. Follow the cave (in the corner left is the crawlspace where the secret was) down to a gate you can open with the Skeleton Key. Go in and to far left corner, go into left passage behind the plants and reach the Pillar room.

The Pillar Room, for the Uli Key.

Here you will have to do some hard and exact jumps. The clue is in the ceiling. The route to the lever is: left pillar 1st row, far right one in 2nd row, then to the 2nd from the left in the 3rd row. These are the safe ones, you have to run jump exactly from corner to corner and then you can just make it, if you miss the pillar, aim a bit different before the next attempt. From the 3rd pillar, this one is next to the ledge with the lever (you can also hop and grab the edge of the Fire pillar, shimmy around a corner so you can pull up on the corner and immediately back flip to the safe pillar).

But also close to the one at the E wall, that one has a ladder, stand all the way back on the edge, facing the pillar on the wall and stand jump/grab, go left and climb down, go get Secret #4, Explosive Arrows (middle of the pit), a Medipack (S) and Flares (N) scattered around. Now climb back up (SE) and when Lara is pulling up to the corner of the pillar, hold jump and right so she will immediately side jump right.

Jump to the ledge with the lever and throw it, (see the screenshot of a Mask on a pedestal and some Ammo next to it) Do a roll if you want to get out of the screenshot and get the Medipack. From the lever, with your back to the wall, stand jump back to the safe pillar, do the jump series again and don’t forget to grab when jumping into the exit (savegame.1). If you cannot do the jump to the last pillar at the exit (like me!), stand jump/grab to the one left of it and go shimmy to the right hand corner, pull up and immediately side jump right to the last safe pillar and then to the exit.

The 2nd Oceanic Mask.

Go back to 1st Lagoon and into 1st Cave, to the 2nd Lagoon and into the W cave there, go along the Golden fence left and run jump over the Spikes behind the Spider webs, climb into the crack in the wall and drop/hang from the other side, go shimmy left and around the corner till you hang over a slope, drop and immediately jump with a right curve to land on a safe ledge, climb into the opening in N wall.

Go N and get some Uzi clips left, follow N to an open gate left and go in, run over the leaves into right hand corner and quickly pull the lever, go to the other side of the gate and pull the lever there, roll and run to the SW pillar opposite the lever, next to it is a ladder, climb up and get the Shotgun, now you can blast the Skeletons in the pit or just drop to the roof like ledge W side of the room and get into the gate you opened, they won’t follow. Take the 2nd Oceanic Mask from the pedestal and go get some 2x Uzi clips near the Skeleton, up in a crawlspace NW is Shotgun ammo in the NE crawlspace is a small medipack.

The Uli Key.

Go out through the open gate in the S wall (SW) and slide to a couple of ladders to climb. Shoot the Demi God in next room and look for the 2 Jump levers on both sides of the room, get the Uzi clips on the floor and look for a sloped floor part in the NE corner, from this you can pull up into a crawlspace, follow to the pedestal you saw in the cut scene and take the Uli Key (The cut scene shows the water next to 1st beach). Jump to left the bridge spanning the room and to the floor N, get Secret #5, Revolver ammo. Jump back to the pedestal and go over to the S bridge, into the right alcove there for Shotgun ammo and see the small medipack on the ledge over the entrance to this place, get it and safety drop down to the floor below to go back to the 1st Lagoon (At the Spiketrap, stand to the Golden fence and run jump/grab E to the crack).

The 3rd Oceanic Mask.

When you come out of the cave to the Lagoon #1, turn right and climb up into a crawlspace (E) behind on the right of that big fat palm tree, follow through to a lever. First get the Shotgun ammo from the skeleton and then use the lever to kill a burner in a pit behind the fence, that is a Secret (later***). Return the way you came and climb into the crawlspace (W) drop down at the Lagoon.

Go to the N side of the 1st beach; spot the hole in the water.

First walk along the N rock to the W and onto the right corner under that arch, jump to the next corner and do a run jump to Secret #6, the Uzis in the water to the E. Run jump back.

Go into the hole in the water next to 1st beach, swim in and follow the tunnel to a Chain trap, get past it and open the door with the Uli Key.

The Globe Room and the Horsemen.

