South America Series.

Game by Jedi Master.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

The saves and screens mentioned in this walk are in this Saves folder (1.8Mb).

Prologue of the Egyptian Mythology. The next 3 levels are linked together, so you will be going from one to the other and back again.

 1-The Lost Empire.  2-The Old Cistern.  3-The Hidden Valley.

1-The Lost Empire. Revised 18-05-2010.

You drop into the level, turn and climb the ledge into a passage N, slide/jump to the break ledge, run off to land on a slope, slide/jump to the next break ledge. Now run jump/ and grab to the ledge ahead and get the Flares, run down onto the next slope and slide/jump onto the break ledge, run jump over the next slope to land in a shaft and drop into the water below. Swim and get out, in this passage is a closed door W. Go push the block S in all the way in, climb up behind it to get Secret #1 (including Egyptian Mythology 20), get the Arrows and Flares in there and return to the passage to push the other block all the way in, climb up left and pull the lever, get back and enter that door you just opened (W).

At the crossing, go left and jump to the break ledge over the pit, immediately jump up and grab the monkey climb. Go over to the other side and slide down jumping the pit at the bottom, slide again and jump over the pit into a shaft leading to a pool.

Get out and deal with those Big Mosquitoes. Go into the tunnel leading S and get out quick to dry land again to shoot the Croc thatís chasing you. Get back in again and find the lever to pull in the end.

The Crowbar.

It opens a gate in the NE corner of the room, go in and monkey swing over the pit. Jump over the next pit and shoot the box to pull the lever. Go back to the entrance of this passage and in to the door that opened there (N), over the pit and in to the crawlspace to get the Crowbar in the end, return to the entrance and just out of the crawlspace you can find a lever to the right, pull it. Jump back and go to the pool. Swim into the E tunnel and get the small medipack, now into the W tunnel and follow, a Croc is waiting for you, swim past or go back, do what you want, and get out in the next room in the NE corner. Jump to the NW ledge and get the Shotgun ammo, then jump up SW and face E, spot the jump lever and run jump to use it.

Swim in to the tunnel leading S and follow to a Big poolroom, look for the tunnel in the NE corner and follow to get Uzi - and Revolver Ammo in there, follow through and in the end you will return in the poolroom through a crawlspace (you can also just return after getting the last pick up). Go to the S side and up in an alcove there is a block you can push aside to reveal a crowbar lever, use it and a trapdoor opens in the NW corner passage. Go over and deal with some more Wasps. Jump to the block in the lava pit and pull up on the side of the trapdoor (S). Run past the sets of spikes and blades keeping to the left side of the passage and drop in to the trapdoor in the end. Hang and drop down on the NE or SE corner of the hole, land on a break ledge and run onto the save ledge (you can also shimmy around the corner and Lara will drop onto the safe corner block). Shoot the vase in the SE corner and monkey swing over to the lever in the passage E, drop/grab the ledge where you lowered the block and pull the lever (a gate opens in the Pool room). Return to the SE ledge and run jump to the exit. A couple of wolves are waiting for you, so pull out those guns and go to the E of the poolroom to the gate you opened in there and enter the Big Rooms.

Big Pyramid room & Big Pool room.

A nice flyby will show you all the things you have to do so sit back and pay attention.

There is Ammo scattered around these rooms, look closely when you go around, I can not describe all the places, but in most of the animal quarters along the W and E walls is something to get and a crawlspace in the NW (W wall pool room) has some Shotgun Ammo. A passage in the E wall at the NE corner of the Pyramid, marked by a green plant has Revolver ammo. As you go around you will be attacked by Wolves and a Bear, so watch out. First of all watch out for the all the pits as you go around these rooms.

The Lasersight.

Go to the N and find the deep pool in the middle of the Poolroom, jump in and swim into the tunnel leading E and get the Lasersight in the end (under one of the vases). When you swim back out, notice the closed door in the W, but thatís for later, we need the Revolver first.

The Stables, the Golden Key.

Go up the Pyramid and pull the lever at the top, a Wasp comes for you. Go to the place shown when you pulled the lever, descend along the SE corner of the pyramid, slide down to that yellow vase E. Go left from the vase and right into the open door in the E wall. Go in and at the crossing right. In the end of the room is some Uzi Ammo in the crawlspace. Climb back out, push the block E and go in, at the chair go straight and get the Uzis from the pit left, take the other passage at the chair and get the Golden Key. Go back to the exit and explore the other stables N for some Uzi Ammo.

