The Ruins of the Ancients.

Level: Otto Winkler.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

 The Woods. Revolver and Lasersight.

The Warthog will push you into a swamp, look for the deepest part and get the Revolver. Get on the block next to the swamp to shoot the Warthog and look E, thereís a tree next to another, go climb the E tree a bit and backflip to land on a root of the other tree, climb the trunk to the branches and backflip back to the E tree, go right and on the highest part of the branch, side jump onto the rock S, so youíll slide, grab the edge and go right, get the Laser sight.

The Pharos Knot.

Drop from the S end onto a big rock, backflip over the sloped rock S and land into a hole, get the Flares and climb up on the W wall, over the edge and slide/jump/grab the ladder on the hanging rock, go around right corners and just under the leaves, backflip to a tree and go N, use the MS to reach the N tree, jump around to a short branch and drop from the N side, youíll slide with your butt against a Boulder, which will roll off and into a water hole, jump/grab the crack N and get some Ammo inside, climb out and follow the water hole over the Boulder and left to the end where you can pick up the Pharos Knot.

The Token.

Go out again and climb up a green block E of the hole, go into the vines in N wall and keep left, as Spikes pop up in front of you. Go to the far NW corner and place the Knot, climb up the block right and go over, go left around the S pillar, over the low block and left again, watch out for that different structured Tile (Spikes) Jump over it diagonally and go jump the Spike Tile to get the Token inside, jump back and go to the Jungle once more, standing on the block at the entrance. Look SE and notice the hole under the tree at the river; swim in and get a small medipack in the corner, donít go in further, a Croc is waiting for you there.

 Crossbow and Shotgun.

Go back out and now we are going to climb the rocks in the NE, use the E tree again to get up and go N, jump to the brown path on N wall and climb down a hole, get into the N passage and combine Revolver and Laser sight to shoot the lock on the gate. Be sure to save here and slide/jump into the room, there are Spike traps everywhere, so be careful where you walk. Get the Crossbow right (a Boulder blocking a passage in the river will drop), some Ammo in the back and the Shotgun on W side, protected by some quite deadly Darts, so crawl there along the SW pillar. Go back to the entrance and grab the MS ceiling to get back up the slope, climb up the rocks and slide to the river, go E and when you stand in front of the hole, the flyby will show the waterfall and a creek with Crocs. Save here.

Crocodile Creek. Crowbar and Star.

There are 2 ways to do this;

1st: Go down left of the hole and jump as soon as you can with a sharp right curve to land on the W bank of the creek, shoot 3 Crocs and dive in under the tree on E side, just left of it you can go deeper into the bottom.

2nd: Slide down and swim right/left and down to the bottom E side and find a place where you can go even deeper, go right and look up for a place where you can swim into a small shaft, climb out and from the NE corner of this ledge, do a diagonal runjmp left to a ledge on the tree where you can jump to the W side of the creek, shoot those Crocs from there.

Dive back into the deepest part of the creek, look for the Crowbar behind a tree trunk and a small medipack, go back up the small shaft, jump to the ledge at the tree and go behind the tree to pick up some Ammo (youíll need soon), go all the way to the SE corner to get more Ammo and jump over the creek to go up the SW path, pry the Star from the wall there and go up to the crawlspace in the S wall

Crystal Cave.

Jump to the block with the Flares and notice some alcoves here, holding Crystals there are 6 in total, 3 are available, just run around a bit, so you pick up all the Skeletons and run up into to the SW corner cave, roll and shoot them all together with a single explosive arrow. Now go get the Gate Key one of them dropped and collect the 3 Gems, go up the SW path again and light a flare, notice the ladder on right wall, jump/grab and go up, backflip from the top and get Secret #1, Flares. Go down to the bottom of the ladder and backflip to the path, go up and jump over a Skeleton, when the Boulders start rolling, stay behind a pointy rock left of the path and go up after they went past, crawl left up the waterfall and get Secret #2, small medipack. Go back out and slide down the waterfall, go left into a dark pit left of the water, swim to Secret #2, Flares. Get out and follow the W wall to some Flares behind a pillar, climb that high pillar and runjmp to one with a crack NW, go around right and get the nice female Medipack, jump to the rock N and get the Ammo, drop down to forest floor and go back to the waterfall at Crocodile creek.

Crocodile Creek (once more).

Go down the left side of the waterfall and jump as soon as you can with a sharp left curve to land at the Gate, open it with the Key and shoot the Skeleton that woke up left of you.

Boulder Hall.

In the big hall you are now, there are 3 gates down the slope and a bunch of Boulders waiting to take off, E and W are receptacles for the Gems, place the Gems in the E and one of the Boulders is released, go to the spot is rolled off and get the Gem, a Skeleton is coming up the slope, shoot him into the pit the boulder is in, place the gem in the left receptacle on W wall and the next Boulder will roll aside so you can use the Token, this will release one more Boulder that will go down the slope and into the right hand gate, follow it and go up the passage to theÖ

The Grand Hall.

In the N is a pillar with a ladder, protected by a Spiketrap, when you enter a Warthog will show up, it will not attack, but show you the way to get those Spikes down, just follow on itís tail and hop on the pillar in the pit, the spikes go down although not too long (I think I didnít get this puzzle), so hurry up there, I did a standjmp to the SW pillar and a running jump with a roll to get to the ladder quick, grabbed up (no Jump), lost half health but got on top. Climb around the pillar in front to get some Ammo and shoot all Skeletons you meet when going over to the E side, climb the ladder there and place the Star after dealing with more Skeletons. The flyby will show you the gate in the Boulder hall opening up.

The Portal Guardian.

Go back down the ladder and runjmp to the opening in W wall, follow the canyon to the other side and go right, at the end of this passage a Timed sequence will start. Run to the end and jump up the Block with a left curve, jump from the slope over the Spike tile and side jump left, go forward a bit and jump to the corner, side jump right and jump forward, go left and crawl into the crawlspace, go right into the corner for the Ornate Handle and go left to the ladder in the back, jump/grab up fast and slide, jump/grab the ladder and slide next slope, turn left on the flat part you land on and jump up the block, jump/grab the MS fast and follow to the corner opposite the slope, drop on other side and hop in the alcove left, jump/grab the brown block fast and get in, before the Spikes really hurt you, get the Hathor Effigy and drop back to the start of the timed run, go back to the Grand Hall ground floor and into the SE passage shown in the Flyby earlier.

Back in the Boulder hall, you can open the centre gate with the Portal Guardian slide down into a gold filled pool, fill your pockets and end the level.