South America Series.

4-The Forgotten World. Revised 18-05-2010.

Level by Jedi Master.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

The saves and screens mentioned in this walk are in this Saves folder (1.8Mb).

The Garden, the Golden Key.

Whatever you do, donít step back on the place you are standing on now. Take care of the 2 Baby dinos and go to the SE corner of this Garden and find the crawlspace over the pit, jump in and follow to the burner. Run jump into that room and land on a slope (curve left a bit at the end of the jump), slide and jump onto the next slope, slide and jump around the corner, then jump grab the ladder, climb right around the corner and as high as you can go, back flip over the burner to a ledge behind it and go to the next jump. Run jump/grab to the break ledge and shimmy left around, so you can run jump to the passage. The monkey swing is for later.

Follow the passage and run into the pit, slide jump, slide jump and land on the far ledge. At the next room, drop down backwards and grab the edge of the lava pit below, shimmy right and pull up in the corner, run jump N aiming left around the corner of the structure. Go to the lava pit in the SW and shoot the Bones in it. Go back E and climb up S to get the Golden Key from the now open structure. Go back out and to the light grey Tile at the middle of the N wall, face S and run jump grab to the jump lever on the pillar next to the entrance of the structure, jump when you drop on the slope to land safely back on the Tile.

The Gem.

Climb the Grey blocks in the NE and push the block all the way in (a door opens). Turn around and enter the passage W, you just opened. Turn around and jump to grab the upper passage. Go left and drop down on the other side of the push block, pull it once into the room and then onto the other Tile along the W wall, the door will open. Use the crowbar lever in there and climb up in the opening behind the lever (the floor is safe). Get Secret #1 (27), Arrows, a Large Medipack (duck to get it) and Revolver ammo. Go back down and return through the passage you pulled the block from. The Tile at the entrance will raise a pillar, stand jump to it and then to every pillar that goes up and over to the far NW corner. Now you can jump S to pull the lever on the W wall. Hop backwards and from the fixed pillar you can jump over to the one in the S and onwards into the open door to leave the room.

Take a right to get back to the monkey swing and swing over to the wall torch, left around the corner where the door opened. Just around the corner, drop and slide jump and grab the ladder, pull up and slide jump, then jump with grab to the crack in the wall, shimmy around and pull up. Shoot the Bat. Run past the burner into the right hand passage and shoot the door, get the Gem and go shoot the vase to get the Revolver ammo, pull the lever in there to open the exit. Pass the burner to the right hand passage and get the small medipack from the hole in the floor. Crawl back right to the Garden.

Use the Golden Key, flood the Garden Ground Floor.

Shoot the Dino bird when you meet him, go to the NE corner and drop in the trench there, look for the crawlspace and go S, pull the lever lowering a block and get the Grenades left on your way out. The rest of these tunnels will be explored when the place is flooded. Go into the Hallway in the N, shoot 2 Baby dinos and spot the 2 gates there, go to the pool N and shoot the vase for Uzi ammo and the wooden panel under water to go in. Pull the lever to your right to open one of the gates and follow the tunnel NW to the place where you can use the Golden Key. Enter the open door and shoot the vase on top of the ramp. Get the Arrows and pull lever behind that wooden panel to flood all the holes in the Garden floor.

The Silver Key.

Go back to the pool and shoot another Dino bird, go S into the Hallway with the gates and when you are about to exit this Hallway, look up and see the gate with the blade in front, climb the vines on the right hand pillar and climb left. Almost at the gate and past the spike trap behind you; back flip to the green ledge behind. Go E, shoot the vase for Uzi ammo and run over the spikes, jump to the pillar you lowered before and jump to the jump lever. Drop into the water below and swim W and left into the crawlspace where you got the Grenades before, right/left and find the underwater lever to pull. This will lower the other pillar at the blade, so get back up there and go W to pull the other jump lever and that gate at the blade opens up. Back up to the spike ledge and jump into the gate, climb up W and get Uzi ammo W. Over to the passage N and jump over the burner tile to get the Silver Key from behind the wooden panel and another door in the pool opens. Back out and drop down near the jump lever W so youíll land in the water below. Get out at the ledge left of you at the W wall.

The Meat Grinder, the 1st Star.

