The RUSSIA 2 Series (remastered version).

Levels by DNF (Donald Forgues).

Walkthrough by D&G Productions (revised Jan 12-2012, new version of the levels)

To get the saves/screens mentioned in the walkthrough, download this folder please

                                 Shortcuts to the separate levels:  To go back to this menu, use the back button in your bowser.
 Level 2: Restricted Sector A  Level 6: Mystic Dreams.  Level 10: Escape from Moscow
 Level 3: Mines Complex  Level 7: Restricted Sector B  Level 11: Bonus: Dark Dungeon II
 Level 4: Ice Man Palace  Level 8: Maximum Security  
 Level 5: Forbidden Castle.  Level 9: Water World  

Beautiful opening movie.

Level 1 - Powellís hidden base.

As we have no compass in the 1st level, giving directions will be a bit hard, but I will do the best I can.

The levels are not neatly separated, they all overlap each other and are not in the order the author listed them, can be a bit confusing.

The Factory Yard, the Silver Key.

When you are dropped by the Heli, you are looking in the direction you have to go, look down and see the small wooden shack in the corner, but first shoot 2 guards from up here and drop down to kill the Dog. Go to the shack and notice the 2 big doors to the left, climb the roof of the shack and go up to the right hand roof, turn and see the opening in the wooden structure. Run jump into the opening and find the switch to the left, pull and back to the roof you came from, go on to the building in front of you and enter the room with the 2 yellow boilers. Shoot the bold eagle and look for the opening allowing you to run jump left around to the next roof. Stay on the lower roof and go right, run jump to the roof over the yard, youíll see a yellow door to the right on opposite side, go there and shoot the Eagle on the way, open the door and get the Silver Key from the desk to the left, go on to the last office and get the small medipack from the table. Return to the yard, by dropping from the gray duct next to the yellow door and go to the room under the room with the 2 yellow boilers. Open the door there with the Silver Key.

The Pass-Key, the Snowmobile.

Go in, to the right and pull the switch, youíll see a trapdoor opening up, open the wooden door at the end of the passage (weíll be back here later, with a fuse you need here). Go back out to the yard, look for the big water reservoir in the center and climb on to the base, between the steel pillars on the side of the Heli, find the ladder and climb down, open the door and roam the offices for Uzi ammo (toilets) and the Pass-Key (on the right hand desk upstairs). Get out, climb back up at the trapdoor and side jump from between the pillars and go to the big door near the small shack you climbed, get in and pull the switch to the left, go to the crate opposite the entrance and push it to get some Flares, behind the other crates in here you will find the valve for the Nitro feeder, remember, you need the crowbar first to pry it off the wall, go outside and to the right, enter the next big doors you opened and shoot the boxes to the left for a small medipack, hop on the snowmobile and go out and right, into the tunnel, follow straight and reach the gate with the door.

Research area 1.

Open it with the Pass-Key and go to the end of the yard, shoot another Eagle and look for the steel plated building with the flags on top, to the right of it are some crates, shoot the one on the metal crate and climb over to the next area with the dogs, go climb the crates on the right, so you can shoot the crate on the corroded structure, take the Fuse and go back down. On a steel crate in the middle of this area is Uzi ammo. Jump back over the crate enter the plated building with the flags for some Uzi ammo and go in the direction of the snowmobile, open the last gray door on the right, to shoot two boxes with Uzi ammo and a Medipack in it.

The Factory Yard.

Take the snowmobile back to the factory yard, you can't take the same tunnel, so go right, then left around the corner and make speed going along the left hand wall to jump over the pool behind the slope. Take a left and then right to the yard. Go under the floor with the yellow boilers, through the open door and drive straight into the room where you have to put the Fuse, go around the transformer so the snowmobile is pointing to the exit, place the fuse and hop on the snowmobile, wait for 2 guards to enter the room and as soon as you see them in the passage, run them over with the snowmobile, one of them drops some Shotgun ammo, go outside and to the left, drive into the big doors that opened and keep to the right, run over the baddy and make a U turn, to go out again, wait for the next baddy to patrol the area inside and do the same to him. Leave the snowmobile in the entrance there, (not in the hall itself or it will stand in the way later) and go into the hole in the grating, go left to the 3 pumps and find the switch on the center one, donít pull yet, but save here.

Timed Run for the 2nd Silver Key and Crowbar.

This is a very hard timed run, lets do the route first and you have to open a door on 1st floor. Back to the place you left the snowmobile and climb to 1st floor on the side of the pumps, go right and follow to the black pillar, look for the ladder behind it and go up, forward a bit and jump up to grab the monkey swing under the bridge, go over to the other side (you can spot the timed door in front on the upper level) and pull the switch, enter the door and go to the right at the crossing. Go behind the metal box to the right and get the 2nd Silver Key, climb the box, turn around and then up onto the balcony there, get the small medipack and head back out to the crossing.

Go right and open the door to get some Ammo in the toilets, a baddy will appear, do him in and go right at the crossing again, here you have to go in the timed run, go around the steel crates (thereís some Shotgun ammo on the floor), roll in front of the wooden crate so youíre with your back to it and stand jump/grab forward up into the hole to 3rd floor, in front of you are red moving pillars (go down now if you want to save with the door on the first floor open, all the goodies in your possession and the pillars in the right position, save in front of the switch and go back up to explore the rest of the route), you can make your way through, easy, when you stand on the right side and just sprint in a straight line, do the same when you come here in the timed run, if you save here now, be sure to keep the switch save separate.

Once through the pillars (you can sprint through in one go), go right and follow the passage, a little to the right, then to the right  and to the wooden crate, you have to run jump over and go over the bridge to the door. This was the route, I did it in 2 goes. Now take the switch save and have a go at it (savegame.0). Inside the door, you will be attacked by a couple of baddies and look for the Crowbar one of them will drop. Check the rest of the room for 2x Shotgun ammo. Go back over the bridge and left behind a crate is Uzi ammo.

The Valve Pipe.

Now make your way down to the snowmobile and go back to the Research area, after you made a detour to the garage where you pulled the switch for the snowmobile, to get the Valve Pipe, remember? (In the far corner behind the crates)

Go to the wooden shack, up the roofs again and in the room with the 2 yellow boilers, open one of the brown metal doors on your left with the Crowbar, get the Ammo and the Uzi. Back to the snowmobile and through the icy tunnels to Research area 1.

Research area 1, the Nitro.

Just through the open door, you can open the door right with the Silver Key and go up to the office, find the switch in the far corner and pull it, a door opens, go out again and right/right and over the barbed wire, open the steel door with the Crowbar and head into the door you just opened with the switch. Turn around and climb up to see the switch to the right in front, go to the left to explore the next timed run, follow the passage past a closed door to the next, this is the one, back to the switch and do the timed run, the next door will automatically open (savegame.1). In next room are 4 switches that will open a door in the office, use those first. Only then go to the Medipack on the floor, stand facing the exit and take the Medipack, the alarms go off, get the hell out and to the yard, back over the barbed wire and right/right, to open another steel door, follow the passage up. Grab some Shotgun ammo in the corner of the control room and open the wooden door, out and over the bridge.

Open the door in front and throw the switch inside, drop from the bridge and into the gray door you opened below, get the Nitro canister from the table in the corner next to the Coke machine.

For the secret, go back to the room with the 4 switches (over the barbed wire). Run for the left switch on the other side, roll and pull both at the door, watch your health, get out and go for the open door in the passage. Inside youíll get Secret #1, the Shotgun, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Go back to the snowmobile, combine the Nitro with the valve pipe and mount them on the snowmobile, go into the ice cave again, right, over the pool, right, run down the guard on the bridge over and follow, left and one more left to get to a major jump. Stand left, far back and get the snowmobile fired up, use sprint and over the jump, hit the brakes (savegame.2).  

Research area 2, the Factory Key.

Around the corner and open the door, get in and get the Medipack from the box, out and around the corner, kill the Dog and guard, and open the door with the Pass Key. Enter the wooden shack in the yard by shooting the lock with your pistols, get the Uzi ammo on the box and shoot the red light over the fusebox on the other wall (it will raise a block to reach a monkey swing later on), turn and shoot the guard that came in. Go out and left, around the big chasm and to the building with the door, open and use the switch upstairs to raise part of the crane portal. Get out and deal with 2 Guards, one of them drops the Garage Key (in the corner of the buildings are some crates, climb onto the highest and do a run jump to the balcony on the building past the black pillar, get the small medipack and go down), just past the wooden shack in the direction of the snowmobile, youíll find the Garage. Open it and go right inside.

Climb up using the crate get some Uzi ammo lying up there and follow the path, kill 2 Baddies take Shotgun ammo and use another switch which will raise another piece of the crane portals, go down and to the box raised between the crane portals when you shot the red light, get on it and jump/grab under the crane portal, swing over the chasm and go to the right, drop and enter the door, get the Factory Key from the desk on the left and some Uzi ammo from the box, back out and stand on the snow hill on the left, jump up and grab the crane portal, go back to the door you opened for the first switch and drop to the ground. Back to the snowmobile and over the jump, (left side again) and right everywhere to get back to the yard. Take a right and at the end right again up the grey steel floor. Leave the snowmobile here and go in to the door at the beginning of the timed run (near the pumps).

The Factory, the Fuse Breaker.