Follow the passage, jump over the Spike pit and blast the 2 Skeletons into this pit. Put 4 Globes on 4 Tiles and throw the lever, if you did the lever before the Globes, just walk to the lever and the gate N will open.

Sprint with a left curve into the gate and climb the red wall real fast before the spike balls crush you, go over and get the 3rd Oceanic Mask. Use the jump lever in the NE corner (raises a pillar up the Spike ball slope) and go over the red wall again, jump over the Spike balls and go up the slope in the centre. Follow the Uzi clips passage to the Horsemen’s room. A pillar raised here when you used the jump lever. Shoot the Horsemen, by hopping back from them shooting the pistols and they will perish. Climb the grey pillar near the entrance and jump to grab the rope, swing to the lever and use it. See a gate opening up in the Arch in 3rd Lagoon.

Drop from the ledge and climb down the ladder in the hidden passage SW, this is where you killed the burner (see above***). Grab Secret#7, Explosive Arrows and climb out.

The 4th Oceanic Mask.

Go back to the 3rd Lagoon and enter that E gate, get the 4th Oceanic Mask from the pedestal and an earthquake rocks the room, go to the 2nd Lagoon towards the 1st Lagoon and in the 1st Cave instead of going left to the Skeleton, go straight N into the new opening in the wall, follow to the end of level 1 and the start of:

Level 2: Volcano. (1 Secret)

The Main Room.

Turn around from where you stand in the beginning of the level and look in the dark corner of the cave for a crawlspace, go in to get Secret #8, a Medipack, Flares and several kinds of Ammo. Go back to the top of the stairs.

Crossbow and Sight.

Drop on the left side of the stairs, get the Crossbow and climb back up, turn around and jump to the ledge NW to pull the lever (#1 for a gate). Go over to the other side and drop into the same hole to get a small medipack and climb the ledge to get the Laser sight there and pull the next lever (#2, gate opens on ground floor). Go back to the stairs and down to the Lava area, 3 Skeletons will awake, try to get them all together and shoot them with one explosive arrow. Get another Shotgun at the Skeleton lying there at the lava pit and go to the open gate S, draw the Shotgun and blow the Skeleton in the passage into the Lava pit ahead.

The Rope pit.

Run jump to the rope (yeah, sure!) better run jump to the right hand sloped wall and grab the edge, go left to the center of the Face Tile on the wall, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the rope, turn right and swing into the passage on the other side and use Ctrl to go into the opening in the wall. Follow the passage (to the right we need a Key) left to a deep, deep Lava room, pick up the Shotgun ammo.

The Deep Lava room, the Uli Key.

In the center is a big pillar with a pedestal on top, that’s where you have to go. The pillars will start to burn if you stand on them too long. And you have to go anti clockwise around the room to get to the somewhat higher pillar next to the central pillar, you can see in front and to the left a bit. On this side of the central pillar is a flat ledge you can use to get up later.

Here we go; stand jump/grab the pillar to the right and shimmy right around the corner, from the center of that side, save/pull up and run jump to the next, do a running jump to the next and walk forward to the edge, stand jump/grab the next and go right to the center of the right side, save and run jump, walk forward to the edge and stand jump/grab, save and pull up, draw the Shotgun/Crossbow and do a run jump, while shooting a Skeleton off the next pillar. Put the weapon away and walk to the edge, stand jump/grab the corner pillar. Go right around the corner again and save, pull up, draw the weapon, run jump and walk forward, shoot the Skeleton down from the next pillar, put the gun away and stand jump/grab to that pillar.

Go around the corner to the corner close to the next pillar and pull up, turn right and stand jump/grab. Save again and go around right to face the big center pillar pull up and run jump/grab the higher pillar close to the central pillar, this one will not burn, run jump to the ledge on the center pillar when the Skeleton jumped off this pillar and climb up to get the 2nd Uli Key on top.

Use the Uli Key, the Skeleton Key.

Go down and jump back to the safe pillar and from this one you can do a long run jump/grab to the exit. So I hope you got that! (savegame.2) Go into the passage and open the gate in front of you. Pull the lever to open the left gate, go slide down backwards and grab the edge of the pit, pull up and backflip, slide to the bottom, look for the jump lever over the entrance to stop the burner under the switch, use it and climb the ladders N, throw the lever again and go down the ladders (W), go in E and right to find the open gate and get the Skeleton Key. Climb the ladders again and exit E, go left and back to the Rope pit. Use the same trick to get back to the Main Room.