The Revolver.

Climb the Pyramid in the SW corner to the 2nd ledge and jump to the slope on the W wall. Slide off, hang/shimmy left and climb up. Jump into the hole S and get the Flares there, hop back up to the ledge with the plant. Face NW and jump up to the ledge where the ladder is and climb the ladder, climb down into the hole to get the Arrows and return to ground floor level. Go to the S side of the Pyramid, ground floor. The door will open when you use the Key, run in to the left onto the ledge and start shooting the Bear. In the stable NE is a vase and it holds some Arrows. Find the passage in the S behind the cages and climb in to get the Revolver. Get back and take the passage SE, look up in the first corner and find the place to pull up to, jump and grab to the break ledge SW and run off to the ledge in front to get Secret #2 (21), 2x Shotgun ammo and Revolver ammo around the corner. Drop down again and follow the passage S and look for a crawlspace right around the corner in the first stable, get a small medipack.

Puzzle for the Torch.

Go NW from where you got the Medipack and look up for a hole in the ceiling next to the wooden fence. Pull up E, follow through and in the next room shoot the Wasp first, then push the block in the NW corner to a Tile in the NE. On the block next to it is some Uzi Ammo.

The block in the SW can now be pushed to the Tile where the spikes where and a door opens in the E wall. Go and get the Torch in there and light it at the pillar torch, light the one on the back of the other pillar and the trapdoor the first block was on will open. Go down and get Flares, pull the lever in the alcove, the other trapdoor will open, go up again and down in the other trapdoor. Pull the lever and the purple gate in the stables will open now, so go back out E and just drop though the hole in the floor of the passage. Go into the passage NE from where you land.

The First Ignition Key.

Enter the room by running onto the ledge left (you will not burn) and drop down on the lower ledge, get the Uzi ammo and shoot the Bones in the pit under the spike ledge. Return and go over to the ledge the spikes were on ( donít pay any attention to the pedestal, it will finish you off) and look for the hatch in the ceiling, face W, open and climb up left. Stand at the edge and time your run past the burner and spikes. Go into the crawlspace and push the block there on to all of the Tiles once. Get back out of the crawlspace and take the Arrows straight ahead behind the pedestal. Now climb up to the red pedestal and get the First Ignition Key from it. Climb back down to the lava pit, go out and go into the passage NW in the first stable. Follow through and leave N to the Pyramid.

Out of Breath?

Go N from the Pyramid to that Deep pool where you got the Lasersight. Find a shallow pool NW of the Deep pool, grab the Uzi ammo and look for a tunnel in the bottom. Swim in W, down and keep to the right to get the Revolver ammo. Turn back a bit and swim in N, pull an underwater lever there that will open the door in the Deep pool. Roll and swim back through the tunnel to the shallow pool. Go E to the Deep pool and dive in, swim a bit into this new tunnel W and get out quick, a Croc will follow you so shoot him from dry land. Get back into the tunnel and follow to the room with the waterfall, shoot the Wasp and climb up to the ledge of the statue in the S. Face W and run jump with a curve into the passage SW to get the Revolver ammo and return, shoot the Bones in the pool and climb in to the passage behind the other statue, shoot the Bones there and both burners are off allowing you to climb up the ladder, explore the passage NW (next to the ladder) for a small medipack.

The Second Ignition Key.

Climb the ladder backflip to the platform and Stand jump/grab the break ledge S, hang to look ahead and pull up/run jump to the next platform SW. Pull up W and turn around, Stand jump/grab the ledge to the E and pull up. Run around the corner left and run (jump) right onto the ledge near the windows, shoot the vase to your right and get the Flares. Go W over the gap and push the block all the way in, hop back and get the Second Ignition Key. Now pull the block back once and go around the pillar to the back of the push block, push the block around and into the alcove in the NE. The door to the supply room W opens, so get Secret #3 (22), Revolver ammo, Arrows, a Large Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Return to the hallway, run N off the ledge over the gap onto the platform and then into the water below. Swim back to the Deep pool and climb out.

Use the First Ignition Key for the Bronze Key.