Climb into the passage at the pillar here and follow to a pit, run in and jump grab the slope in front. Shimmy left and pull up. Jump over the deep pool and climb the ladder NE. This side is safe. You have to go up to the highest ledge in front of you, every time the Meat grinder passed. Hop onto the flat ledge NW and immediately NE up to the higher one along the E wall. Now you can see a ledge above on the W wall, jump up NW again, then N, turn around and jump grab to the ledge S. Take a few steps forward to be safe. Looking SE you can see a break ledge under an opening in the wall. Hop back when the Grinder passed and jump to that ledge. Grab up to the opening and get in to get Secret #2 (28), Grenades, Revolver ammo and a Large Medipack. From here jump SW to the next ledge on the W wall and on to the green ledge S, be quick here, this is not a safe place, jump over the green slope and pull the lever here. It will drain the deep pool you jumped over before.

Climb the ladder and back flip into the alcove, hang from the edge and shimmy to the slope, time the next move and climb over the top, step back to run jump to the ledge on the W wall and turn, jump to the SE corner and slide back from the slope grabbing the edge. Pull up and back flip with a roll, slide and jump over the ladder hole. Climb down the ladder and go to the drained pool, drop in. Follow the passage and get the 1st Star in the alcove to your right. Follow S to the exit and go over to the Hallway in the N.

Push Block, the 2nd Star.

Enter the gate in the E of the Hallway and get ready to shoot more Baby dinos. 3 come from the room and one from behind as you approach the block. Push the block once onto the grey Tile N so the spikes E will be disabled, then move it to the grey Tile W. Now move it back S and straight into the alcove S. More Spikes stopped, pull the block out and move it onto the 2 Spike Tiles next to the S alcove, one opens a hatch up in the ceiling N and the other disables the last Spikes in the far NE corner. Move the block all the way onto that Spike Tile NE and a block will rise next to you, it will give access to the hatch. Enter the alcove in the W wall, crawl in to get the Revolver ammo and go back out to climb up N into the open hatch. Follow in and jump N over that slope to get the 2nd Star.

Follow the passage W and drop out from the triangular hole, turn around and get into the opposite opening (S) to pull the lever there (screen of the W gate). Drop into lower passage again and push the block W in, get the Shotgun ammo from the vase and pull the second lever for the W gate in the Hallway. Now push the block into the S wall, all the way and the trapdoor will open up.

The Ignition Key.

Drop into the pool and go S to the W gate in the Hallway. Run past spikes and burners and drop back into next room, climb to the right and pull up into a passage with a lever to raise a block. Go back and run jump to the slope NW, next to the brown pillar, so you can jump and grab the opposite ladder. Climb to the right and get the Ignition Key. Jump out SE and go back to the Hallway, to the pool N and enter the left hand under water door.

Shoot the Dino birds when you get out and go to the SE corner, climb the ledge and jump to the entrance structure to place the 1st Star after shooting that wooden panel. Get out to the W and get the Uzi ammo, drop down there, climb the hill in the middle of the room and face the wooden panel on the balcony N (if you didnít shoot it yet fighting the Dino birds), shoot it out and jump onto the balcony. From here shoot the vase on the left ledge near the windows in the E wall (will disable spikes at the second receptacle), go around the passage and shoot the box to get Grenades, place the 2nd Star and return to ground floor (watch out for the pit below). Climb up to the alcove NE and shoot the box to get the Large Medipack, get back down.

The Big Cave, the Second Ignition Key.

Enter the gate N and slide down into a Big Cave (a flyby will show you where to go and also the 2nd Ignition key). Go along the W wall to a rock, around to the left, behind the pillar are some Grenades and over to the orange vase in the E for a Large Medipack and one or two Raptors will come storming in. (They hate explosive arrows.)

The Stables, the Bronze Key.

Go N to the Stables and enter left of the wooden fence, follow around the back and find Revolver ammo in the vase to the E of the lava pit, drop down to lower level there. At the ladder in the S, enter the passage and take the small medipack from the grey Tile. The block to our left has to go on this Tile, so go back to the lava pit, shoot the panel N and push the right hand block once. Go back into the passage S and now push the block onto that grey Tile. Turn left and pull the block W twice, return to the lava pit again and in the passage N. You can now use a lever there and the lava pit floods with water, go in and swim into narrow tunnel to the N and right to get some Uzi ammo. Swim back and into the S tunnel, to the left to get the Bronze Key.

