The Roofs of London.


Level: Bibi Phogue.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, under water= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Lara went to London to wipe out a Terrorist network, launching operations from the roofs of London, try to find the Headquarters and put an end to those Terrorist actions.

Go over the walkway to the other side and climb on the roof, go L and around the corner, shoot the Ninja, take the Flares there and look for the ladder where the fence of the balcony is open (see the ladder on the picture), remember where it is and go follow the path around the corner after you took the Ammo, the Ninja dropped. When you come out of the passage, drop off the E the end of the ledge and drop to the brown Tile below, go W and enter the R hand Store room. Shoot the box in front and turn around to shoot the Thug behind you. Pick up the Uzis and shoot another box for the MP.

The Burners.

Go into the SW passage, turn R and be careful, jmp over the sloped part of the ledge and pull the crate there once, look for the MS (monkeyswing) to go over to the levers on the other side of the room, wait a bit before the burners, aimed at the opening and go in as soon as they go down, throw the lever R for the brown block outside to raise and the L lever to open a cover over a switch, go out of the lever alcove by runjmp/grabbing the MS, far away from the burner and turn around to do the other lever. After you did both, go to the store room again and into a NW passage, push the crate in all the way and go R, follow to the room where you lifted the cover on the switch, but first shoot a Dog behind you after you took the Ĺ MP. The switch will open a door up on top level of the roofs. Go back to the store room and outside.

The Scaffold.

Go L and climb the brown block to the top level, see the Scaffold L and down, go forward and jmp to a room with 2 blue doors, R into the door you opened and shoot the boxes for the Ammo, use the switch on the wall to raise the Scaffold. Go back to the stone ledge and do a long runjmp/grab over to it, look on the R side and see the grating on top of a ladder, shoot the grating and jmp/grab up to it, hang on the ladder (not with your feet on it, just release "action" a moment and "hit" up and "duck" keys) follow the CS in and come to an office, shoot a dirty window in the back R corner and go in, notice the Alarm button here and follow the passage to where a Ninja will come out a store room, shoot him fast, before he will hit the Alarm button. (Otherwise a couple of Thugs will join him)

Shoot the boxes to get the Uzis and a Crowbar. Go back to the Scaffold and from hanging on the ladder, go L as far as possible and release the L key first and then the "Action", otherwise you will fall next to the Scaffold. Long runjmp/grab back to the other side and go lower the Scaffold in the room L. Now go back to where you shot the 1st Ninja, down the ladder there (remember?) and R/L into the building, through the room and standjmp to the steel walkway L around the corner, get the Ammo and turn around, jmp to the other side of the walkway and shoot a Thug coming around the corner. A long runjmp/grab will take you to the Scaffold and to the fenced off roof L. Open a crowbar door there and here comes a really exiting part.

Sneaking past the Guard.

When you go around the corner, duck and crawl into the room and you get a cutscene of a Ninja guard inside the room, thinking he heard something, (when he notices you, he will activate the Alarm and a Sentry gun will help him deal with you, but also the exit will be closed) go forward behind the crates and L around the corner, to the far NE corner, when you get the cutscene of the Ninja looking the other way, you can go forward and get the Key, be sure to stay down and return after you checked heís looking away, go for the exit and runjmp/grab back to the Scaffold. Jmp back and go inside the room, out the other side and L, see the Keyhole on the other side, drop to the walkway and use your Key.

To the Bike.

Go in and in the room with the crate you can take some Ammo in the S alcove, go W and outside, shoot a Dog and a couple of Thugs, one of them on a walkway above. Go L and at the 2 pillars, another Ninja will appear, shoot him and climb the pillars to get up to the walkway, jmp around the corner and get into the room there, get the MP and use the switch on the wall, shoot a grating R of the switch and get in for some Ammo. Go back out and from this walkway, drop off the N side and land on a ledge. Turn around and see the gate up the slope has opened. Inside you will find the Bike.

