South America Series.

7: The Wiraqocha Myth.
Revised 18-05-2010.

Level by Jedi Master.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

The saves and screens mentioned in this walk are in this Saves folder (1.8Mb).

The Start Room, the First Star.

Land in the water and swim N into the brownish tunnel, follow this. Get out and kill the Big Guy standing nearby.
Find the ladder to the right of where you came in (E) and climb up. Pull the lever, which will raise a pillar, go to the block SW and jump N to the raised pillar. Jump N once more and run over the break ledge. Drop down to the ground floor and run back to the water S to get rid of the Wraith. Jump back into that structure NW. Climb down the hole you created and you will have to deal with one of those Big Guys again. Find the crawlspace NE and take the Arrows and First Star down there. Get out and hop SW to the ledge around the left corner. Look NW and shoot the panel left of that ladder. Jump across to the wall ladder and climb around all the way to the left into the opening.

Get in and pull the lever; another pillar is raised in the Start Room. Go back out, run over the break ledge to get rid of it and get onto the ladder. Climb right around the corner and hang left at the corner, against there by hanging on to the ladder over, drop onto the green slope, back flip and roll so you can grab the climbing surface on the other side (When Lara dropped from the middle of the ladder she got stuck halfway down that green slope, so try sliding from the sides. That worked fine).

Block Puzzle, the Second Star.

Climb up to the ledge and up E into the Start Room, jump to the pillar in the NE corner. Turn and jump S to the next. Push the block in twice and push it into the alcove S (DO NOT push it into the alcove N!). (A block goes up E where you have to push the block later.) Pull it out again and push it E to the Tile in the corridor (disabling a spike trap). Now pull/push it all the way around the N side into the room E. You will have to go around through the lower part of the room to get it onto the grey Tile NW in that E room. Now the pillar in the lower room will be down. Get into the alcove and pull the lever in there (raising a pillar somewhere).

Get back out to the Start Room and to the water SW. Swim S, straight through into the opposite tunnel. Go right and up and get out at the end. Kill some Baby Dinos on your way and go find the pillar you raised. If you turn around and look up, you will see a jump lever you cannot reach yet. Open the crowbar door W and follow through. There are some boxes up there; they will release ghosts, but you need to shoot them. Shoot the first two, roll and run like crazy back to the water, go back up and shoot another around the corner, same thing happens (If you are really sure of yourself you can shoot all three and save one trip). Get back again and pull the crate E out once. Turn left and head into that passage N, thereís a crate to the right, just around the corner. Push the crate there in and throw the lever (screen of a trapdoor). Pull the block back and go E around the next corner. Shoot the crate and kill the Baby Dino. Take the small medipack and push the crate once to find the Second Star.

Pull the crate back as far as possible and go around to the first crate to push it all the way in. Now you should be able to jump to the lever and pull it, opening that trapdoor. Swim back to the Start room; get air and dive into the tunnel in the bottom and swim down. Go left (W), then take a right and follow through; a nice flyby shows a Big Room with a lot of things to do.

The Big Room.

After killing two guards SW, go to the NE corner up the blocks and open the wooden crowbar door. Go in, kill another guard and run for water (ghost). Go back and follow passage. Climb backwards off the ledge and shimmy left around the corner to pull the crowbar lever in there. Shimmy back and pull up in the entrance, turn around and run/jump to the opposite slope E. Pull up, slide and jump/jump onto a ledge in the corner.

The Torch.

Turn and run/jump to the N, climb the ladder and left around the corner. Just around the next corner, stop and climb up until you can see the break ledge behind you (4 steps from the top). Back flip and turn right, quickly stand jump and grab the pillar. Pull up and walk over to other side, turn around jump grab up to open the ceiling hatch. Climb up E and follow to find the Torch room. Go climb up and find the Torch NE. Jump over to ignite it and then light the two wall torches in the room. The one high up gives a screenshot of the door in the Big Room and the other gives a Secret hint (later). Leave the Torch behind and get back down the hatch to the pillar and run off S onto the slope near the crowbar lever. Slide and jump into the alcove to shimmy to the exit.

The First Lever, N Brown Gate.