Go N when you leave the Deep pool and shoot the vase in the green pool, get the Uzi Ammo and go on to the top of the steps in the hallway to the N (a Bear attacks). Enter the first passage leading W and around the corner at the pit jump to the slope on your right hand, slide off backwards and grab, shimmy left and backflip into the passage. Turn and climb to the 1st floor, watch the flyby. Look on a pillar to the left for the receptacle for the Ignition Key and place the first one. It will open a gate in the passage behind you, turn around, climb the ledge to the plant and follow the passage. At the crossing, go right and through the crawlspace. In an alcove up to the right is a push block, push the block and get Secret #4 (23), Flares, Shotgun- and Revolver ammo and Arrows. Back and to the lower passage and down S to pull the lever.

Return through the crawlspace and into the door you opened in the SE passage. Drop to the ledge below and get ready for a Wasp, jump over to the ledge with the plant on the other side of the room and climb up E, kill the Wasp and get the Arrows. Return to the other side and follow the ledge S around the corner, jump over to the ledge with the plant SW and turn, shoot the wooden door N and jump into that place to pull the crowbar lever. Jump back to the other side and shimmy to the flat ledge in the SE to get some Revolver Ammo up in the SE corner. Go back and jump in to the passage on top of the slope in the S. Jump around the corner grabbing the edge at the open door (savegame.1)

Climb up to get the Bronze Key (a gate opens), go back and hang from the door opening at the pit, drop and immediately jump, hold the jump button to land in a passage below, turn around and climb the ledge E to get Shotgun Ammo from the crawlspace there. Go back out and out N.

Enter the next Pyramid room and find some Flares in the room in the S wall, you can enter via the ledge with the plant. Go to the NW of the Pyramid room and shoot out the wooden door to get the Shotgun and use it right away when you exit. Go over to the E to return to the Poolroom through the opened gate. Go over to the far NE corner, jump over a pit around the corner of a pillar and go into the passage in the NW. The block will rise behind you, look for some Revolver Ammo in the hole to your right and climb the ladder (S at the raised block) to the 1st floor.

Use the Second Ignition Key for the Silver Key.

To your right is the second pillar with a slot, so place the second Ignition Key. A gate opens, go S along the E wall and where the grey ledge starts look left and climb in to the passage and save at the pit.

Tough Jumps over the Lava Pit.

This one is very, very hard, but there is a trick you can use. When you save a game near a burner, and reload, the burner is normally off. So every time you reload, climb up a little and save again quickly. This way you go on a little bit every time and you can get past this difficult pit.

SoÖ Letís startÖYou have to jump to the lower slope and jump of that one to grab a ladder around the left corner, make sure you land on the right hand side of that ladder, immediately save. Reload and immediately climb up one or two grabs and save again. Go on like this till you are out of harms way over the slope to the right. (Before Jedi Master told me about this little trick, I jumped about a million times over this pit and burned every time.) (hereís a savegame.2 in case you want it, hold Ctrl as you load, because Lara is hanging on the wall).

Drop on to the slope and slide jump to grab the crack in the wall, shimmy right and pull up. Slide to the bottom and jump (no Ctrl) onto the next slope, slide to the bottom, jump onto the grassy slope and jump again around the corner to grab the ladder there. Climb up and stop before the spikes, shoot that wooden panel NE. Run through the spikes and burner to jump to the break ledge, run off to the slope on the right and slide jump/grab to the ladder, climb and slide/slide and jump to grab the ladder in front. Climb up all the way and turn to the right, jump to the crack in the wall and shimmy around to get the Revolver ammo from the crawlspace. Drop back out to the ledge below and climb up to the top of the ladder again. Now you have to (stand) jump into the passage NE, onto a slope. Jump and land aiming right onto a small slope over a pit, you will slide back, so grab the edge and pull up, backflip/roll/grab the ladder, climb to the right to just before the corner and back flip to a ledge to get some Shotgun ammo from a vase.

The Silver Key.

Jump back to the ladder and go around the corner, back flip to the ledge behind you, slide and jump onto the break ledge, quickly grab the ladder. run jump/grab over the next pit, pull up and slide onto a break ledge. Quickly jump and grab the next ledge, hang and pull up, run jump to the slope, slide and land on a break ledge side jump/right and land on a save ledge. Time your jump and run jump to the break ledge in front and run in to the passage, go through the crawlspace with the burners on top and get the Silver Key after jumping two pits. Back to where you entered the crawlspace and turn around to climb into the upper passage, the burners are off. Climb up at the open door and in the alcove in front are Arrows, go left and enter another room with 2 Wasps. Jump over to the top of the structure in the middle. Enter the passage in the S wall and climb the ladder, turn and use the monkey swing to reach the jump lever. It will open the gate in the W of the room so you can return to the Poolroom (SW).