Get in and kill a couple of baddies on 1st floor when they show themselves, but our main goal is to open the trapdoor in the water filled basin in the center. Go to the back of this hall, go into the water and swim to the right, stay one block from the bottom and swim through 2 narrow gaps, pull the lever and get back to climb the ladder to 1st floor. Dive into the pool and into the open trapdoor, pull the lever and dive into the newly opened trapdoor and from the main tunnel. Go into the first left, pull a lever and go into the open door, up and kill a baddy near the water pumps. There's something missing on one of the pumps. Pull a switch in the opposite corner to open a door and go back to the main tunnel, go right / left and pull a lever, back to the main tunnel take a right and go to the end, follow to the next pool. Get out and enter the storage room, kill 2 baddies and one of them (the 2nd) drops the Fuse Breaker (small item, donít miss it), get it and enter the door to get some Uzi ammo. Head back to the room with the water pumps (main tunnel; last opening to the right) and put the fuse breaker in the left pump, see the blades stop. Go to the main tunnel, rake a right and then up at the trapdoor and go forward to the propellers, to the right and let yourself be taken to the next level.

Level 2 - Restricted Sector A. Compass is back.

Pump rooms, the Pump Access Card.

Try to swim as high as you can when you reach the propeller room, go into the 2nd tunnel to the right, youíll get back to the 1st tunnel in a while, get out W and open the airlock. Wait in the next corridor to kill 2 Guards that will come for you, take the Pump Access Card and a small medipack, open nearby door and turn the valve S. Go to the passage E and look where you have to go later, there is a Fuse room with Fuse boxes on the wall, 2 yellow and 3 blue ones. Back to the passage where you shot the Guards and go left, do not get in front of the passage to the left yet, there is a Sentry Gun, to the right thereís a ladder up. But you cannot reach it yet, you have to pull a switch first, make your way back to the propeller room and make a left U-turn into the 1st tunnel. Follow through and swim up, open the airlock and go in to shoot 2 Guards. Take some Shotgun ammo and go into the long room with the computers, to the right and open the airlock.


Seaplane Docks, Yellow Fuse.

Shoot the Guard that will start shooting you on the small platform to the right (you will have to jump to this platform later), next to the plane and look for the small control room to the left, climb up to the roof, find a Medipack behind the crates and pull the switch on the wall (brings up a ladder at the Sentry Gun corridor). Get down and inside the control room is a switch that will open a trapdoor leading back to the corridor with the Sentry gun, go follow and up the ladder NW. Climb it along the right hand side, otherwise youíll be in the line of fire. Shoot the bloke thatís guarding the platform and take the Yellow Fuse he will drop. Go to the Fuse room (down the ladder, into the room S and left into the passage) and put it in the right hand yellow box (SE), only one box will take it, so thereís no mistake to be made. Back to the Seaplane docks (passage S), an under water gate opened (just under the platform you got the Fuse from), so dive in and follow to a platform on 1st floor, go right and find a switch near the control panel in the end. (Saw the poor blokes?, wonder what they did to themÖ).


To the Plane, a Security Card and the 1st Ventilator Fuse.

This will open a door on the 1st floor platform on the other side of the docks. Back to the water and to the plane, look under the Plane for a pull out lever in the bottom of it (just behind the wings, difficult to spot) and a trapdoor opens in the roof of the plane Go back to the platform S, climb out and go left, the door will open for you. Go upstairs and take care of that Guard, follow the room to the loading area N and climb the crate on the right, to get to the monkey swing, go all the way over to the other side.

In this loading dock there is no crate under the monkey swing, go into the room (SW) and pull the left hand crate once, go around and get the 2nd Uzi, turn and shoot the crate N, climb over the next and go pull the switch in a passage behind it. A crate comes down and precisely under the monkey swing (talking about coincidence). Climb the crate, run jump to grab the monkey swing and go to the plane, drop where the monkey swing gets lower, walk to the front of the plane to find the trapdoor and climb down, go to the front of the plane (S) and take care of the Guard, take his Security Card and pull the switch on the pillar on your way out, go to the back of the plane and into the trapdoor there, check the storage rack for the 1st Ventilator Fuse and get 2x Uzi ammo on both sides behind you, back up and to the left wing of the plane, do a run jump (donít stand too close under the platform over your head, or you will not go high enough to reach the corner of the platform) to the small platform the 1st Guard was on and get Secret #2, the Bonus Key he dropped. Hop over the fence into the dock, climb out S and go into the trapdoor in the control room SW.

Go back to the corridor at the Fuse room and go right, head to the red security box on the W wall and use the card to disable the Sentry gun.


Burner Alley, the 2nd Ventilator Fuse.

Enter the door to the left and climb to the 1st floor in the left corner, climb the block in this corner and grab up to the block S, pull up over and jump to the next, jump again and grab the crack. Depending on how much time you have, either hang left in the corner and wait or shimmy right as far as possible before pulling up in the crawlspace. Follow through, up a ladder and go to the right at the pit, grab the Uzi ammo and drop down in the pit, follow through to a large pit.

Donít use the chain, but run jump to the left, so youíll land on the grated slope to the left sliding back, grab the edge and shimmy to the chain, wait till you see the burner stop under you and drop, land on a slope, slide off and grab the next youíll land on, pull up and back flip into an alcove, go stand in front of the next chain and jump/grab it. Go down to the bottom past the burners and turn to face the room, so you can see where to go, thereís a flat ledge and an opening in the right hand wall, now turn with your back to the flat ledge and go up with Laraís head one block up from the slope under you, back flip when you see the burner stop and turn to the opening, stand jump/grab and go run in, past the Guards, or they will push you back, shoot them and search the center rack for the 2nd Ventilator Fuse. Exit and go to the room with the Big tank, dive in the pool and pull the lever, follow the tunnel and get to the platform at the plane.


Beyond the Sentry Gun, a Yellow Fuse and the Solderer Access Disc for the 3rd Ventilator Fuse. 

Go down to the Sentry Gun and this time go into the second opening left to get the Shotgun ammo. Then follow the passage further on to a big hall, on the other side is a glass wall, go to the right and shoot the Guard around the corner. Take his Shotgun ammo and go on, the door will open for you and another Guard will start to shoot, this one will drop the last Yellow Fuse, you'll be back here, but for now go back to the Fuse room. Put the Yellow Fuse in the Fuse box (left side E). The door besides the glass panel will open to the room with the big Circuit board, go there and into the back room, pull the switch and an Android will appear (so this is what they do to those poor blokes in the cages), just let him pass and follow, he will open the door in the room where you got the last Yellow Fuse, AND push the alarm, which will alarm all Guards and put up a Sentry Gun in the Big hall at the glass wall, get the Solderer Access Disc from the rack in the room the Android opened and go back to the room with the circuit board, shoot 2 Guards on the way and get the Shotgun ammo from one of them, sprint past the Sentry guns. To the right of the switch that brought out the Android, is a Computer terminal, use the disc there to activate the machine in the other room, it will open the small pyramid and bring out the last Ventilator Fuse. Sprint E past the Guns and go to the Fuse room, put all Fuses in, go out to the corridor, turn right around corners and swim to the Propeller room. Stay high and to the right, pull the lever and go left and into the gate that opened on the right near the propeller (timed; so be quick- savegame.3), follow the tunnel and get out. Open the airlock W and shoot 2 Guards, get the small medipack and go on down a ladder to the office.



Open the outside door, wait for the guards to come in and shoot them. Go out and go left, to the garage on the right, shoot the guard and take the Uzi ammo and now thereís one more guard on a watch tower to the other side of the complex. Go out and to the right, hop over the barbed wire and shoot the crate to get the Medipack. Hop back and sprint W and left till you are under the watchtower and climb up, go shoot him, go back inside the tower and use the Bonus Key to open the storage room. Drop down and go in W to get a small medipack, (No Ammo?? Getting low on Ammo here!) and a new Bonus key. Thereís another door on the other side of the watchtower you will open later. From leaving the storage, go left/left and into the passage there, shoot the Guard, past the fence, just before the barbed wire, climb onto the gray rocks next to the black pillar, turn and jump over the fence, pull the switch and go inside, left and shoot the metal box, get another Shotgun and leave the room SW, go over the barbed wire into the tunnel N.

Level 3 - The Mines Complex.

Loading Area.

You will enter next level, go to the opposite wall as you reach the tracks, a little left and up into the crawlspace, follow to other tracks and go left (SE) up the sloped track to reach the loading area. Kill an Eagle and walk on over the track in the end to the right, just behind the pillar the track rests on, is a lever. Use it to open a gate on the upper track, other side. Follow the high track N and to the left behind the containers is a small brown container, get on and run jump/grab to the big pile of containers, run jump to the track and turn left, enter the control room and pull the level W, the yellow car on the track moved, go there and jump E to the platform with the cranes to get 2x Uzi ammo. Jump back to the track and look W, run jump/grab to the ledge with the lever and pull, the gate below the control room N opens. Go in and shoot 2 metal crates to the left, get into the crawlspace, drop down when you got past the steam blowers and get ready to fight 2 Guards, one is on the roof to the right. A bold eagle will show up too.

The Bronze key.

To the right over the crates are 2 gates, go to the 2nd and it will open, a wooden door is to your left, turn and shoot the metal crate on the wooden one in the NE corner, go over and get the Shotgun ammo between the 2 wooden crates, shoot next metal one and go on till you reach the other corner with the Uzi Ammo. As you take it, the wooden door opens and a guard will come out to open the gate on the other side of the yard. Go back outside and deal with 2 Guards, an Eagle and another Guard as you enter the storage on the other side of the yard. This one will drop the Bronze key, go up the stairs and into the office, find the hole to climb to the attic and get some Shotgun- and Uzi ammo.

Return through the crawlspace in the alley N to the first loading area and head S. Look right and there are some fuse boxes with a keyhole between them next to the gate, open the gate and go in. Find the hole to the 1st floor on the other side of the room and use the grating in the wall to back flip there, shoot the widows and run jump/grab tot the right (SW), onto the metal structure, then left and to the yellow building, get Secret #3, the Ammo. Get back to those windows N and jump from the SE corner to the ladder on the yellow pillar SE. Climb around left and shoot the first crate to find the lever, pull it and get to the ground floor, the gate at the first lever you pulled here is now open (SE). Enter the garage, go past the truck and get the Battery on the table next to the red machine. Turn left and pull the left hand gray rack out so you can get behind it, crawl to Secret #4, a Medipack and Eagle clips.