Near the exit to the Big Room, take out some guns and kill both guards, then go over to the opposite side of the room (SE) and find the ladder to climb. At the second stripe on the wall, back flip to the ledge behind you and go N. Jump to the ledge left of the pillar in front of you and jump to the N, where you can climb up N and left to a walkway. Shoot the vase there to get the Shotgun ammo. Shoot the Big Guy up W and go jump/grab to the higher pillar E. Climb to the higher ledge up S and walk past the nice colored window (with the Golden Serpent behind it).

Go to the middle ledge and go to the arched block W. Go down onto a walkway on the W side and face the W side of the room. That structure there has a couple of grates and a Star. Jump over to that structure W (this was the only way up there). Hop onto the top and make your way down the S side (N side later!), by doing safety drops, the yellow vase holds Arrows. Go down to the lower ledge W behind the structure, look up E and shoot out the grate. Climb into the alcove and throw the lever. The N side brown gate will open up.

First Lever for the W Door.

Drop out E onto the lower ledge and shoot the vase there to get the Large Medipack. Slide to the ground and go climb the ladder SE again. Make your way up and to the brown gate on the walkway N, kill whatever stands in your way and take a right at the white vase. At the next crossing look left and up; climb up and push the block out of your way. Go in left and throw the lever in there, kill the Baby Dino and go back to the crossing at the block, down and straight S into the opposite alcove. Turn right and push the block once and turn quick, kill the Baby Dinoís and push the block some more until you see the lever. Pull it (screenshot of the W door in the Big Room). Now go back to the crossing, go right (E) and follow down to a balcony. Get the Grenades from the vase and return through the passage to Big Room.

The Second Lever, S Brown Gate and the Third Star.

Go over the top walkway to the top of the W structure, slide down N or S and jump to the ledge W behind the structure, look up E and shoot the grate. Climb in and throw the lever, the S brown gate will open, opposite the last. Now drop out from the W side and jump NE and drop down one level to the Third Star. Take it and a Wraith appears, turn right (face E) and hop back off the ledge grabbing on, safety drop and run down forward, so you will slide into the water.

S Brown Gate, the Fourth Star.

Get out again and to the ladder SE, to the N and up to the ledge E. Up to the top of the arch and slide down the S side to get to the walkway with the open brown gate. Go in and at crossing left, look for crawlspace to your left. Get in and pull the lever (the door in top of the Big Room opens). Get out, back to the crossing, left and follow passage (the door will close behind you). From the green ledge, jump to the one around the right and over to the next. Here you can climb up to the right and pull the jump lever to raise a pillar in this room. Go down and climb backwards off the edge of the pit, shimmy all the way left until you can climb up onto a green ledge. Turn and spot your next challenge; jump N twice and climb up next to the wooden crate, climb in the left hand corridor and pull the crowbar lever, turn back and shoot the crate.

The Torch.

Go and get the Torch that was in it, and go down by jumping onto the grassy slope under the boulder. Drop the Torch for a sec. (hit the #1 key) and shoot the grate behind that burner. Pick up the Torch again, walk to the pit in front of the burner. Stand left or right and save. Now throw the Torch over the burner so it will end up in the passage.

Now run jump in with a grab after the burner went down. Go jump left (W) over the lava pit and pull the crowbar lever there (another pillar raises in the room). Get your Torch again and ignite it while standing on a corner of the burner. Run jump out and stand under the rope facing SW. Jump up to ignite the rope and then stand jump SW to get out of the way. Turn to see the boulder into the pit and a gate opens in the passage behind the burner.

Danger Caves.

Go down in there and spot all the teeth doors; first one go through forward, turn around and take the next ones by a hop back so you can see the doors better. Climb down the ladder, drop and hang from ledge to shimmy all the way right and climb up. Turn right and run jump grab to the burner pillar. Shimmy left and pull up at the wall, run jump/grab to the next and shimmy past the burner. Now stand jump S onto the higher ledge and stand right, run jump to the slope in the corner and jump grab to get to the burner pillar. Pull up in the left corner, walk along the wall to the other side and when you stand with your back at the wall youíll see the lever N. Stand jump/grab from where you are to the next burner pillar, pull up and run jump to the lever. Pull it and a pillar rises by the Star (look W and you can see it).

