South America Series.

South America.

Level by Jedi Master.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

The saves and screens mentioned in this walk are in this Saves folder (1.8Mb).

6: The Secret Gold Mine. Revised 18-05-2010.

Save immediately when you start the level, you are sliding down a slope. Be sure to jump at the end of that first slope and grab the corridor in front of you. Slide again and jump, then jump grab the lava pit and you will come to some teeth doors, nasty buggers. You have to run NW through them and jump up into the next passage with teeth doors (savegame.9). Pass the next two sets of doors, you are at a spike trap below, stand in left corner of the ledge and run as soon as they go down, into the next corridor (or do a stand jump and grab into that passage). You are now at the:

Big Lava Cave.

Enjoy the flyby and run jump left around the corner to the ledge. Have a look left to spot the closed door and hop back, grab the edge of the ledge and shimmy right to make your way to the central ledge in the middle of the cave. If you look around, you will see some Flares on a hanging ledge NW over the big lava pit, jump over there, grab the Flares and then jump to the next ledge W, one more jump S and spot the crawl space up to the right. Climb in there. Pull the lever and that door opens in the E, go back the way you came and on your way notice the Big Guy, standing in the door way. Take care of him when you get close.

The Star.

Go into this room and turn right at the pit, jump up, follow through left and climb up to the right. Take some Uzi ammo from the vase and go back to get to the other side of the room, jump over the pit with the break ledge (stand one step back, stand jump/stand jump). Climb in the corridor, open the ceiling hatch, go up left and pull the lever there. The lava pit in the room you just came from flooded. Go back and at the pit, jump with a left curve onto the low slope next to the burner pit so youíll slide into the water. Swim into the tunnel and follow it up till you can climb out, pull up S and back flip onto the ledge behind you. Climb up W and jump over to the S side. Face the opening W, take one step back and pull out your pistols. Save and run in so youíll go just over the edge onto the slope below, while shooting a panel. When you land, jump forwards into the alcove and get the Star.

Now turn and jump to the grassy floor SE. Yes, you will have to go over these spikes. Stand one step back from the first trap so Lara is facing you and you can see the spikes on the bottom of your screen, time your run and run fast through those awful spikes (when you start the run as soon as the first spikes came up you can make it) (savegame.10). Keep trying and go around the corner to open the floor hatch. Drop down, youíre in the small lava room again, go W and back to the central ledge in the Big Lava Cave, but keep on shimmying right around till you reach a ledge at the S end, here is a push block (yes itís no door). Push it in and enter the room, place your Star and another door opens. Get out and you will see this door over the slope to the right. Stand at the edge of the floor facing W and back flip over the slope. Grab on to the edge as you slide off, shimmy left and you are at the door. Run in (from one step back) so you will land on the slope below, slide and slide jump to that break ledge, jump forward and a bit left of the ledge to grab the brown slope in front of you.

The Old Stable.

Shimmy left to the end, pull up and back flip, keep jumping left till you are on save ground again. Climb up SE and go in, shoot the wooden panel and run into the stable. Straight to a ledge with a crate on it on your left hand, pull up in a corner next to the crate and shoot it. Pick up the Uzi ammo that fell from the crate. Then go down and shoot the remaining crates, some Giant Spiders will show up, try luring them to that ledge N where you shot the crate and climb up to shoot them. Try shooting them with your pistols, donít waste too much other ammo (youíll need it and there is not much to find over here).

First go to a lever SW and drop into the hole in the floor, jump over the skeleton and get into the crawlspace. As soon as you see the small spider, crawl backwards to where you can stand again and shoot it. Now go back in and over the golden tile, climb up and get Secret #1 (32), Grenades and a Large Medipack. Go back to the stable (climb up left at the lever) and to the far NE corner.

Pull/push the wooden push crate over the wooden floor to the SW side of the room in the direction of the lever and a block rises in the secret pit so you can pull his lever, this will flood the Big lava room. Now go into the SE corner, open the crowbar gate and go in to the corridor, find the push crate to the left. But when you are close to it turn around and kill the Giant Spider, then pull the block to the gray tile SE. For the last bit you have to go around and shoot the last wooden panel, E wall, to get to the back of the push crate (spikes under a lever will be disabled). Go out of the stable NW, drop onto the ledge under the entrance and jump N. Go left and grab the Flares, then pull the lever and get out NE, killing the Big Guy on your way out.

Back in the Big Lava Cave.