The Loading Docks.

Go back out and follow the tracks W to where you started the level, up through the crawlspace N. Where you drop from the crawlspace, head W, (pretty ancient equipment, for somebody thatís making Androids, referring to the locomotive youíll pass). Get into the fenced off area N at the loading dock and turn right, climb the 2nd metal crate and go over the wooden ones behind it, pull the lever and get to the door you opened behind a metal crate NE. Go straight and use the Bonus key in the lock in front, enter the gate next to you and claim Secret #5, the Blue Diamond in the metal crate on top of the wooden one in the corner, shoot it first. Back out and W into the next area with all the metal crates, some are movable, get them far out of the way, because there is a door behind them you will have to reach with a timed run from the room left this one (with the wooden crates).

Push the left crate in all the way, get the Shotgun ammo from under, the next wonít move, the 3rd push once and to the 1st crate, now youíll see a crate in the N wall, pull it out and all the way to the 2nd crate, see the door?  Move your operation to the next room and get both crates in the far W out as far as you can, look if the route is free and go pull the jump switch next to the steel gate (SW), roll and sprint to the door, get inside (savegame.4). Shoot the metal crate and pull the lever, take the Shotgun ammo after climbing onto the crates and get out of here. Go out SE and climb the wooden ladder E to get back over the pile of crates into the loading area. Go W and climb over the TNT crates on the right to get  into the door you opened. NW is a door which will open for you and climb the ladders to reach the top of the loading docks, find some Shotgun ammo left and spot the passage in the middle of the S wall. Go in and drop into the machine room, put the Battery in itís place in the SW corner and go back, pull the lever to open the door. If the door is already open after placing the Battery, don't use the lever. In case you did, step back on the tile where you placed the Battery and it will open again.

Through the door and go into the right hand room to get some Flares, return N to the loading docks and go left, up the platform NW and pull the lever next to the gate, inside pull another one and the wooden gate will open W. Back out to the tracks.

Into the Mine, Boulder Alert!

Go in W and follow the arrows, go right at the crossing and hop over the red striped fence to get Secret #6, Shotgun ammo. Go follow the track again (S) and wait for the boulder to fall in the pit, jump over and go up a bit, roll and run jump back, over once more and at the alcove turn around, do 4 back hops and sprint back into the alcove. Now it's safe to follow up to the Track room.

The Track Room.

Youíll see a room under the office to the right and a passage under that, go one floor down and to the side of the big fans (S), jump into the passage and go to the melting pit.

The Smelting Pit, the Circuit Board. (see Meltingpit.jpg)

To the left is a lever which will stop the burner on the near by block for a while.

From the switch roll and run to the first burner, climb up in the corner and turn quick, climb down and roll, run and climb on the block in the corner. Turn and drop down on the floor that will trigger the next burners to stop, quickly get over the left corner of it. Run around the next block and climb onto the left corner of the block N, turn and drop into the space behind it. Climb up to the floor above and find a lever in the N, it will stop the burner on a block S for a while. Quickly get there and grab the Circuit Board from the burner. Go to the E wall and get into the crawlspace, go through to the start of the room, back to the track room.

The Circuit Wire.

Go down the tracks to the one with the fences, find the crack in the N wall, jump/grab and go to the right, drop one crack and right again, pull up in the crawlspace and go to the room with the containers. Look for a kind of ďRemote Control (1)Ē in the N alcove, shoot it and look on the other side of the room for a hatch in the ceiling, open it and go up to open the door. Remember that this is the way to get back up from below. Get back to the crawlspace and drop from the crack to a sloped pillar in the NE corner, look W and see another Remote control behind the grating, leave it for now. Hop SW to the ledge at the pillar and use the monkey swing to go S, drop to the wooden crates and get down one crate, go to the metal crates N from here and get the Circuit Wire on the left one. Runjump to the wooden crates in the N and go down to the floor, into the store room in the NE, find the Remote (2) and shoot it, in the N wall is another store room with a Circuit board on the right, place the Circuit Wire there to open the gate at the Remote you saw first. Now shoot the Remote (3) on the crate N, now we go back up for the last. Climb the wooden crates you last came down from and jump to the concrete slope on the W wall, shimmy left till you are over the crane hook and back flip to the metal crates, go up for the monkey swing and to the sloped pillar in the NE corner, with your back to the E wall, standing left, take one step down and start shooting, the Remote (4) should break now. It will blow a hole in the S wall, ground floor. So drop down, make your way S and enter the icy caves. Go left at the dark pillar.

Level 4 - Ice Man Palace.

Main Hall, the Palace Key.

Take a small medipack from the altar left, enter the door that opens for you and an explosion will cause 2 Ice Man to emerge, shoot them, go E and deal with the next which will come out to play. Go back to the W and in the center of the Main Hall are 3 little altars. Go to the 2nd from the entrance of the palace and go into the opening left, left of the two wooden doors is a crowbar gate to open, go in to get the Medipack and throw the lever NW. Back to the Main Hall and left to the 3rd altar and W there, enter the room in the end, (is this guy sticking his tongue out at you?) stand on the left side of the face and jump grab the ledge up, go to other side and stand next to the statue, facing E, run to the statue and curve left so you can jump from the tip of the higher ledge of the statue and grab the ledge under the next statue, jump/grab the ladder and go up, there is a button that doesnít work (yet) and a lever SW, pull that and go back to the Main Hall.

To the S and around the corner is a statue with green flashing light, shoot the head off and a rope appears between 1st and 2nd altar. Turn into the passage E and go past the gate with the poor bloke, upstairs and donít pull the lever to the right yet, go on and find 2 more in the next section. Between the levers is a keyhole (for later), turn around and jump to the roof of the 2nd altar, use the rope (donít go down the rope, just turn a little to the right or left and jump off after a few swings, there is a hole in the roof, donít fall in. Get the Palace Key and return to the key hole between the switches and use the key.

The Torch.

Turn left from the keyhole and follow the passage to a room with 2 ladders between pillars, climb the left one and be careful, darts will start. Crawl to the left and around the corner to the pedestal, stand in the right hand corner and take the Torch from it. Turn back to the exit and throw the Torch as far as you can, go after it and when it is under the darts, remember you can pick it up and throw when you are in the crawling position. Make your way to the ladder and throw it down, go after and get it, down to Main Hall. In the floor of the 2nd altar is a trapdoor, open it (face S) and throw the Torch down. Go climb after and go over to the other side to light it on the wall torch S, follow the dark passage W of the wall torch. Drop down into the Main Hall.

Go upstairs again (E) and run jump to the roof of the 2nd altar, bringing the Torch, drop it on the roof and shoot the left black/yellow window in the W wall. Take the Torch in there and go up, behind the pole is a block, stand against it, jump up and hit the #1 key to drop the Torch on the block.

Climb onto the block, throw the Torch NE into the passage and get there too. Take the Torch and go up to an unlit wall torch, ignite it and a block will go up somewhere (S end of this passage under a receptacle). Go back with the Torch and throw it over the blocks to get back to the pole.

Leave the Torch there for now and go up the pole, back flip to the passage and jump over to the door on opposite of the lever (no need to use the lever), place the Blue Diamond (so this is what it was for) and enter the room to claim Secret #7, the Bonus Card. Go back down to your Torch and go down to the Main Hall. To the 1st altar, go in  W and left to find the 2 snake statues and light them to open the doors.

Boulder puzzle.

Take the Torch with you and enter the area. Go left, throw it down into the cave and follow yourself, go to the room with the hanging boulder. Climb down after you threw the Torch in and get ready to shoot another Ice man, go to the NW window and find the big button. Turn around and see the hole in the N wall, go through and climb the ladder to the dart room, to the left is a lever in an alcove (screen of a wooden gate). On the other side youíll find some Shotgun ammo and step back a bit and look at the right hand wall with the binoculars to find the loose part. Open it with the crowbar and go pull a 2nd lever. Go back to the boulder, shoot another Ice man and up the ladder S to the top of the room, turn to look N and see the magic ledge with the binoculars. Run jump/grab over and then to the SW corner window, use the button there to open a door to a secret (for later). Jump back to the invisible ledge, over to the NW corner window, push the button to raise a block below and go back down using the ladder S.

Take the Torch and jump onto the block under the boulder, light the rope and a trapdoor opens up in the NE corner of the room. Get down the ladder and use the lever in the next room to raise gates and open a door. Get back up to where the Torch is, up the ladder S and over the invisible ledge and from there to the ledge N. Go in for Secret #8, Uzi- and Shotgun ammo. Make your way back to the entrance S (you can leave the Torch behind. Go W and climb out of the pit. Head N and right to get back to the Main Hall.

From the 1st altar go straight E and find 2 open doors. The left hand one opened when you used the button in the SW window, the right hand one by using the lever under the trapdoor after releasing the boulder before.

The left door has Secret #9, Shotgun ammo. The right hand door has a lever, it will show that wooden gate again.

The Ice Manís Mask.

Now go up to the place where you placed the Palace Key, at the 3 levers, remember? (Main Hall S and then E up the stairs). Don't use the first lever you see, but use the 2 in the second room, so the 1st is up, 2nd and 3rd down, drop to the floor of Main Hall and go to the steel gate E of the 2nd altar, a ledge raised in front of it, so you can open the gate with the crowbar. Enter carefully, and back flip or roll through the rotating knife (stand close and hit "roll"when the knife is open). At the first crossing, go right and through the knife, push the button way down there and go back up to the first crossing again, straight E and at the crossing left, push the button to see a floor lowering and go down to the 1st button again. Go E there and follow right to the ladder where the floor lowered (saw the gray door? you will return through this one).