The Grenade Gun.

Get out of the pool in the W and left to use the Bronze Key after pushing that block. Go into the gate which opens and follow the passage to a high ladder, up and down on other side. Shoot the box standing in the alcove NW from here and jump into that opening to get the Grenade Gun. Go jump SW and move on through the passage to a slope. Slide jump, slide jump and jump onto the grey block. Quickly shoot the Dino bird. Go E and under the last arch are some Bones, shoot them and nearby gate opens. 2 Dino birds will attack. Pull up to the ledge with the statue on the arch SE and get some Arrows. Jump over the burner to get into the open gate SE, go in and pull the lever. Take the Torch, ignite it and go over to the N side of the room and light the unlit torch there. The second gate opens, go get the Gem behind that Blade.

Go back to the wall torch you lit in the N side of the room, climb up next to the statue above, get the Large Medipack and jump W to get the Uzi ammo on the next one, go W a bit and turn right at a slide. Stand left and as soon as the burner is down, slide and run left. Pull the lever (seems to be the first one to open the gate for the Ignition Key and return to the blade in the S. Jump to the ladder to the right of it and hop down onto a lowered block. Climb the ladder and go right around the corner to the passage SE so you can go back to the lava pit. Go to the E side and up the ladder S, go out S to the Cave. More Raptors there. Go into the passage in the SE corner, take care of all the Raptors on your path and find the passage in the N wall. Follow, climb up and get more Arrows. Go down and into the opposite passage in the S, to that animal skin and right passing the Ignition Key gate. Go into the passage NW.

Push Block.

Pull the block out once and go outside and in the cave turn left along the S wall. Find a second block around the left corner and push it in all the way, so you can now push the 1st block (to the right) all the way into the passage. Go back out and turn right everywhere to get back at the 1st block, pull it once and go all the way around again to the same block, push it once more, now the passage should be open. Go N to that second block and pull it back to where it was before (behind it is a lever). Now for the last time go around and enter that passage, around the right is the lever and the gate opens. Go S and left, get the Second Ignition Key. Go to the far SE corner of the Cave and find the door to open with the Silver Key.

Go in and thereís a nice surprise for you! Do one door at a time, stop for a short moment on the break ledges and through the next, keep your guns out to shoot some Bats (savegame.7). At the other side go right over a pit, get some Uzi ammo and go into the other passage. At the pit, shoot the door around the corner. Use the monkey swing over the pit and turn around, shoot the Bones in the pit, a block will raise in the pit behind you. Jump over to that block and push the block left once. Enter the place to use your Ignition Keys. Drop into the Pillar room and go over to the slope in the E and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the central pillar. Run jump to the pillar which rises in the NW, turn around and grab up to the passage above and follow the passage, get the Flares from the crawlspace to the right and drop down at the other end. Get the Revolver ammo from the pit E and go W to jump to the jump lever N.

Place the Gems, Big Mama T.

When you drop, jump over the pit and go onto the central pillar again and jump to the NW corner, roll and jump to the pillar in the E, quickly push the block all the way into the alcove E onto a Tile. The door under the slope on the E wall opens. Exit and go to the Dino caves. Shoot all Raptors and babies and go to the SE corner and into the passage to the right of the door. Jump up the slope, follow through a crawlspace, over a pit and place the 1st Gem. Jump back over the pit, climb up and get out through the crawlspace left. Drop out and hang, shimmy right and pull up on the ledge, get Grenades and drop down. More babies (there has to be a very Big Mama somewhere).

Go to the NE corner and stand on the green slope, so you can grab the crack in the pillar, shimmy left and get into this passage over the pit, pull the crowbar lever and a door in the N wall opens. Go jump S over the pit to get back out. Go W and right into the open door, place the 2nd Gem and the door in the SE opens. Go in and slide, slide the second slope and jump over the pit onto the next slope and slide jump grab the ladder. Climb into the passage and go meet with Big Mama T (you can shoot her with one Revolver or Shotgun round in the soft belly, but you have to let her get close). In here you have to push/pull the block onto the big Dino footprint in the NE. Now you can use the crowbar lever to flood the hole behind you.

Drop in and swim through the tunnel to next passage and slide into the Water Kingdom.

                                                                                       to The Water Kingdom.