From here go S to the Pyramid and to the NE corner of the pyramid. Go up to a grassy ledge between the top of all the slanted blocks. From here you can jump and grab over to the grassy ledge on the E wall left of the face sculpture (screenshot-01-ledge.jpg). Jump twice up SE to the opening behind the sculpture and use the Bronze Key to open the door. Save at the slide with the dark hole, slide down.


2-The Old Cistern. Revised 18-05-2010.

Slide and jump to the ladder, climb left and to the ledge to get the Uzi ammo, drop backwards off this ledge and climb left around to the passage S. At the entrance of the poolroom, try to shoot the Crocs from up here or go down into the water and get out on one of the ledges to your left in the pool. There are Arrows in the vase under water NE, find the tunnel in the S and swim in to pull the lever to the right at the crossing (it will raise a block at the entrance of the room). Swim back a bit and at the crossing straight E, climb out and get Secret #1 (24), Revolver- and Shotgun ammo and Flares. Back to the poolroom and swim into the tunnel leading W (to the right of the raised block), first swim up and get the small medipack from the vase on the ledge, swim down and follow the tunnel further to a room.

There you have to pull 2 under water levers and deal with another Croc, (if you let him follow you back to the poolroom first, it is easier to shoot him). The 2 levers open a gate near the entrance of the poolroom (above). Swim back to the poolroom, through the winding tunnel in the SE corner and get out, pull the lever and climb up W to get back to the top of the poolroom. Hop over the pit, jump over to the grey ledge. Run off S to land on the blue pillar and run jump to the jump lever.

Take the same route again (SE tunnel) and now climb into the open gate W at the blue pillar, jump the gap and slide backwards into the room of the 2 underwater levers. Shimmy to a ledge, pull up and jump over to get the Shotgun ammo S. Now pull 2 levers, the one in the SW and the one in the NE, the others are traps, the door in the poolroom opens. Shoot the Croc in the water below and swim back to the poolroom. Enter the room E and use the zip-line to go over the pit, just drop off and slide to the bottom.

Flood the Break Ledge Pit.

Jump SW to the ledge at the S wall and then to the pink slope in the center of the room, hang from the edge and shimmy left to the left corner of the break ledge, pull up. Turn left and jump grab up to the next, turn left again and pull up once more, this ledge is safe. Jump over to the ladder, drop onto the lower ledge and pull the lever. Go via the grey ledges W over to the other side of the room and do the same. Jump in to the now raised water and find 2 under water levers NE and SE. Use them to open the blue door in the NE and follow the tunnel, get out and shoot all vases there. Spikes will then stop where you have to go later, pick up the Revolver ammo from one of the vases. Go to the wooden door on top of the slope and shoot it out, jump in (boy oh boy) spikes everywhere, grab the ceiling and swing around to the SW corner of the room (only the part over the water isnít climbable). Hang over the opening at the open gate and drop, hang pull up as soon as the spikes below are down (the spikes in this opening were lowered by shooting the vases before). Run in and land on the slope below, jump/grab the lever and the trapdoor will open.

The Underwater Intersection.

Go in and take the small medipack and Flares from the first level, get some air. Dive down through the hole and swim into the tunnel to the S, go over the traps to pull a lever, go back to the pool. Now take the N tunnel, run past burner and spikes, shoot the wooden panel and get some Flares around the corner. Go back through the first spike trap, stand between the Spikes facing S and jump to grab up to the upper edge, pull up and go around the corner. Push in the block once, go to the N (notice the door in the corner) and push the next block E all the way in, the next block to your left (N) also, you have to push it E, so jump through the corner left of it.

That door is now open, go W to the door, jump left over the gap at the spikes and go around to enter N. Get the Revolver Ammo from the vase and pull the lever E (a door opens in the room with the balconies).

The Room with the Balconies.

Go back to the under water intersection and go into the tunnel W. Get out at the door you opened and watch the flyby of the room with the balconies, shoot the Wasps.