Dive in to the small flooded pit in front, swim into the tunnel E and pull the under water lever (screenshot of trapdoor). Go back up, N to the big flooded pit and swim to the face block under the hanging ledge where the Flares where, pull the under water lever there and the trapdoor will open. Thereís a tunnel in the slope where you entered the Big lava room (E), swim in and follow through to the opened trapdoor. Climb out and take it up with another Big Guy, find the scarce small medipack in the vase NW corner and go to the corridor in the NE corner.

The Lava Room with the Burners.

Time your jump aiming to the left hand corner of the opposite pillar and quickly shimmy left around, pull up at least one step away from that burner. Now stand left facing N and run/jump straight N and grab the ledge to the right of the burner pillar. Stand left and again jump N to the alcove with the plant. Get the Uzi ammo to the right and jump back to the ledge S, hang from the S side and shimmy all the way left around the burner pillar. Stand jump to the next pillar when the burner is down and hop back grabbing the edge, pull up on the left corner near the wall, from here you can run/jump N to the next pillar and grab on to the right hand corner. Shimmy right around till you can pull up in the corner closest to the next pillar and stand jump grab over. Shimmy right and pull up to jump to the safe ground.

Use the Keys.

Go to the next room and push the crate N and away from the crawlspace. Under the crate is a floor hatch to open, face W (by the way, did I tell you about those little Spiders? Oh, you found them, did you?). Go down and push/pull the block E on to one of the gray tiles and then on to the other, now use your keys where the burners were (a door will open). Go pull the lever you just saw behind the ledge E and the exit gate will open. Climb back up to the room with the crate and go through the crawlspace. Walk to the pit, you have to do a run jump around the corner and you are at the exit. Donít walk too close to that burner under the ledge, but run jump over to the passage W.

Dive into the tunnel S to go back to the Big lava Cave and swim straight to the center ledge. Stand in the corner of the two slopes, under the torch, you will see a Big Guy standing on a ledge near the high door you just opened, from here he will probably not notice you and you can take him out with some arrows and laser sight, save on the big ammo. When heís gone, go to the ledge, up S and left to the high door and enter.

Spike Crawlspaces.

SPIKES and not too many. You can do this by standing one step back and run as fast as you can as soon as the first set of spikes went up and you will run straight through, follow the corridor and go into the crawlspace, take out some Spiders on the way (Uzis will do the job just fine) and find a hole in the floor, left coming out of the crawlspace. Climb down and find the timer lever, which will open a door upstairs, get up fast and run for the door, not the one straight in front of you, but take a left turn, another door there, run in and stop as soon as youíre in (savegame.11).

Climb backwards into the pit and hang on ledge, shimmy left and hang in the right hand corner. Time the burner to pull up and slide jump and slide jump to grab the wall ladder, climb left and drop on to a small slope, drop and back flip roll in the air to grab again. Hang, climb up on the right hand side, time the next jump, slide jump and jump grab a break ledge, pull up and turn around, stand jump to the next break ledge and another stand jump grab into the grassy corridor (savegame.12). Slide down and go down the next slope backwards, grab on to the edge of the pit and drop on to slope, back flip onto next slope, grab again pull up and back flip to land in a corridor, go forward and fire some big ammo in to the right hand corridor to get that Giant Spider.

The Track Room.

Go down to the track and shoot that grating W, be careful, when you shoot the crate in the left corner of the next room, a Big Guy appears. First get those Flares from the crate and go up to deal with the Big Guy. When you go to him and turn back he will probably go into the corridor where you came from before and will not see you till you hit him with a super grenade (thatís what happened when I was here). Now go into the corridor SE and W to shoot the grate (up SW) and jump in, follow till you reach a pit with lava and burner, monkey swing to the other side stop just before the low part of the ceiling and time your move, only the burner in the pit can harm you.

Shoot that Spider on the other side and follow the corridor over a golden tile and straight to the next lava room with burners. If you run in from a step back and go just over the edge you will land on a slope, jump grab the opposite pillar and shimmy around the left, behind the pillar is a lever, go use it to disable spikes behind another pillar. Get back up (always standing in corners so you donít burn) and stand jump to the next pillar from the left corner (because you will have more room under the ceiling). Pull up (this is no burner) and again look behind it for the lever and you will see a trapdoor open up.