The Water Skin.

Climb to reach the balcony room. Run jump over the W side banister and grab the stone wall, go right around and back flip to the balcony. Do the same at the N side to get to the balcony N. Go get the Ice Manís Mask from the pedestal and the Flares from the other side. Hop over the banister to the snow hill below, through the door W and follow to the crossing. To the right, up and left at next crossing, through the Main Hall to the 3rd altar and W into the face room again, what I thought to be a button, seems to be a receptacle. Climb up like before and place the Mask E. The pool below defrosts; go down and to the 3rd altar and get the Water Skin next to it (E side). Go into the trapdoor in the 2nd altar and to the wall torch, go right into the passage and look up for the crawlspace in front W, go in and grab a small medipack on the right. Go S and up the ladder at the torch, take some Uzi ammo from the first ledge left and proceed up the ladder.

Level 5 - The Forbidden Castle.

Mirror and Burners.

Go S and meet a couple of Bugs, find a similar building to the one you just climbed out of, go down the ladder and through the swinging spike bag passage. Go up the stairs and to the right up one of the small stairs and follow to a small yard. Go straight to where you see the burners, this is a nice room, the mirror will drive you crazy before you leave the room. Point is you pull all crowbar levers without burning and as a surprise, nasty  lizards storm in after the first 3, trying to push you into the burners. When the cage is open, there is one more lever and a Medipack. Go back to the yard and right, in this room you drained the pool, go to the left gate and it will open, pull lever and finally we see what we are doing (notice the flares behind the closed gate E, a Secret we'll get later). Make your way back through the spike bags and outside, go W and see the gates that need the top of the spear we saw in the former level. Three lizards come for you. deal with them. Dive into the water below and go N and find the tunnel in the bottom. Follow to the room where the last blue doors opened, look behind the NW pillar for a lever and pull (it will open doors in the previous pool room), now enter the passage S, left for Uzi ammo, right to reach a library.

The Library.

Beatles are released, so either be quick or can get rid of most of them by going back into the passage N and into the pool a few times, luring them into the pool.

Go over the gap in the floor and push the bottom part of the SW pillar aside to reveal the trapdoor, open and get in and follow to a room with a reach in switch E, use it to open the gate with the flares. There's a hole in the floor, filled with water and 2 passages leading down to a room with burning water, we have to put the flames out first, dive into the water hole and go right, straight S with a little twist, right again and up in the end to use switch 1. Back in the water, left to the N and right, take the Shotgun ammo there. Go N and up in the room with the treasury box on the bottom to use switch 2 (turn and see a gate closed, come back here later). Back to the room where the ammo was and right/right and up just around the corner to use switch 3. Now go back to the exit, thatís right after the room where you took the ammo and left to the end.

Go down the S side sloped passage and walk to the end, in front of the burner is Secret #10, Shotgun ammo on the bottom. Turn to the burner and get up when the flame is down. Go to a corner (or duck under the flame) and stand still till the burner is off once more, go quick and use it and the room shakes while it changes.

Hop back to the water and walk to the N end of the room where another reach-in switch appeared, use it to open a gate. Go up to the sloped passage. Now go down the N side sloped passage and walk to the end, use the reach in switch and the room shakes while it changes, go use the reach-in switch in the S end and the second gate opens up.

Back up S and into the water hole, swim straight to the end, right around the corner and straight through the room where you got the ammo into the passage S and up in the room at the end. Go through the opened gates N and use the lever to open a door in the pit of the Library. Go back to the Library (swim N to the end and left). Through the hole in the floor and up the ladder in the end. Go into the lower part of the Libraryís floor and enter the door you opened. There are 4 statues, one is brightly lit. go stand on the higher floor E and face the statue, shoot his head while jumping up and down, the door will open on other side, go in and use the switch, go back to the statues and see a part of floor raised in front of you, go get the headless statue and push it onto the grey tile S, a book case NE of the Library opens up. So, back up to the Library and into the open bookcase NE.

The Scroll.

Go to the 1st floor landing and go SW, pick up the Shotgun ammo. From there jump SE over to the bridge spanning the gap of the ground floor, to the W is a hallway with a crawlspace in the right hand wall. First pick up Uzi ammo in the W. Into the crawlspace and go follow and find the Scroll you need (SE on the lower floor). Pick up the small medipack N and make your way back to the ground floor of the Library. Leave NW.

The Castle Key

Get down to the pool and be sure you used the lever behind the NW pillar to open the blue doors before you dive into the tunnel E and swim back to the blue pool and get out. Get into the open door N, climb the left ladder S, notice the blue doors S and turn around, stand jump/grab to the platform and shimmy right around the corner to the safe ledge in the next corner, pull up and wait for the burner to stand jump into the opening. Follow the passages to the Scroll pedestal and place it, play some Harp and the book case opens, giving access to the Castle Key. Go back and past the burner, drop to the floor and climb the ladder S again, go to the blue doors and they open. On the balcony in front is 2x Uzi ammo.

Go out E and to the SE, into the structure with the ladder. Follow through the spike bags, up the stairs to the yard and left for Secret #11, the Flares in the room where you drained the pool in the start of this level (donít remember? look it up). When you got them, itís time for the Ice Palace. So, back out to the yard, into the passage W and follow through to the ladder shaft. Up and to the ladder shaft N.

Ice Man Palace revisited.

The Ice Pick.

Down through the N shaft and back up to the 2nd altar in the Main Hall. Go NE  and left around the fenced off Medipack to use your Key in the lock, the blue door in the Pit in the far S opens. Go through Main Hall to the S, fill the water skin on the way over and past the headless statue S, follow the passage to the room with the big doors and a pit leading down, get in and find the open blue door, go in and pour the water in the bowl, everything starts shaking, go back to where you used the Key just before and find the cage open to get a Medipack and a ladder to 1st floor N, go over to get the Ice Pick. Go through to the room S and get the Revolver ammo. Drop down go S down the trapdoor in the 2nd altar and through the crawlspace again to the Castle.

The Forbidden Castle revisited.

Go to SW to put the Ice Pick on the top of the statue's spear over the snow bridge, the left gate opens. Go in and to a room with big blue doors, which open on approach, the fly by shows only the pink picture (or is it a window). Go to the end of this hall and right, 2 passages, in the right hand one we need the Holy Piece, so enter the left hand one and go up to enter the next level.

Level 6 - Mystic Dreams.

Go straight to the banister when you get up on the landing, take out the binoculars and look for the magic ledges, stand in front of the 1st and do 2 back hops, run jump onto the 1st, stand on far left side and line yourself up with the binocs again. Stand jump and the next is a stand jump/grab, next stand jump/grab and run jump from the last to the other landing, go over to the left and get Secret #12, Flares. Go back over the ledges to where you started, now go N and look for a ledge opposite where you found the flares. Run jump from against the wall and grab the ledge, pull up quick and turn left, start shooting the Bug, jump to the ledge N. Now go right (E) and push the right hand door in so you can enter Thorís place.

Thorís place.


(Wonder why I call it like that? youíll find out soon enough). Donít go into the NW corner yet, but for a Secret; pull both entrance blocks onto the square textured tiles a bit into the room, and go to the SW corner to collect Secret #13, Ammo. First go push one of entrance blocks back so you can leave here quickly later. Explore the NE and SE corners to see what to do later, SE for the lever and NE for the ďMystic artifactĒ, in the center of the room is a hole in the pit youíll use soon enough. In the E is a big stairway, leading to a pool. Now itís time to wake up Thor, in the NW corner where heís at, is a jump switch you will have to pull. Run into the NW corner and roll, sprint around the pit, to the E and let Thor follow, as he approaches, sprint back to the corner NW and light a flare as you arrive, to the right in the alcove is the jump switch, pull quick, side jump right and sprint passing Thor and into the pit in the center of the room. Swim down, go right and find some Shotgun ammo on the bottom, go along the right hand wall and find the lever on the 3rd pillar. Use it to open the gate on the E side, leading to the pool at the bottom of the big stairway in Thorís room.


Go in for air and return, go left for more Shotgun ammo and then into the shaft in the ceiling of this room, swim carefully but not too slow passed the spikes (cut corners so you donít touch the spikes too long) and arrive in a room with a mirror, look for the hole over the box on the bottom to get some air, turn S and dive, swim SW, to the mirror, and pick up a small medipack. Turn left at the mirror and swim through the mirror in the SE corner, go around the 1st pillar to the lever on the 2nd and pull to open the gate, pull the lever inside and return for air, of course you already noticed that the floor in the hole is lowered, allowing you to climb out and pull the lever opening a gate in Thor's room. Go back to Thor, through the spikes (check your health first) and to the pool in the E, climb out and run the stairs, jumping so you go fast, in Thorís room, go left into the SE corner to pull the lever, see the water room drained and run (No not to the pit) down stairs E again. Climb down the ladder to the bottom and go explore the new passage S of the dry room. 


Blade room.


Find the small medipack on the pedestal in the dark right hand corner and climb the ladder, back flip to the 1st floor passage and follow to a nice room, that looks harder than it is. Take the binocís and look over a bit left to the opposite wall, spot the jump switch over the slope, you have to pull that. Stand right and run in, slide jump/grab the ledge with 1st blade, pull up in the right corner, safe here, when the blade is almost pointing at you, stand jump twice and run to the far right hand corner of 2nd ledge, safe again (maybe a little hurt), drop/hang from the edge and shimmy right, to the corner again, pull up and look over to the next ledge, stand jump/grab and shimmy in the direction of the jump switch, pull up in the far corner and sidestep till you are in front of the switch, as soon as one blade passed, hop back and run jump/grab the switch. Drop and hang on the edge of the slope, back flip/roll and hop back to grab the edge again, pull up and overlook the next moves, the gate at the lever is down. When one of the blades is just passed the gap between the ledges, stand jump twice and a running jump left to the lever, (see that wasnít too hard-savegame.6).