Jump over to the middle ledge and get some Uzi ammo from the N balcony. Then jump over to the W side of the room, there are Arrows in the NE balcony (side jump over the fence). Find the ladder in the hole in the middle of this ledge and climb down, follow and you are on ground floor. Stay on the ledges and look around for the Croc in one of the pools, shoot it now if you can and there are Flares in a shallow pool SE. Go over to the NW corner, jump in to the passage in the W wall and get Uzi Ammo, and then pull the lever, it floods a lava pit you will have to go over later. Go out and into the pool below, swim E to the NE pool and into the tunnel leading N. Get out and get the Arrows, climb up S, look a for a crowbar lever to the right and use it to open a gate on the 1st floor. Climb up S in this passage and go down the ladder under the trapdoor. Turn and jump with a grab to the lever in the S, use it to get a first screen of an under water gate. Drop into the water there and swim into the small tunnel S under the last lever, pull the under water lever (to flood the balcony room). Turn back and swim left to get back to the room with the balconies. On the balcony in the central pillar is a Large Medipack.

2 Golden Stars.

Swim to the SE and look for the triangular hole in the E wall under the gate on 1st floor, pull the second under water lever there and the gate to get a star opens up. Go up to SE corner 1st.floor, get the Flares and pull the lever behind the opened door (it will drain the water from the Star room). Swim into the tunnel in the S wall and follow up, get out and shoot the wooden panel, follow the passage and into the passage left. Swim through the flooded pit, pull the lever and head back for the door you saw before, pull the block once and go E into the water. Climb out NW and push the block W to get the First Star. Swim back to the room with the balconies and into the N tunnel, get the Revolver ammo and the Second Star.

Use the Stars for the Door.

Head back to the room with the balconies, 1st floor W side. Open one of the wooden fences there (NW or SW with crowbar) and pull the block out once, go over to the other fence and push the block behind it in, follow the passage to where you pulled the other block and place the First Star. On your way out pull the last used block into the opening of the crowbar fence. Go to the other side again and push the block in, follow the passage and place the Second Star. The gate in the passage leading W opens. Go in and jump to the ledge with the Revolver ammo in the vase, turn and run off to land on a lower slope, grab the edge and shimmy all the way left, pull up and back flip to the ledge behind you. Shoot the bones on the other side and the spikes stop, go pull the lever inside and get the Arrows, jump in the water and look for a triangular hole in the W wall for some Shotgun ammo, swim into the tunnel in the bottom and shoot the wooden panel in the next room.

Timed Blocks and a Jump lever.

Go through, run into the pit and jump to the break ledge, run jump to the next while shooting the wooden panel and run into the entrance of the next room. Shoot the bat and the Crocs in the pool. Now you have to raise some blue blocks in the E side of the room to get to the jump lever on a pillar E. On a ledge NW is Shotgun ammo, thatís also the place where you can climb back up to the ledges in case you fall into the water.

Start from the first ledge at the entrance, hop to the middle ledge in front (sound of a gate in the SE opening) and hop to the next ledge near the closed door. Turn right and jump to the blue pillar that raised there and on to the next blue pillar to the right, turn left and jump/grab for the jump lever (savegame.3). A ledge under the gate rises, swim NW and get out on the low ledge, take the Shotgun ammo if you didnít yet and repeat the whole sequence again, now jumping to the open door in the SE corner. Go in and jump grab over the pit, pull the block around the corner once and jump back over the pit. Go out to the blue pillar in front of the gate, turn left and jump to the other blue pillar (from under the highest part of the ceiling). Go in there, climb up to the right and pull the lever, the exit door opens N. Go to the ledge in front of that open door.

Jump Pillars.

run jump from the ledge into the door and slide/jump to the break ledge, run left around the corner and slide, jump and slide again to jump to a pillar in the middle of a room. Jump to the pillar in the W and to the higher pillar in the NW corner. Run jump and grab over to the opening in the E, run over the spikes and kill the Wasp. In the room S are 2 push blocks, move them N so you can reach and pull the levers behind them, the gate in the W opens on the bottom of the pit. Best start with the block next to the steam blower, move it to the right of the steam blower, pull the lever and then get the block S out. Run with a right hand curve into the opening S, slide and jump right onto the next slope, one more jump gets you back on that pillar. Jump SW into the alcove and climb down the ladder around the corner. Shoot the wooden panel and look right standing in the opening. To the right of that burner there you can see the corner of a block, run jump with a right curve around the wall to land on a ledge with Flares on it. Time the burner and jump into the gate, climb up the right hand ladder. Run around the corner at the burner and stop, Save there.

Burners and Blades.

