The Secret Pyramid.

Level by David Ruano.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

There's a lengthy Story line to be found in the download files.


The Big cave.

Go S and climb over ridge keep left and do two jumps, keep on the left, turn N and there is a block to climb. Get into crawlspace and follow through. Secret #1, Shotgun and Ammo and a Scorp. Get out this little room and turn W. Jump on the block and into the passage in the W wall, follow to a room with a crawlspace in the S side, go in and left to get some Flares, go W and backflip over the Spikes, go E and from a down sloped ledge, you can run jump/grab over the lava pit to the S side, go E and past the gate to find some Ammo on a lower ledge next to the lava and a lever, which will open the gate. Enter the gate and shoot a Scorp, go to the right back corner and climb through the crawlspace up in the wall, go left when you drop on other side and climb the block on right side, turn left and see a crack in opposite W wall, jump/grab and go left, pull up in the crack and go left up and over the block.

The Eye of Horus.

Shoot some Hellhounds in the Hallway and go E, past a gate to a room with a large central structure, jump into the left side of the room and follow the ramp up to the very top SW corner of the room, look down and see some Ammo on the central structure, jump onto the right side of the slope going down N and jump to the Ammo, get it and jump to the lower slope, bringing you to the pedestal with the 1st Eyepiece. Get it and drop back to ground floor go into the passage S of this room and past the spikes right to get a Medipack in the alcove.

Go back to the Hallway and over to a room in the W, shoot the Bat and go up the small pillar in the NE corner, jump to the next higher one and then over to the triangular ledge on the central structure, drop/hang from the edge and shimmy to the SW corner, pull up and run jump/grab the pillar on W wall, turn right and go follow the pillars to the N wall, where youíll find a sloped pillar in front of you, pull up, slide and jump to the pole, go up and turn to backflip onto the corner pillar, from there run jump/grab to the bridge with the pedestal, get the 2nd Eyepiece and drop down onto one of the sloped sides of the structure, so you slide back to ground floor. Go to the passage S shoot a Scorp and follow left, stay on left side and sprint past the Blades, circle the structure with the gates and find the lever to raise a pillar in another room.

Go S and into that room, shoot the 2 Hellhounds and look behind the 2 pillars S side to get the Shotgun and climb one of the pillars, run jump/grab to the raised pillar, grab the monkey swing and head over to the passage N. Crawl right and left to get Flares and Ammo and watch out for the Darts when going to the Eye door. Open it and go in.

The Gateway Plate.

Go right and into a room with a water column and Statues, see the receptacle for the Cartouche on S gate. Throw the lever in the SW corner and go to the gate N, climb both pillars next to it to pull the Chains, they will raise 2 pillars in the next room.

1st part.

Go through N gate and to the NE corner, grab the crack and pull in, look in the back of this alcove for some Ammo and run out onto the pillar, drop/hang from the other side and shimmy the crack to the S, pull up into the crawlspace there and follow to a water hole. Drop in and follow the right tunnel past the window in the Statue room to get a Medipack, go on and right, through the small gap, follow through the Circular Blade to an under water room right with the Get Piece, get it and roll, go right and right through a small gap, follow to a room with the Uzis, Ammo, small medipack and not to forget a Hellhound. Make your way back through the Circular Blade and to the water hole, thereís some more Ammo here if you want, swim S from the hole and to the wall with the small gap in front of the Circular Blade, go right and follow to the Ammo now you can return to the room with the raised pillars.

2nd part.

Go to the NW corner and stand facing the pillar, backflip to the slope behind you and jump/grab the pillar, jump grabbing into the red passage, follow to a lava cave, jump/grab the crack right of the entrance and shimmy left till you can pull up in an alcove with a small medipack, turn and run jump to the ledge on the NE corner, shoot the Bat and look E, jump/grab the ceiling and monkey swing over to the other side, drop/grab the crack and go right to the alcove. From here you can run jump/grab a lower ledge in the W. Drop/hang from the left side of this ledge and follow the crack, climb down a bit and all the way left and up to a passage, follow the right hand passage to the Circular Blade, sidejmp through and get the Away Piece, go back to the crossing at the lava cave and straight, stand on the left side of the slope and light a flare, slide and from the second slope, jump/grab (with a right curve) the wall in the alcove, climb down to the Spikes and right, backflip to a ledge behind you and get Secret #2, the Crossbow and Ammo. Runjmp back to the slope and slide down to the Statue room. Run off the right side of the ledge and stand in the corner of the walls, shoot the Harpie from where she canít touch you and combine the 2 parts of the plate to use it on the receptacle, the water column will be open now, go to the N room and dive into the pool, swim S and up through the column and follow the tunnels to a pool.

The Timeless Sands.

Climb out on the E side and go up carefully, trigger the 1st Spikeball and hop back, go on and run into the passage left it came from as another Spikeball comes from the front, one more Spikeball and you are on the Tile at the Scissors, go up left passage for the Lasersight and down right passage for Ammo and Flares. Jump through the Scissors and go up to the pedestal, stand on a corner, taking the Timeless Sands, otherwise the Knifes will hurt you, go into the N room for the Revolver and Ammo and the s room for Grenade Gun and Ammo, jmping back through the Scissors and return to the pool, take the s passage now, shoot a Scorp and place the Sands in the hands of the Statue, the gate will open.

The Pyramid.

Slide down into next room, with the Pyramid, shoot the Harpies and the Hellhounds and go to the S room, get the 1st Plate Down and a gate will open in the W passage, go up to a small room with a pushblock in the centre, push it aside and get the N block out of the wall and aside, so the hole in the ceiling is accessible.

The Pushblock Puzzle.

In the top room you can see the blocks in the room below and the marked tiles on the ceiling, it looks like you have to get the blocks under the marked Tiles, but thatís not true, you just have to dig a path to the N side of the lower room to get into the passage there. Go down to the lower room and in the SW corner is a block in the wall, push it all the way in and then the one to the right into the centre of the next room, to reach Secret #3, Goodies. Go back out and start moving the blocks into the SE corner to get room to move, you can also put some blocks in the secret passage and there is a Shotgun between the blocks in the NE. The best way to the n side is along the W wall, enter the passage N and climb up to a room with a pedestal, watch out for the Knives and get the 2nd Plate Down.

Leave E and follow the stairs up to a very dark and deep room, run jump to the hanging pillars left and jump up to where you can run jump/grab the rope (after you had a look with the Binocs to reveal a big block under the 2nd rope, swing to the 2nd rope once and jump to land on this block, light a flare and go up the blocks to the crawlspace in the S wall, drop on other side and slide down to a ledge, turn and climb the wall, go around right all the way to a light colored floor, climb down the ladder here and go get Secret #4, Goodies. Go back up and enter the room right and get the Plate Gateway, go up the passage W, avoiding contact with the Darts and reach the room where you can place all the Plates. The gate opens, go through the passage, over the blue block and let gooooo! So this is what that room in the start of the level was for! Swim the long tunnel and get out left, up the steps and in the next room, you can finally get rid of some of the Ammo you collected.

3 Demigods making life hard, take them out and get some Ammo in the NE corner, look for the gold plated pillar in front of the entrance you can climb from the side where the Demigods where, backflip onto the floating structure and turn around, drop/hang and drop/grab the lower plateau, get the Atlantean Ankh from the fake flames and run jump to the pillars in the SW corner, climb up to the gate and go slide down to the end of the level.