The Mirror Room.

Go to the N gate and open it, go in and here’s another Rope pit, you know what to do now, go to the Mirror room. Drop from the entrance to a ledge below and walk to the far right corner (SE) of it. Face SE stand jump/grab with a right curve to the higher pillar, just have a look in the mirror and make your way over to the other side, pull the lever and return (savegame.3), back to the Main Room. Shoot a Skeleton in one of the pits and go to the open gate in the SW.

The Demi God room.

Jump the ledges to the SW corner and run jump/grab the higher ledge in the corner, walk around and look up NE, the Demi God will not shoot you, but you can shoot HIM from here, just with the pistols to save Ammo. Pull up to the E ledge and run jump/grab the sloped wall E side, shimmy right and when you reached the flat block, pull up/backflip and jump with a right curve onto the flat block, run jump to the slope on the E wall and slide/jump twice to land at the Revolver, slide backwards from the N side of this ledge and grab the edge, shimmy right a bit and pull up/backflip with roll and grab the opposite edge, shimmy left to the corner and pull up.

Jump NW onto the slope and shimmy right to the block with the ladder, it is possible you can immediately climb up. But another time Lara wouldn’t go onto the ladder, in that case back flip and jump back with a right curve to land on the block.

Jump W to the slope and slide jump to grab the block in the NW corner. Climb all the way up and use the ropes to go over to the lever on the other side, pick up the Medipack use the lever. Maybe take a medipack after you checked the health, drop from the N side to the flat block below and hold “Ctrl” (Don’t take a medipack after the drop; your health will go up for free in a moment, when you go to next level). Run from the block onto the slope S of it and you’ll land on a ledge below, go back to the Main Room. Go around the staircase and enter that gate in the NW.


Level 3: Mystique Maze. (3 Secrets)

Main Room.

Go left and right for Flares and Uzis, enter the Main room, under the Arch, in the pool are some Explosive Arrows.

Climb the golden fence left or right of the opening N and shimmy left to the flat ledge, pull up and roll to run jump to the arch structure and get Secret#9, Explosive Arrows from the top. Drop back down.

Go to the golden fence W and enter, shoot the Horseman coming from behind. Inside, enter the left passage, you’ll hear a gate open, go left and into next room, throw the lever. Go into the passage in the W, left and follow till you see another golden fence, (No it’s not the same room (mystic maze remember?), go in and throw the lever there, get back in the passage and go right, follow back to the 1st lever room and head over to the Main room.

The Maze.

The gate in the N side opened, go in and follow through. Watch the flyby of this enormous place and go right, find the jump lever on the wall left in the red wall part and use it to open a gate right of you, go in and shoot the Demi God, go to the end and left/left and at the lava pit, run jump/grab over to the other side and use the lever to open a gate in the other end of the Maze. Shoot the Horseman and go get some Uzi clips where he came from. Go back to the beginning of the Maze and past the entrance to the W, around the corner to shoot another Demi God. Pick up some Revolver Ammo near the gates and go to the end of the passage.

You will meet a Horseman, follow the passages to a T crossing with a Lava pit right and a jump lever opposite a sloped block left. First pick up the Uzi clips from the corner and go stand under the lever and backflip/jump/grab the lever, go to the Lava pit and shoot the Skeleton into the pit when you go over to the other side. Another one will come from behind once you are across. Shoot the Horseman and go get the 3x Uzi clips near the Skeleton E (W we need a Key) and go back over the pit, keep going and left into the open gate, there will be a Horseman waiting in the right hand passage.

Take him out before you go and get the Shotgun ammo at the Skeleton, use the lever N and the some music plays.

The Key.

From the lever, go left/right/right into an open gate where you shot the last Demigod. Dive into the pool and swim to the W end fast, stand and turn, shoot the Crocs and get the Explosive Arrows. Now swim all the way to the other end of the tunnel and climb out at the ladder, use the lever to open a gate and also the big ones left of you, go through them and right, past the entrance of the Maze and into the gate right. Get the Key of the Silver Moon from the pedestal and now you have to return to the place where you jumped over the lava pits. So go out, left/right in the end, left in the end, left and right (shooting the Horseman on your way) at the T- crossing, over the pit and left to the golden fence, go behind it and open the gate. Follow the passage up the ladder.