The trick here is to stand in corners, shimmy and look at which side the blades hang, so you pass by on the other side, save a lot and on your way shoot the vase in the far left corner to stop the spikes on the last ledge (savegame.4). Donít go in the passage at the end, itís certain Death! Take the lower passage in the NW corner and climb the ladder to the right. Walk S, jump over a death tile to the ledge in the SW corner and find the Uzi ammo. Turn and run jump (donít grab) into the passage SE, over the pit and turn, climb up till you are in the green light. If you see only Laraís head over the slope behind you, back flip/roll and jump/grab the next slope. Pull up and slide, jump from the bottom to the next block. Slide jump and grab the ladder, go right over the small slope and drop slide and jump/roll/jump/grab the next ladder. Hang and see the flat ledge with the plant to your right, climb right around the corner and drop, back flip/jump/jump to that ledge.


Donít fool around with the burner, but run jump straight into the passage N. Shoot the panel and spot the Boulder there, slide and jump onto the higher floor in front, run to the hole on the right and pull the lever in there, roll, turn right a bit and stand jump out of the hole. run to the gate that opened behind you, get in before the ceiling kills you.


Run in and go right into the opening as a Boulder comes at you, stop just around the corner. Now go up the S slope where the Boulder came from, pull the lever. Back down and left at the crossing, run and jump W with a grab over a pit. Run straight on to the end of the passage and into a pit there. Get out again and S up the nearby slope. Get into the crawlspace and pull the lever, the gate on top of the middle slope opens and go to the lower passage. Jump over the pit and step on the bottom of the middle slope to trigger the Boulder, run straight off into the passage E and wait for the Boulder to go by. Go up the middle slope and follow the passage to the next room. Jump around the right hand corner to the ledge in the corner S and go push in the blocks to reach a lever.

The First Golden Vraeus.

2 pillars rise in another part of this room, so go out and jump N, then climb up E and jump over to a low ledge in the E. Jump to the pillar SE and to the next. Down E in the next room is a trapdoor you have to open. Go through the wooden panel and jump to the left ledge in the big lava room. Stand on the edge and shoot 2 Bones on the ledges SE and S, jump to the spike ledge E and to the next E. Then go for the save ledge along the E wall, wait there to shoot the Wasps and go jump over to the S ledge for the Flares. Walk to the SW corner near the flowerpot. Jump over the slope in the end of it and on to a flat ledge along the W wall next to the pillar (you can just see it from here).

Slide backwards off the grassy slope below this ledge and hang. Pull up and backflip/roll/grab the ladder under the wooden crate, climb up and shoot it, use the crowbar lever and flood the lava pit. Find the tunnel in the S at the bottom and flood the room some more with the under water lever there, swim out and to the SW corner of the room near the ledge you jumped to before and pull another under water lever there. A gate opens W, allowing you to get the First Golden Vraeus. Climb out onto the spike ledge N, jump onto the ledge W and from there SW to the open gate.

Go out N and right to the trapdoor and slide back to the Lost Empire.

Back in The Lost Empire.

Follow the passage, turn around at the slide and grab the edge as you slide into the pit, shimmy right and pull up. Follow the passage to the Pyramid and head N through the Pool room. Go into the hallway N again, the first passage W, through the room with the pit to climb back up to the 1st floor. Follow the path along the W wall going S and at the first big yellow Arch spanning the poolroom, go left onto the Arc and in the middle run jump over to the ledge on the stepped Arch in the S with the vase (a small medipack in it) and jump back N again. Continue following the W side path to the S. From the red ledge on the backside of the stepped Arch you can just see a grey ledge under that purple ornament. Go right there and a couple of Wasps will come out as you go over to the rooftop (left) and get some Flares in the vase E. Go to the SW to the top of the Pyramid room and youíll go off the grey stone floor onto a yellow floor. Jump E onto the slanted block with the snake statue. Turn around and jump W onto the grey block with the vase. Shoot that and get the Uzi Ammo. Look SW and jump over to a lower ledge with plants on it you can see between 2 grassy slopes. Then jump S around the corner to the next ledge. Climb up W and use your Silver Key to open the door and slide into:

3-The Hidden Valley. Revised 18-05-2010.

Let yourself slide into a passage, walk to a deep shaft with a pit. Turn around at the edge and hop backwards grabbing the edge, shimmy left till you can pull up at a plant. Follow the crawlspace to a wooden panel. Shoot it and go in to get Secret #1 (25), Uzi ammo, Flares, a Large Medipack and Revolver ammo and 2 x Shotgun ammo in the back end of the room. Go back through the crawlspace to the ledge with the plant. Drop to the ledge below and slide down.

