The Setback Series.

3 By following Birds.

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Slide down the slope and jump/grab from the end to a crawlspace above, you can always backflip back to the slope and jump/grab if you missed, go get some flares inside and pull the Chain. Drop down and follow the passage  to an opened door, climb down and go to a closed gate, jump/grab the crawlspace above and drop into a deep shaft, swim into the E under water door and use the Jump switch, swim out and open the S door, swim up the sloped tunnel to a small room, look in the right hand corner, behind the palm tree for a tunnel, side swim (“shift”, left arrow) and back up a bit, then dive in, pull the Jump switch in the end and return to the room with the doors, the Palm tree will be in the way, just wriggle a bit and up and down in left corner to get through. Now swim into the W under water door, go up in the crawlspace to a room with a pit and pillars. Stand on the edge, just right of the crawlspace when facing into the room, stand jump with a light left curve onto the big sloped block on N wall, slide down and jump/grab with a right curve to the block on S wall, stand in the NW corner, face S and turn right a bit, side jump onto the slope in the SW corner, slide and grab the edge, pull up/backflip/roll/grab the ledge next to the wooden crate. Get up on the crate to use the Jump switch and climb the crate again to go down the ladder into the pit. Have a good laugh as poor Indy didn’t make it and grab the Goodies, climb back up and a run jump from the crate over the  slope will bring you back to the crawlspace. Go to the E under water room and climb the block, go up in the upper crawlspace, follow to a deep shaft with a ladder, go down to the spikes and backflip into the passage, open the Crowbar door and a flyby will show a big room.

Fountain room.

Slide down the passage and it will burst out in flames, quickly jump/grab the ladder and go up in the crawlspace, to the top of the room. Go around (notice all closed doors) to pick up Ammo in the boxes and from one of the ledges S or N, run jump down into the fountain, get a Medipack on the bottom near the Skeleton and climb out N, get on the block, run jump/grab the Jump switch on N wall and run for one of the corners of the room, stand back in the corner and shoot (with pistols is just fine) the 2 Harpies, without them harming you, the door you opened is up in N wall, go over to the S flames slope and just right of it, you can climb the Vines to go over to the door. A reach-in switch will open a door in E wall, jump down and climb the Vines to that door, jump through the Spikes after opening the Crowbar door and get the Gem from the block, shoot 2 Demigods and head back to the big room. Go down and up the S wall, to the open door W and open a door inside with the Gem, follow to a Poison pool room.

Poison Pool room jumps- Pharos Pillar.

Run off the ledge to land on the high slope below, slide/grab and go left all the way to a ledge in the corner, stand in the NW corner of it and turn to the corner a bit, now when you backflip, you’ll land on the big slope, jump from it with a right curve to land on the slope above the ledge and jump again to backflip to a higher flat ledge, climb into the passage here and use the Jump switch over the hole to open the W door in the pool room. From the ledge you land on after the switch, hop back onto the slope below, so you can shimmy the edge to the open door, just past the lower slope. Pull up and backflip in. Go through the Scissors and Spikes to get the Shotgun, a small medipack and pull the Chain to open the door in the upper passage with the Jump switch, so get back up there and go down to a room where you can get the Pharos Pillar in the coffin and some Ammo on the floor, use the Jump switch W to open the exit, roll quickly, run to the Scissors and draw the Shotgun, blow the Skeleton into the pool. Stand in the exit, left side and stand jump/grab the left slope, go left to the end and pull up, immediately jump with a left curve to land back on the entrance ledge. Go out to the big room and left, open the door there with the Pharos Pillar and go in.

The Scissor room.

Get the Ammo left, go through all the Scissors or shimmy past them and when you past the last one, jump up the block with the Chain. Better stand back to the wall when you pull the Chain, as 2 Harpies come in, shoot them and get onto the block next to the Spikes E side. From standing with your back to the Spikes do a stand jump/grab to the burner block under the door, go right to the wall and pull up. Turn to face the wall and turn a fraction left, jump/grab up to get in the door.

Skeleton room- Mechanical Scarab Beetle.

Through the Scissors to a large room with burners and stand on a ledge close to one of the not burning ledges along the wall left or right, shoot the box from afar and pull the Shotgun, shoot all the Skeletons into the water after you jumped onto the safe ledge one of them came from, hit them in mid-air and the will drop down. Go for the Mechanical Scarab Beetle and a Jump switch on the far wall behind it. A flyby will show a room with slopes and a Chain, the opposite door in the Scissor room. Hop in the pool below, get Secret #6, Ammo between the 2 E pillars and swim to the tunnel in the bottom S side, go to a crossing and right/left, open the under water door and find yourself back in the Fountain room. Climb out and go up to the Pharos door and into the Scissor room again. Over the Spikes and burner to the left door.

Slope room- Winding Key.

Stand jump over the high slope facing away from the entrance and slide a bit, then jump and land on a lower slope, jump again and keep jumping right to the Chain, pull it and jump back to the slopes so you can get to the ladder, go down and hang over the alcove with the Medipack, drop/grab and get it, run out to the S and go around to the box with the Winding Key, shoot the Demigod that attacks from the back and head back to the Spikes, stand facing N, close to them and as they’re up, do a run jump over to the Jump switch N, use it to open a door somewhere. Run jump back through the Spikes and face the wall of the Medipack alcove, backflip onto the slope over the Spikes as they are down and jump/grab into the alcove, run jump/grab to the ladder over the slope. Go up a bit and backflip/roll/grab to the ladder over the alcove, go up and right to the flat ledge at the Spikes, now you have to run over the Spike ledge (go when they are up) and jump to the SE corner slope, jump back to the entrance with a right curve.

Go back to the Scissor room and drop in the pool below, find the tunnel behind the pointy block along W wall and follow down the tunnel, go right at the crossing, get  Secret #7, a Medipack. (the door leads to the Fountain no need to get back there, just swim back, at the crossing right and follow to climb up to a passage where you can use the Mechanical Beetle to kill the Spike traps, go up the ladder, the Beetle stays behind and walk out of this level…oh no! it came up the ladder too…

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