Drive the Bike over the ledge you just dropped to from the walkway and into the square N and leave the Bike there for now, go to the E square and into the R hand passage, open the Crowbar door and stand R side of the edge into he Machine room and save. Standjmp/grab the 1st block on R side and hang, time the pull up and do a long runjmp/grab a bit R to the far ledge with Secret #1, Flares, Ammo and MP. Runjmp/grab back to the block closest to the exit and hang pull up and runjmp/grabbing into the exit. You will certainly take some damage; donít whine but take a MP. Go out and back to where the Bike is, look in the R hand alcove, take the Ammo and use the switch, the wall to the E square closes. Drive the Bike up the sandy slope and leave it there, go over the wall to the lever SE, use it and a gate opens in the E square. Take the Bike back down the slope and leave it on the bottom of the slope, facing E wall. Use the switch in the N alcove again to lower the wall and have a look inside, behind the pointy hill is the gate you just opened, thatís where you have to jmp in with the Bike!

To the Roofs.

Stay on L side of the slope when you speed up on it, jmp and turn r a bit, up the passage and run the Thug over around the next corner, leave the Bike for a moment to get some Ammo in a corner alcove, drive down the next slope, keeping R and up the next, stop and line up for the jmp to the roof, hit the brakes when youíre on top and go R up next roof and line up the Bike in centre of the pointy roof you have to go over now, just drive it gently over the centre and thereís nothing to it, stop and dismount where you see the British Flag and drop off the roof at the crate, on to the walkway and get in to the room. Donít step on the wooden floor yet, stand with your back to the wall, facing the wooden floor and runjmp, followed by a running jmp to the Secret area. Secret #2, Ammo in some boxes, the floor parts you just touched gave way, so there are just a few left, stand back to the wall again and runjmp/grab the far part, pull up and runjmp to the exit, climb back to the Bike and get on.

Drive down the slope into the next area, and just before you can go around R corner, stop and dismount, see the Ladder in the SW, grab the edge of the roof on the E wall and shimmy R to the last square, pull up/backflip/roll/grab the platform and climb up into the building, where you will hear the trapdoor falling open. Go L and stand on the ledge, garb the MS and go to the L, follow to the lever and throw it to open a gate to a Secret, we will get to later. Go back to the building and just run out in the NW corner to slide back to the slope and the Bike. Hop on and go to the narrow walkway down the slope, follow the walkway to another tunnel, follow it up to an area where you can run over another Thug, go along the L wall and over the highest point of the hill, keep going down along this side. Into the building L and up the slope, stop on top of the Ninja and dismount, enter the E passage and jmp/grab the climbable wall of the bridge building L of the opening in the fence. Climb up and slide down, shimmy left while hanging and get onto the ledge in the end, runjmp/grabbing into the opening E. Shoot the boxes to get Ammo and hop behind the crates E, pull the lever and go to the next room after you shot the Ninja. Collect Secret #3, Grenadegun, Ammo and such. Go back to the Bike, runjmp to the ledge and runjmp with a R curve far on the roof, slide/grab the edge and climb down to the opening in the fence. See the slope you raised and rive the Bike up, follow the path and go over the narrow path along the building, up the L side roof in the end, L on the roof and R down to drop to another walkway, go straight to the Flag, there you can turn the Bike around and head back over the walkway, go R and stop where you reach the sandy area. Here you have to race the Bike up the ramp and over to the high rise building (which happens to be the headquarters of the Terrorists). Thereís a breakable part in the building so you can jmp the Bike in. Line the Bike up in the centre of the Ramp and back it up as far as possible. Hit the throttle and jmp into the building.

Terrorist Headquarters.

Run over the Thug inside and dismount, this is the last you see of the Bike, collect the Ĺ MP and Ammo on N side of the room and go for the jmpswitch on the pillar E, head over to the Lasersight SW and get into the room in that corner, shoot the Dog and get a MP inside, pull out the crate and get it out of the way, take the Revolver from behind. Back to where you left the Bike and into SE corner, shoot the grating in front of the duct and get in, follow to a pole, jmp/grab and go up, backflip into the passage and follow this CS to where you can climb L side to the roof, run around the corner L/L and get behind the crate quick. There are 3 Sentry guns guarding the Chopper you have to destroy, luckily there is a barrel of fuel next to it, arm with the Revolver, combined with the Lasersight and sidestep L after you checked your health, aim at the barrel and shoot it, get back behind the crate and the Chopper will be destroyed along with all Sentry guns. Go over to the big chimney in the SE and shoot the grating to go in and return home.

End of the level.