The Mystic Artifact.


Pull the lever and the gate at the Mystic artifact opens. Run jump NE into the opening in the wall and follow to the ladder, make your way back to Thor. Now go for the right hand NE corner as you enter Thorís room, take the Mystic artifact and sprint to W. Exit and let Thor go play with himself.

Jump over the magic ledges to the other side (W) and push the right hand door in so you can enter. Go to the last doors right (N) and pull out the right hand one, move it aside and enter. Find and use the jump lever on the E wall (a gate opens up) and go back out.

Go to the left hand doors S and push in the left hand one. Enter and find that gate, shoot 2 big Crystals here and go back to the room NW where the jump lever is. The doors W are open so you can enter the room behind, on the ledge on opposite wall is the receptacle for the Mystic artifact, The pit opens up and blue rays cross the room. Drop/hang back into the shaft in the corner where you put the artifact and drop/grab the crack, go right until you can pull up into the crawlspace, go find 2 rooms here (not too hard) and shoot the Crystals (opens a gate at the next secret).


Deadly Jumps.


But the real goal is to end up back at the shaft in a lower crawlspace. Drop to a break tile, back flip with a roll and grab the crack on other side, go right and drop to the lower crack, left and light a flare while you drop to the tile. Roll and stand jump forward into the passage, slide down and land on a timed platform in a room with burning floor and more burning extraís. As soon as you land on the platform, side jump left, stand jump forward and a running jump right to the platform, run up to the ladder on the pillar and hang on (Or jump a bit before the end of the slide so you can run over the timed platform and jump straight to the tile under the ladder). Climb around to the right and hang with your feet the same height as the ledge with the burner next to you (on the burner is the last Crystal you have to shoot to open the gate for the exit), save here. Back flip, draw weapons and side jump right, run around the corner, till you stand on the center of the 3rd break tile, looking at the burner. Now side jump twice to the right, shooting and turn right, jump into the opening at the gate (savegame.7).

Slide down into next room and go left around corners into the room (gate opened by shooting the crystals in the crawlspaces) to claim Secret #14, Uzi ammo, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Back out and follow the passage left to the flame on the pedestal, look for the jump switch up there. As you may have noticed, there are 2 barred doors in this corridor, and a hole up over the 2nd door where Lara is looking at (Glass window with jump switch, later).


Bull fight, Holy Piece-1.


When you throw the switch the bull comes out of the 1st door you saw, go to the door where Lara was looking up and stand in front, facing the Bull. As soon as it is going to hit you, jump up and over the bull, go around and inside, luring he Bull inside with you, go to the left door in front of you and wait for the Bull to open it again run around the room to get the Bull out of the way and sprint in, to the end and left there to pull the jump switch, go out and take the bull to the NW door, same trick and run in, upstairs, with the bull on your tail. Upstairs run to the right, to the bridge in the middle of the room. When the bull comes close, sprint to that door at the E end the Bull has to open for you, inside is the jump switch over the glass window. Try to get the Bull out of the way as far as possible and go find and pull that switch, itís just over the gray tile between the 2 glass ones, difficult when youíre in a hurry. Now downstairs and fill the water skin in the fountain (if you didnít refill last time) and enter the room in the N, pour the water in the bowl and the 1st part of the Holy Piece becomes accessible in the room opposite of this one. Go get it and a gate will open in a passage upstairs, so run up again and S to enter.


The Butt Burn, Holy Piece-2.


Directly to the right as you enter is a slope, stand with your back to it and back flip, jump/grab the upper ledge, turn and jump to the slope, hang, go left and pull up/slide and jump/grab the ladder, up all the way and down one step, back flip/roll/grab as the flame is down and hang in corner.

2 ways to do this:

Intended way: pull up as flame is down and donít move as long as the burner is on, turn and jump/grab the ladder on the block under the burning pedestal, climb around right and back flip/roll/grab the crack, go right and stop just before the burning slope, go right 2 steps as the flame is down and immediately drop/jump/roll and grab the edge of the slope behind, hang and go left a bit to get out of the way of the burner, pull up and donít slide but immediately jump/grab forward onto the ladder.

Another way to do it: Shimmy left around the corner and pull up next to the sloped block. Turn a bit right so your back is to the sloped block in the corner. Wait for the burner on that block to go down (you can see the reflection) and back flip, jump and grab the sloped block. Hang right and pull up, immediately jump and grab the ladder.

Go up and monkey swing to the crawlspace SW, in and up to the floor, use jump switch to the left for ropes over the lava pool and go swing over, swing from 2nd to 3rd is a bit tricky, donít swing too long or go up one step or you will go too far, on other side you can go for the 2nd part of the Holy Piece. Drop to the floor and go out SE, over the magic ledges to the landing and down W to the Castle again.

The Forbidden Castle revisited.

The 2nd Circuit board.

Go left around into the other passage behind the glass wall as you come downstairs and open the door with the Holy Piece, use the reach in switch to open the big doors in the Hall with the water floor, go in and take the 2nd Circuit board and a small medipack. Time to go back to the Mines, go N and outside to the gate you opened with the ice pick and take the other gate, itís opened by a couple of Lizards. Drop in to the hole and go slide to the start of the Ice Man Palace, follow the path N to the...

The Mines Complex revisited.

The Restricted Sector B Key.

Climb wooden crates, jump to the concrete ledge (yellow/black) and left till over the crane, back flip to the metal crates and to the wooden one to use the monkey swing again, go through the crawlspace to the room with the ceiling hatch and go up to the track room, to the top track and into the E passage, right before the wooden fence and open the door. Go follow through and shoot 2 Baddies, take the Medipack and place 2 Circuit boards next to the door in S wall, go in to take the Restricted Sector B Key and pull the lever W to open the wooden gate on the track, go in there and just before you slide down, get the Secret #15, a Medipack after climbing over the crate to the left. Go back, slide down N and youíre back at the track from the beginning of the Mines level. Drop into the hole in the passage and find that crawlspace N again, go through and S into the passage...

Restricted sector A.

Follow through S and open the door E of the watchtower...

Level 7 - Restricted sector B.

The Laser card.

Enter and open the next doors with the switch, take one and run forward, as you approach the hole in the floor, you will become invisible, Great! Go down the ladder and forward, open the door on approach and push the button to the right to check in with home base. Go S through next door and go left to follow the Main corridor. Donít mind the guard, he will not see you as long as you donít shoot him, take the passage to the right (W) and up to the big red V. Open the door and proceed, go to the right and take the triangular door N, follow to a glass research room. Go around and enter the passage where it says ďCautionĒ, shoot one of the windows and find the Laser card N.


Coming up with Codes.


Go back to the Main corridor and left, passed the passage you entered from and up the ladder, use the Laser card S and go down again. Now follow the Main corridor to the end and left, through the now safe lasers. Head left and into right hand passage. At the chain, stand on the edge to the right and wait for the wheel to go left, run in and notice the numbers 3128 on the wall. Go left and use the button to open the door and go in, stand near the window and use the binocís to see the Code table in front, write them down or save here and keep it separate, go back to the chain and just jump up/grab as the wheel is on other side. Go straight past the Lasers, right and to the crossing of 4 hallways, look to the end of each and see the symbols. There are buttons next to each symbol, the hallways have some protection, so if you go in, sprint to take less damage.

The code you have to enter is ď3Ē-ď12Ē-ď8Ē, (the code at the closed door) push the buttons at those symbols (N right/W left and S right) and the door in the Code corridor will open.


Start the Machine, the Key bit (1).


Go enter the door in the Code corridor and just jump/grab up to 1st floor, take the small medipack and climb the chain past next wheel, enter the machine room and drop in the hole at the big wheel (N or S) and push the button to start the Machine. Climb back out and climb the ladder S up to the landings, over to the other side to push the button, the last door in the Code corridor opens. Shoot the window N and get the Key bit (right).  Now down to the floor, down N and down past the wheels and right/right in the Code corridor. Climb past the wheels again and claim Secret #16, 2x Ammo and a Medipack. Now go to the lasers again and to the Main corridor, at the point where the guard is patrolling in front of the elevator, go left to the door with the red V and go through. Go straight and follow the passage to the door with the blue bars (closed and containing a secret for later), go on and come to a corridor with 2 passages. Both lead to separate parts of the next series of rooms with a lot of buttons to push. Take right hand one first and follow down to one part of the connected rooms. To the S is one with the Key bit, well protected.

Room with the Burning Floors, Heli Pad Access Key.

The problem is that the floors are under the pipes are deadly, we'll have to get them safe. Look at the map (burnerfloorrroom.jpg) for the sequence in which you have to push the buttons (you'll have to go back through the corridor with the 2 passages to get to the other section of the connected rooms). After you pushed #7 in the crawlspace, go get Key bit (2) from the room S. Combine the 2 parts to get the Heli Pad Access Key. Now go back to button #3, it is in the red again (it is timed). When you push it this time, the door back in the passage you came from opens again, so sprint in there and inside be careful, the area near the steam emitters are deadly. So go left to the wall and stay close to the wall to get to the Medipack, which is Secret # 17, get out again.

Use the Heli Pad Access Key, the Lasersight and the Elevator Card.

