Level by Debbie Overstreet.

Walkthrough  Dutchy.

Great looking level with some special textures and colored objects.

Slide into the level and pick up the Shotgun at your feet, kill the Scorps to your right and notice the small Tomb with the door, go to the spot you landed before and follow the slope to the E, thereís a Medipack to pick up. Go to the middle of the structure in the E and at the small sloped sandy ledge, climb in to the First hall.

First Hall.

Kill the Dog below and a Ninja will appear, take care of him too. Get the Flares to the right of the pool and notice the slot for a Vraeus". Go to the NE and into the crawlspace, get some Ammo on the way and enter the ladder room.

Ladder Room.

Shoot the vase and the Ninja that storms in and get the Medipack. Find the Jump switch in the alcove between the pillars on N wall which will raise a block next to the ladder on this wall, climb up and pull the lever, enter the opened door and follow the passage to a big lava pit. Pick up the Flares and jump to the sparkling ledge in front. Over to the next and run jump/grab the edge of the ledge with the burners, pull up at the Medipack and get it quick, turn to the burner and go stand where steam and burner wonít hurt you. Pull the lever when itís safe and drop off the ledge, hang and climb to the right, around the corner and drop on to the ledge at the grey door.

Go in and find Secret #1, the Uzis. Go out and grab the ladder, go down and get the Secret #2, some Ammo. Climb the ladder all the way till you can backflip to the roof over the burners and pull the lever there (which will open a door near the ladder room) and walk to the edge of the roof, a rope drops from the ceiling, so you can swing over to the ledge over the entrance of this room. Pull the lever (a door opens and a Skeleton awakes) and get the Goodies, drop to the ledge below, so you can run into the entrance again.

Run past the Skeleton, turn and blow him into the lava pit. Follow the passage back out and pull the lever to open the exit. Turn left and in the end of the ledge, between the pillars is the open door, go in and climb down the ladders. Pull the lever and another block rises in the ladder room. Climb down into the central pit and follow the passage to get the Eyepiece and pull the lever, swim back to the surface and take care of the Ninjas. Back to the ladder room and climb the next ladder, enter the building and kill the Dog and a Ninja lurking around there.

Stand on the highest ledge in the central structure and climb up the ladder, get the nice gold Crowbar. Back down and E, go left over the water tunnel and climb the ladder in the green area. When you approach the lava pit, the burners will start on the ledges, no problem, just jump on them and they turn off. Make your way over to the corner with the pedestal and take the Golden Vraeus. Push the block behind the pedestal in and 2 Spirits will be released. Run like crazy to the end of the passage and donít forget to jump to the Jump switch on the wall over the shaft. Drop into the water and wait for the them to commit suicide.

Climb the ladder in the S of the ladder room and be careful not to step on the trapdoor as you go for the lever (which will start filling the room below the trapdoors with sand.).

Stand on the edge in the middle trapdoor, facing N and take some medicine, so your health is optimal. Hop back and grab the edge, drop and slide into the pit with some Skeletons, Shoot them off their feet till you can grab the edge of the pit in the SW corner, pull up and go for the jmpswitches at the catface, take the Golden Vraeus". Enter the left door and climb up, go behind the coffin and get the Crossbow, turn and get the Guardian Key on the pedestal.

A Mummy comes for you, but just run past to the exit and go for the other door , (You can have some fun with the skeletons if you like) follow the passage up and go past the chains carefully, take the Ammo to your left and when you hear the music when you climb the slope, stop!. Save your game and turn around. Walk back slowly and when you touch the next square, run fast into the alcove you found the Ammo in, let the ball go by and proceed up the slope, jump the pit and climb down the ladder into it. Find the passage with the lever (which will open a trapdoor in the pool of the ladder room) and Secret #3 a Golden Skull behind it.

Go back up and on the top ledge look up and left, climb into the crawlspace to get Secret #4, the Revolver. Back out and go on down the passage to a lever, pull and get the Medipack, turn and shoot the Ninja. Get the 2nd Eyepiece and pull the lever. Look for the block you raised, so you can drop from where you are now to the ladder room. Dive into the pool and follow the tunnel, get the Guardian Key on the burner, turn and into the tunnel left, next crossing right and then left, in the next room, place the Guardian Key and a trapdoor opens.

Swim back out and left, take the goodies on the bottom and swim up into a room with a lever and the 2nd Golden Skull. The lever will raise a block back in the beginning of the level, in the First hall. Go back there.

First Hall.

Place the Golden Vraeus into its slot which will open the door in the small Tomb outside and go around the corner to the S to find the raised block, climb up and pull the lever which will open the trapdoor in the pool here. Dive into the pool and follow the tunnel outside, go to the small Tomb and save your game, run in so you will land forward on the left side of the slope, slide and jump (donít grab) into the alcove left in the blue light. The Spikeball that was chasing you will pass by, find Secret #5 in here, some Ammo and go on sliding down the slope, jump over the ball and notice the door to your right. Go past the barred doors and a gate with a pool, Skull and Medipack.

Notice the block you will have to raise in the corner and go on, look in the window alcove left, opposite the next set of barred doors and get a small medipack. Follow the passage again and in the end, at the Bull, make sure he is following you and lure him into the room with the Bulls eyes. He has to break all the eyes for you, start with the one in the W first and then the N one and the S one last, because this one will open a trapdoor in the floor, which will make aiming the Bull difficult. In the vase is a Medipack you may need while playing with the Bull. When all Eyes are broken, jump into the trapdoor and swim to the pool behind the gate to get the 3rd Golden Skull and the Medipack.

Back to the passage with the barred doors and jump onto the block you raised, pull the lever and go to the door you opened at the spikeball, get the 4th Golden Skull. Ignore the Medipack and sprint back over the block to the Grey door in the passage, go in and turn right, next to the entrance is a Jump switch on the pillar, use it to close the door behind you leaving the Bull outside. Go for the Big door and combine the Eyepieces and use them to open the door, and after you are done with the Ninja a Spirit will chase you through the next passage as you run for water. Follow the tunnel up and get out.

The Spike room.

Go over the steps to the N steps and run jump to the pole there. Climb up and backflip to the pillar in the W, jump to the rope and swing over to the platform on the W wall. Jump to the hanging pillar with the ladder and climb right, backflip to the sloped pillar behind you and jump to the pillar with the Medipack. Grab the monkeyswing and go past the burners to the pillar in front of the crawlspace in the S wall, place the 2nd Guardian key to open the door take the Amulet of Horus and pull the lever (which will raise a pillar in the lava pit).

Make your way down by jmping to the rope, swing to the platform with the Medipack and jump to the Big hanging pillar, climb down and drop on to the block between the spikes. Jump over the lava to the pedestal with another Golden Vraeus and push the block behind it to get Secret #6, a Medipack and a very nice Golden Scarab".

Itís possible that you will be chased by a bunch of nasty beetles on your way out, (I had to reload once and no beetles appeared.) jump over the lava and head for the big doors in the E, place the Golden Vraeus to open them, a couple of Skeletons will awaken from the sand, kill them all in one explosive shot and run through the plants to the final door, place the last Golden Vreaus and slide out of the level.

The End.