Pick up the Shotgun ammo, shoot the Skeleton and go left when you reach the open space, shoot 3 Horsemen on your way E and jump over the Darts, notice the 2 closed gates that need Keys. Use the ropes in the end to swing all the way to the N side of the Maze. Shoot the Horseman lurking around.

Look in the NE corner for an alcove up in the wall, use the slope to jump in there and pull the switch to open a gate to a Secret later in the level**.

Go to the Big gate in N wall and open it with 2 Oceanic Masks. Enter and come to a room where you can place the 3rd Mask. Look behind you and enter the small Labyrinth NE, keep going left, find Arrows and a small medipack and then the Mask on the pedestal in the back. Go S, keep going left and get another small medipack, keep left again and you are back at the entrance.

Where you placed Mask 3, go left a bit into the opening W, under the strange water filled pillar. Pick up some Uzi clips W and crawl through the crawlspace N. Here you reach the Mystique Madness level.

Level 4: Mystique Madness.

The 1st Mystique Pillar Room.

Follow the directions on the diagram provided by the author (mistiquemadness.jpg-savegame.4). And when you got the Skeleton Key, go back to where the ropes are, that’s out E

Mystique Maze Revisited.

Through the crawlspace into the water pillar room, out SE and right, then left up the steps and out to the large area.

Go right and follow the ledge, shooting one more Horseman, to the right is a “window” showing you another Secret. Go W to another big gate you can open with the last 2 Oceanic Masks.

Inside you can dive into the pool under the Arch, swim through the tunnel and keep right, into the water filled pillar, collect Secret #10, that Medipack near the window. Swim back and keep to the other side, get some Shotgun ammo and look on left wall for the under water lever and use it. Swim back to the pool and go into the N gate you opened.

Mystique Madness Revisited.

The 2nd  Mystique Pillar Room.

Now you have to do the same as in the 1st Mystique Pillar room (see Mistiquemadness.jpg). The room is identical (savegame.5). Get the Uli Key and go back out.

Mystique Maze Revisited.

At the portal with the pool go SW and outside go straight E. Use the ropes to the S side of the Maze where the 2 gates are and swing to the other side.

Open the 1st gate with the Skeleton Key and get the 1st Serpent Stone from the pedestal, go left, shoot a Horseman and find a Revolver in the back, go to the other end to collect a small medipack. Go out and left (watch out for the darts), to the 2nd gate and get the 2nd Serpent Stone. Get back outside, now you have the Stones, you can return to the Volcano level. So take a left, go down the ladder to the golden fence. When you are back to ground level of the Maze, go right and over the Lava pit, left/left/right/right/left and 1st right, up the steps to the Main room. Go into the S gate (you opened before, see above**), jump over the spike pit and get Secret # 11, from the Silver Moon Room. A small medipack and Flares, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go back out. Go into the opening E and back to the Volcano.

Volcano Revisited.

Open the Serpent Gate over the lava bridge E and take a flare before sliding underneath the Volcano.

Level 5: Underneath the Volcano.

You slide into a cave, walk slowly here because the floor is trapped with Blade traps, walking slowly will trigger them, but they will not harm you, turn around to get the Flares and Shotgun ammo left, walk to the Medipack and go to the right side of where you landed (NE) and get the Shotgun ammo, walk along the right side of the Cave to the Shotgun ammo, get ready to shoot 2 Skeletons and a Horseman, which will drop a Shotgun. More Shotgun ammo in the NW corner. Turn around and climb the ladder, use the lever, go down, walk over to the gate and first get the Shotgun ammo in the SW corner.

Enter the gate and shoot a Horseman in lower room, climb the lower block and jump to the higher block, try to land on the edge of it, while shooting the Skeleton off, you will be pushed off by the Blade trap. Get back up and follow the ledges all the way to the top, be careful, the thick ledges have Blade traps, try to hop on and backflip to the ledge you jumped from. When you reached the top level, on N side of the room, run jump to the thick ledge and hop back grabbing the edge (Blade trap), drop to the ledge below and climb back up.

