South America Series.

5: The Water Kingdom. Revised 18-05-2010.

Level by Jedi Master.

Walkthrough Dutchy

The saves and screens mentioned in this walk are in this Saves folder (1.8Mb).

Many of the rooms have more connections than I can mention here, this is the way I got through.

You start by falling down the shaft and drop in the water; this is the First Room. In this level are rats everywhere, won’t mention them all.

The Golden Key.

Turn W and go for a triangular hole in the left portal; swim in and you will see a wall lever to your left (you cannot use it now, but remember where it is), but first swim in the tunnel in the back right corner (NW). Follow it and climb out; shoot the Rats and to your left is a green gate, go right and just around the corner is a hole in the ceiling, climb up the ladder. Go down into the stable, shoot the vase for Uzi ammo and shoot the panel N. Jump and grab the climbable wall to make your way left and up through a crawlspace to the Golden Key. Take it and the former green gate opens; go back through the crawlspace, climb right and down to back flip into the stable. Go up SW and make your way back down the ladder. If you go S and left at the waterhole you’ll find a vase in an alcove to the right, shoot it to get a small medipack. Go back to the ladder and W to enter that green gate.

The First Star.

Stand left at the next room and if you just run into this room you will land on a flat ledge. From there you can do some butchering. Jump to the other side and from this ledge shoot the 2 crates under water (E). If you happen to run into some BIG mosquitoes, kill them too. Explore the underwater tunnels you opened by shooting the crates and pull the 2 underwater levers. Get back and climb out at the ledge with the snake statues, you will notice that there is a block that raised S. Enter the cave W, keep left and climb up. Follow the passage to the right. You can drop on to the raised block there; from there you will see the First Star E.

Go get it, dive down into the pool and make your way back into the cave W. This time keep right, climb up, drop out of the passage and hang, shimmy left and drop onto a break ledge. Jump back and you are on a safe block. Shoot the vase for Arrows and look E to spot some more ammo. Jump around the block on the ceiling and grab the opening to get Secret #1 (29), Uzi- Shotgun- and Revolver ammo and a Large Medipack.

Timed Exit.

Go to the W cave again, the left passage and on the top turn left. There's a lever, Timed, that will raise a second block which will help you to get back out of this room. (It is possible to make your jump and grab the exit from the first raised block, I tried it and it worked, that way the Timed run isn’t necessary)

When you are back in the corridor, go S and find the tunnel you came out of (blue water) and swim back E to the First Room, get some air, and swim to the opposite E side. This is the room with the faces; swim into the right hand small face E and up, and follow the tunnel. Get out, notice the gate to your left and go right. Get into the crawlspace, kill some rodents on your path, and pull the lever (screenshot of a trapdoor opening up).

Pushing for the First Golden Serpent.

Get back, swim W to the First Room, get some air, swim straight down into the tunnel in the floor. Follow through and take a right at the end (just through the triangular hole) and swim up (that first right tunnel leads up to the passage where you got the First Star). In one of the corners of this room you will find the trapdoor you just opened in the SE corner. Get out and you are in the spike room. You will see 2 levers and a pedestal with the Golden Serpent.

Look in the left corner (SW) from where you came in and push the block 3 times. You will also hear a door opening, and on the 3rd push you put the block on a tile that disabled one of the spike traps in the spike room. Now push the block into the opposite corner (NW) on the tile, that was the 2nd spike trap. (Notice the lever behind the gate SE; get back here after the Serpent.)

Go to the spike room and pull the levers. A door opens in the SW corner. Get in and push the block all the way to the end to disable a spike trap to the right. More spikes N, get over the spikes with the Flares. Notice the grey Tile between the spike traps! Go into the passage E, push the second block on the right all the way in, go back to the W, left over the spike trap and to the block E, push it so you can enter left. There’s a block in the NE corner, pull it twice to the W. Now go around and over the spike trap with the Flares and into the passage SE, left and get behind the block, now push it all the way to the W and left onto the grey tile. Back into the passage E and move the remaining block onto the grey tile there (twice E).

When the spike traps are disabled, take the Flares from the spike trap W and get back into the passage SE, pull the block back a couple of times and for the last time go around to exit this place. Back in the spike room you can now take the First Golden Serpent. A door opens in the S room, so go back there and pull the lever there. The water in the First Room drains.