Go N, through the door and left into the room with the triangular doors. Take the W door and use the Heli Pad Access Key SW. Go inside where youíll find the Laser sight and the Elevator Card on the ledge. Take them and return to the Main corridor and use the card on the Elevator, climb the orange crate and open the ceiling hatch. Climb in and up the N side chain, not the one in front of the hatch. Look for the passage to back flip into and with Laraís butt in line with the bottom of the Elevator doors, back flip/roll into the passage. Follow up and through the crawlspace, shoot the grating and drop into the control area of a rocket.

The Rocket, the Oxygen Canister.

Go S to find the entrance of the control room and use your Bonus card to open it, shoot one of the center windows W, donít shoot too many or the guard will come in and enter the launching pad W, on the left side is a button, push it (see a platform go up at the rocket, it's timed). Roll and go to opposite corner to climb up, back flip/roll and sprint to the ladder on the S wall and start climbing the platforms to the top. Better practice first, but at the trapdoor that raised, donít be tempted to jump to the door, but go for the landing in front of the windows (savegame.8). Shoot the windows and get Secret # 18, the Oxygen Canister (second from the right). Go to the door E, take the Shotgun ammo and jump back S to make your way down to the control room, use the button NW and get a screen of a figure. Go out S, the guard might shoot you this time. Go around left to that contraption with the figure N and step on. A door opens up in the S end of this passage, so back you go and into the door W to get Secret #19, a Medipack and 2x Uzi ammo.

Go out and into the opening S, opposite the control room and follow to be transformed, into the red this time.

Level 8 - Maximum Security.

Ground Floor.


Enter the area by opening the big gray doors, this is ground floor. Go to the right and sprint past the Sentry gun in the corner, go to the right, into the restricted area, (whoís stopping us, huh?). Enter the cellblock where they store the Androids to be, check out the 3rd and the last cell on the left for Uzi ammo and go back to ground floor. Take a right and to the big doors to the right, push the button inside left and go up the stairs to the right, open the doors and push button to the left.


1st Floor, Basement Key and a Piece of Paper.


Go to the right and into the 2nd restricted area, the 5th cell to the left under the dead guy is the Basement key, the last cell to the right is a Piece of Paper with writing on it, (important for Restr. Area B). Head back out and to the N, try to open the big doors and a mechanic will come down the stairs and destroy them. Arm yourself and shoot the fool making the way up to 2nd floor so hard. Take his Code disc and open the door to the left (W) of the big doors. Now go back to where you came from, the staircase S to ground floor and go straight down the stairs into the basement.


The Basement, the Circuit Wire.


Shoot the mechanic and take his Medipack, find the hole to the lower basement in the N and go down. Go N and left into the room with the crazy doors to get some Uzi ammo, back out and N again. Go left at the crossing, shoot the mechanics and go N into the corridor, find the Circuit wire behind the machines and head back out, go back and to the E end, shoot a mechanic and get Uzi ammo from a crate SE (could be the mechanic took it). Go through the doors E and shoot another mechanic which will drop Uzi ammo. Go back W and left up the ladder S to the entrance of the basement and open the gate there with the key (E).

Go to the next room and put the Circuit Wire in the Circuit board next to the right hand gray door, look behind you on the big control panel for the button and push it to get the electricity on, to make all the central control rooms accessible.

1st Floor Control Room.

Go to the control room on 1st floor and enter the triangular door, next to the control panels in front of the windows are 2 buttons opening 2 doors. Go back to ground floor.

Ground Floor, Poison Pool Run, Code Disc 1.

As you enter, look to the right (NE) and spot the open door just past the Gun in the corner, sprint in and have a look. A closed gate N over the poison pool and a moving crane to make things a bit harder. Push the button on the opposite side of the door to open the gate, then the one next to the door (this is timed and will close the trapdoor floor over the 2nd poison pool for a short while). Turn to the right, sprint, jump, run jump to the trapdoor and sprint again (savegame.9). Inside to the right youíll find the 1st of 2 Code discs you need for some doors upstairs. The exit opens on the other side of this room, so back to the control room on this floor. Shoot the mechanic outside and sprint past the Gun to the S, go to the right and enter the control room through the triangular door. Enter the side room W and find the terminal to put the Disc in. Now go to the 1st floor and enter the N door you opened with the Disc you took from the mechanic before.

1st Floor.

Take the Revolver ammo from behind the yellow crates to the left and climb the ladder on the other side, follow to a guard room. Nope, you canít take the gun on the desk, push the button instead and go on to the big doors you opened, push the button to the right (not sure what it does, but do it anyway). 

2nd Floor, Code Disc 2.

Sprint past the Gun to the right to a passage there on the right hand side, hereís the 2nd door you opened in the green control room. Go up the passage and past the crane hook. To the right on the crates in the far corner is a small medipack.

In the other corner you can go down the stairs into another store room, behind the crate W is some Shotgun ammo, in the far left is a Medipack and now climb the metal crate in the center of the room, shoot the window of the small room up there, grab some Uzi ammo from the barrel, push the button and go back to the moving crane. Drop into the hole under it to take some Shotgun ammo, Flares behind the window S and the 2nd Code Disc N.

Jump up and grab the edge of the hole under the crane and shimmy S pull up and leave. Go to the S entrance of the control room on this floor and go place the Code disc in the terminal W, the machine starts working and puts a laser beam in to the square object. This will activate the red panels beside the big doors on the S side of this floor.

The Armoury, the Revolver.

Go to those panels and step in front each of them, you'll be recognized and the doors will open when you approach. A button NW will move a crate in the Basement, the button SE will open the central vault where you can pick up the Revolver and Revolver ammo, the alarm will also be triggered. As soon as you want to get out, 3 guard come running, just wait there and take them out, one drops a small medipack.

The Basement.

First go back to the basement taking out guards as you go along (N and straight through the guard room, up S at the desk with the pistol and down the ladder to the first floor. Go S and down the stairs to the basement. Climb the crate that came down from the loading ramp, climb into the hole in the ceiling and turn the "Authorized personnel only" valve, the 2nd poison pool drains in the room at ground floor. So thatís where we go.

Ground Floor.

Sprint past the Gun again and into the room in the E. Donít push any buttons this time, just go around the 1st pool and drop back from the trapdoor into the pit, get the Medipack. Grab up into the crawlspace S and go to the right, left is the exit, in the High voltage room youíll find Secret #20, the CO2 canister, in the NE corner, the floor with the cables is electrified, so jump over it and back. Crawl back and straight N, in the end left and leave. In the room at the dry pit out W through the passage with the steam to get to the ground floor. The guns are now deactivated and the guards left the door to Restr. Area B open. Head W and take a right to get back there.

Restricted sector B revisited.

Green Lara again. Go back to through the crawlspace up in the wall E of the rocket control room and down the elevator shaft, straight into the passage with the V, shoot the guards. Head to the right (N) and the W triangular door to where you found the Laser sight, remember what the piece of paper said, no? Seems you donít have it anymore, maybe I remember. Stand in front of the closed glass doors W, look up to the right (N) and see the hole in the wall, inside, looking with the Lasersight, you'll see a circuit board. Shoot it with the revolver (in the middle) and the doors W open. Go follow the passage and put on some clothes to enter Water World. 

Level 9 - Water World.

The Pass Card Key.

Go to the right and look out the window for a while, great view, a rusty structure with a hole on the bottom and one floor up thereís a bridge to the other side, some Croc o'Sharks patrol the water. Go N and right around the corner, open the door and shoot the baddies. Find the Pass Card Key on last shelf to the right.


The Key Card.

Back out and to the S end of this passage, left and get ready to shoot some big Cyborgs, notice the door to the right, it needs 3 canisters, we have 2 so onwards we go. At the crossing left and shoot another big Cyborg which will drop Shotgun ammo. Open the door in the end, go place the Pass Card Key and return to the crossing, take the E door and shoot a bunch of baddies inside, one drops Uzi ammo. Climb up the ladder NW shoot more baddies and get the Key Card the one of them dropped (Better save at least 1 Revolver bullet, youíll need it later!). Enter the W door and go to the Hazardous Machinery room !!!


The Hazardous Machinery room.

The machine will start on approach, take the left side first, grab the ceiling and go forward, you have to step on each tile where the presses come out, referring to the map near the door. When you are hanging between the 2 presses, you can reload your health (hit #9 or #0 for a Large or small medipack). But donít drop or youíll get toasted, at the last tile, turn back and drop do the other side. Donít forget to drop on the tiles at the presses, as I did. The doors W open up when you drop on the last tile.

Enter the now open door on the other side and shoot 2 Cyborgs from the right, grab the Shotgun ammo. Go S and through the Lasers you deactivated with the Pass Card (at least I think so) and go through, to the left at the crossing is the exit for later, go right/right and shoot another Cyborg, go to the end of this passage and in the yellow room is the receptacle for the Key Card (SE), it will open the other door on the landing at the Machine room, look in the left shelf for some Uzi ammo. Go back S and left at the first aid kit, straight E into the passage and drop down into the corridor at the Canister door. Go E and into that door again to the room where you shot all the baddies. Climb up and enter the newly opened door N, shoot the Cyborg, get his Medipack. Spot the big door in N, it needs 2 yellow cards, so ďthe only way is upĒ W.


The Scuba room.

Shoot the Cyborgs and the baddies and pick up some left over Uzi ammo. Notice the lasers in the pool. Go up on to the S side stairs and find the button in the alcove, when you push it a timed platform goes up in the other side of the Scuba room. So roll, sprint down the stairs and up the other, turn left and run jump/grab the platform. Pull up and back flip quickly (savegame.10), use the Pass Card Key again to disable the lasers. Drop down, not on the burn tile, and down the stairs.


The Shipwreck, the 3rd Canister.

The Laser in the pool is down, go take a swim, follow the tunnel and through the door, go left a bit to the rusty structure on the bottom. Swim into the top and inside go N (left is a door we go to later). In the end down left into the green tunnel in the bottom. Look for the small tunnel E there, swim through for air. Long way, but the only way, save here.