The Key of Silver Moon, the Key room.

There are a lot of Skeletons on the ledges, deal with them as you go along, when you jump to the ledge in front of the Demi God room, shoot the 2 Skeletons and the Demi God, don’t fall into the pit and get the Flares. Go into the sloped room in the SW and run up to the switch. Now you can choose how you want to do the next part.

1- With a challenge; this is also the only way left in case you made a mistake and the ball is blocking the “easy” entrance. Pull and sprint back down, run right around the corner through the opening to get out of the way of the Spike ball. A gate opened there, go in and right around the corner is a Timed lever. It will open the gate in the other end of the room, but time is short and you have to dodge the chains, you can also try to take medipacks while running through them. If you want the Medipack in front of the Timed gate, you probably have to go for that first and then back to the lever to get into the gate. As soon as you are through the gate, jump and grab up to avoid the Blade trap on the Key, then drop and grab the Key of Silver Moon. Grab the monkey swing again and go over the pit, drop into the “Key room”.

2- Easy; Pull and sprint back down, straight into the open gate and run jump up the higher floor to get out of the way of the Spike ball. Follow the passage to a monkey swing and use it to go over the sloped pit, go left around the corner into the “Key room” and enter the passage in the W, use the monkey swing to go over the pit and stay close to the wall, a Blade trap protects the so be careful, grab back up to the monkey swing. Get the Key of Silver Moon and return to the Key room.

Look for the jump lever left, in the NW corner and use it to open the gate in N wall, go in and shoot a couple of Crocs in the pool you come to.

The Blade pool room.

Dive in and use the under water lever under the entrance ledge, go back to the Key room and the gate in S wall is open, grab the Shotgun ammo and go in.

Throw only one of the levers (if you do both, the gates** you opened with the first will close again by using the second and you cannot reset them). Now use the Key, a gate opens in the other end of the Blade pool room.

Go back there (crawlspace N) and stand jump to one of the sides of the 1st ledge, because the ledges are trapped with Blades, you better not jump in the centre. When you jump to one of the sides, you will just fall off and you can swim back to jump on it again. This way you will have to go over to the ledge in the center with the Shotgun ammo, this one is safe. (Well… safe?) Take out the old Shotgun and blast all Skeletons into the water, try to hit them as they are airborne while jumping from ledge to ledge. Now you can go on triggering all the ledges to the other side and enter the room there. A Demigod, a Skeleton and 2 Wraiths where the resistance I came across, the Wraiths took off to the water by them selves in my game, but if they don’t, take them there before you start working on the Demi God.

Go on to take the Flares and small medipack in next room and go look for the jump lever behind the SE pillar. The gate to the Lava Spike room opens. First shoot the 2 Horsemen and enter the room (N).

The Lava Spike Room.

Jump to the other side, follow the path on the diagram (Lavaspikeroom.jpg). Start with the 1st ledge right and stand jump to it when the Spikes are about to go up, do a running jump with sharp left curve to the 3rd, (discard the 2nd) and a stand jump will get you to the safe 4th. Run jump to the 5th from the left side of #4 when you expect the Spikes to come up and a running jump will get you to the ledge at the switch. Pull it (see lava turn to water) and from this ledge, run jump back to the 5th again at the moment you expect the Spikes to go up and a running jump to the safe 4th. Don’t use the 2nd ledge again and stand jump to the 3rd when you expect the Spikes to go up. A running jump with a sharp right curve will get you to the 1st and a running jump will get you to the exit (savegame.6). Shoot a skeleton and horseman and head W to the room with the lava pits where those Wraiths came from earlier, near the Blade pool room and go swim to both sides where you opened the gates with the lever before (see above**). Throw the 2 levers in those rooms and pick up a Medipack and some Shotgun ammo, dodge the Skeletons and go back to the Demi God room (E), shoot the Evil Twin and leave these wonderful levels through the gate E.

The end was faulty in my case some weird screen and a repeating buzz sound, couldn’t get out of it either. It also looks like we never found that Artefact we were after…

Dutchy-2006, Revised July 16,2017