Jump over to the ledge, with the statue and lamp, to your right. Look down SW and you can see a vase in an alcove, thereís a pickup there (screenshot- 03-slides.jpg). To get there, jump back to the grey floor E, run jump with a left curve into that opening left, youíll slide to a flat ledge. Face W and hop right around the corner to the ledge with the vase and get the Shotgun ammo from it. Slide down the rest of that slope and slide/jump over the next pits avoiding the Boulders. (Nice place, hospitable and all that).

run jump from the middle of this ledge to the far grassy slope on the left so youíll slide back and hang in the pit next to the burner, shimmy right and pull up. Get on the left grey ledge and jump to the opening higher up. Continue to the pool and watch the nice flyby giving a little hint of where to go.

The Temple Cave.

Go left and take the Revolver ammo from the vase at the waterfalls. Go up SW and enter the cave to the S. Deal with some Natives in here and go for the wooden panel S, get Uzi ammo from the vase to your left and jump over the pit to the panel. Inside shoot the door in the crawlspace and jump over the pit, run past the burner and pull the lever to open a door. Go back to the cave and keep to the right to get to the door you opened in the E wall where you met those Natives. More of them may attack when you go for the door.

9 Stage Push Puzzle for the First Ignition Key.

In the 1st room, push the golden block in the E in all the way and then the one in the S. Walk around NE to the 1st block and push it N all the way (thatís 1). Now go to the other block and pull it back to the and into the place where the 1st block was before. Go around and push it to the Tile in the 1st room (thatís 2).

In the 2nd room, shoot the panel E and push the block behind it in all the way (thatís 3) and the one left of it also (this one goes on a Tile later). Back to 2nd room and pull out the block SE and to the right once, enter the passage and shoot the panel left, go W and around to push out the block in the NW to a Tile in the NW corner (thatís 4), turn right and push the other block once, go around and push it to the 2nd Tile in this room (thatís 5). Go back S to the passage where you shot the wooden door and push in the block in the S wall all the way into the burner room, walk around to the right side of it and get the Torch over the pit. Notice the gate with the Ignition Key behind it and return to where the wooden panel was, ignite your torch here, drop it for a moment. Now push the block E there in onto the Tile (thatís 6) and ignite the torch on the wall there. The door in the end of this passage opens, allowing you to get to the block that was unfinished, pull it once. Go out of this passage and keep going right till you come to that block again. Pushing it E on the Tile (thatís 7) triggers a door in the room with the Ignition Key (for a Secret).

Head back S to the burner room (where you got the Torch) and take the left passage. Jump over the burner and in front are spikes we have to de-activate. Go into the crawlspace left, open the hatch and climb up, get the Uzi Ammo from the vase and push the block NE to the Tile in front of the green wall SE (thatís 8). Find the hatch in the SW, open and enter the crawlspace, run past the burner and pull the lever at the trapdoor. Trapdoor opens, go in and push the block (W) you put in front of the green wall all the way W into the corner, the lever in the burner room is now activated (thatís 9). Go back there (NW) and open the gate to the Ignition Key with that lever S of the crawlspace. Go N over the burner and left around over the other burner. Go into the open gate and take the First Ignition Key, the door on the other side of the room is the one you opened before.

Go in for Secret #2 (26), 2x Shotgun ammo, a Large Medipack, 2x Arrows and Revolver ammo. You are finished here so get back N and out to the Temple Cave, deal with the Natives. Step into the pool and go right of the big pillar and climb the ledge to your right, where the animal skin is. Get the Uzi ammo from the vase, go down and to the NW pillar in the pool, deal with the Native on your way over there.

Dangerous Route to the Second Ignition Key.

Climb the ledge with the vase NW, get the Uzi ammo from it and look down in the pool on the N side to spot the trapdoor under water. Open it (face S) and go in to pull the lever to open a hatch, when you get out, a Dino bird is waiting for you. Go to the NE side of the room and up the N ramp, you will meet some Wolves. At the long waterfall you can shoot both wooden panels E, pull both levers to raise blocks and deal with a couple of Dino birds. Go down S a bit to the push blocks in the pillars right and left and push the blocks on the ledges you raised so you can pull the levers. A pillar rises under that open hatch. Go N up the ledges and find the passage to the left of the orange door. Go in and monkey climb over the pit keeping on the high side of the ceiling and time the passing of the burner. Pull the lever in there to open that orange door and return outside. Turn left and enter the orange door and go past spikes and blades to the other side just in front of the last spike ledge, stand in the middle and time the spikes, run jump to grab the first break ledge and then a running jump to the next and one more running jump (grab) into the passage (You need some luck here! Or a savegame.5).