Stand jump to the next burner, pull up in the left corner and run into the corner of the walls, turn right and youíll see a ledge right and up in front of you (NE), aim for the left far corner of that ledge and run jump (donít grab) there with a right curve turn. Run over the burner when itís down and jump grab over the pit to go up the ladder. Climb up W, follow the corridor and stop at the slide, Save. Standing a bit left, run in and jump before the end of the slide left onto a break ledge and run into next corridor while a Boulder drops down behind you. Go past the trapdoor (you will return to later) and left around the corners, jump over the pit. Turn left and from that alcove run or jump into corridor W. Look for the crawl space and go in, kill the Spiders and pull the crowbar lever (which will lower a block in the track room). Get out the crawlspace and follow the corridor W into the next room. Dive into the waterhole to the left, turn left into the triangular opening and follow through, pull the under water lever in the end. Go back and now swim straight so you can climb out and now you have to find your way back to the trapdoor (Go E, climb up to the pit and jump up left into the alcove, then jump S and go W to find the trapdoor again).

The Second Golden Serpent.

Thereís a jump lever, pull it and fall into the water, swim right around corners to get out again and go left over the hole you fell into. The gate E into the track room is open. Run in, roll and climb back up, turn and shoot what ever is down there (like a Giant Spider). Go up to the passage SE again, jump W over the pit into the opening where you shot the grate and stop at the slope in the floor.

Stand at the edge and stand jump onto the grassy slope, slide and jump onto the ledge, get the Second Golden Serpent NW. A corroded gate opens S, go down E, to the Track room and up S to the gate you opened and jump in, turn right into passage and notice a grey block, remember it! There is a Secret behind it you can get later. Follow that passage, carefully hopping over all the pits, on your way youíll find a crowbar lever in a crawlspace with spikes up left (for later). When you reach a gray grate shoot it out and finish the Big Guy in there, go down, get Uzi ammo from the vase S. Jump over N and up to that steaming pillar N. Jump to the ledge NW and time the burner to enter the central structure. Jump the pits, pull the lever to open a door around the other corner.

Boulders and Spikes.

Get back out, go left after the burner and this time you will have to deal with two of those Big Guyís, enter the passage they where protecting, go to the pit and jump to the ledge with the plant in front left and immediately back flip, wait for the boulder to stop rolling and jump to the ledge with the plant again. Jump up W and go down left there to pull a lever disabling the spikes at a crowbar lever in the passage with the pits (for the secret).

The Torch.

Slide back down to the ledge with the plant and get down into the green pit N. Pull up the other side (this spike trap is disabled) and immediately back flip over the green pit, more boulders on their way. Jump N to the spike floor and go to the spike trap on the left and run jump to grab the ladder above the slope N. Wait for all the boulders to go by and climb to the left. Shoot the wooden panel up there and climb in, jump back and grab the edge of the door because some Spiders are coming, if you hang they walk away and you can get in again and shoot them quick. Find the Torch in there after shooting the crate and go back. Jump to the spike floor and into the passage S, follow over the pit to the structure. The burner in front of it is off, but you can still ignite the Torch on it. Go E, jump S over the pits and up SE to that unlit wall torch. Ignite it and the door opens, you can drop the Torch.

Little detour: Go NE into the passage with the pits, jump over one pit and look up S at the next. Jump and grab into that crawlspace to throw the crowbar lever. Run out to the right and follow the passage E back over the pits to that now lowered grey block left just before you reach the Track room. Go in and get Secret #2 (33), Revolver ammo, Arrows, Shotgun ammo and a Large Medipack. Return through the passage with the pits to get to the door you opened with the Torch.

Blades and Burners.

Take a swing at the next room, stand close to the teeth doors, run through the teeth doors and stand on the left corner of the ledge. Face W so you can see both the Blade and the Burner and side jump left when you can. Run over the break ledge through the next doors and do the same to get over the pit there, one more sequence and on the other side use your key to open the gate. Shoot the grate at the other end. Now run in and jump to grab the break ledge and pull up to run into the next doorway.

Timed Block Run.

Here is a Timed lever opening a door and raising blocks in the next room. Pull and hop back twice, turning right at the second hop so youíll end up with your back against the wall facing the next jump, run jump over the pit and run jump along the right hand wall to the pillar ( be quick or he will go down), turn right, hop back and run jump again to the next pillar, here roll into the left hand corner and run jump and grab over to the last pillar, pull up and run jump/grab to the door get in before it closes (Video_Timeblock.wmv - savegame.13).

Jump down to the left and take the Uzi ammo from the vase, then stand in the corner at the slope, facing the grate, shoot it and stand jump onto it. Run jump turning a little left and grab so youíll land in the opening of the next room. (If you happen to land on a slope just grab and you will be able to shimmy to this opening.)

Get your guns out and go in, stay on this first ledge, thereís a lava pit in front of you, kill the Big Guy and look for a small medipack SE, then go and put your Golden Serpents in to the receptacles N and S the final door will open W. Slide down, hop onto the higher ledge to take the Flares, slide down the waterfall and leave this level.

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