Jump back to the last burner and to the one at the wall, turn right and stand jump grab the edge of the slope W, save here. Hang and spot the burner near the Star pillar. Go when the burner is active and slide, keep jumping until you are on a ledge near the Star.

Go over to the Fourth Star and get it. Make your way N, up the ladder and through the Teeth doors. Run through the burner and jump onto the higher ledge, jump S and shimmy right, then jump N and back to the passage to the Big Room.

The Fifth Star.

When you get out the Brown gate, go E and up the blocks in the corner, look N and spot the grates under this ledge. Shoot them out and run jump grab in there. Pull the lever and a room drains somewhere. Get to the ground floor safely and to the open trapdoor NW. Follow back to the first crossing and go left, straight and the right at the end. Follow through and get out. Shoot the panel and explore, get Secret #1 (34), Uzi ammo, Grenades a Large and small medipack downstairs and Shotgun-, Revolver ammo, Flares and Arrows upstairs. Go swim back to the crossing and go straight and left up at the slope in the end, follow the tunnel to the end, get out and take some Arrows from the ledge E. Go up N and spot the Fifth Star up in front and left in the next room. From the doorway you can shoot the panels on the pillar NE in the next room, jump over the spike trap into the room. Look up NE to spot the blue ball swinging; take an arrow and laser and shoot it. Put away your bow, roll and run jump over the spikes into the doorway and to the water. After the Wraiths are gone, go back and stand with your back to the long brown slope SE, next to the spikes, and back flip onto the slope. Jump with a right hand curve to grab the break ledge and shimmy to the pillar, jump over to go get the Fifth Star.

Placing the Five Stars, the Golden Serpent.

Go back over the spike trap into the other room, swim back and at the crossing go straight to get to the Big Room. Up the ladder SE, to the N, up to the ledge E and over the central walkway to the W side. Climb on top of the structure and enter the gray door W that was opened before. Run jump over the break ledge and jump over the spikes onto the higher corridor. Run for the lever when the spikes are up and pull the lever (the doors to the Serpent room open). Run jump back over the lower spike trap and pit and go over the top of the structure to jump to the walkway E. Go into the Serpent Room E and place your five Stars. Next gate opens E, drop into the next room and run left behind the block in the corner. Wait until the Big Guy comes near and give him some lead.

Then go up the red slope, crawling to avoid the poison darts. Enter the next room, look for the crawlspace to your right (third alcove) and go in to pull the lever; this will disable the spikes at the Serpent. Go back W to get the Golden Serpent.

The golden door beyond the crawlspace opens. Get over there and at the pit run jump to the far right hand slope. Slide off, grab and shimmy to the left as far as possible, then pull up and back flip/roll to grab the other side. Shimmy right and back flip/roll to grab the other side again, now shimmy left into the door.

The Huge Lava Pit.

Follow the passage to the end of the green balcony and drop to the lower ledge. Turn and shoot the Big Guy down S from this ledge with some explosive arrows. If you are scared of heights, donít look down! Jump W over the ledges, keeping to the right hand wall; then go S. Go on to the high balcony S and get the Grenades. Then safety drop down W twice to the lower ledge. Jump over to the balcony with the yellow plant E and go down the ladder in the alcove. Go down N to the ground floor. When you come out there, turn left and go W to the pit (at the pit; look down and spot the jump lever). Jump over to the W and there's a lever in the dark corner to your left, crawl in to use it (first lever to turn the Lave safe).

Go back E where you came from and go straight for the wooden panel and go in. Jump around to the lever in the far left corner alcove, raising a pillar near another wooden panel on the other side of the big lava pit. Go there around the W side of the room (past the lever you pulled before) and jump to the door from the pillar. Get in, go up the ladder and crawl in to pull the lever, disabling the spikes at the higher lever. Go back to the Lava pit, jump to the pillar and go around to the S side, climb in SE and go up the ladder to the floor above. Jump W and go right over the pits to the lever (second lever to turn the Lava safe).

Pull the lever, then roll and run jump out to the left, to where the lava pit was. It's water now; that will deal with those ghosts too.