Some Skipped Levers.

Go to the trapdoor where you came in and drop down. Look for a lever in the SW corner, pull it (#1: screenshot of a door) and dive into the hole in the floor. Make your way through the tunnel, turn left and immediately left again. Go in N and follow it up to get back in the corridor where you got the 1st Star. Go N and left, left to find the hole in the floor where you first came up from (S) and climb down the ladder. Go S and into that passage SW, in here is the first lever you have seen, get to that lever and pull it (#2: screenshot of door the opening up).

First Room, Drained, the Second Star.

Go back and drop and hang from the edge, shimmy right to the end and pull up. Jump S and you can enter the First Room (without water this time) and go over to the next room (N) with the red striped ceiling. Get in to the corridor on the left and find the block around the corner, pull it out and aside. Now turn left and follow the corridor (notice the closed door on your way) and enter the first corridor again. In the alcove where you got the block from you can pull a lever now and the former door will open. Go there (passage E) and get your Second Star.

Use the Stars.

Go back to the First Room and dive in the bottom tunnel, follow until you can turn left and get out, climb the ladders. You are now back in the room with the flood/drain-lever, to the left as you enter. Re-flood the level, go back to the First Room and swim to the Face room E, into the right hand face tunnel. Follow through and get out. The gate you saw before (left) is now open. Find the place to put your stars right and left and the next door will open (it's wise to save here).

Nasty Jumps.

Keep your distance from those doors and time your jump and grab to the breakable ledge. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up to the right hand corner of the flame ledge you will not burn. Turn around facing N and plan your next set of jumps; first hop back against the wall when the burner is down, run jump to that sloped block N and grab it. Time the burner and pull up, slide down onto the next slope and jump onto the break ledge, run jump a bit left to the far break ledge and grab it or maybe even run immediately onto that safe ledge left. Shoot the vase for Uzi ammo.

Jump and grab over to the burner block, pull up in the corner and run over the burner, through the doors and stand at the end of the floor. Take one step back and run in so you’ll land on the slope. Then jump and grab the break ledge, pull up and run jump and grab to the next, pull up and run jump onto the last. Stand jump and grab and you should be there (savegame.8).

The Big Room.

You are now at the Big Room. Enjoy the flyby and notice all the levers.
Jump to the stone bridge (hang, drop and slide jump to land on it), turn around and on the other side high up is the door we are aiming for (but it will take some time). To your left is a gate (tiger room); to your right you will see a dark push block.
Jump in the water below and get the hell out!! You are at the ground floor. Kill whatever lurks in the pool and have a look at the 2 gates with the levers; an underwater lever, and one with a spike trap.

Tiger Room, the Bronze Key.

Swim into the tunnel N, find the lever and pull it to open a trapdoor. Now swim into the tunnel S. Ooops!! Get out fast and kill that Croc.

Get in again, go straight and turn right, follow the tunnel and get out in the tiger room (wonder why they call it that??). When you're done find a cave on your right, go in and push the block once and then push it left all the way, go left and shoot the crate, take the torch, light it and find some more surprise Tigers on your way.

Go to the Tiger room and light the two wall torches; a spike trap on the high ledge is now off (and a trapdoor to a Secret opened up). Leave the Torch and go to the NE corner, backflip onto the slanted block and jump to grab the higher ledge.

Push Blocks.

Start pushing, the push block NE goes on the tile NE you just pulled up to. A platform goes up so you can push the SE one into the wall SE. Another platform rises, but first pull the block SE back out and enter that alcove, climb up S and use a slanted block up there to back flip and jump to a crack in the W wall, shimmy left and pull up to get Secret #2 (30), Revolver ammo, Grenades and a Large Medipack.

Now go to the block NW and move it onto the far tile on the N ledge, then the last block SW. First push it E once and that will disable the spikes at the lever on ground floor of the Big Room. Now move the block to the Tile on the W ledge. The spikes are down at the Bronze Key. Get back down to the Tiger Room and take the Bronze Key from the pedestal. On taking the key, the exit gate of the Tiger room opens E.

The Flood Lever.