Slide and jump over the pit, go to the spike trap. Run over the spikes, slide and jump/grab the ladder, climb up in the left corner at the steam blower and run into corner of the walls. Turn right and run jump when the burner is down to grab the ladder in front, climb around to the right and climb up the green ledge, turn NW and jump to grab the higher ledge around the corner. Climb backwards down the other side and shimmy right to the break ledge, pull up and run onto the ledge to your left. Climb up in the right hand corner, turn left and run jump around to the left ledge and past the steam blower there.

Poison Pit, Timed Pillar Puzzle.

Drop into the room with the poisoned pit. Climb the ladder on the N wall, turn SW and shoot the ball on the ceiling. One of the doors opens S. Pull the lever here and a pillar rises NE. Stand jump over to that pillar and a pillar W goes up, so turn, run jump/grab the pillar in the W and grab in the right hand corner, pull up and turn run jump to the next rising pillar in the SW corner so you can jump to the jump lever on the S wall. Go to the ladder again and do the same, but now jump from the SW pillar to the central pillar and over to the jump lever on the E wall. Drop and grab the edge of the pit and backflip to the centre ledge. Again onto the pillar and now you donít have to do the timed ones, simply jump and grab the pillar S to get into the open door in the SE corner (E wall). Pass burners and spikes to get the Second Ignition Key.

Use the Ignition Keys for the 2nd Golden Vraeus.

Go back out and jump into the door in the S wall and slide back to the poolroom, shoot the Native and go S down the long waterfall. Go to the NE pillar in the pool and climb up to the open hatch. Climb up and use the crowbar lever to drop some ropes from the ceiling. 3 Dino birds attack, deal with them and explore the roof for some Uzi ammo NE, Revolver ammo SE. Go back to the crowbar lever and W are the ropes. Jump to the 1st rope and swing for the 2nd. Turn left and aim for the yellow vase on the ledge to the SW. Swing and jump to the corner of this ledge (can be tricky, you shouldnít swing to high! savegame.6). Place both Ignition Keys and enter the gate that opened. Go get your 2nd Golden Vraeus. Head back out.

Getting Back!

Take the other gate that opened now and at the pit slide and jump to grab the edge of the break ledge, hang and shimmy right around the corner. Pull up and run jump to the opening in the wall (at the closed door), up into the higher opening NE to pull a lever and Stand jump to grab the ladder W. Climb to the other side of the room and at the top of the ladder back flip into the other opening to pull next lever. Run on to lower ledge NW and go in to pull the lever, get the Revolver ammo from the vase and make your way over to the other side of the room again, enter the spike room and get the Shotgun ammo. Behind the chair, push in the block, take the Uzi ammo and go for the lever as the spikes went down. The gate under the ladder is now open.

Climb there and hang over the opening, drop/grab and climb in and exit. Youíll come to a deep pit with the slopes everywhere, stand one step back and Stand jump to the flat ledge with the plant (left or right, which is up to you, the route is the same through this pit, it is symmetrical). Now over to the slope on the W wall in front of you along N or S wall, so you slide to the break ledge below. Turn to the middle of the room, run off to the break ledge below and Stand jump to the exact center of the slope on the E wall (the one under the entrance of the room) slide down and hang. If you land to the right or left to much you will be killed by the Spikes.

Better save again. Pull up and back flip/roll and Stand jump/grab forward off the ledge as soon as you land aiming to one side or the other (Video_3-pit.wmv). Slide down to bottom of the slope and jump a little right or left (again this will depend on the side you chose) and jump to the opening in the middle past the spikes down there. Immediately jump forward again and run onto the next slide below. Slide down the exit and to:

Back in The Lost Empire.

Follow the passage, turn around at the slide and grab the edge as you slide into the pit, shimmy right and pull up. Follow the passage to the Pyramid and head N through the Pool room. Some Wolves might attack. Head to the hallway in the N of the poolroom, this time go straight down N and place the 2 Golden Vraeuses.

The Big doors open and you can go to the next level.                        to the The Forgotten World.