Facing the S wall, look for the tunnel. Swim in, left/left and pull the lever (screenshot of a gate). Get out of the water N. Go around to the SW corner to the jump lever you saw before. Stand on the W ledge, drop and grab, let go and grab again to pull the lever (the gate opens).

Swim to the NE corner and look for a tunnel left and enter the gate. Follow the tunnel and get out, pulling your weapons for all the guards in there (they are everywhere). You better look around first to finish 'em all; they are upstairs, too. Look for the lever behind the NW pillar (if you go to the left gray ledge on ground floor until the end you can go behind this pillar). Pull the lever and get a screen of a door.

Look for the block with the plant N from where you can jump onto the NE pillar. It's the way to get to the top of this room. Jump over to the purple balcony W and follow it to the S end. Have a look at the central structure. Slide and jump to a ledge and jump to the central structure. Go to the lever on the block N and throw it (second screen of that door). Jump on the block S to get the Revolver ammo.

A Push Block, the Bronze key.

From there go NE, jump to a ledge with a plant (below you can see a passage with a Medipack). Drop to lower ledge and back off the ledge and hang/drop/grab and pull into the passage. Get the Large Medipack and follow the passage until you reach a room with another Big Guy. Show yourself, get back in the passage and shoot him when he gets close. Go to the push block E and push it all the way in. Hop back and go around S over the pit to get to the block, pull it once. Go around again and move the block on the SE corner Tile (spikes disabled). Pull it back again and to the tile in the S side corridor, near the pit you jumped (platform goes up N). Now pull/push it to the NE corner Tile over the platform. An underwater gate opens. Go back W to room with the pools and jump into the left hand one. Find the gate SW and get the Bronze key there.

Back Up, the Silver Key.

Swim back E and left to the other pool, climb out N and shoot the guard. Get out of the room SW and drop down from the end of the passage. Make your way back up to the top of the room again (block N to pillar NW) and over to the balcony W. On the other side (S), go over to the central floor. Go to the SE corner from where you can jump to a ledge with a plant. Go down to the lower ledge next to it, drop and grab the crawlspace below and find the Silver Key from behind a crowbar door there.

The Golden Key.

Get out, drop to the ground floor and go up to the central ledge again. Go to the block where you got the Revolver ammo before (S); stand on the grey ledge S and turn around, slide backwards off, grab the edge. Let go to grab the jump lever (now that door is open), fall in the water and go up again to the balcony W, go to the S end and just slide down onto grassy slope to find the passage SW. Go in, shimmy along the crack over the pit and find the Golden Key.

The Golden Skull.

Get back out and go down to the ground floor. Go to the Serpent door S over the water hole, place the Serpent and go in. Shoot the guard and use your Keys. Another door opens. Go up the steps into the corridor behind the fence and go through the door. Go down into the lower room and look for the crawlspace N. Get in and pull the lever to kill the spikes at the Skull.

Go back to get the Golden Skull (a golden door opens) and return up the steps to follow the passage E into the sandy room. Stand facing the slope SE, pull up, back flip and land on a ledge. Turn right (W) and look for other ledge, difficult to see (use binoculars) and jump there. Climb up left and go through the opened Golden door.

Meet Thor.

Watch out for the pit, jump over and grab the slanted block. Hang left and pull up over the top, slide and jump left to land on a grassy ledge. Climb up S and jump grab to grey passage S. Come to a long slide, jump in with a right hand curve to slide backwards into a pit and grab the edge of the pit. Shimmy to the left side of the next slide and pull up. Just slide and Lara will go over the next pit, then jump left at the right moment to get onto the grassy ledge. Go through the passage, slide down and go meet Thor (you can not kill him; I emptied all weapons on him from a higher ledge and he would not drop). Run in and left; around the first pit you see there and shoot the grate. Pull the lever, roll and run fast into the wide passage in front of you and into the right hand back corner and turn. Thor will not harm you here. If you stand with your back to the slope, back flip/jump grab and you will pull a jump lever.

Run to the big room and turn left. There's a crowbar lever on the floor. Use it, roll and run like crazy into the door you opened S, follow the passage into the next room. Stand on the left side, slide down and jump over to the palm tree. Go to the climb and end this great game....