Go back and right, up past the gray hole and E, then left into a room with Secret #21, the 3rd (Nitrogen) Canister and a Medipack on the block E. Better play it safe, take one at a time and go back for air in between. After this, get air and swim back through the green tunnel, left and up S, then right (S) to the place where you entered the ship and look for the door on the right, above it in the hole is a ceiling lever. Pull it to deactivate the lasers in next room. Swim S quick and straight to the end, keep to the left side and go left into the green tunnel, up into the yellow room. Look for the place to use that great Pass Card again (S; it will drain the other side of the ship). By this time the Croc oĎshark caught up on me, so if he does, shoot the thing, otherwise just avoid it. Swim back and past the green tunnel where you got air before, go up at the end and climb out.


A Wire plate.

Thereís some Ammo on the floor between the fences, go to the room you found the secret and shoot he fuse box where the Medipack was, it will not break so donít waste any Ammo, the door just opened (in case you're out of revolver ammo, aim at the box with the Revolver and sight, hit the #1 key and shoot, Lara uses pistol ammo). Enter notice the yellow machine N and use your Pass Card W, the door at the ceiling lever will open up. Swim there and meet another Croc oĎshark, take care of him in the yellow room, or try to dodge him, take the Wire plate in the hole in the bottom, with all the loose wires and head back N to where you used the Pass Card last (the drained section N). Put the Wire plate in the yellow machine and see a door open in the ground level, near the 3 canister door. Go back there and find this door (Route: swim back S and up through the rusty structure to the ocean area. Swim to the N a bit and out the door E, up at the pool and out E into the corridor. Right and back to the white room with the fish tanks, drop and leave W through the automatic door. To the left down the sloped passage).


Poison pits, Key Card #1.

To the left, on the crate is a small medipack, go climb the stairs in the SW and run jump past the crane to the other landing, same at next jump and open the door with the Pass Card. Inside go to the open window to the left, slide in backwards and back flip in the end (you have to hit the high block on the opposite side to hear the door at the Secret open up). Start jumping left, and when you are on the lower slope at the side of the entrance, slide off and grab, shimmy left to the last crate on the bottom of the pit, over the left side of the crate, pull up and back flip, land on the slope behind, slide as far as possible and jump left, youíll land on the higher slope behind, slide down to the end and jump, again landing on the set of slopes behind, start jumping to the right and land on a flat dark ledge in the corner, next to a pillar, enter the open door to claim Secret #22, some Uzi ammo. Go outside and climb the pillar and over to the other side, down to get Key Card #1. Up the ladder again and jump to the ceiling to monkey swing to the exit, bothered by some baddy. Drop next to him and deal him. Back E to the room with the cranes and run off the landing keeping left, onto the ledge below. Go back out N to the crossing of the corridors and shoot a baddy which will drop a small medipack. Go W a bit and left is the 3 Canister door. Place the 3 Canisters and the door opens, go in and get Secret #23, the ďBonus CardĒ (left shelf E).


Swimming for some Pickups.

Maybe you already noticed that when you swam outside from the Scuba room, there is a sunken ship on the other side of the ocean area. Thatís our next goal. So back through the automatic door E to the room with the fish tanks, up to the floor above and out N, left at the yellow card door and into the water in the Scuba Room.

You unfortunately have no scuba gear so you'll have to go back to the scuba room for air in between. From leaving the Scuba tunnel and to the right and up a bit, you can swim to the right into a yellow hangar with some Uzi Ammo in it. From the tunnel straight to the ship and left a bit, on top of the ship and in front of the red chimney is a Medipack. W of that Medipack and on the bottom next to the ship is Revolver ammo. S of the yellow structure at the back of the ship is Shotgun ammo on the bottom, but there were 3 baddies hooting me here, they were walking around under water (baddies.jpg)? Up into that yellow structure you can climb out and shoot the baddies from above, then swim down and get Revolver ammo and a Medipack (dropped by the baddies?).


The Flaming Cruiser, for Key Card #2.

Now for the Ship; it's called the ďFlaming CruiserĒ, jump back into the ocean and swim along the chimneys to the front of the ship and on the front deck is an open hatch. Swim in, N to the machine room and down to the door on the gray block and into the hole next to it, S and left (stay high up in the passage) left , then 2nd left, pull the lever. Return to the now drained machine room and get some air (tight swim and best done from starting in the Scuba room).

Next to the machine is a wheel on the wall (SE), turn it and go S, through the room with the now closed hatch and into the door in the S, to the left is a room with a closed door, and you can see a valve inside, remember where it is, youíll have to swim here later. Follow the passages S and enter a room with a hole in the ceiling, keep to the left side and go into the hole in the floor of the room with the desks. Follow up the ladder and into the water in the end, pull the lever and the rooms are flooded. Swim back quickly, up and then down,  up at the hole in the floor of the room, go N through the left hand side and follow the passages to the now closed door of the machine room. Go right there and open the door with the valve behind it (Ctrl), inside you can get air. Now swim back to the room with the hole in the ceiling and up the hole.


Go into the S passage and open the door in the end, quickly return to the lever to drain this part of the ship again (down the hole and S through the left hand side, down the hole in the floor). When you drained the place again, return to the doors you opened. The last one for a small medipack on the desk, (back flip behind the desk next to the drawers) and the other (near the machine room) for the valve, to drain the lower part of the ship. Go back N to the Machine room, down the hole near the machine and open the door in the end of the passage by walking to it. Take Key Card #2 and shoot the Ventilator next to it, this will open another door in the machine room. Go back up there and enter the door N on the grey block to turn the last valve. It will will reflood the lower part of the ship, get back into the hole in the floor next to the grey block and swim left into the grey passage, into the crawlspace left and use the lever there to open the deck hatch again. Swim back out, up to the machine room, to the S and left out the hatch. Swim to the door leading to the Scuba Room. Check the health before you swim up to surface; 3 Cyborgs are shooting at you (savegame.11).


Now you can open the door left at the bottom of the big slope to the Scuba Room (E) with the 2 Yellow Key Cards. Shoot the Cyborg inside and you can now go 2 sides (left one for people that didnít find the Bonus Card and will miss out on a Secret), go up the right hand one and open the door with the Bonus Card, find the small medipack on the 3rd shelf left and shoot the 4th grating in the E end of the room, follow the crawlspace to the next level.


Level 10 - Escape from Moscow.

The offices, the the Dongeon Key and the Laser Room Plate.

Drop into the lower duct, shoot out the grating and drop into the office. Open the safe S with the Crowbar and get Secret #24, the Dongeon Key (Dagger). Go outside to the hall and left, just past the corridor N you can shoot the grating up in the N wall. Get through into the Computer room and get some Uzi ammo from the shelf, look in the other corner and see the computer with a missing part. Get out and go left to the NE and youíll meet Pjotr, take him out and go around the corner to the right, where he came from. He left the office open; go in and get a small medipack from the small drawer cabinet. Return SW to the Computer room you came from and youíll meet Dimitri, shoot him too, he will drop the Laser Room Plate.


The Laser Control Room, a Mystical Artifact and a Garage Key.

Climb back into the Computer room through the open grate and put the Plate in the computer, the Laser Control room opens up. Leave and go NW where you can now enter the Laser Control Room. Pull all machine parts onto the marked tiles with the antennas pointing inwards. Now go to S room and pull the computer out of the W wall into the alcove on the other side of the room, back to last room and see the lasers activated, revealing the Mystical Artifact, shoot the glass and go take it. The alarm will be ctivated. Go out NE and head E taking out the guards. Take the 2nd right and left, SE in the corner of the walls is a grating you can shoot, go in and climb the ladder through a trapdoor. Pick up the Uzi ammo SE and go out to the loading docks and shoot some baddies, pick up Uzi ammo. In the NE and NW corner are two crates you can shoot, there are levers behind it opening up the doors N.


Go around the office to the SE and shoot the baddie to throw the lever, up N onto the room you came out of and shoot more baddies, one drops Uzi ammo. Shooting a crate here will give you Shotgun ammo. Climb the SW stack of crates and jump to the walkway E, shoot crates and get a small medipack and Revolver ammo. Now make your way to the walkway with the swinging crates, enter the E open grate and shoot a baddy which will appear from behind the crates, take the Garage Key he will drop and get out. Go into the open grate W and from the cupboard you can get a Medipack (stand a step back and hit Ctrl). Return to the ground floor.


The Garage, the Jeep.

Go outside through the big doors you opened N and into the store room on the right hand side, get some Revolver ammo from behind the left hand crates and shoot a crate in the wall in the other corner. Enter to get Secret #25, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Fill your water skin while you're there. Get out of here and look for the Garage on the other side of the yard and open it with the Key in the keyhole left of the door. Get the Jeep Keys from the shelf and start your engines.


The Streets of Moscow.

Go out and left around corners into the tunnel and then right and stop just before you go outside into the streets. Get out of the Jeep and draw the Revolver, go left and shoot the sniper over by the Liquor store to the right, get his Uzi ammo from that ledge and go get the Jeep.

Go into the blue Arched bridge opposite the Liquor store and run over the sniper at the next Liquor store (what did they say about those Russians?). Go down to the crossing, run over another sniper and go right and right again into Main Street. Stop at the pile of crates and drive through the left ones. Go in and up the conveyor ramp, left as soon as you come to a room with more crates, run them down and stop in front the conveyor bridge leading outside. Leave the Jeep here and go to the snowy roof to the right of the bridge, jump over to the crates on other side and get Secret #26, Shotgun ammo. Do the same on the other side of the bridge and shoot the Sniper, follow the roofs to Secret #27, Shotgun ammo. Go back to the Jeep and drive it S over the bridge, down to a loading platform and get out, look in the right hand shelf for Revolver Ammo and run outside, to shoot 2 Snipers. Get the Jeep and go N, run over the sniper to the left and stop the Jeep before the end of the tunnel. Get out and go around the corner using the crate, enter the street there and shoot the 2 Snipers, go to the right, the chopper is waiting to the left, but we have a few things left to do... Spot the big closed gates and the small door next to it, turn around and shoot the face in the arch (with the yellowish light) and the small door will open, go in to put the water in the bowl and the big gate opens.