Go to the Big Room, drop down to the bridge and make your way to the other side. Climb up to the arch, push the dark block twice and then aside to left or right (get your guns out and take those mosquito 747's out). Pull the lever (flood lever). Swim down in the lower area and into the small tunnel S where you met with croc #2 and go sharp left. At the end pull the under water lever, go back and pull the underwater lever that is on ground floor S (maybe you need some air in between). The gate N opens up, so swim in there and up at the wall lever, find the underwater lever there and use it to drop some ropes out of the ceiling so you can swing over to the exit later.

Open the Exit.

Swim to the underwater lever under the Tiger room arch W (#1: screen of the N door). Go up and drain the room again with the Flood lever in the room E and go jump down into the pool below. Climb out to the ground floor, pull the lever (#2: this opens the N (exit) door of the Big Room). Swim into the tunnel S, straight and follow through to the Tiger room, go E and out to the Big Room. Go over to the E side arch and jump to grab the first rope. Aim a bit right of the second rope and swing to jump to it. Then go into the open door N.

Drop the Boulder Puzzle, the Silver Key.

Enter the passage and run/jump around the corner to land on the break ledge, run onto the blue ledge, crawl in backwards and shimmy left around the next corner. Go up, and straight on; on your right side is a gate with some ammo (you'll get back here later), jump over the lava pits, go to the lever and pull it. Go down in the last pit you jumped, kill a rat and push the block N into the wall (spikes behind you will stop). Grab up E to the ledge above the spike trap and spot the boulder, spikes and lever. Turn around and jump over to the other side, the gate closes. Walk into the next room, turn around to find the jump lever and use it; a block will rise behind you.

Climb the block and jump over the pillars, shoot the wooden panel N, jump grab to the break ledge. Run into the passage and notice the block to your right. Go left and look for a crack in the ceiling that holds a set of Bones you have to shoot, then get that push block from the corridor and pull it in this room. Place it in front of the face tile on the N wall and a block lowers to the right. Go into the opening and get Secret #3 (31), Uzi- and Shotgun ammo, Flares and a Large Medipack.

Go out and E to where you pulled the block from, there was a crowbar lever behind it, use it to lower a block on ground floor. Get back there over the lava pit, pull the block out and aside. Enter and climb up left, pull the lever to re-open the exit gate. Get the Torch from the floor at the lever and go back out and E to the room with the Boulder on the rope. Jump to the E ledge to ignite your Torch and burn the rope from standing on the ground floor. Then climb back up because you can now pull the lever at the spike trap. Go N and climb up left at the passage with the dark block, jump E and return to the gate with the ammo you saw before.

Now jump S over the ladder hole in the floor and go right. Go to the pedestal with the Silver Key. When you take it the gate with that ammo opens up, go back E and left to find it and go in. When you pull the lever in here the other gate opens (Timed), so you have to be quick (run/jump over the ladder hole, don't grab) and you're in. Drop down and go through the teeth doors… watch out!!

Go take the zip-line down and land on the break ledge, jump to the grassy slopes left or right and start jumping to and fro and make your way to the solid ground.
Follow the path into the next very nice room (You can find your own way, but here is how I did it:
Stand on the edge of the ledge a little to the left (because of the low ceiling) and aim for the top of the big slanted pillar with the climbable surface. Jump back and run/jump so you start to slide down this high pillar. Slide and jump to a slanted block, jump and land on a break ledge, do a running jump aimed right to land on a grassy ledge (Pfew!!).

Shoot the wooden panel N and jump up the slope. Time the jump over the pit and run around the left corner and stop quickly there. Shoot the next panel and time your next moves. Run jump and grab, pull up and slide, jump and grab the next ledge. Go around the corner past the burner, the spike trap in front of you (S) should be off.
So get the push block S and pull it as far as it will go, jump around the block and push the other block E under the pillar on to the tile. Now push the first block to the other pillar on to the spike trap (which is now disabled) and the gate S will now open. When you just slide down here, Lara will go over some nasty pits in the slope, so don’t jump just slide. At the end of the slide run from the break ledge and slide jump and grab the ledge. Climb up to the right and you’ll get to another set of slides. From the second slope; jump and grab the climbable wall in front of you, climb left and up.

Don't go down in to this room but take a jump from the doorway to the ledge NE, near that door. From there jump SE and behind the Inca statue, pull the lever (Timed) to open the door. Run and jump to the ledge so you land on the corner, turn left and side jump right through the door (at least that is how I did it).

End of this great level; let's go to the Secret Gold Mine.                         

                                                                                  to the  Secret Gold Mine.