Bonus Level 11 - Dark Dungeon II.

The Cave

Enter the building and go up the stairs, open the Dungeon Gate with the Key and go on, (the first part of this level is almost an exact copy of a level I played before, canít remember which one, but it will be easier) go to the right in the big cave and up the high pile of blocks at the E wall in NE corner. Turn and monkey swing right/left and straight against the wall in the dark spot, drop, grab the wall and climb into the room up there, get the small medipack and go down again. In the SW corner of the cave youíll find a big Golden Vraeus Gate, from the gate go N and climb another pile of rubble, turn and use the grating to monkey swing to the window S, get the Flares and drop down. Go N again and into the big opening in the middle of the N wall. There are 2 sides you can choose, go left and up the slopes. Turn around at the long slope down and slide, grab, drop/roll and arm yourself with the Shotgun, run to the pits in the N and blow the Skeleton in one of them.


Main Hall, into the E Structure.

In the hall were in now, there are 2 structures E+W and a gate in the N. Go stand between the 2 structures and look N and up, shoot the Star you see on the ceiling and the gate in the N opens. Go in and right, look for the crawlspace on the right side in the corner and go in to get some Flares. Get out, go W and up into the crawlspace I front of you, drop into a room. Climb ledges SW and follow to a shaft, filled with water. Drop in and in this room, youíll find 2x Shotgun ammo on the blocks and a ceiling lever on the ceiling above them. It will open a door on top of the E structure and the exit of this room. Go NW, up the steps and drop into the pool, swim E and go up the stairs. Youíre inside the E structure, climb the ladder W and left into the opening, jump SE to the roof outside and find the ladder to go to the top of the structure (to the E is the door you opened down in the water). Run jump over to the W structure and find the ladder to climb down to the roof on the same spot as E, jump into the window and go push the Face button inside (opens another door). Turn and look over to the E to spot the Medipack in the windowsill, jump over to get it. Return to the W structure, go to the top of the structures again and over to the E side, enter the door and follow to a room with puzzle pillars.


Puzzle room, Golden Vraeus #1.

There is a door in the right hand wall, move the 2 pillars onto the 4 light colored tiles and the door opens, go into the room E and push the Face button, a block will raise under the door, so you can go in. Take Golden Vraeus #1, leave through the W door and slide down to the Cave, N opening.


Main Hall.

Go straight up the passage W once more and slide down into the Main Hall. Go into the gate N again and follow all the way to the end, on the right side is a pole. Climb down and follow through to a hole in the floor on the right, climb down. Swim to next passage, follow N and into next hole, go N and up into hole in ceiling close by. Go E to find the vase to shoot and get the Shotgun ammo. Back to the water and S, right/right and open the underwater door NW, donít go in yet, turn right and up into room for air N. Up in that room is a block in the S wall youíll have to lower.


Small Maze.

Now swim into the door you opened and go S, right around 2 corners and left at the next crossing, straight to SW and pull the ceiling lever in the left corner to lower the block (there's air in several corners of this maze). Turn and swim NE, second right and left around 2 corners. Then keep right and through the door to the room N, climb out and jump into the hole in the S wall. Push the Face button and the exit closes, but a door opens on top of the W structure. Go into the passage SW and drop backwards into the water, go forward and swim NE into the opening and up into the opening above. Follow the passage through the water, up the ladder and the pole to the Main Hall.


Golden Vraeus #2.

Enter the W structure and climb to the top using the inside and the outside ladder, enter the door W and go left at crossing. Go to the big room where you can see the 2nd Vraeus, drop back from the opening and drop from the right hand side to the rack below, shimmy left and pull up into the crawlspace, follow to a dark passage and use the eyes in the back of your head to spot the face button on your left in the total dark. It will raise a block in the next entrance to the big room, to give you enough height to run jump/grab the crooked stairs leading to the Altar. Take Golden Vraeus #2 and climb up on the roof from the ledge the pedestal is on, and find the monkey swing leading NE with a few turns, drop into the passage and slide back to the W structure roof (go E), jump over to the E structure and go through the puzzle room, Vraeus 1 room to the Cave. Go SW and place the Artefacts to open the Gate and enter.


The Big Hall.

An enormous hall, go to N gate and you can get rid of the skeleton by taking it back into the Big Hall and the opening W where you can shoot it down the hole with the pole. Back into the gate N, up the stairs and use all 4 reach in switches, the door will open, go in to the Burner room (savegame.12).


The Burner room, the Timeless Sands.

There is a door on the other side, it will open as soon as you stepped on 4 (safe) light colored pillars, like the one near the entrance. One in each corner of the room, make your way over, by standing in corners, not moving as the burner is on and shimmying around corners. There's a ladder on the side of the second burner near the entrance. Get into the passage when the door is open (savegame.13). Follow down and straight at the burner for a Medipack, beware of the pit! And W for the Timeless Sands, E for the exit back to the Big Hall. Go down the pole and gather some goodies from the floor (Shotgun ammo, Uzi ammo and a small medipack). Back up the pole W to the Big Hall and into the S gate up the stairs and no need for the reach in switches. Look for a jump switch on the wall (use the eyes in the back of your head again). Climb up into the door and place the Timeless sands in the statue, the basement fills with sand, go back out and down the stairs to the Big Hall. Down the pole W and over to the other side, up into the red passage.


The Dark Labyrinth, kill the Dinobird. Map of the labyrinth>(laby.jpg)

Donít go in to far yet, something will eat your health away when you enter these passages, probably the Dinobird attacking the Lara double we will go for first. Save here and light a flare, go left everywhere and come to the burning Wall Torch (remember). Go W, left/right around the corners and up the ladder in that corner. Run into a room where a big Dinobird is attacking a Lara double. Shoot the Bird (Be careful, try to stand between Bird and statue or you will shoot yourself) and your health will stay intact again. Notice the closed door S (Secret).


A Torch.

Time to get some light into this place, head back down the ladder W and keep going left around corners to the Wall Torch. Go left (N) and keep going right, down the sloped passage and left there. Jump over the pit and get the Torch. Jump back, you canít light a flare now so feel your way around or put the brightness on the monitor at 100%. Go right up the sloped passage and keep left to get back to the Wall Torch. Ignite your Torch and head W again, left around the corner and keep going left till you wake up a skeleton. I went back to the pit where I got the Torch, jump over and hit the #2 key, Lara drops the Torch and pulls the Shotgun. Roll and shoot the skeleton into the pit. Grab the Torch and go back to the Wall Torch. To the W and left around corners to the corner where the skeleton was, look up and use the jump lever there. The door opens in the room with the Lara double. Go back (right around corners) till you hit the wall W at the entrance, go left and then right around to the ladder. Up and into the open door to get Secret #28, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Mind the burner in the floor.

Back to the ladder and down, grab your Torch and head SE through the labyrinth and in the SE corner next to a vase is another jump lever in the ceiling. A block goes down at an unlit torch in a flooded passage. A bit to the NW is a pit, there are Flares down there. From the jump lever go straight W, and just past that window to the right, shoot the vase and get the Shotgun ammo. Back E and a U-turn left around the pit, take the first right and go straight N, right at the face on the wall and come to the Wall Torch again.


Flooded Passages.

Go N and left around corners to get into the flooded passages, take a right, left around and swim through the deep part to ignite the wall torch. A door opens in another corner, so go back, right around corners to get to a vase in the end. Throw the Torch into the open passage left and get up on the ledge with the vase, shoot it and get the small medipack, go back to the Torch and look up for the jump switch, use it to open a door in the labyrinth.


Pillar Jumps.

Take your Torch with you and get out of the water, go right around corners to the Wall Torch. Go W and left, straight to the end and go left, to the end and a right hand U-turn around the pit. Go straight W and left/right to get to the corner where the door opened. Leave the Torch here and go up the ladder, save at the top. Back flip and start jumping left or right so you can grab the ladder on one of the corner pillars. Go up and shimmy along the top of the E side where you can get into a crawlspace. Get out at the other end and go through the Dart passage.


Face Room.

Just when you enter the next room, two Dino birds will appear, shoot them and go to the center ledge, look over to the E wall with the binocís and spot the crawlspace next to the left hand window. Get in there and drop on other side, jump up to the yellow block. Jump over to the face and to the block W of it. Look for the jump switch and use it to flood one of the holes in the floor below (E). Get down and into the E hole, swim to the door and open it, go through to a cave with Alien Creatures, shoot Ďem all, and go to the S pool, just before the pool, on your right hand is a crawlspace, get in to claim Secret #29, a small medipack. Get back out.

Go to the N pool and dive in, swim into the hole in the bottom and go E through the small reddish tunnel, go left around the corners into another tunnel and find the ceiling lever here. Use it to drain the water from the W hole in the Face room, go for air if you need it, or go to the S, to get the Dungeon Star, swim back to the Alien Cave (savegame.14). Shoot more Alien beasts, go back W through the water to the Face room. First get last secret from the W hole, go down, use the jump switch to open the gate and get the Binoculars as the last "great" Secret #30. Climb back upstairs and put the Star in the receptacle in the W wall, it will put a ladder under a hole you have to climb. Go to the SE and run past the Skeleton to the ladder on the left, up and slide back out to the Heli thatís been waiting for you all this time.


Revised Jan 12-2013.